Cy Brown

Winslow Leads Duke to Final Four

Duke small forward Justise Winslow spent most of this season playing third fiddle to Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones. However, as the Blue Devils advanced past Gonzaga on their way to the Final Four, Winslow has proven himself to be their most dynamic player. More»
Tim Healey

Reliving Michigan State-Louisville

Michigan State topped Louisville 76-70 (in overtime) Sunday afternoon to move on to the Final Four, in a game that seemingly had it all. We turn to Twitter to see what people cared about as it happened. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Q&A With UK Superfan: Ashley Judd

After Kentucky's thrilling win over No. 3-seed Notre Dame, we caught up with the team's most visible celebrity fan, Ashley Judd, to discuss the thrill and anxiety of rooting for perfection and the travails of the celebrity fan in our social media-savvy society. More»
Richard Justice

David Ortiz's Legacy Still Intact

David Ortiz is caught up in speculation about PEDs again after using Jeter's Players Tribune to angrily deny that he'd ever "knowingly" used steroids. If I had one wish for Ortiz, it would be that he allow the past to be past. This is a debate he can't win, so why engage in it? More»
Anthony Castrovince

Kentucky Survives Scare From Irish

What happened Saturday night at Quicken Loans Arena -- an unmistakably and unexpectedly tense 68-66 Kentucky victory over a resolute Notre Dame squad -- may be nothing more than a footnote, but it was a hell of a game. More»
Cy Brown

5 Reasons Wisconsin Can Win It All

For the second time in as many years, the Wisconsin Badgers have beat the Arizona Wildcats to advance to the Final Four and they did it in style. Here are five reasons why the Badgers have a legitimate shot to win the national championship. More»
Tim Healey

Tale of the tape: Pitino vs. Izzo

The NCAA men's basketball tournament field is down to an Elite Eight. One of the games this weekend -- the East Regional Final -- will pit two brand-name coaches against each other, Louisville's Rick Pitino vs. Michigan State's Tom Izzo. More»
Matt Brown

Elite Eight Viewing Guide

While the matchup in the East was unexpected, this year's NCAA tournament Elite Eight delivers four enticing showdowns. From Kentucky's quest for 40-0 to Gonzaga pursuing its first Final Four bid, here's what to watch this weekend. More»
Tim Healey

New alternatives for 'home run'

The Associated Press Stylebook on Friday revealed a portion of its latest round of changes, including the suggestion that home runs should not be called "dingers," "jacks" or "bombs" anymore. Here are some alternatives. More»
Cy Brown

10 Modern Plots for 'Coach'

NBC is reviving it's 90s sitcom "Coach" -- which starred Craig T. Nelson as Hayden Fox, head coach of the fictional Minnesota State University -- has ordered a 13-episode run for the show. Here are some modern plot lines the show could use. More»
Will Leitch

MLB Preview: The Central Divisions

The Major League Baseball season is almost here! To get you prepared, we'll be previewing each division, two at a time, over the course of the next week. To start things off, let's tackle the American and National League Centrals. More»
Brian Kenny

About That Apology to the Astros

Yes, dropping a bonus offer for Brady Aiken last year made the Astros looked cheap. But after news broke about the No. 1 Draft pick having Tommy John surgery this week, Houston's move also looked like a wise one. More»
Matt Brown

Dekker Sends Wisconsin to Elite Eight

While Wisconsin was sloppy at times in Thursday's Sweet 16 win over North Carolina, the takeaways from the game are mostly positive, headlined by the best game of the season from Sam Dekker, who may finally be turning into a star. More»
Cy Brown

Kentucky Makes Sweet 16 History

You may have switched the Kentucky-West Virginia game early, what with the Wildcats obliterating the Mountaineers and a perfectly good Arizona-Xavier game happening. But if you did, you missed one of the most lopsided wins in Sweet 16 history. More»
Matt Brown

Michigan State Owns March

Even after an unremarkable season, it wouldn't be a Sweet 16 without Michigan State. The Spartans have yet again advanced to the tournament's second weekend, lending even more truth to the assumption that you should pick Tom Izzo in March. More»
AJ Cassavell

Best Opening Day Performances

One of the most magical days on the sports calendar is just around the corner. Baseball's Opening Day has seen its share of great performances over the years. Our job was to decipher the 10 best, using WPA (win probability added) as the defining metric. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Time is running out for Peterson

Adrian Peterson is running out of time, and he knows it. The Minnesota Vikings have nothing but time, and so far they are using it to their advantage; they should stick to that strategy, all the way through to next season. Peterson will eventually relent. More»
Sean Highkin

The Fight For '8' In the West

There are 10 games left in the NBA regular season, and the playoff races are anything but decided. There are three legitimately good teams vying for one final spot in the Western Conference. Here's a look at what each has to do to make the cut. More»
Tim Healey

The Legend of Sauce Castillo

The closed captioning gods imposed a new nickname upon Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas on Tuesday: "Sauce Castillo." But it's not the first time the closed captioning of a sporting event led to something wonderfully wrong. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Toronto's Fountain of Youth

The Blue Jays could carry as many as seven rookies on Opening Day. But any uneasiness that inevitably comes with inexperience is offset by the pure excitement of what some of these kids have done to seize opportunity on the big-league club. More»
Will Leitch

Fantasy Baseball: Better With Age

Everything great usually gets ruined when everyone joins in. But the one thing in my life that I can say, with 100 percent certainty, has gotten nothing but better every single year since it began to exist ... is fantasy baseball. More»
Ross Benes

Kentucky Looking for a Challenge

While Kentucky is rightfully being labeled one of the most dominant college basketball teams ever as it chases perfection, it is important to consider the context. Playing in a weak SEC, Kentucky's schedule doesn't match most past national champions. More»
Matt Brown

Sweet 16 X-Factors

As the competition gets better deep into the NCAA tournament, sometimes the emergence of a secondary player can make the difference between winning and losing. Entering the Sweet 16, these are the players to keep an eye on. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

UNC's Emotional Tournament Run

Throughout the regular season, the UNC Tar Heels have lacked toughness, consistency and common sense. But North Carolina has always had talent, and that, along with Roy Williams' leadership, is starting to pay dividends in the NCAA tournament. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Big Apple Crown Up For Grabs

You just watched the Yankees and Mets play a meaningless March game Wednesday at George M. Steinbrenner Field, and you wondered: Is New York still undoubtedly the Yanks' domain, or might this be the year the better team resides in Queens? More»
Cy Brown

An "Anti-Patriot" NFL Rule Change?

Multiple rule changes have emerged from the NFL's annual league meeting in Phoenix, and one is seemingly a direct response to a package of plays the New England Patriots ran in their 35-31 AFC Divisional Playoff win against the Baltimore Ravens. More»
Cy Brown

MLS is Coming to Minnesota

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber announced Wednesday that MLS will be expanding to Minneapolis, with the new club -- current North American Soccer League franchise Minnesota United FC -- beginning play in 2018. More»
Steven Lebron

The Love-LeBron Besties Timeline

Earlier this week, Kevin Love admitted that his friendship with LeBron was still "evolving." Well, we took a look at how it's developed over the last eight months -- let's just say there have been some ups and downs. LOLZ! More»
Will Leitch

Warriors: From Revolt to Rebirth

Three years ago, the Golden State Warriors were engulfed in flames, the fans openly booing their owner at a ceremony to retire the jersey of franchise legend, Chris Mullin. Now, they're the most entertaining team in the NBA. That's hope. More»
Matt Brown

Best Possible National Title Games

While the first weekend of the NCAA tournament is all about rooting for dramatic upsets, the Sweet 16 is about hoping for the best possible matchups. Based on the remaining bracket, these are the most enticing national championship pairings. More»
AJ Cassavell

2015's Home Run Crown Contenders

The 2015 season is almost upon us, and as always, there are a thousand things worth guessing at and breaking down for the year ahead. Perhaps the most intriguing race to forecast this year is the battle for the home run crown. More»
Cy Brown

Frank the Tank Times Two

On Tuesday, Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky -- lovingly known as "Frank the Tank" -- interviewed none other than the original Frank the Tank, Will Ferrell. What would it be like if other athletes were to meet their fictional counterparts? More»
Terence Moore

Holyfield: Manny Pacquiao Will Win

Even now, at 52, four years removed from throwing his last professional jab in a ring -- and still a chiseled 6-foot-2ish, 235 pounds -- Evander Holyfield remains a magnet for the bizarre. And Holyfield has a lot to say about Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. More»
Brett Koremenos

Nash's Legacy All About That Baseline

While Steve Nash's official retirement announcement marks the end of his time on the court, all you need to do is catch a glimpse of a player scampering along the baseline as defenses scramble to seal off space to know that his presence is alive and well. More»
Brian Kenny

The Best Pitcher In Baseball*

*In 2013. As publicized and scrutinized as he is, Matt Harvey seems to be relatively underrated as a pitcher. A close look at his stats from two seasons ago reveals an ace who was, for a time, better than even Clayton Kershaw. More»

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