Jonathan Bernhardt

A Done Deal

Never let it be said that Billy Beane can't make a splash. This morning, Beane traded fan-favorite Yoenis Cespedes to the Boston Red Sox in return for ace Jon Lester and outfielder Jonny Gomes. This is the second big deal Oakland has made in advance of this year's deadline More»
Will Leitch

Trading Perspectives

What the trade deadline doesn't do, as much as we all try to convince ourselves that it does, is have much say in who wins the World Series. On the average, winning teams either didn't make a huge deadline trade or, if they did, the trade had nothing to do with their championship. More»
Marc Normandin

Baseball's Biggest Deadline Deals

As we reach the final hours before the trading deadline, it's fun to look back and relive the biggest deals of the wild-card era. Some of them turned out wonderfully for both sides, but usually at least one team ends up disappointed. Remember Matt Laporta? Neither do we. More»
Kevin Fixler

A Coach Is Born

The most decorated football player in Manchester United's history, Ryan Giggs, is now turning his attention to the management side after retiring in May. He knows he has much to learn as Louis van Gaal's assistant, yet hopeful that he can be as successful in his new role. More»
Michael Weinreb

Comfort Zone

Rich Rodriguez left his alma mater to spend three years in an awkward situation as an out-of-place fit at Michigan. Now, entering his third season at Arizona, he finds himself building momentum in a place where he can be free again to be himself. More»
Jack Gallagher

Japan's Next Export?

Japanese pitcher Shohei Otani might be better than Jose Fernandez before he got injured, according to a Nippon Professional Baseball GM. Though the 20-year-old might have the goods to succeed in Major League Baseball, it's still unclear when he'll move across the Pacific. More»
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Age of Innocence

When Adrian Beltre first signed with the Dodgers as a teenager in 1994, improprieties resulted in a change with the way baseball dealt with players from Latin American countries. He has no hard feelings now, but Beltre's case was a historic one. More»
Colin McGowan

A Change of Plans?

If we're dead-bent on fixing tanking, the least the NBA can do is not completely screw the teams that have been doing it because they see it as their ticket to eventual title contention. Give teams like the Sixers some time to adjust and figure out another path forward. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Clearing The Decks

In all likelihood, by the end of the day tomorrow Red Sox pitchers Jon Lester and John Lackey will be moving on from Boston. Lester, the younger of the two, makes more sense for a team looking to go deep into October; Lackey, a club with payroll restrictions. More»
Dan Pompei

Hungry Hearts

For a while in the offseason it looked like the 49ers might become the NFL's dropped watermelon of 2014, with rumors of Jim Harbaugh and management not being on the same page. But now the Niners are working hard and looking dominant in almost every aspect. More»
Mike Tanier

Dolphins Bull Shirt

Fresh off a bullying scandal involving their offensive line, and bracing for an all-new lawsuit, the Dolphins took a few days to compose a lengthy new credo this offseason, then zero seconds editing it before slapping it on some tees. More»
Will Leitch

Voice of Generations

On Tuesday night, the Dodgers made it official that Vin Scully would be returning for his 66th season broadcasting games for the team. That's a shockingly long amount of time to do any job. While Scully has called games, the world has done nothing but change. More»
Matthew Kory

GM-to-English Translations

Baseball's general managers don't rely on usual cliche's such as "play it one game at a time" or "keep it simple." Their language is a bit more nuanced, but just as incomprehensible. We're here to help, so things don't get lost in translation at the trade deadline. More»
Tim Casey

Return of the Million Dollar Man

For years, Ted DiBiase was best known as the Million Dollar Man, the WWF's flashy villain. He eventually left the industry and became a minister, but he's recently found a new calling -- reconnecting with nostalgic fans as a special guest at minor league ball games. More»
Dan Pompei

Still Hanging On

Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd is passionate about the game he loves. That's just one of the reasons why he is running over the middle again, just ten months after a devastating injury made him wonder whether he'd ever play football again. More»
Sean Highkin

Getting Our Hopes Up

We've only seen a handful of clips of Derrick Rose practicing with Team USA, but it looks like he might finally be back to form after back-to-back knee injuries. And if he makes the roster, the FIBA World Cup could be the opportunity he needs to shake off the rust. More»
Neil deMause

End of an Era?

Writing off the Yankees is an annual tradition in sportswriting, as is writing the inevitable "aging Yankees make bid for one last title" follow-up. But this version of the franchise has eerie similarities to past low points, even if the context is different. More»
Greg Hanlon

Home Sweet Home

With a 14-year playoff drought, the Bills are used to losing. Now, after founding owner Ralph Wilson's death last March, fans in Buffalo fear losing the whole team to another city in a few years. Here's why Bills fans are fighting to keep the team in town. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

The Big-Ticket Item

As July draws to a close, Cole Hamels' name keeps coming up in trade rumors -- but the Phillies know he's the most valuable player on their team, and they won't let him go without getting some major talent in return. More»
Matt Brown

Staying Motivated

Always searching for more respect, MSU suddenly finds itself in a position where it can't ask for much more of it. The Spartans have used their underdog status as a springboard for years, but can they motivate themselves as the Big Ten's top dog? More»
Mike Tanier

The San Antonio Raiders?

Between camp visits, we comment on some of the latest NFL news items, like Trent Richardson and the Colts' running back situation, Ndamukong Suh's contract problems and the Raider's ploy for new stadium improvements. More»
Patrick Hruby

Easy Way Out

There's good news and bad news regarding the NCAA's proposed concussion settlement. First, a bright spot: $70 million will be spent on a 50-year medical program that will diagnose athlete's brain trauma. And the not-so bright: The NCAA won't provide any cash or treatment for the afflicted. More»
Colin McGowan

The Game Is To Be Sold

Being a sports fan is increasingly like living inside a commercial. Faithful 49 --a rewards club-like thing that gives Niners fans discounts on merchandise and makes ticket-buying less of a headache -- is taking that development a step further. More»
Evan Hall

Who Cares Less?

Pitting one sports league against another in a morality contest is a fool's errand, but when comparing the NBA to the NFL, there truly is no contest. Sure, Adam Silver might have ulterior motives for extending basketball's All-Star break, but at least he's considering his players' opinions. More»
Matt Brown

A Matter of Perspective

While most of the pay-for-play debate in college sports has taken place in courtrooms or through the media, perhaps what's most fascinating has been the broad spectrum of opinions held by the athletes themselves. At Big Ten media days, that range was on full display. More»
Will Leitch

On The Road

This columnist set out to put together an itinerary to see as many quality college football games as humanly possible this season. No planes or trains. College football is about huge RVs with as many people packed in as possible. So let's hit the open road More»
John Perrotto

Elite, By Routine

What makes Clayton Kershaw different is that he stays the same. Kershaw's routine is so routine that he doesn't even know if it varies from any other major league pitcher's routine, and that has helped Kershaw to have one fine outing after another, routinely. More»
Matt Brown

A Fresh Start

Nothing about Devin Gardner's junior season at Michigan went as planned, and as the quarterback of a messy offense, he's been all but dismissed as a potential star. Under a new coordinator as a senior, though, Gardner still deserves a second chance. More»
Dirk Hayhurst

Minor League Manhood

Lots of guys made their cases for why they should be considered the alpha male of a locker room in the low minors when this writer was down on the farm. But the biggest separator was one's prowess with the opposite sex. It fostered a toxic culture of misogyny and exploitation. More»
Michael Pina

Legend Among Us

As Kobe Bryant's 19th -- and possibly final -- NBA season looms, it's worth remembering that despite the controversy he has occasionally brought with him, he's still one of the best players we've ever seen. For better or worse, there will never be another one like him. More»
Howard Megdal

Strength Through Baseball

Years ago, Michael Murray and his two sons went to a Cape Cod League game on a family trip. Now, after the unfortunate passing of Michael Sr., sons A.J. and Michael Jr. have used baseball and the Cape league to help their grieving family heal. More»
David Rappoccio

The Guardians of the NFL Galaxy

Some of the inspirations are obvious, others aren't. Some are superhumans, some are genetic freaks and others are just regular guys making a go of it. Find out what your favorite NFL team would look like, re-imagined as a superhero. More»
Andrew Garda

McAdoo's New Groove

This is not your father's -- or Kevin Gilbride's -- Giants offense. That much is certain the moment the players take the field. Thanks to new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, the big blue are incorporating up-tempo schemes into their playbook that could revamp their attack. More»
Colin McGowan

Athletic Self-Care

Professional sports run closer to year-round now than they ever have. If you're an athlete in demand, you have to make choices about when to play and when to rest, which is why it's OK for NBA stars like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to skip international basketball this summer. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Help Still Wanted?

Despite areas of need on their rosters, the Royals and Indians have remained fairly quiet as we approach the trade deadline. With fan bases growing impatient, their front offices must decide soon whether to reload or regroup for next year. More»

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