Will Leitch

Football Set To Rule Our Lives Again

Despite all the negative press football has gotten recently, we still can't help but plan our lives around its games. So buckle up, people, because this will be the last weekend for a long time we don't set our clocks to pigskin. More»
Matt Brown

20 Things to Know About the Pac-12

With Heisman candidate quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley returning, Oregon and UCLA have emerged as Pac-12 favorites and playoff contenders. But in a deep and talented conference, they may have company at the top. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Braves Hoping to Still Be In Hunt

The Braves' fate seemed grim not too long ago. But given the way the Nats have played of late, two developments -- involving the two homegrown No. 1 draft picks on this Braves roster -- have at least improved Atlanta's outlook for the home stretch. More»
Matt Meyers

Late Summer Hurdles

Life gets complicated, particularly on the weekend. You're trying to spend time with friends and family, but you also want to make sure you mix in some time watching your favorite sports. The Weekend Cheat Sheet tells you what to watch and how to sound smart when talking about it. More»
Doug Miller

Where Horse Racing reigns supreme

A trip to your local horse racing track will most likely leave you with a few less dollars in your wallet and the feeling that the sport, like its fan base, is clip-clopping ever closer to an expiration date. But not at Saratoga, where you're reminded about what racing could be, should be, and, sometimes, still is. More»
Mike Tanier

Football Flashback

"The Simpsons" debuted on Sunday night, December 17th, 1989, twenty-five years and an entire era of NFL history ago. Here's just a glimpse at what football life was like back then, when Dallas was growing into a juggernaut and John Elway ruled the AFC. More»
Will Leitch

Team USA's Predictable Down Cycle

The United States has dominated international hoops for the last few years, which means that players are fans are once again becoming indifferent to global competitions. No one should be surprised by this. More»
Matt Brown

20 Things to Know About the Big Ten

The season-ending shoulder injury to Ohio State's Braxton Miller threw a wrench into the Big Ten's playoff hopes, shifting national attention to Michigan State. With a sturdy defense and an improving offense, the Spartans may be up for the challenge. More»
Anthony Castrovince

A Catalyst for Change

For all its success at the Little League World Series, the Taney Youth Baseball Association -- the group that brought us Mo'ne Davis -- doesn't have nearly any of the advantages that suburban leagues have. Now is the time to fix this disparity. More»
Jim Callis

6 Potential Fall Aces

In recent years, Michael Wacha, Sonny Gray and Matt Moore have emerged as playoff aces, stepping up in a big way despite their inexperience. That scenario could repeat itself this year, with six young pitchers waiting for their moment to shine. More»
Matthew Leach

Baseball's Jaw-Dropping Comebacks

There's a reason baseball comebacks stand out. They're rare. If teams always finished scaling that mountain, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But overcoming an 11-run deficit in hardball is nothing to scoff at; witnessing such a feat will likely stick with you for life. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Memorable Simpsons Sports Moments

Starting August 21, the FXX network is airing an insane 12-day marathon of The Simpsons. All 552 episodes. In a row. To honor the occasion, here are some of the series' funniest sports moments ever. Mmmmm... clickbait. More»
Mike Tanier

Scary Preseason Stats

Preseason statistics are mostly meaningless. They shouldn't scare you. But you cannot help it: they are like a midnight bump on the rooftop that you know darn well is just a squirrel, but still worry about until you are certain it is an extremely nimble-footed serial killer. More»
Will Leitch

The Demise Of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football wasn't full embraced by the NFL establishment until just a few years ago. And like many things, going mainstream has led to fantasy football losing a little bit of what made it so great in the first place. More»
Matt Brown

20 Things to Know About the SEC

The SEC may have lost the national title and Alabama may have stumbled to end 2013, but make no mistake: Neither is going anywhere. Now, four teams stand out atop the league in the race to get multiple bids in the first College Football Playoff. More»
Jack Moore

NCAA's Systematic Exploitation

The NCAA and its member institutions have exploited the desire for diversity on college campuses and the high proportion of minorities in college athletics for years. The treatment of black athletes at San Jose State in the late 1960s and early 1970s is just one of many egregious examples. More»
Todd Dybas

Football's most dynamic pairing

The Seahawks have hitched themselves to Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas as the keys to their top-down defensive philosophy. It appears the organization, like Chancellor and Thomas, believes there is still growth to come from one of the league's best duos. More»
Mike Tanier

Johnny On The Spot

After a flippin' up and down night, Johnny Manziel's status as potential Browns starter is still uncertain. No matter what, Cleveland has a bad decision to make -- one that's almost papal-like. Start looking for smoke. More»
Richard Justice

The Secrets Of Successful Managers

Managing a Major League Baseball team has changed over the last century. In fact, the most dramatic changes probably have come in just the last decade. These days, a manager's job has changed so drastically that it's barely recognizable from another era. More»
Will Leitch

Johnny Manziel Is No Tim Tebow

Johnny Manziel is getting over-the-top media coverage we haven't seen for a rookie quarterback since Tim Tebow. There's one key difference: Manziel is entertaining in a way that Tebow never was, which makes much of it justifiable. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Athletes on Ice

By now, you may be over the ALS ice bucket challenge. But the results are still remarkable, in some part driven by the biggest-name athletes, coaches and front office luminaries posting their own videos, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. More»
Matt Brown

The Cruelest Time of Year

Ohio State QB Braxton Miller reinjured his throwing shoulder on Monday, knocking him out for the season. Not only does the injury sideline one of the game's best players, but it also greatly impacts the Big Ten and playoff races. More»
Matt Brown

20 Things To Know About The Big 12

Oklahoma has been riding high all offseason after its Sugar Bowl upset of Alabama, with Trevor Knight and the Sooners now taking aim at a Big 12 title and a playoff berth. Can Baylor recapture last year's magic and stand in their way? More»
Mike Tanier

Baseball's healing power

Being the son of a former big leaguer, Roy Smalley III was better equipped to play baseball than most Little Leaguers of the early 1960s, and after 13 years in the Majors, Smalley now makes sure kids across the country have the same advantages he had. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Orioles Built to Last?

The Orioles' big lead in the AL East hasn't bought them universal respect. Already, there are questions emanating from fans and analysts alike about Baltimore's ultimate October staying power, should it nail down the division. Will the O's prove them wrong? More»
Howard Megdal

The Cardinals Way

There was no game attached to the first Hall of Fame induction at Ballpark Village, no giveaway item. Just a Cardinals team honoring its history, and fans who remember so much of it, coming together. This is how it works in St. Louis. More»
Mike Tanier

We Can't Stop NFL Training Camp Fights

There's no real way to eliminate NFL training camp fights or the ridiculous hand-wringing about training camp fights. The only way to eradicate those things is to close training camp for the year. That is already happening. Problem solved. More»
Will Leitch

Marion, The Hall Of Fame, And Sanity

Shawn Marion, who is poised to sign with the Cavaliers, has a decent chance to make the NBA Hall of Fame. Some might say this is because the Basketball Hall of Fame isn't important enough. We say it's because it's EXACTLY important enough. More»
Lyle Spencer

Is Kobe Back?

After a left knee fracture wrecked Kobe Bryant's 2013-14 season, the Lakers star is now fully healthy and looking good, says GM Mitch Kupchak. But optimism in the summer is one thing: Seeing him in action is something else. More»
Matt Brown

20 Things to Know About the ACC

Florida State is ranked number one in the AP preseason poll and they are, naturally, the team to beat in the ACC. But besides the Seminoles, there are plenty of interesting teams in the new-look conference that deserve your attention. More»
Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Straight Story

Let's rank NFL quarterback prospects on a Preseason Pessimism Index -- who is least likely to find success this season? Plus, get your story straight on some key plotlines, from defensive penalties to Eli Manning's completion percentage. More»
Richard Justice

Why You Should Root For The Royals

If the Royals win the AL Central this year, it will be because of the faith that owner David Glass showed in GM Dayton Moore. Few teams stick to a plan like the Royals have, and it's why any neutral fan should be pulling for them. More»
Matt Meyers

The EPL's Early Narratives

When it comes to compelling storylines and entertaining characters, no soccer league -- or arguably any sports league -- compares to the EPL. After one week minus one game of this year's EPL season, these are the storylines that bear watching. More»
Dan Pompei

What I Learned As A Ball Boy

From NFL coaches to executives, from current stars to hall-of-famers, many a pro football career began on the sidelines as a ball boy -- and many of those who were lucky enough to have this glamorous yet lowly existence remember it fondly. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Ranking baseball's injury sufferers

Baseball's injuries have made their mark on the pennant races already, testing the depth and creativity of clubs, and returns from the DL will go a long way in determining who gets into October. With that in mind, we wrote a ranking of 10 MLB teams that are hurting the most. More»

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