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Joe Sparacio

Five MLB Stars Ready to Rebound

A few of baseball's best players are struggling at the dish or on the mound right now, but some advanced numbers paint a different picture. Expect these five stars to rebound in a big way as they make their way back to being elite. More»
Dylan Hornik

College World Series Names to Know

In Omaha, the College World Series is in full swing, and some of the players have already been selected in the MLB Draft. Here are a group of players to keep your eye on as they move from college through the Minors. More»
Will Leitch

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

With the NHL and NBA seasons coming to the end, baseball will shine even brighter as we enter late June. This weekend, you can also catch a bit of the Confederations Cup, some MLS action, or tune into the NHL Draft. More»
Mike Lupica

Wait and C: Tribe, Tribe Again

The Indians are starting to create some separation in the AL Central as they begin a weekend series against the Twins at home. But the memories of last year's World Series loss are still fresh, and this is a team hungry for another chance. More»
Will Leitch

Teams With Longest No-No Droughts

Max Scherzer came very close to throwing a no-hitter this week, losing it in the eighth inning. If he had finished the no-no, it would have been the fourth since the start of 2014 for the Nats. Not all teams have been so lucky. More»
Alex Wong

Winners & Losers of the '17 NBA Draft

The picks are in, but the drama may just be getting started. The 2017 NBA Draft took place in Brooklyn on Thursday night, with Markelle Fultz going to the 76ers at No. 1 and Lonzo Ball to the Lakers at No. 2. Let's look at what's coming next. More»
Matt Brown

CFB's Wild 2007 Season, 10 Years Later

Every college football season features at least one week in which the sport descends into chaos, but we need to resist the urge to compare anything to 2007. Ten years later, it's a season that deserves to be celebrated for its unsurpassable drama and quirkiness. More»
Alex Wong

Butler Makes Wolves Playoff-Ready

The Bulls parted ways with Jimmy Butler on Thursday's draft night, trading him and the 16th pick to Minnesota for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the selection of Lauri Markkanen. Here are three takeaways from the first blockbuster trade of the evening: More»
NBA Draft

Markelle Yeah! Fultz Goes No. 1, Ball No. 2

The Philadelphia 76ers selected guard Markelle Fultz on Thursday night with the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. The Los Angeles Lakers followed by taking Lonzo Ball as the draft started with a pair of freshmen point guards from the Pac-12 Conference. More»
SoE Original

FWIW, Brady's Sumo Game Is Huge

121316_soe_fwiw.00_00_02_09.Still003_2 (1)
On this week's For What It's Worth, Tom Brady goes to the land of the rising sun and wedgies. Ray Lewis has advice for Colin Kaepernick. And the worst thing to happen in a video game in the history of the world, happens. More»
Will Leitch

Going Back to The Future In Baseball

Twenty years is a long time. The world will change a lot more than baseball will in 20 years, and baseball can't help but evolve. If you look at an MLB game from 1997 -- 20 years ago -- it barely looks like the same game. Here's how much has changed. More»
Cliff Corcoran

All-Star Game: My NL Roster Picks

2017 All-Star Game voting ends at the end of June, and if you need help putting a ballot together, here are my selections for the National League All-Star roster. While some names are shoo-ins, other cases are a bit more difficult to determine. More»
Joe DeLessio

Golden Goal: Building a Vegas Winner

The Las Vegas Golden Knights began constructing their roster on Wednesday in an expansion draft. While some names drew some applause, the main goal for the NHL's newest team is compiling assets to compete later on. More»
Matt Brown

CFB Breakout Team Candidates

The 2016 college football season featured several examples of teams breaking out of recent ruts to achieve breakthroughs, and it's inevitable that the 2017 season will feature similar achievements. These are the teams with the best chance of making a leap forward. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB's 5 Most Fun Player Debates

Who is the best pitcher in the league? It's a trickier question than you might think. How about the best young shortstop? And If you were starting a franchise, would you draft Nolan Arenado or Kris Bryant? Let's settle some fun arguments. More»
Mike Lupica

Send In the Crown! Can King Save L.A.?

If you believe the rumors, LeBron James just might have one more move left in him. Some people think, if he feels he can't win another title in Cleveland once he hits free agency next year, he could be going west. That might mean Jerry West. More»
Will Leitch

Playoff Odds Report: June Edition

Every month, we take a look at the MLB playoff picture with the help of Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report. This month, the numbers show that the Rays and Indians are surging while Brewers fans may have something to worry about. More»
Will Leitch

The Perils of Being a Knicks Fan

Even though most of my 17 years as a Knicks fan has been miserable, I've stuck with them through some of the lowest points of the franchise. But if Phil Jackson ends up trading Kristaps Porzingis, that might be the last straw. More»
Alex Wong

Movers & Lakers: L.A.'s Next Play

On Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Lakers will be trading Timofey Mozgov and D'Angelo Russell for Brook Lopez and the 27th pick in Thursday's draft. It looks as if L.A. is ready to make a bigger move -- back to relevance. More»
Terence Moore

'Real Deal' Memories of The Bite Fight

On June 28, 1997, Mike Tyson shocked the world by biting the ear of his heavyweight opponent, Evander Holyfield. Twenty years after the infamous fight, I chatted with "Real Deal" to talk about that night, and the power of forgiveness. More»
Matt Brown

Huskies Hope For New Golden Age

It's been one hundred years since the end of the first golden age of Washington football, when it went a record 64 games without a loss over a decade. With Chris Petersen at the helm, the hope is that, a century later, Washington is heading for new glory days. More»
David Ubben

Will To Win? Grier Gives WVU QB Boost

West Virginia will look a lot different in 2017, with many of its key players gone from a 10-3 team. However, one area is looking a lot better: Quarterback. Florida transfer Will Grier received a waive to be eligible at the start of the season, giving WVU a prized new passer. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Ranking the Best NFL O-Line Units

dallas offensive line
Without protection, even the best running backs and quarterbacks can't succeed. A great offensive line is often as underrated as it is important. Let's take a look around the league and see which units are the strongest and which might need an overhaul. More»
SoE Staff

Top 5 Athletes On Earth This Week

A baseball rookie blasted some home runs at a never-before-seen pace, an NYCFC veteran showed that he isn't slowing down just yet and a WNBA star set a historic record. But which athlete topped our list this week? More»
Joe Sparacio

Top 13 Photos Of The Week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here we count down the best 13 photos from June 14-20. More»
Joe DeLessio

2017's Most Tortured NHL Fan Bases

The Pittsburgh Penguins won their second consecutive Stanley Cup this week, and so now that the season is over, it's time for a Sports on Earth tradition: Our annual ranking of the league's franchises based on how tortured their fan bases are. More»
Cliff Corcoran

All-Star Game: My AL Roster Picks

2017 All-Star Game voting ends at the end of June, and if you need help putting a ballot together, here are my selections for the American League All-Star roster. While some names are close calls and others are no-brainers, they are all well deserving. More»
David Ubben

Best NBA Draft Classes In History

1996 Draft
While we don't know where the 2017 draft class will rank among the best of all time, we can still know where the bar has been set. Let's look to the past and determine the top 10 NBA Drafts of all time, based on number of titles, All-Stars, MVP Awards and more. More»
Alex Wong

Griffin Done In Cavs' Exec Shakeup

Days before the draft, and less than two weeks before free agency season opens, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert took everyone by surprise by letting David Griffin walk. Here are three revelations from the stunning turn of events. More»
Matt Brown

CFB Offensive Lineman Rankings 2017

Our weekly preseason college football player rankings continue with the top 35 offensive linemen for 2017, a group deep with potential stars after only two linemen were picked in the first round of the NFL Draft in April. More»
Cy Brown

VAR Is a Kick In Right Direction

So far at the Confederations Cup, the VAR -- "Video Assistant Referee" -- system has shown it can make correct call where referees can't. While it still has kinks that need to be worked out, it's a positive step toward getting rid of human error. More»
Ross Tucker

Seven NFL Team Stocks to Buy

After the Titans added receiver Eric Decker, the franchise's strong offseason got even stronger. Tennessee isn't alone, though, in the way it has improved. What other football teams around the league have seen their stocks on the rise? More»
Mike Lupica

Time to Put Rose On HOF Ballot

Pete Rose shouldn't come off baseball's ineligible list, nor should he be a manager or coach again, nor be on the field for anything except ceremonial occasions. But he still belongs on the Hall of Fame ballot. After that, the voters can decide what's next. More»
Will Leitch

The Making of a Signature Moment

When teams are destined for greatness, they often have a signature moment during the season which validates their surprising success. For the Rockies, that moment may have come on Sunday, when Nolan Arenado crushed a walk-off home run to hit for the cycle. More»
Anthony Castrovince

NL Power Trio: The West's Best

A three-headed monster has emerged in the National League West, as the Rockies, Dodgers and D-backs could be frontrunners for three of the league's five postseason spots. This week, the teams will battle for divisional supremacy. More»

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