Cy Brown

Jim Harbaugh: Laser Tag Maniac

Jim Harbaugh doesn't like like to lose. And that applies to football and everything else in the 49ers head coach's life, including a game of laser tag at his bachelor party a few years ago when Harbaugh used some questionable tactics to come out on top. More»
Brett Koremenos

Rondo A Perfect Fit in Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks hope that the acquisition of Rajon Rondo can help elevate their offense to another level, just like Jason Kidd did with his basketball I.Q. and pass-first mentality during their 2011 championship run. By all accounts, they made the right move. More»
Will Leitch

Let's All Root For the Bills

If things break right, the Buffalo Bills could end a playoff drought that dates back to 1999. But they're not the only playoff-starved North American sports franchise. How many teams are close? How many of them will end the drought soon? Let's take a look. More»
Matt Brown

The South Carolina Problem

It's been a rough season for South Carolina football, and it keeps getting rougher. After a poor season and with lower expectations entering next year, speculation continues to build about the future of Steve Spurrier -- and his answers aren't helping. More»
Michael Pina

5 NBA Trades We're All Waiting For

These five hypothetical NBA trades you're about to sift through lie halfway between "imminent prediction" and "helpful suggestion." It's entirely possible none of them actually happen, even though it'd be really cool if all of them did. More»
Phil Rogers

The Future Of Cuba's National Team

Imagine if the United States does normalize relations with Cuba, creating a landscape in which Cuban players can freely come and go between the U.S. and their homelands. Now think ahead to the fourth edition of the World Baseball Classic, which will be held in 2017. More»
Ross Tucker

Harbaugh Should Stay in the NFL

It remains to be seen whether Jim Harbaugh will be tempted by Michigan's lucrative offer, but most coaches would much rather be at the NFL level. No alumni to worry about. No big money donors to appease. And, most importantly, no recruiting. More»
Brett Koremenos

Atlanta Hawks: Who Are These Guys?

The Atlanta Hawks have won 13 of their past 15 games despite having a chunk of their production coming from players who defied long odds to make a name for themselves in the NBA. It's not the conventional route to roster construction, but it's working. More»
Brian Kenny

'Big Game James', Like it or Not

Yes, I hated on the James Shields -- Wil Myers trade. Yes, I kept busy pointing out he was overrated. But now that he's done a postseason crash and burn at the end of his contract year? Now that his "Big Game" moniker is being mocked? Well, it seems to be the right time to reverse field and defend Shields. More»
Will Leitch


Sure, a lot of glory comes with being the quarterback of an NFL team. However, with that comes a lot more criticism and laughs at your expense. When all is said and done, it's not that great of a job. Just ask Jay Cutler. More»
Matt Brown

Michigan Needs Jim Harbaugh

Michigan reportedly has offered 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a six-year, $48 million deal to replace Brady Hoke. While the amount of money is jarring, Michigan has to do everything it can to attract Harbaugh to Ann Arbor to fix the program. More»
Matt Brown

The Best Individual Bowl Matchups

Even when a bowl game itself may not look like the most appealing game, that doesn't mean there aren't entertaining parts to focus on. With 38 bowl games on tap starting Saturday, these are the best games within the games to watch. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

The 10 Sportswomen Of 2014

At the end of every year, sports publications highlight the sportsmen of the year. But those lists often overlook the accomplishments of female athletes and difference-makers in sports. Here are the 10 sportswomen of 2014. More»
AJ Cassavell

MLB's Most Unpredictable Teams

We haven't even reached January, and already the entire baseball landscape has been shaken up this offseason. Given all the turnover, making predictions is a fool's game at this point. We've compiled a list of the 10 most enigmatic ballclubs. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 16 Picks

Week 16 in the NFL features many intriguing, tough to predict matchups, with divisions and playoff spots on the line as the regular season winds down. More»
Mike Bertha

Worst Football Twitter gaffes

Jets owner Woody Johnson recently favorited a tweet calling for the firing of his GM John Idzki (he claims it was an accident). In honor of the social media faux pas, here are other football-related Twitter fails. More»
Joe DeLessio

TV's Love Letter to Hockey

HBO Sports' popular series "24/7" has been retooled for EPIX, a channel you may or may not know exists, as "The Road to the Winter Classic." This had hockey fans nervous, but the first episode of the series showed that the energy -- and profanity -- is still there. More»
Will Leitch

Chris Conte's Refreshing Honesty

Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte caused a stir when he said that he said the cost of an NFL career -- possibly living 10 fewer years -- is worth is worth it. When you consider all that he's done to get to this point, not to mention the way we celebrate athletes, his comments make a lot of sense. More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Players of 2014

With bowl season around the corner, it's time to revisit the list of the top 100 players in college football. The regular season has seen a lot of players rise and fall, but some familiar names remain stacked near the top of the list at the end of 2014. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Ranking the Wild Card Hopefuls

There are only a handful of regular season games left before the playoffs, and in the AFC only a one game difference between the leader of the Wild Card race and four other teams. How good are each of these teams chances of making it to January? More»
Andrew Garda

Kosar: Browns Set Manziel Up To Flop

As far as former Browns QB Bernie Kosar is concerned, the team put Johnny Manziel in an impossible position. That's pretty accurate in many ways, though Kosar has an axe to grind with the organization. More»
Andrew Simon

Franchise Records That Could Fall

In order to set a franchise record, players must play at a high level with the same team for a large number of years -- something that is rare in MLB today. Here is a look at five players who could write their names in the record books this year, and five who will need to wait longer but still have realistic journeys ahead of them. More»
Ross Tucker

Money For Nothing

In the NFL, way too many teams think they need to make decisions before they actually have to make them when it comes to the quarterback position. It's a trend that, based on the buyer's remorse currently taking place in Chicago may finally start to slow down. More»
AJ Cassavell

10 Biggest MLB Holes Left To Fill

A month and a half into one of the busiest offseasons in recent memory, we've seen a complete restructuring of rosters throughout the big leagues. But the offseason re-shuffling has also created some very noteworthy roster vacancies, and many of those are still open. More»
Steven Lebron

Raptors' bench is one of NBA's best

In the offseason, the Toronto Raptors moved quickly to re-sign starting point guard and leader Kyle Lowry, but they also focused on improving their second unit. The Raptors did just that and more: they created one of the NBA's most versatile benches. More»
Lindsay Berra

The Tommy John Solution?

During baseball's instructional leagues in Florida and Arizona this fall, 36 pitchers from nine teams collected 15,000 pitches worth of data in a trial run with a pitching sleeve. If all goes well, this piece of wearable tech could help MLB reduce future ulnar collateral ligament injuries. More»
Cy Brown

Johnny Slow Start

Johnny Manziel's debut as an NFL starter was the worst of any Heisman-winning quarterback (and first round pick) in the last decade. Looking at some of the other names on the list can we expect improvement? More»
Paul Casella

Headley Deal Looks Like A Bargain

The Yankees have reportedly reached a four-year, $52 million deal with "second-tier" free agent third baseman Chase Headley. The signing could be considered a bit of a steal in comparison to Red Sox's deal with Pablo Sandoval. More»
Steven Lebron

Malone Is Gone: Who's Next?

According to reports, the Sacramento Kings have fired their head coach Mike Malone, which seems strange given that the team's struggles could be blamed on DeMarcus Cousins' absence. But if Malone could go, so could a number of other coaches in the NBA. More»
Will Leitch

Leave The Playoffs Alone

The fact that a team with a losing record could host an NFL playoff game has folks talking about changing the postseason structure, but it's in the best interest of the game, and more importantly, the fans, to keep things the way they are. More»
McFadden and Mughelli

Any Hope for Manziel? Week 15 Recap

Johnny Manziel got a rude introduction to life as a starting quarterback, getting sacked three times with two interceptions as the Browns got shut out by the Bengals. Two NFL experts break down his performance and answer the burning questions from Sunday. More»
Howard Megdal

76ers: Believing In the Plan

The Sixers entered the 2014-15 season knowing they would lose big. The results quickly confirmed this expectation, with the team starting the season 0-17. But a couple of wins and close losses over the last week show that this team still has some fight in them. More»
Michael Pina

Jordan Is Still In Rarefied Air

Kobe Bryant just passed Michael Jordan on the NBA's all-time scoring list. But if 100 different versions of Michael Jordan's career ran their course, what would the absolute best-case scenario look like? We crunched the numbers. More»
Adam Berry

GM For A Day: Phillies

The good news for Philadelphia is there should still be time to salvage some future value out of the club's World Series-winning core. How can they continue to push aside the past and build toward the future? Here are a few suggestions. More»
Adam Berry

GM For A Day: Giants

This offseason, the Giants keep coming up empty-handed on the free agent market. However, there are plenty of options left for the World Series champs, including players that can plug their biggest holes, starting pitcher and third base. More»

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