Jordan Godwin

Can Anybody Stop Steph Curry?

After a historic demolishing of the Rockets in Game 3, the Warriors have a simple game plan for Game 4: Follow their leader, Stephen Curry, and make Houston quit. Meanwhile, the Rockets have to try to stop what seems to be destiny. More»
Tim Healey

Highlights from the Indy 500

This year was the 99th edition of the Indy 500, and Juan Pablo Montoya won for the second time in his career. Here are some other highlights from the day, as seen through the always-reliable prism of social media. More»
Alex Wong

Dellavedova's Dirty Rep

The Hawks had a chance to get back in the series in Game 3. Then the Cavs made unbelievable plays, both good and bad, and escaped with a victory. Among the bad -- Al Horford elbowing Matthew Dellavedova, who is gaining a rep for his instigating actions. More»
Tim Healey

Life without David Wright

The Mets' latest bad news came Saturday when David Wright was diagnosed with a back condition that will keep him out for an undetermined amount of time. However long he's out, the Mets will need a better game plan at third. More»
Cy Brown

Premier League Comes to Fitting End

The 2014-2015 edition of the English Premier League is in the books. Sunday's 10 matches were a fittingly anticlimatic finale to top off an anticlimactic EPL season. But that doesn't mean Championship Sunday didn't have some memorable moments. More»
Erik Malinowski

Warriors Dominate The Rockets

After so many playoff wins for the Golden State Warriors -- that's 11 now in 13 games -- there's a tendency to feel like you're repeating yourself. But for the Rockets, the repetition has all but drummed them out of the playoffs. More»
AJ Cassavell

Gerrard's Top 10 Liverpool Moments

There might not be a player in any sport more synonymous with his club than Steven Gerrard is with Liverpool. The 35-year-old, clearly in the twilight of his career, moves to the Galaxy this summer. Here's a look at the 10 moments that defined his career at Liverpool. More»
Tim Healey

Appreciating the new Tim Lincecum

In the face of diminished velocity, Tim Lincecum has reinvented himself, evolving from someone who struck out the world into a pitcher content to induce ground balls instead of punchouts. Here's a deeper look at how he's attacking batters this year. More»
Joe DeLessio

Rick Nash Finds His Rhythm

Rangers fans have been frustrated with Rick Nash over the last two playoff runs. But the winger finally responded to the pressure to produce in Game 4 with two goals, helping even the series with Tampa Bay at two games apiece. More»
Alex Wong

The Cavs: No Irving, No Problem

In Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James took absolute control of the game, and the Hawks -- who no longer resemble the dominant outfit from the regular season -- could not muster much resistance again on their home floor. More»
Nick Ashbourne

Teixeira isn't whiffing vs. lefties

Mark Teixeira always has a solid strikeout-to-walk ratio, but what he's doing this month -- especially against left-handed pitchers -- is unlike anything he's done before. Whether he can sustain it or not is a different story. More»
Cy Brown

Michael Sam to Play in Canada

It won't be in the NFL, but Michael Sam will be the first openly gay man to play a professional football game. On Friday, the former SEC Defensive Player of the Year signed a contract with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. More»
Will Leitch

Considering divisional WAR leaders

To help figure out what's going in these divisions -- especially in the American League -- let's take a look at the Baseball Reference WAR leaders in each of the six divisions. Teams, after all, are merely the collection of their parts. More»
AJ Cassavell

Baseball's unluckiest hurlers of 2015

Every pitcher will tell you pitching is about the bottom line -- winning. But from the outside, we can analyze the context behind the results. With that in mind, here are five of baseball's unluckiest pitchers with the MLB season one-quarter over. More»
Cy Brown

Biggest Transfer Storylines of 2015

For the uninitiated, the summer transfer window in world soccer -- which begins in June and runs through August -- is one of the craziest things in sports. What will be the biggest narratives this year? More»
Erik Malinowski

Rockets Fizzle On Final Play

James Harden had been magnificent in Game 2 against the Warriors, but when the Rockets needed a last shot from his hands, there was none to deliver, leaving Houston down 2-0 with a sick feeling about what could have been. More»
Matt Brown

College Coaches on the Rise

Fifteen college football coaching jobs changed hands at the end of last season, and as many or more are sure to change by the end of this year. So, here's a look at 10 current head coaches and 10 current assistants who could be ready for bigger things. More»
Tim Healey

Worrying about Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez went from one of the best hitters in the American League in April to something much less formidable than that in recent weeks, so much so opposing teams pitch around David Ortiz to face him instead. Is his early May shoulder injury to blame? More»
Michael Pina

How to Slow Down a Superstar

The first thing the Warriors and Rockets coaching staffs probably wondered heading into the series was: "How are we going to stop James Harden/Stephen Curry?" Whatever they tried didn't really work in Game 1. Here's what they can do now. More»
Molly Knight

What MLB Can Learn From Japan

Going to a Nippon Professional Baseball game is incredibly fun, and there are some things about the experience that Major League Baseball may want to adopt to appeal to younger fans. Here are five takeaways. More»
Matt Brown

Notre Dame Has Playoff Talent

No team throughout college football history has received the benefit of the doubt quite like Notre Dame, which has frequently failed to live up to artificially high expectations. This year, however, could be the opposite. Notre Dame is worth hyping. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB's key quarter-mark questions

We're 25 percent of the way through baseball season, which means it's too late to say it's early. Now that we've got somewhat substantive info at our disposal, let's take a look at some key quarter-pole questions. More»
Alex Wong

Cavs Fly High Over Hawks

After Wednesday's 97-89 Game 1 victory over the Hawks, Cleveland is now 5-2 without Kevin Love in the playoffs. That's mainly thanks to LeBron James and contributions from role players like J.R. Smith, who was on fire Wednesday night. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Believing in the Buccaneers

If you're taking bets on which team will finish with the worst record in the NFL, here's a hint: Don't pick the team that finished with the worst record last season. Here are a few reasons why the Bucs could be a good bet to win their division. More»
Paul Casella

Slowest fastballs in the Majors

Although viewers have access to an ever-growing set of data about every pitch, velocity remains a go-to. That said, it doesn't take a blistering fastball to make it in the big leagues. Here's a look at the 10 pitchers with the slowest average fastballs in 2015. More»
Will Leitch

Harper Hitting at Ruthian Clip

Not a single player in the last decade has done in one season what Babe Ruth did in 22 with a record 1.1636 OPS. But, as of this moment, Bryce Harper has that mark beat. Let's see if he can keep up the torrid pace. More»
Kenneth Arthur

PAT Rule Change Is Good

On Tuesday, owners approved a proposal to move the point after try back to the 15-yard line, meaning that teams will now need to make a 33-yard kick in order to get that once-automatic extra point. Who will this help ... and hurt? More»
Joe DeLessio

Nothing Beats OT Playoff Hockey

Playoff OT hockey is agonizing. Which is exactly why it's so great. The latest example of how torturous/amazing playoff hockey can be came last night in Anaheim -- or, depending on your time zone, last night and into this morning. More»
Cy Brown

Riley Curry Steals the Show

Stephen Curry's daughter, Riley, charmed the crowd at Tuesday's postgame press conference after Game 1 of the Rockets-Warriors series by being adorable. But some pundits are now complaining about children at pressers. More»
Terence Moore

Ted Turner Returns to Hawks as Fan

Ted Turner has no longer been a regular presence at Atlanta Hawks games since losing ownership of the team, but he's back for their playoff run, even if he's far away from the enthusiastic presence he was when he first bought the team. More»
Erik Malinowski

Warriors Draw First Blood

Falling behind is no novelty for this Warriors team, but after finding themselves in a 16-point hole against the Rockets at home in Game 1 of the Conference Finals, they shot their way out of it and played just enough defense to win. More»
Alex Wong

Winners and Losers of the Lottery

The NBA draft lottery results are in, and the Knicks ended up being the only team to fall from their expected position at No. 4, as the Timberwolves scored the first overall pick. But this is only the start of the process. Now comes the hard part. More»
Carlos Portocarrero

Revisiting the Rizzo-Cashner trade

In January 2012, the newly installed Cubs front office acquired Anthony Rizzo with the hopes of locking down first base for years to come, shipping righty Andrew Cashner to San Diego in the process. Three-plus years later, who is winning the trade? More»
Michael Pina

Why the Hawks Will Beat the Cavs

The Cavaliers and Hawks were the East's two best teams for a majority of the season, and starting Wednesday night they will square off in the Conference Finals. Key players on both sides are hobbled, but it should be a tightly contested series. More»
Joe DeLessio

Letterman's all-sports top 10

David Letterman has always been a friend to the sports world, so it's no surprise that countless jokes, bits and Top Ten lists over the years have centered around sports. Here are the top 10 sports moments from Letterman's legendary run on late-night. More»

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