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David Ubben

Teal Deal! Coastal Carolina Wins CWS

The best part of Coastal Carolina's story is its existence within a vacuum. It's not necessarily indicative of any large-scale trends in the sport. The Chanticleers' College World Series win was simply remarkable -- and a hell of a lot of fun. More»
Mike Lupica

Mac to the Future At Wimbledon

All this time after he made it to the Wimbledon semifinals at 18, you wonder what John McEnroe sees on the grass courts from the broadcast booth. And as he discusses the best of this era and his era, you wonder how much he regrets. More»
Will Leitch

Getting Wild In the NL Playoff Hunt

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.41.29 PM
As National League division leaders pull away, the smoke is clearing, revealing a jumbled Wild Card picture. Out of six contenders, who is the most likely to end up on top? We take a look at some of the surprises. More»
Joe DeLessio

Subban Trade a Head-Scratcher

Twitter hadn't stopped laughing over the Oilers trading Taylor Hall to the Devils for Adam Larsson on Wednesday afternoon when Montreal GM Marc Bergevin made an even more inexplicable move, dealing P.K. Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB Trade Deadline: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Not everything involving baseball's non-waiver Trade Deadline, which takes place Aug. 1, is speculative and surreptitious. Some of it is fairly straight-forward. But for some clubs, the trade equation is more complex. We're here to help make the tough decisions. More»
Terence Moore

Cleveland Rocks! Tribe On a Roll

When it comes to magic teams, Indians manager Terry Francona is a wizard, but only without the hat, the robe, the magic wand and the total belief that his pixie dust actually works. He has the Tribe on a 12-game winning streak. More»
Andrew Garda

Best of Luck: Impact of a Huge Deal

After much wrangling and more than a little speculation, the Indianapolis Colts have signed quarterback Andrew Luck to one of the largest NFL contracts ever. So what does that mean for the future of the Colts and the NFL as a whole? More»
Matt Brown

College All-Breakout Players Team

The annual mass turnover among top players in college football creates room for breakthrough stars in the sport every season. These players may not be award-winners yet, but learn their names, because they are poised to become standouts. More»
David Ubben

Gold Rush: Ledecky Ready to Dominate

Since her breakout in London, Katie Ledecky has established herself as swimming's most dominant presence, breaking 11 world records. And at only 19 years old entering the Rio Olympics, her stay atop the world of swimming is only just beginning. More»
Joe DeLessio

Eric Lindros Finally Gets His Due

On Monday, Eric Lindros was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. But his career did not play out the way so many thought it would on Draft Day 1991, when he was labeled "The Next One." Still, the Hall offers a deserved storybook ending anyway. More»
Michael Tunison

Luck-y Day: Colts QB Gets Paid

Andrew Luck is now the highest paid player in the NFL, thanks to a new six-year, reported $140 million extension that will keep him in Indianapolis through 2021. More»
Mike Lupica

Super Novak: The Net's Big Thing

For now, and maybe for a long time, Novak Djokovic is the big guy in tennis, ranked No. 1 in the world and going for his fourth Wimbledon title. And the third leg of the Grand Slam. More»
Michael Tunison

Parker's Touching Tribute To Summitt

Former Vols star Candace Parker gave an emotional postgame speech on Tuesday, honoring the late Pat Summitt, Parker's former coach and college sports legend. More»
Alex Wong

Who Wins the Durant Sweepstakes?

Kevin Durant is this offseason's hottest free agent, and he's all set to meet with six teams in New York to figure out where he will be playing basketball in 2017. Who has the edge among the Clippers, Heat, Celtics, Spurs, Warriors and Thunder? More»
Michael Tunison

Brady's an Intense Ping Pong Player

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola revealed that he and quarterback Tom Brady once had a ping pong game so intense that Brady smashed his paddle. More»
Will Leitch

Dream or Redeem: The Team USA Cycle

The Dream Team will always hang over USA basketball, creating an endless cycle of debate, which is why there has been a minor murmur of concern all week ever since the roster for the Rio Olympics was released without a few key stars. More»
Matt Brown

Be Prepared For Iowa Deja Vu

Iowa can't possibly repeat the success it had during the 2015 regular season, when it finished undefeated before losing the Big Ten title game and the Rose Bowl. But while they appear headed for regression, 2016 could look a lot like last year. More»
Manny Randhawa

Peavy's Turnaround Boosts Giants

A rough start to the 2016 season weighed heavily on San Francisco pitcher Jake Peavy, but he has learned that he can turn things around on a dime. Suddenly, the 35-year-old right-hander is on a hot streak, and so are the Giants. More»
Andrea Hangst

Safeties Under Pressure in '16

From new faces taking over as starters to others looking to rebound from significant injuries, here are the five safeties facing the most scrutiny during the upcoming season. More»
Ross Tucker

PSLs in the NFL: Money For Nothing

"Personal Seat Licenses" have essentially become standard operating procedure in the NFL every time a new stadium is about to open. Fans hate them -- and for good reason. Here's why I love 'em. More»
Michael Pina

30-something: An NBA Treasure Hunt

Here are five free agents, all older than 30, who're coming off interesting/bad/terrible seasons. What do they still have to offer as their career peter out on a precipitous decline? Perhaps more than you think. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB Rain Rules May Need Adjustment

Monday night at Yankee Stadium was an extreme event, but prolonged rain delays are unfortunately not uncommon in a game largely subject to Mother Nature's whims, and it's time MLB rethink its policy on rain delays. More»
Doug Farrar

How Ryan's 46 Defense Ruled Football

Buddy Ryan, who died on Tuesday, revolutionized football in the 1980s through his 46 defense, which helped make the Bears a Super Bowl champion by finding new ways to pressure and attack quarterbacks. His legacy will continue to live on. More»
Mike Lupica

Serena and the Williams To Win

Serena Williams has looked slow in big moments this year, even stumbling during her straight-set victory over Amra Sadikovic at Wimbledon Tuesday. But she has come back big in the past. Can she do it again? More»
Mike Lupica

England Loss to Iceland Not Cool

This was the day after in England, which means the day after Iceland 2, England 1 in Euro 2016. After one of the worst losses in the history of English soccer, the people of London have added a sixth stage to the typical five stages of grief: gallows humor. More»
Joe Sparacio

Photos of the week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here are the best photos from June 21-27. More»
David Ubben

Summitt's Peak Lifted Us All

Even women who never knew Pat Summitt felt the weight of what she had done for the game. Her excellence and rise showed universities across America that women's basketball was more than just viable. It could be an asset, and the game grew as a result. More»
Andrew Garda

Buddy Ryan: Genius, Jerk, Winner

Buddy Ryan -- who passed away at the age of 85 -- was a genius, as his 46 defense helped change the way the NFL was played. Buddy Ryan was also jerk. Most innovators are a little bit of both. That's why we love them. More»
Will Leitch

Surprising MLB All-Star Starters

Today's star is tomorrow's "Hey, didn't he used to be in the league?" Thus, with 2016 voting ending this week, we take a look back, over the past 20 years, at the most surprising people to be voted into the MLB All-Star Game as starters. More»
Daniel Kramer

Tulo's Spirit Still Reigns For Rox

Troy Tulowitzki is playing in Denver for the first time since last summer's blockbuster trade that shipped him to Toronto, but arrived with a refreshed attitude. Those who are leading the Rockies now have lived up to his example. More»
Doug Farrar

NFL Pot Stirrer: Medical Marijuana

With a multitude of new research available about the effects of marijuana usage and their treatment of painkillers in the past, it's not only time to reopen the discussion of league-wide testing -- it's time for significant reform. More»
Mike Lupica

True Brit: Welcome to Wimbledon

Djokovic is back. Serena is back. Wimbledon is back. At a time when everything changes in sports, and not just the players and the uniforms and the stadiums and the cities in which teams are playing, Wimbledon doesn't change. This is a good thing. More»

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