Len Hochberg

Where Have You Gone, Tiger Woods?

There are very few moments in sports that defy belief. But to watch Tiger Woods on Friday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, even though it was just the second round of a January tournament far from the upper echelon on the PGA Tour, it seemed like something more. More»
Michael Clair

Super Bowl Party Do's and Don'ts

The Super Bowl is the preeminent party day in the United States. After all, who doesn't love to stuff their face, drink beer and watch dudes run into each other for four hours? If you want to throw the best party possible though, you'll need our guide. More»
Will Leitch

The Unsinkable Roger Goodell

Reporters were looking forward to grilling Roger Goodell on Friday, but did the NFL commissioner look chastened? From where we stood, this was the old Goodell: cocksure, dismissive and absolutely in control. More»
Cy Brown

Blame Matt Damon for Deflate-gate

The Deflategate "scandal" has been raging for close to two weeks now. Most of it was unbearable, and now the end is in sight, but we had some fun along the way. Here are the best Deflategate viral videos. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Can One Ad Make a Difference?

A 30-second No More PSA will be the first Super Bowl commercial in history that addresses domestic violence and sexual assault. It's a chilling, powerful message -- allowing us to hear the voice of a victim -- but it may not go far enough. More»
Brian Kenny

Bumgarner Not A Top 10 Pitcher

As good as Madison Bumgarner was during the 2014 postseason, it doesn't override his previous four years of performance. In other words: He's a great pitcher, but shouldn't be ranked among the best of the best just yet. More»
Brian Burke

Man Vs. Machine: Super Bowl Edition

As the Seahawks get set to the meet the Patriots on Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Machine makes its final pick of the NFL season. While the Machine has underrated the Patriots all season, it must stay true to the numbers. More»
Joe DeLessio

Evolution of the Halftime Show

It's become an established part of Super Bowl Sunday: Halfway through the biggest sporting event of the year, the players leave the field and a musical megastar emerges to entertain fans and viewers with a mini-concert. But it wasn't always this way. More»
Tim Healey

Super Bowl XLIX prop betting guide

Sportsbooks get people to gamble actual, real, valuable, hard-earned money on ridiculous things, so we decided to compile a list of bets ranging from run-of-the-mill to weird and oddly specific. Then we wrap up with some originals from our staff. More»
Anthony Castrovince

No More One-And-Dones

If we have but one, multi-pronged complaint about the great sport of baseball in the year 2015, it is that the average Major League game requires more time for less action than it once did. That's why we should make all pitchers face multiple batters. No more one-and-dones. More»
Michael Pina

If the NBA All-Star Game Mattered

What if winning the NBA All-Star game mattered? What if the fan vote didn't exist, and both teams were instead hand-picked by the coaching staffs from each conference's top team? Let's pretend this is real, and consider how each roster would look. More»
Ross Tucker

A Tale of Two Philosophies

The Patriots and Seahawks are polar opposites of each other in terms of their approach to the game, yet eerily similar from a personnel standpoint. It's these contrasting styles that make Sunday's matchup so fascinating. More»
Tim Healey

Tiger's Biggest Obstacles

Tiger Woods has been stuck on 14 major titles for well over a half-decade now, and he still needs four more just to match Jack Nicklaus' 18. But he's got a really long road ahead. What's most likely to keep him from the record? More»
Will Leitch

The Super Bowl's One-Week Stand

As a Super Bowl host city, Phoenix may fall on the upper-middle tier when compared to places like New Orleans, San Diego and Indianapolis. But the main problem with this Super Bowl is Glendale, a prime example of what happens when sports venue plans go disastrously wrong. More»
Cy Brown

Best Super Bowl Ads By Decade

Mean Joe Green. Bugs Bunny. Mini-Darth Vader. Will Ferrell drinking beer out in the middle of a field. What do these things have in common? They're all some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all-time. More»
Matt Brown

Justified Tennessee Optimism

With another highly rated recruiting class on the way after a dominant bowl win, expectations continue to grow for Tennessee, which under Butch Jones is finally emerging from a long funk. Just don't go declaring the Vols SEC champions quite yet. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Bledsoe, Mirer Still Connected

In the 1992 season, the Patriots and Seahawks were far-and-away the two worst teams in football, and each picked quarterbacks in back-to-back slots in the ensuing draft. Years later, Drew Bledsoe and Rick Mirer are still linked. More»
AJ Cassavell

The Top MLB Free Agents For 2016

With the Hot Stove season slowly coming to a close, what are we to do about the dwindling number of free agents available to speculate over? Well, we could always take a (way-too-early) look ahead to next year's free-agent crop. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Keys to the Future of U.S. Tennis

When you watch Madison Keys play tennis well, it's hard to imagine her doing anything else. She looks like she was born to play the game. It's possible that Keys could beat both Williams sisters at the Australian Open. But, no matter what, America could have found its next big star. More»
Will Leitch

NFL Still Living in Fantasyland

To look at downtown Phoenix right now is to see a constructed world where the NFL has built every edifice in its own image, a massive corporate #brand maze with all paths leading to The Shield. It's their fantasyland. Except now: The fantasyland is the real world. More»
Matt Brown

Super Bowl Stars in College

Tom Brady and Richard Sherman may be among the biggest names of Sunday's Super Bowl, but it hasn't always been that way. As the Patriots and Seahawks prepare to meet, we look back at the best college careers of the Super Bowl participants. More»
Ross Tucker

The Ultimate Super Bowl Team

Instead of more coverage breaking down the Patriots offense vs. the Seahawks defense and vice versa, we decided to look at which team has the best player at each position to create the ultimate squad. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB's Most Underrated Offseasons

You're familiar with baseball's biggest newsmakers in this Hot Stove season, but here's a quick shoutout to a few clubs whose overall offseason exploits might have escaped your notice or simply been dismissed. More»
Tim Healey

Meet Your Dunk Contest Participants

The NBA named this year's contestants for the Dunk Contest on Tuesday, and it's a young field, featuring three second-year players and a rookie. Here's a sampling of what the four young players can do. More»
Ben Marra

Deflate-gate: Persons Of Interest

Deflate-gate has taken over Super Bowl coverage, and the latest news has centered around a Patriots locker-room attendant. But this cartoon takes a closer look at some other persons of interest. More»
Steven Lebron

Clutch Time Is Lillard Time

When you think of Damian Lillard, the first word that comes to mind these days is probably clutch. For casual basketball fans and those who obsess over the NBA on a nightly basis, they've come to expect Lillard's heroics in the fourth quarter. More»
Tim Healey

If Every Athlete Acted Like Lynch

Marshawn Lynch spent almost all of his four-plus minutes at the podium during Super Bowl Media Day claiming, "I'm just here so I won't get fined." You have to admire his honesty. What if other players were like that? More»
Tim Healey

13 Tweets That Summed Up Media Day

Thousands of reporters (some costumed, some not) descended upon the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix on Tuesday for Super Bowl Media Day, an increasingly zany tradition. If you missed the two hour-long sessions -- because you have a life -- don't worry. We got you covered. More»
Will Leitch

The NFL Needs Deflate-gate

Hardcore sports fans have been tired of Deflate-gate from almost the moment the story broke, but controversies like this aren't for the die-hards, but rather for the casual viewers the NFL is courting for the Super Bowl. In other words, Deflate-gate is great for business. More»
Matt Brown

Pre-Signing Day Storylines

The 2015 college football season is nearing its unofficial beginning, with National Signing Day set for next Wednesday, Feb. 4. As top prospects get set to sign, these are the stories to watch leading into the yearly fax machine circus. More»
Andrew Simon

Wins Eluding Improved Northwestern

Progress is rarely a steady climb, and in the second year of head coach Chris Collins' tenure, it has come in fits and starts for Northwestern. In five straight conference games against a more talented opponent, victory has slipped away. More»
Andrew Garda

Surprise Super Bowl MVP Candidates

While most Super Bowls have some surprises in them, normally the game MVP is not one of them. Sometimes though, you get a surprise MVP. Some player has a great moment and turns the whole game around. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Wilson's Fan Club Is Shrinking

It wasn't long ago that the Patriots were a charming underdog story. And then they made a huge mistake: They won too much. That is something that the current iteration of the Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson, are beginning to relate to. More»
AJ Cassavell

Baseball Shouldn't Stop Shifting

In the past five years, we've seen a defensive revolution stemming from the mass usage of the shift, and the baseball world should be embracing the shift for the ways in which it has enhanced the game and will continue to do so. More»
Cy Brown

Sports World Weathering the Storm

Winter Storm Juno is ravaging the East Coast and putting the sports world on hold. When will the Knicks and the Nets play their next home games? Did the Patriots make it out in time to get to the Super Bowl? More»

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