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Erik Malinowski

Piazza: Hall of an Underdog Story

A player who defied every obstacle to become a big-league star, Mike Piazza has cemented his legacy as one of the game's best with a Hall of Fame induction -- at long last. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Elliott Accused of Domestic Assault

Reports on Friday indicate that a woman claiming to be the former live-in girlfriend of Cowboys first-round pick Ezekiel Elliott filed a report with police Friday alleging assault. Elliott has denied the allegations, but it's a situation that Dallas needs to take seriously. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Green Was Who We Thought: An Icon

The NFL lost one of its most important coaching figures of the '90s on Thursday night after Dennis Green died of complications from a cardiac arrest at the age of 67. Many remember him for his infamous postgame rant, but his legacy goes beyond that. More»
Will Leitch

MLB's Best Cap: The Finals!

At last, we have reached the final of our Best Hat in Baseball bracket. It's the first one of our brackets that hasn't ended up with the Royals winning -- Kansas City swept both best stadium and best uniform -- and it is, if you'll forgive the pun, for the birds. More»
Alex Wong

The NBA Hairstyle Hall Of Fame

On the sheer quantity of different styles alone, Jeremy Lin is quickly emerging as a candidate for the all-time NBA hairstyle Hall of Fame. But there are others who can make a claim. More»
Cy Brown

Can Pogba live up to record fee?

Manchester United is said to be closing in on a deal that would bring Paul Pogba back to Old Trafford for a record-breaking fee in excess of £100 million. But can he live up to the hype that comes with the tag of "world's most expensive player?" More»
David Ubben

Texas Hits Reset With New Identity

If you can't explain your offense in a sentence or two, you've got a problem, and thus it's not surprising that Texas' offense has struggled in two years under Charlie Strong with an unclear identity. Can a new coordinator and a freshman QB be the answer? More»
Andrew Simon

The Most Random HOF Pit Stops

Many Hall of Famers have made brief detours on their way to Cooperstown, even if the memories of them in those uniforms don't seem quite right years later. With that in mind, here is a look at a notable Hall of Famer cameo for (nearly) every club. More»
Will Leitch

MLB Playoff Odds: July Edition

Each month, we look at the playoff odds for every MLB team based on a number of factors. Here is our July version. Several division and both leagues' Wild Card races are as scrambled as ever. More»
Will Leitch

Of Two Minds: Trade Trout?

The essence of most sports commentary is debate, people on two sides of an issue discussing (or, more often, shouting) their views on opposite sides of a table. Enter the Mike Trout topic when it comes to the future of the Angels. More»
Mike Lupica

Junior Was Next Best to A Mays

We can debate Barry Bonds and his place in baseball history, but Ken Griffey, Jr. was our Willie Mays. It was Junior, the kid who didn't just play center field the way the Say Hey Kid did, but who played the game with the same kind of joy. More»
Will Leitch

NFC South Preview 2016

We are 49 days away from official kickoff of the NFL season. Eight weeks is really soon. Eight weeks is so soon, in fact, that if we're going to do weekly previews of every division, starting with the home of a Super Bowl team. More»
Michael Pina

Nuggets Strike Gold With Youth

The Denver Nuggets are quietly turning into San Antonio's little cousin: an international-friendly club that's currently at the ground floor of something special. It may take a few years, but keep an eye on this franchise. More»
Anthony Castrovince

12 Not-So-Crazy Trade Candidates

There have been lots of names mentioned as we approach the Trade Deadline. But these are deals that straddle the fine line between horrible and brilliant -- guys who would set the market (and, likely, fans) in a tizzy if they were offered up. More»
Matt Brown

Cards Aim To Disrupt ACC Hierarchy

The history of college football is populate with two-team rivalries that have dominated divisions or entire conferences for long periods of time. In the ACC, a rising Louisville team faces the tough task of ending the Atlantic Division's Clemson and Florida State monopoly. More»
Jason Hirschhorn

NFL's Most Exciting Players

Some franchises possess a handful of electric playmakers. Some unfortunate others have few. Regardless, every team has at least one difference maker that draws eyeballs to the television screen. These are the most entertaining players in the NFL. More»
Michael Tunison

NFL Asks Pellman To Retire

Elliot Pellman, who worked for the NFL for 30 years and was at the center of the league's head injury crisis, has agreed to retire. More»
Michael Tunison

Kanter Threatened After Coup

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Enes Kanter revealed that he has received death threats on social media from people in his native Turkey following the failed military coup there. More»
Will Leitch

Cleveland Still in Championship Daze

After your team wins a championship, there is a long period in which nothing else that happens in the world matters all that much. The Republican National Convention may have taken over Cleveland this week, but the city is still reveling in the Cavaliers' title. More»
Michael Tunison

Holtz Sounds Off At The RNC

Lou Holtz traveled to Cleveland to support Donald Trump in his candidacy for president and made a few eyebrow-popping statements in the process. More»
Mike Lupica

Garry Marshall & The Mendoza Line

Garry Marshall was a kid from the Bronx who told stories the world laughed at, and loved. He was an aging baseball kid who carried around a baseball card, one of a player who was famous for the sport's most well-known running joke. More»
Terence Moore

Team USA Still Worth Weight In Gold

When Jerry Colangelo was hired to lead Team USA after its Greek tragedy through indifference during the 2004 Olympic Games, he set a foundation for grabbing gold medals forever -- or for at least as long as he sticks around. More»
Matt Brown

Best and Worst CFB Schedule Draws

The best teams typically rise to the top, but scheduling imbalance can have a big impact on how a college football season plays out. So, let's take a look at the teams in each Power Five conference that have the best and worst draws. More»
Andrea Hangst

Wentz on the bench? makes sense

For those awaiting the start of the Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia, it appears it may take up to another year for the quarterback to be named the Eagles' starter. That's the smartest approach. More»
Cy Brown

Grading Euro Clubs' Transfer Game

With more than a month for clubs to make moves in the top European soccer leagues, let's issue some summer transfer window report cards to see which squads are on track to be head of the class, and which are falling behind. More»
David Ubben

Big 12 Taking Steps Toward Expansion

Big 12 expansion isn't dead after all. A month after the idea to expand from 10 teams appeared to be kaput, Oklahoma president David Boren and league commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced that the Big 12 will begin talking to potential candidates. More»
Anthony Mazzuca

Spikes and Strikes For Gronk

While Rob Gronkowski has already conquered the gridiron, the baseball diamond is another story. And on Tuesday night, Gronk was asked to throw the first pitch to fellow Bean Town legend David Ortiz. He didn't disappoint. More»
SoE Video

Garvey's Money Quotes on MLB Pay

Steve Garvey made his living crushing home runs and playing a smooth first base, but when he's asked for his opinion about current MLB player contracts that are reaching the hundreds of millions, Garvey's answer is anything but old school. More»
SoE Video

Poultry In Motion: A Mascot's Story

In the acclaimed documentary "Poultry in Motion," we get a rare look behind the feathers of the famous San Diego Chicken and uncover nuggets of wisdom from a tale of hardship, redemption and, ultimately, legend. It's one big plucky adventure. More»
Doug Miller

Garvey, Winfield: Legends Earn Laughs

During the recent All-Star Week festivities in San Diego, former Padres legends Dave Winfield and Steve Garvey united for some good-natured jokes and sketches. Anything, even a buddy action comedy, seemed possible. More»
Joe Sparacio

Photos of the week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here are the best photos from July 11-18. More»
Cy Brown

Take me out to the Pokeball game

Pokemon Go trainers across the country are scouring any place they can find to catch Pokemon. And stadiums are the perfect place for trainers to play. Some major venues have even opened their gates and allowed gamers to take to the field. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Biggest Super Bowl Sleeper Matchups

Last season, the Panthers' odds of making a Super Bowl sat at 40-to-1, but they promptly steamrolled the league on the way to the title game. Does a new crop of teams have a chance to surprise this year? You can bet on it. More»
Will Leitch

Ultimate CFB Road Trip 2016

It is a worrisome time to be an American. That means you need to quit your job, buy a large vehicle capable of carting you and your closest friends across the country and start living the life you were meant to live by seeing the most college football games possible. More»
Alex Wong

Raptors So Close, But So Far Away

All's not lost in Toronto, far from it, but it's the simply reality of the NBA that a team that maximizes its potential finds that crossing the finish line, or even getting an invite to race for the championship, becomes the most difficult thing. More»

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