Cy Brown

Sports World Weathering the Storm

Winter Storm Juno is ravaging the East Coast and putting the sports world on hold. When will the Knicks and the Nets play their next home games? Did the Patriots make it out in time to get to the Super Bowl? More»
Will Leitch

Embracing Baseball's Evolution

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred caused a stir recently when he suggested he would consider banning infield shifts. But when you look past that you see a man who has a smart vision for MLB, and know that appealing to younger fans is the key to it all. More»
Phil Rogers

Cubs Should Go After Shields

This is probably going to sound a little over the top, so apologies up front. But the longer the James Shields market remains somewhere between publicly undefined and outright tepid, the more it's worth exploring an out-of-the-box possibility. What about the Cubs? More»
Andrew Simon

The 3,000-Hit Candidates

Derek Jeter's departure leaves the Major Leagues without an active member of the exclusive 3,000-hit club, a group of 28 that includes 25 Hall of Famers, with this year's induction of Craig Biggio. Here is a look at the top candidates. More»
Ross Tucker

Develin had Rocky-esque rise to NFL

Would you play football for $200 a week if you had an Engineering degree from an Ivy League institution like Brown University? James Develin did. And now a little over four years later, the journey has taken him to the biggest game of his life. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Seattle's Cap Window Is Closing

The path the Seahawks took to championship contention is remarkable, but they have extra incentive to win another one this Sunday, as their window narrows considerably over the next few seasons when an avalanche of expensive contract extensions will begin to kick in. More»
Matt Brown

Coach K: Mr. 1,000

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski became the first Division I men's college basketball coach to reach 1,000 wins on Sunday. It may just be an arbitrary round number, but it's an extraordinary milestone that shows off both coaching greatness and longevity. More»
Joe DeLessio

The Sports Pope Blesses Followers

WFAN host Mike Francesa's online community of fans routinely ridicule him, but as attendee after attendee of the second annual FrancesaCon in New "Yawk" City will tell you, they're still his biggest fans. Seeing him in person was a thrill -- and surreal. More»
Tracy Ringolsby

MLB's History Of Altered Equipment

NFL discussions leading up to the Super Bowl have focused on the Patriots' underinflated footballs. While it has created quite a media stir, the truth is a team or a player "looking for an edge" is not rare in professional sports. Baseball has had more than its share. More»
Phil Rogers

Mr. Cub: A Life Like a Miracle

A power-hitting shortstop ahead of his time, Ernie Banks won back-to-back MVP awards in 1958 and '59, staking a lasting claim as arguably the greatest player in the Cubs' history. Banks died at age 83 on Friday. More»
Paul Casella

MLB's 2015 Worst-To-First Candidates

Of the six last-place teams from a season ago, some are certainly in a better position than others. Either way, it's not out of the question for at least one of last year's cellar-dwellers to make a postseason push in 2015. More»
Ross Tucker

Puncturing Deflate-gate's Mysteries

There's still a lot of misinformation out there on Deflate-gate, so I thought I'd attack some of the remaining points from the perspective of not only a former player, but a former New England Patriot who spent parts of the 2005 and 2006 seasons in Foxborough. More»
Brian Burke

NFL Teams Misjudged By The Machine

With a year of NFL predictions by the Machine almost complete, it's clear to see that there were a few teams the model consistently overrated and a few it consistently underrated. Here's what the model got wrong, record-wise, and why. More»
Brett Koremenos

Hawks' Offense is taking NBA by storm

It was just last spring that the Atlanta Hawks were just another member of the NBA's middle class. But with the return of Al Horford from injury and another season under the guidance of Mike Budenholzer, the Hawks have skyrocketed both up the standings and efficiency rankings. More»
Anthony Castrovince

10 MLB Free-Agent Bargains Available

When the biggest remaining free-agent mystery is "Who is going to overpay for James Shields?" you know you're scraping the bottom of the open-market barrel. But that doesn't mean there isn't any value left for clubs in need of more talent. More»
Bobbie Dittmeier

The Islanders are quietly thriving

Even when they were winning Stanley Cups three decades ago as no other U.S.-based hockey team has even come close to approaching, the New York Islanders have played in a vacuum. And now, in their final season in the suburbs, they're quietly thriving once more. More»
Will Leitch

Ranking 2015's Idiotic Controversies

Maybe the Patriots deflated the balls, maybe they didn't. This is officially idiotic in every possible way, and the worst part is we're not even sure where Deflate-gate ranks on 2015's list of moronic sports controversies, let alone the all-time list. More»
Andrew Garda

Why We Need The Hatetriots

Let's get this straight -- in the end, a deflated ball (or eleven of them) was, at most, a minor issue. But the NFL is never more compelling than when we are hating someone, and we hate the Patriots with more venom and excitement than any other team. More»
Ben Cosman

Super Bowl Star Power

From the awesome charity bet that Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have going, to Elton John and Sir-Mix-a-Lot, the Patriots and Seahawks boast some impressive celebrity fans. But which team deserves total star power over the other? More»
Will Leitch

How to Truly Defeat a Troll

New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood played one of the best games of his career last night against UNLV, an effort he said was motivated by a particularly ugly Twitter troll who was taunting him about his mother's breast cancer. But his response may have just fed the hate. More»
Matt Brown

Why You Should Root For Iowa State

As college basketball continues to deal with its problem of being too slow and ugly on offense, fortunately there's an oasis to gravitate toward: Iowa State. Fred Hoiberg's aggressive style continues to succeed, and his approach is worth rooting for. More»
AJ Cassavell

MLB's Best Positional Debates in 2015

You know those age-old debates about the best player at each position? They've been happening across America for about a century. The current abundance of information has made these debates as fun as ever, and we've got quite a few heading into next season. More»
Paul Casella

Who Needs James Shields The Most?

With less than a month until the first Spring Training report dates, there is still very little clarity on where James Shields will pitch in 2015. But now that pitchers Jon Lester and Max Scherzer are taken, Shields' market should begin to take shape. More»
Will Leitch

Deflate-gate FAQ: Let's Air It Out

With the Chris Mortensen report that 11 of the 12 footballs used in Sunday's AFC championship game were underinflated, and the Vice President himself weighing in on the controversy, it's time to finally take a closer look at the Patriots' "Deflate-gate." More»
Michael Pina

Warriors on Historic Pace

The Golden State Warriors aren't just beating other teams on a regular basis, they're smashing them into little pieces. From top to bottom they're an unstoppable machine, the best defensive team that also has the most explosive offense. More»
Matt Brown

Top Early 2015 Heisman Candidates

Underclassmen have made their NFL draft decisions, which means that the 2015 college football season can begin taking shape. While the Heisman Trophy race is impossible to predict so early, it's never too soon to start identifying likely candidates. More»
Anthony Castrovince

8 Needs For MLB Contenders

Roster construction in MLB is never over, as needs can evolve at any time. But some needs are obvious right now, even for clubs otherwise built to win right away. Here are eight needs involving eight expected contenders. More»
AJ Cassavell

The Scott Boras Effect In D.C.

Long before Max Scherzer agreed with Washington, Scott Boras had already established quite the relationship with the Nationals. Six players on the Nats' 40-man roster were already Boras clients. Adding Scherzer, that number has risen to seven. More»

Top 40 Athletes for Millennials

In celebration of 1/20 Day (yes, a real holiday), the Chicago-based 120 Sports counted down the 40 athletes that matter most to millennials. See who made No. 1. More»
Will Leitch

Tiger Woods, Freak Show

There was a time, not too long ago, when Tiger Woods was the biggest and most powerful figure in sports. He was revered at Obama's 2009 inauguration. Ten months later, everything would fall apart. And now he's showing up at ski events out of nowhere with no front tooth. More»
Brian Kenny

The Next Wave: The Do-Nothing GM

I love the current GM landscape with the old boys duking it out with the new hired guns. But with all these masterminds dealing their assets frenetically, what if a GM went along, and just did ... nothing? More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Recounting McCarthy's Follies

In 2010, McCarthy put his team in position to win a Super Bowl with moxie, an aggressive approach and careful planning. Juxtapose that with the 2015 NFC championship game where McCarthy exhibited none of those traits. More»
Steven Lebron

Rockets Starting To Take Off

With a strong veteran bench and MVP candidate Josh Harden playing at his best, the Houston Rockets finally seem ready to take the next step in a difficult Western Conference. More»
Andrew Simon

10 MLB Stats To Watch In 2015

All sorts of numbers helped define a thrilling 2014 season, whether it was Clayton Kershaw's jaw-dropping 1.77 ERA, the Royals' 8-0 blitz through the American League playoffs or Derek Jeter picking up the last of his 3,465 career hits. So which stats will jump out in 2015? The possibilities are almost endless, but here are 10 to watch. More»
Cy Brown

Chelsea and Liverpool Clash in Cup

Chelsea and Liverpool face one another in the semifinals of the Capital One Cup. Liverpool needs to win if it wants a trophy this season and Chelsea needs to win to prove it can win any, and every, competition. More»

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