Adam Berry

GM For A Day: Rays

It's been a pretty busy offseason in Tampa Bay, between trading away former AL Rookie of the Year Jeremy Hellickson -- among others -- and losing their GM and manager. But their rotation is full of potential stars, and there's still a lot of material to work with. More»
Matt Brown

Florida State's Imperfect Perfection

We've been through this before, haven't we? Yet again, Florida State escaped with a close win over an inferior team, this time kicking a late field goal to edge Boston College 20-17. Ole Miss lost to Arkansas, but the top contenders took care of business. More»
Matt Brown

Perine Breaks Gordon's Record

It didn't take long for Melvin Gordon's single-game rushing record to fall. After he beat LaDainian Tomlinson's 15-year-old record last week, Gordon's mark was broken by star Oklahoma freshman Samaje Perine, who hit 427 yards vs. Kansas on Saturday. More»
AJ Cassavell

Who Needs Lester The Most?

It's been an interesting past 12 months for Jon Lester. A year ago, he was coming off a World Series win in Boston. Then, he was dealt to the A's, and now he has hit the free-agent market. We ranked the teams that need Lester the most, taking into account their spending power. More»
Antoine Walker

Walker Talks Johnson, Bankruptcy

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson had to file for bankruptcy. Former NBA star Antoine Walker also ran into serious financial issues, and he talked to us about Johnson's predicament and how he can get back on track. More»
Andrew Simon

The Issues Facing LA's New Regime

It's already been an eventful offseason for the Dodgers, who have overhauled their front office with some of the sharpest minds in the business. Here's a look at the most significant issues facing L.A.'s new regime. More»
Cy Brown

The NBA's Best and Worst Dressed

Sacramento Kings guard Ben McLemore wore a garish holiday sweater to a game last night. But he's not the only NBA player who has an interesting sense of style. Let's look at some of the snappiest (and craziest) dressers in the league. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

QUIZ: The 500-Home Run Club

In honor of Ken Griffey Jr.'s 45th birthday we have decided to put together a little quiz in his honor. Do you think you can name all 26 members of the 500-home run club? Well, now is your chance to find out. More»
Will Leitch

The SEC Needs a Breather

This weekend, the Southeastern Conference, and much of college football, essentially, is taking the day off. They scheduled it that way to prepare for the crazy weekend after Thanksgiving, followed by the conference championship games. Let's relax while we still can. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 13

With Rivalry Week on the horizon, much of college football opts for a breather this week. Despite the lack of high-profile games, a calm Week 13 slate still provides some intrigue, headlined by the USC-UCLA rivalry and Ole Miss visiting rising Arkansas. More»
Ross Tucker

Can the Giants Slow Down Murray?

The Cowboys are second in the NFL rushing for over 150 yards per game while the Giants limp into this game with the worst run defense in the league. So how will they be able to contend with DeMarco Murray? Risk getting burned by Tony Romo. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Wilson could be the NFL's best RB

Russell Wilson has managed to avoid the tag of a "running quarterback" throughout his career, but when the passing goes away, what are we left with? A quarterback who might also be the game's best rusher at any position. Let's examine the evidence. More»
Will Leitch

Vote In Our Stadium Final Four!

We are down to the grit of the nit, people: our ongoing Best College Football Stadium poll has reached its Final Four. The Big Ten barely snuck a school in our second to last bracket, as Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium edged Texas A&M's Kyle Field. More»
Cy Brown

Bills-Jets: Headed to Detroit

Mad amounts of snow have fallen on Buffalo the last few days, forcing the the Bills-Jets game to be moved to Monday in Detroit. The storm has brought out some heartwarming tales, though. The team is full of good samaritans. More»
Andrew Simon

GM For A Day: Marlins

The Marlins made headlines this week by signing slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a record-setting $325 million contract. Of course, they are still a few players shy of contending, and here is what they need to do to take the next step. More»
Mike Bertha

'Pitch Perfect' Packers

The trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2" has finally dropped and it includes a few surprises, including a cameo appearance from Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. More»
Will Leitch

Stanton Worthy Of His Fortune

After signing his $325 million contract, Giancarlo Stanton was asked if he was "embarrassed" to be making that kind of money. It's time to stop shaming athletes for the money they make, because it's a representation of what they are worth. More»
Matt Brown

Overpaid and Underpaid CFB Coaches

An annual report from USA Today shows college football salaries continuing to rise, with Nick Saban at the top and plenty of surprises, both high and low, behind him. Here are the coaches who are bargains and the coaches who are overpaid. More»
AJ Cassavell

Who Needs Hanley The Most?

There are a handful of powerhouse spenders with vacancies on the left side of the infield that could use Hanley Ramirez's bat. But which of those teams needs Ramirez most? We broke down seven of his top suitors and whose benefit would be greatest by signing him. More»
Paul Casella

MLB's most valuable Megadeals

Some MLB megadeals quickly go up in flames, while others pan out for the most part. There's always plenty of risk involved. This list is a breakdown of the 10 best $100 million deals of all-time, in terms of overall WAR per million dollars earned. More»
Anthony Castrovince

10 FA Signings That Should Happen

The Hot Stove has gotten going a lot earlier than usual, but there are still a bunch of big names out there. While it's likely a lot these guys will sign with the usual suspects -- Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox -- here are some destinations that would be a lot more fun. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 12 Picks

Each season, there's always one statistical problem child, and this year it's the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have enjoyed a great deal of success on special teams and their quarterbacks have over-performed across the board. Either that or Arizona is just plain good. More»
Mike Bertha

Most Memorable Sports Brawls

On Nov. 19, 2004, Ron Artest fouled Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons. During the ensuing brawl, Artest charged into the stands after being hit with a beer. It became known as "The Malice in the Palace," but it was also one of many scary fights in sports. More»
Will Leitch

Playing with the Playoff Machine

ESPN's NFL Playoff Machine lets you toggle every possible scenario for league's postseason going into the final month-and-a-half. Think the Jets can still make it? How about a No. 1 seed for the Browns? It's all in the realm of possibilities. More»
Michael Pina

Clippers Season Rests on Crawford

The Los Angeles Clippers need Jamal Crawford and his offensive prowess if they want to keep up in the Western Conference playoff picture, but his defensive shortcomings are problematic. It brings up a tough decision Doc Rivers will have to make. More»
Matt Brown

This Is J.T. Barrett's Time

Three months ago, J.T. Barrett wasn't supposed to be Ohio State's starting QB. Two months ago, his youth was exposed by Virginia Tech. Now, Barrett is suddenly one of the hottest quarterbacks in the country, putting the playoff back within striking distance. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

QUIZ: Largest MLB Contracts

Giancarlo Stanton's record-setting $325 million contract with the Marlins has the baseball world buzzing. Now that we've spotted you the biggest MLB contract of all time, can you name the rest of the top 20? Take our quiz and find out. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Post-Rice: NFL And Domestic Violence

There's no doubt that since TMZ released the in-elevator tape of Ray Rice in September, domestic violence has been a bigger part of our national conversation. It's up to all of us -- the NFL, the players, the coaches and the fans -- to learn from this so that next time, the outcome is different. More»
AJ Cassavell

Who Needs Scherzer The Most?

There isn't a bigger crapshoot on this year's free-agent market than where Max Scherzer will land. We broke down the 10 teams that could use him the most -- and have the means to sign him. More»
Gemma Kaneko

Don't Make Fun of Tiger Woods

If you have something to say about an athlete's performance, you better believe they'll have something to say back. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryan, Jim Everett and others all have ways of responding to negative criticism, and some are a little more ... uh, physical than others. More»
Andrew Garda

Adrian Peterson: Future Cowboy?

Adrian Peterson has officially been suspended for the rest of the season by the NFL and is not due to be reinstated until April 15. He will appeal the ruling, but the consequences for his career, the league's disciplinary powers and the Vikings are still unclear. More»
Cy Brown

So Long, J-Hey Kid

Jason Heyward and I are roughly the same age. I was born two months before him. We lived 120 miles apart for the first 18 years of our lives. In that time, we saw the Atlanta Braves win their division 14 consecutive times. That's why it's so hard for me to watch him leave Atlanta. More»
Will Leitch

The Kobe Bryant Trainwreck

There is no question that Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in NBA history. Of course, he refuses to accept the fact that his skills have slipped, and by firing up shots like he's still in his prime he is leading the Lakers to one of the more entertainingly bad seasons in NBA history. More»
Paul Casella

The Marlins' Payroll Problem

The Marlins are about to announce a 13-year, $325 million contract for Giancarlo Stanton. Past mega contracts, however, haven't guaranteed success. We looked at the last 10 World Series winners to see how much they dedicated their payroll to one individual. More»
Matt Brown

The Wrong Side of History

Melvin Gordon made history on Saturday, setting the FBS single-game rushing record with 408 yards. But what about the team that allowed it to happen? For Nebraska, it was another troubling result in its ongoing battle with looking totally ordinary. More»

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