Lindsay Gibbs

Hardy Move: Too Little, Too Late

After months of inaction, the Panthers finally deactivated Greg Hardy, but that's not enough. Since Hardy's domestic violence case is still awaiting a trial by jury, the discipline that he should receive is not clear-cut, but it should be definitive. More»
Corey Brock

The New Hot Seat

Coors Field is the latest big league ballpark that has made changes to keep up with the fan experience. This season, the Rockies introduced The Rooftop, a standing-room only area with bars, TVs, games -- every creature comfort fans could want. More»
Matt Brown

Back In Business

Week 3 may not have looked like much on paper, but it delivered drama on Saturday. Virginia Tech and USC both suffered stunning upset losses, while Georgia's bad fortune at South Carolina continued in a pivotal SEC East win for the Gamecocks. More»
Lindsay Berra

Rutgers Erases Ray Rice

On Saturday night, Rutgers played its first game as members of the Big Ten Conference. But noticeably missing from the sea of red was any sign of Ray Rice, who at one time was the star of the Scarlet Knights, but who now the team no longer wants to mention. More»
Andrew Garda

Adrian Peterson: What Happens Now?

We can say, without hyperbole, that this has been one of the worst weeks for NFL news ever. On Friday, Adrian Peterson was indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child, and now the league faces another difficult decision. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Chris Sale's Season for the Ages

Sure, you know Sale is awesome, but have you taken a moment to realize how great he's been this year? Here are a few bits of brilliance that the White Sox southpaw has delivered thus far, which puts him in the company of legends. More»
Will Leitch

MLB Postseason Hope Rankings

Of the 18 teams still theoretically alive for playoff spots in the MLB postseason, what records do they need to notch over the last 2 ½ weeks of the regular season to get in? Here's a look at the contenders and longshots. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

5 Great Matchups to Watch

Our sports weekend viewing guide features a pivotal Dodgers-Giants series, two excellent Saturday college football matchups, a fascinating early EPL match and an unexpectedly riveting NFL game on Sunday. Oh, and beer. Lots and lots of beer. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 3

No, there isn't much to be excited about when looking at Saturday's slate of games, but that doesn't mean Week 3 doesn't offer plenty of intrigue. From Tennessee-Oklahoma to Georgia-South Carolina, here's what you need to be watching. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Twins face tough leadership choices

Now that Ron Gardenhire, the second-longest tenured skipper in the sport behind Mike Scioscia, is wrapping up his 13th season with a Twins team spinning its wheels in an attempt at transition, it takes a lot of faith to blindly assume he's still a good fit for Minnesota. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Dolphins' offense has a Philly Feel

There was plenty of talk during the summer about how the Dolphins' attack might resemble what Chip Kelly did with the Eagles in his first season. But these predictions seemed far-fetched. After Week 1, though, the similarities between Kelly and Bill Lazor's offenses are undeniable. More»
Will Leitch

Goodell Set Himself Up For This

The NFL and Roger Goodell have long since gone beyond just being a sports league and have positioned themselves as a moral arbiter. As a result, the latest controversy involving a possible cover up of the Ray Rice tape shouldn't surprise anyone: This was a long time coming. More»
Andrew Garda

How the Jags D Ruffles Feathers

For two quarters of football, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the high powered Philadelphia Eagles offense looking like what we expected the Jaguars to look like, before weaknesses were exploited. Can it work this against Washington? More»
Matt Brown

The Great Unknown

In its impressive opening win over Clemson, Georgia didn't have to rely much on new QB Hutson Mason. With Georgia facing a vulnerable South Carolina pass defense on the road, we may find out just how much its offense has beyond Todd Gurley. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 2 Picks

Entering the NFL's second week, there's only one thing that's statistically reliable enough for making predictions, and that's home-field advantage. Offensive efficiency from Week 1 appears to matter a bit, but don't put much stock in one game. With that in mind, here's our Week 2 predictions. More»
Matthew Leach

Verlander Makes Sense In The Pen

For all the potency of the front of their rotation, the Detroit Tigers lack starting depth. Justin Verlander is currently their fourth-best starter, but if Anibal Sanchez returns and the Tigers make the postseason, the equation changes, pushing a slumping Verlander out of their top four. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

13 Underrated Sports Video Games

Everyone loves Tecmo Bowl, R.B.I. Baseball and the early Maddens. But in honor of National Video Games Day Sept. 12, our staff dug deep into our console-addicted, finger twitchy pasts to unearth the less heralded sports titles that could use a little more love. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Best And Worst Athlete Tippers

LeSean McCoy made the news this week for reportedly leaving a 20 cent tip at a Philadelphia restaurant. Of course, he is not the first prominent athlete to cause a stir because of his grautity habits, so we decided compiled a list of the best and worst athlete tippers based on reputation. More»
Will Leitch

Predicting When Teams Will Clinch

It's the time of year when we can seriously start looking at magic numbers, and Will Leitch goes through each of the division leaders to predict the exact day on which they will clinch a first-place finish. (Apologies in advance for any jinxes.) More»
Matt Brown

The Big 12's Texas Problem

It got overshadowed by the Big Ten's terrible weekend, but Texas' blowout home loss to BYU wasn't just a bad result in Austin. It was a bad result for the entire Big 12. Now, Oklahoma and Baylor need to be hoping for a Texas turnaround vs. UCLA. More»
Dan Pompei

The Education of a Rookie

After being chosen in the fourth round of the NFL draft, Brock Vereen reported to Chicago Bears rookie minicamp on May 15. From there, we tracked every step he made, from OTAs to charging out of the Soldier Field tunnel for his first regular season game. More»
Jim Callis

Ranking this year's rookie class

As Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine can attest, future stars don't always shine as rookies. With that in mind, we've decided to rank baseball's best dozen rookies, not on how they've done this season, but on how good they'll be in the long run. More»
Andrew Garda

The NFL's Suspensions of Disbelief

The NCAA is notorious for its "make it up as needed" rules, Monday's Penn State decision being just one example of many. The NFL's handling of Ray Rice indicates that they could be headed down the same arbitrary path, unless stronger accountability is implemented quickly. More»
Kenneth Arthur

NFL Week 1's Passing Fancy

Are passing numbers going to drop this year in the NFL, even amid a cornucopia of new rules for defensive backs? It's far too early to tell that for sure, though for now the records are safe. Here are some of the most eye-opening stats and plays from Week 1. More»
Will Leitch

Monday Night Follies

Monday was a rough day for the NFL, with the second Ray Rice domestic violence video making the league look both lenient and hypocritical. And Chris Berman's discussion of the event on Monday Night Football was an awkward ending to it all. More»
Joe DeLessio

Picking Up the Pace

This summer, the Atlantic League implemented some measures to speed up baseball (including only a certain number of timeouts for mound visits and limited warmups), with success. Many others in the sport -- including top execs at Major League Baseball -- are watching. More»
Matt Brown

Penn State's Sanctions Lifted

The NCAA's harsh sanctions imposed on Penn State never made sense in the first place, because they mostly punished the wrong people. By restoring scholarships and a lifting a bowl ban, the NCAA is doing right by Penn State's players and coaches. More»
Ross Tucker

The NFL's Least Appreciated Skillset

Every year, like clockwork, no matter how much time each NFL team puts into preparing for the season, there are miscues in special teams units that can turn the tide in games and ultimately help decide outcomes. Look no further than Week 1's Steelers and Texans. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Bold Pitching Plans for the Halos

A team wins for a lot of reasons, obviously, but there is no exaggeration in stating that the Angels would not have baseball's best record and would not be suddenly lapping the A's in the West if not for their powerful bullpen, which could be just as valuable in the postseason. More»
Will Leitch

Ray Rice: Seeing Is Believing

The latest outrage over the second video of Ray Rice's domestic violence incident demonstrates a very uncomfortable fact: The NFL and its fans only seem to care about crimes that we can actually see. More»
Sean Highkin

In Sterling's Shadow

After the Hawks revealed a racially-charged email from owner Bruce Levenson, he agreed to sell his stake in the team. While Levenson's case is worlds apart from Donald Sterling's in severity and visibility, Sterling's shadow looms large over the NBA and its owners, even with the man gone. More»
Richard Justice

Seven Rules For A Successful GM

So the D-backs are going to be getting a new general manager. Someone to right the ship and restore confidence. What do they need? Just someone skilled in psychology, law, math and public relations -- like the consummate GM, Billy Beane. More»
Jason Hirschhorn

Alex Smith's Deal Already Looks Dicey

Signal callers of the caliber of Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers are the scarcest commodities in football. This forces many teams to stick with unspectacular options, such as the Chiefs did with Alex Smith, a habit that often proves fatal to playoff hopes. More»
Phil Rogers

Bryan Brothers A Buried Treasure

In taking home the U.S. Open doubles title the Bryan Brothers not only earned their 16th Grand Slam and 100th title overall, but also demonstrated why they are consummate champions for the modern era. More»
Bryant McFadden and Ovie Mughelli

Sunday Superstars Of Week 1

From Cordarrelle Patterson's explosive debut to J.J. Watt's dominance of the Redskins to Matt Ryan's franchise-record 448 passing yards, the first Sunday of the NFL season was a wild one. Let's break it down. More»

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