Matt Brown

Calipari Ejected 2:26 into Game

For the second time in three years, Kentucky head coach John Calipari was ejected during a game at South Carolina. Last time, in 2014, it happened in the second half of a five-point loss. This time, it happened much more quickly. More»
Cy Brown

Best dunk contest Moments Ever

Since the NBA Slam Dunk Contest began in 1986, the viewing audience has seen hundreds of amazing jams by the league's best. But not all dunks are created equal. We looked back to select the ones that really made our jaws drop. More»
Ryan Davis

What's Next For Arrieta's Best Pitch

It goes by many names, but Jake Arrieta's hybrid slider/cutter pitch has helped him become a star for the Chicago Cubs. But could the very thing that allowed for his transformation help lead to his eventual downfall? More»
Cy Brown

Arsenal-Leicester: match of the year

If Leicester City can continue its top run of form against Arsenal,, the Foxes could be heavy EPL favorites down the stretch, But the Gunners need a win with their backs against the wall and a tough stretch of matches ahead. More»
Michael Tunison

Wiig Out: Kristen Plays Peyton Manning

Kristen Wiig appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday night as Peyton Manning. The laughs, as they say, did ensue. More»
Matt Brown

Governor: LSU Football in Jeopardy

A budget deficit has become a crisis in the state of Louisiana, and Governor John Bel Edwards has taken a step to ensure that everybody will talk about it and start working to find solutions: He has threatened the future of the LSU football program. More»
Karim Zidan

Former UFC champ Randleman dies

MMA pioneer and former UFC champion Kevin Randleman, 44, passed away Thursday. His untimely demise left deep lacerations across the MMA community, much of which remembers some of his remarkable achievements from the previous decade. More»
Will Leitch

Trade for Howard at your own risk

When you get involved with Dwight Howard, your team ends up regretting it. Everyone wants a star. But Howard is not a star who has done teams much good at all. He is the cautionary tale of what happens when you want a star too badly. More»
Michael Tunison

Bear Market: Forte Is a Free Agent

Matt Forte announced on his Instagram account that the Bears will not attempt to re-sign the running back, making him an unrestricted free agent this offseason. More»
Matt Brown

No Catching Hield for Player of Year

It is typically a mistake to anoint a national player of the year several weeks before a season ends, but with a month until Selection Sunday, Oklahoma's Buddy Hield holds a commanding lead in 2016. Is anyone capable of catching him? More»
Andrea Hangst

Eight NFL Players Ready to Get Paid

Free agency is right around the corner. The signing period begins at 4 p.m. ET March 9, after a three-day "legal tampering" period in which agents and teams can begin negotiating new contracts. Here are eight players who could be in line for major paydays. More»
Terence Moore

Talking CBB parity with Dickie V

This 2015-16 season for college basketball is the most competitive we've ever seen, and it's true this time. In fact, the P word -- parity -- is manifesting itself in many ways. Here is ESPN's Dick Vitale's take on the unusually competitive season. More»
Erik Malinowski

The Warriors' best is yet to come

After a memorable first half, the Golden State Warriors are positioned to chase a lengthy list of historic achievements after the All-Star Game concludes. More»
David Ubben

NFL Combine: 5 Names to Watch

The NFL Scouting Combine is the biggest event leading into the draft, and every year, it makes a handful of players' stock. Here are five guys who could impress in this year's combine, which takes place from Feb. 23-29. More»
Mike Lupica

Heir Ball: A Lesson for King James

LeBron James is still the biggest star in American sports, and still just 31 years old. It doesn't change the fact that he might never win another NBA title. And if he doesn't believe that, he should ask Kobe Bryant, against whom he played Wednesday. More»
Will Leitch

Spring Training Road Trip Guide

With Spring Training just around the corner, there isn't a better way to celebrate than to take a trip down and watch the games for yourself! Here is the best way to see every stadium in both Florida and Ariona -- roadmaps included. More»
Paul Casella

Past century's best MLB sophomores

When it comes to attempting to dispel the concept of a "sophomore slump," look no further than here: the five players with the best sophomore seasons over the last 100 years, based on a player's WAR in the year immediately following his official rookie season. More»
Anthony Castrovince

A spring question for all 30 teams

The obvious truth is that Spring Training itself can't answer many of the questions facing every team. So the goal in this particular preview is to pose an actual, spring-specific question each Major League club is facing on the cusp of camp. More»
Robert Weintraub

10 Things You Missed From SB 50

Ordinarily, everyone is all Super Bowl-ed out by now. But overreaction to Cam Newton's sour grapes sucked the oxygen away from topics that should have been dissected by now. So here are 10 things that should have gotten more attention after Super Bowl 50. More»
Michael Tunison

Dalton needed help finding his bags

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton lost some luggage off the back of his truck on the way to the airport and is asking the Internet for help. More»
Matt Brown

College Football's New Great Rivalry

The SEC is mad at Jim Harbaugh again. This time, it's because the Michigan coach has decided to take the Wolverines to Florida for part of spring practice during spring break. There are some valid concerns, but mostly it's just fuel for a great new rivalry. More»
Will Leitch

NFL Tortured Fan Base Rankings

It is that time of year again, time for our third annual NFL tortured fan base rankings. These rankings alternate more each year than you might think, but, sadly, familiar names still sit as the most prominent franchises on the list. Sorry, Cleveland. More»
Cy Brown

Is West Ham the next EPL power?

West Ham is quietly putting together a fantastic campaign, as they are poised to make a run at the top four spots in the Premier League and a strong finish in the FA Cup. But with a move to the Olympic Stadium looming, West Ham is poised for years of success. More»
Alex Wong

Rambis' Knicks Follow Same Script

Derek Fisher is out in New York and Kurt Rambis is in as interim head coach. But with a lack of talent outside of Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony, can the Knicks realistically grind out enough wins to make the playoffs? More»
Joe DeLessio

Care Devils: Martin Brodeur Honored

The New Jersey Devils ceremony to retire goalie Martin Brodeur's number 30 Tuesday night at the Prudential Center was elaborate (one arena employee called it "D Day"). It was also fitting for a legend who helped define a franchise. More»
David Ubben

Marinovich on Manziel: He Needs Help

Better than most, former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich understands the issues Johnny Manziel is dealing with. A quarter-century ago, Marinovich was a high-profile QB prospect whose brief professional career was cut short by substance-abuse issues. More»
Andrea Hangst

Never Too Early: Super Bowl LI Odds

The Broncos only just had their Super Bowl victory parade Tuesday, and already the favorites for next year's game are out. Here are the nine teams with the best odds (and the one team with the worst odds) of winning Super Bowl LI. More»
Matthew Leach

Somehow, Pujols is still undervalued

Last week we celebrated the life, career and birthday of the greatest right-handed hitter ever, Hank Aaron. But who's been the best righty since? No, it's not Miguel Cabrera -- not yet, at least. It's still Albert Pujols. More»
Matt Brown

CFB's Rising and Falling Teams

With signing day in the books, college football has moved firmly into the offseason. Based on recent trends on the field and in recruiting, here's a look at a team from each conference that is trending upward and trending downward. More»
Cy Brown

Relive the Broncos' victory parade

The Broncos celebrated their Super Bowl 50 victory with a parade and rally in downtown Denver Tuesday. Tens of thousands of fans gathered to celebrate the city's first major sports championship since the Avalanche lifted the Stanley Cup in 2001. More»
Cy Brown

No apology from Cam Newton

Cam Newton opened up to local Charlotte reporters about his brief press conference and general attitude after the Panthers' Super Bowl 50 loss on Sunday. In short, Newton isn't going to apologize to anyone for his actions. More»
Cy Brown

Eli can explain his Dumbfounded Face

Eli Manning did not look very happy when the CBS cameras caught him moments after the Broncos and Peyton Manning essentially locked up Super Bowl 50. What was Eli's explanation for his expressionless response? More»
Ross Tucker

The case for Peyton to L.A.

What if Peyton Manning wants to keep playing? Joining the Rams for their first season in Los Angeles might make the most sense -- for on-field, marketing and (obvious) financial reasons. More»
Will Leitch

What Cam Says About Ourselves

Cam Newton, to a certain sort of person, represents all that's wrong with professional sports right now. He is also, to another type of person, exactly what sports needs. It has a lot to do with what you, as an individual fan, want out of sports. More»
Michael Tunison

Peyton Bids Farewell To Brands

Peyton Manning is known about as well for pushing brands and products as he is for playing football. Surely his eventual retirement speech will say farewell to football and endorsements. More»

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