Jason B. Hirschhorn

Jets Hope to Take Off With Marshall

On Friday, it was reported that the Bears had agreed to trade All-Pro wideout Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a fifth round pick. The deal is the start of a new era for both teams: one rebuilding, the other hoping to win sooner rather than later. More»
Cy Brown

Reggie Wayne's Best Colts Moments

One of the most successful tenures for an NFL player with a single team is coming to an end as the Indianapolis Colts have no plans to re-sign their second all-time leading receiver, Reggie Wayne. Here are his best moments as a Colt. More»
Will Leitch

AL West's Most Compelling Players

For the first time in the division's history, all five teams in the AL West look legitimate -- yes, even the Astros, who seem to be on the verge of breaking out. But which players will hold our attention the most? Here's my list of candidates. More»
Matt Brown

Embrace The New Big East

No, the Big East doesn't have the same appeal that it did in the past, thanks to conference realignment. But the new version, led by national contender Villanova, has been quietly excellent, making next week's league tournament worth watching. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Game Planning For The Shift

Much of the continued adjustment to the rise of the shift has to take place behind the scenes and between the ears, where more players and managers are embracing the idea of bunting. Spring Training might be the optimal time, though, to experiment. More»
Joe DeLessio

Toronto's Soap Opera Gets Icy

This season was supposed to mark the beginning of a new era in Toronto. But it seems like the Maple Leafs are becoming more well known for the drama inside and outside the locker room than for their play. That continued this week with Phil Kessel. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Manning Restores Order to Denver

This week, Peyton Manning agreed to a reduced salary and passed his physical, then announced he would be returning for another season with the Broncos. The questions remain: Can he still be great at age 39, and how will the roster change now? More»
Tim Healey

Most Memorable Craig Sager Moments

Craig Sager, who has been out of action since last April after being diagnosed with leukemia, makes his return to TNT Thursday night during the Thunder-Bulls game -- and don't think for a minute that he hasn't long had his clothes picked out. More»
Will Leitch

Josh Hamilton: Hoping For Mercy

We understand more about addiction now, and talk more sensitively about it, than we did 30 years ago, when Dwight Gooden was struggling with drug use. Now that Josh Hamilton is in the spotlight for his own reported relapse, it's time to show him compassion. More»
Steven Lebron

Warriors: Best Show On Earth

In a season where the Warriors have surpassed everyone's expectations and sit comfortably in top spot in the Western Conference, they've become one of the dominant storylines in the league. More importantly, they are also appointment viewing. More»
Paul Casella

Springboards to Success

While Spring Training statistics don't always mean a lot, there are plenty of instances of players building on big spring performances with great regular seasons. Here are five players who dominated from the start of spring through the 2014 season. More»
Matt Brown

Aggies Aim For Breakthrough

While Johnny Manziel and recruiting success increased hype around Texas A&M, the Aggies have regressed in Kevin Sumlin's three seasons. Facing stiff competition in the SEC West, Texas A&M enters 2015 hungry for a true team breakthrough. More»
AJ Cassavell

Projecting The All-Decade Team

Those all-decade teams you'll see popping up five years from now may be incredibly arbitrary, but they offer us some fun debates. Let's take a look at the all-2010s team thus far, with an eye on projecting how things will shape up by the end of 2019. More»
Cy Brown

Each MLB Team's Roster Turnover

Roster turnover can mean different things for different teams. Sometimes it moves an organization in the right direction. Sometimes it sets them back. Here are the MLB teams with the most and least roster turnover since last season's Opening Day. More»
Kenneth Arthur

NFL Trades That Should Happen

The Eagles-Bills trade that was reported on Tuesday was a rare, surprising move in the NFL, which doesn't have much of a player-for-player trade market. Here are five more trade proposals that would benefit both the teams and players involved. More»
Cy Brown

Six Decadent Ballpark Snacks

Behold the Churro Dog, a snack that the Arizona Diamondbacks just unveiled. It's a churro on a donut topped with frozen yogurt and other good stuff. What other big league clubs sell crazy-decadent-delicious ballpark food? We listed a few. More»
Cy Brown

Cassel and the Bills' QB Conundrum

The Buffalo Bills have had seven different players start at quarterback since 2010. Now they've traded for Matt Cassel, who will compete with EJ Manuel for the starting gig. Are the Bills close to solving their quarterback problem? Or not so much? More»
Will Leitch

FAQ: Major League Soccer's Labor War

Our major professional American soccer league is about to have a labor stoppage. I suppose that means it's maturing. In case you haven't been paying attention to what's going on in this ugly labor war, here's what you need to know. More»
Michael Pina

The Rise of DeAndre Jordan

Even though many have cast doubt on DeAndre Jordan in the past, there's no denying that the 26 year-old Clippers center is consistently very good; for sure worthy of the max contract he'll sign this summer. He's also never been more fascinating. More»
Doug Miller

Gonzaga Still Hopes to Own March

After getting upset by BYU Saturday, Gonzaga remembered just how tough this time of year is for any program with high expectations. But Mark Few and his players know this much is true: Come tournament time, they will be a force to be reckoned with. More»
Paul Casella

When Spring Slumps Carry Over

Some players have no problem flipping the switch after a troublesome Spring Training, but other times those struggles can be a sign of things to come. Here are five hitters who never found their stroke last year after bad preseasons. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Who Won the Alonso-McCoy Deal?

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Eagles and Bills pulled off a monster of a trade, with Kiko Alonso going to Phiadelphia and LeSean McCoy heading to Buffalo. Let's see how each side made out in the deal. More»
Tim Healey

Schilling Schools Twitter Trolls

Everyone hates Twitter trolls. So when someone like Curt Schilling eviscerates the ones who made wildly inappropriate comments about his teenage daughter, Gabby, it's something that everybody else can get behind. More»
Tim Healey

Prince used to ball Back in the Day

On Tuesday, a few old Minneapolis Star Tribune clips surfaced that highlighted the hoop dreams of local hero Prince. You'll probably want to see this. More»
Tim Healey

Baseball number swaps: An overview

A's outfielder Josh Reddick, who recently received an Xbox from new teammate Billy Butler in exchange for his No. 16, is only the latest in a long line of players to trade their uniform number for some other valuable. Here is a look at some others. More»
Ross Tucker

Suh Ready For Big Payday

Now that the Lions have decided not to put the franchise tag on Ndamukong Suh, the defensive tackle will likely test the waters of free agency. He's indicated that he may want to go to the highest bidder, but that may not be the best choice. More»
Will Leitch

March Madness Begins Today

A lot of people think that March Madness doesn't really start until Selection Sunday, but that's really not the case. Every team in a conference tournament has a chance to go all the way, and with those tourneys starting this week, March Madness really begins now. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Duke Has Questions To Answer

Duke's Rasheed Sulaimon was dismissed from the team in January -- the first time Mike Krzyzewski has dismissed a player. Now, Duke's student newspaper reports that Sulaimon faces sexual assault allegations that Duke officials may have been slow to react to. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Franchise Tag Winners and Losers

In the NFL, the decisions on whether to tag a player are generally viewed as perfunctory. Not this year, as key decisions were made by teams such as the Lions, Patriots, Cowboys and Giants on how the tag would affect their offseason. More»
Steven Lebron

Raptors Searching For Answers

A recent losing streak has cast doubts on the Raptors, whose isolation-heavy offense creates streaky results. This year's team appears ready to take a step forward from last year, but there are still problems to solve before becoming good enough to win it all. More»
Brett Koremenos

How George Karl Changes The Kings

George Karl's preferred way of playing suits the majority of the Sacramento Kings roster with one exception: DeMarcus Cousins, the franchise's mercurial but uber-talented centerpiece. How the two work together could decide the franchise's future. More»
AJ Cassavell

Quiet MLB Teams Could Be Better Off

A lot of energy was spent discussing teams like the Cubs and Red Sox this offseason, because they were active during the Hot Stove. What about the teams that were quiet instead? We break down the six clubs that chose not to make a big splash. More»
Cy Brown

MLB's Facial Hair Power Rankings

Monday was Major League Baseball Photo Day, so we got to see which ballplayers have spent the offseason growing out their beards and mustaches. Here are the five players with the best facial hair in baseball. More»
Will Leitch

Baseball's 100 Win-Loss Candidates

Last year was the first season since 2007 that no team either lost or won 100 games. With Opening Day now just more than a month away, we ask: Will any team reach either milestone this year? Let's look at the five most likely to do so from each end of the spectrum. More»
Tim Healey

Re-examining Minnie Minoso's HOF case

Minnie Minoso, considered the first Latin American baseball star and one of the best players from the 1950s, passed away Sunday without realizing his life's last dream: being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Does he belong? More»

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