Jonathan Bernhardt

Selling Low

Did the Padres wait too long to trade Chase Headley? It sure looks that way, as they got little in return by dealing him to the Yankees, who look to shore up an aging and injury-riddled roster. Here's a look at each side of what could be a lopsided deal. More»
Selena Roberts

Enforcement Is Broken

You'd think every official in the NCAA system would be happy with its lax style of self-governance. No one ever loses a job, and the CEO coaches only get richer. But Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is begging for police backup, saying, "Enforcement is broken." More»
Will Leitch

Something Like Sports

Many of you probably have no idea what Dota 2 is, how it works, how it could possibly be worth it to give $5 million to its champion. But if the best in the world is getting $5 million to do it, then somebody must care. What's wrong with putting it on a sports TV network? More»
Tomas Rios

The Respectable Bigot

Tony Dungy's comments about Michael Sam demonstrate what happens when you put faith in a bigot's capacity for self-directed progress. He believes that a gay man can be denied a job based on his sexuality, and there ain't a damn thing wrong with that. More»
Sports on Earth Films

A New Day

In a single blast, Alex Leonard's life changed forever. The army serviceman lost both of his legs when his convoy was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. After returning home, he hit rock bottom, but then training through CrossFit gave him strength -- and hope. More»
Seerat Sohi

Holding On To Hope

An undrafted guard, Kiwi Gardner is the guy who elicits a "that was nasty" anytime he has the basketball. He's also the twelfth man on Golden State's Summer League squad, listed at 5-foot-7 in basketball shoes, and hopes his tenacity can propel him into the NBA. More»
Colin McGowan

Detroit's Urban Renewal

Detroit is paying for 58 percent of the Red Wings' $450 million arena, which is set to open in 2017, along with kicking in extra funds for a new entertainment arena. We've seen this sort of thing before -- and it always seems like a lopsided, raw deal. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Trade Winds

With a little over a week until the non-waiver trade deadline in Major League Baseball there have been some marquee names mentioned in possible deals. But will they actually get moved? We looked at three of the biggest possibilities. More»
Dan Pompei

Those Were the Days

The concept of NFL training camp has changed so much. It used to be a means for players to get in shape, to get accustomed to hitting and to learn about one another. Now it's more about memorization for the mind and the muscles. More»
Chuck Culpepper

Not So Easy Ryder

It didn't take long for talk of the Ryder Cup to bleed into the British Open, especially since Tiger Woods' relatively poor showing put his status for the September event. But do we really need such idle chatter about "captain's picks?" It's already getting old. More»
John Perrotto

Hometown Success Story

Dellin Betances never dreamed that he would someday be a Yankee while growing up in New York City. Now, after stalling out in the minors as a starting pitcher, he's one of the most dominant relievers in baseball, and he's doing it all while wearing the same pinstripes he cheered for. More»
Matthew Kory

Point of No Return

This past March, Baseball Prospectus predicted that the Texas Rangers would capture the AL West and no writers picked them to finish in last place. And yet, coming of off the All-Star break, the Rangers have the worst record in MLB. How did they fall so far? More»
Matt Crossman

God and Football

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney refuted allegations on Monday that he forced religion on his players. But whether or not Swinney compelled his team to practice his faith, one thing is for certain: God and football have been intertwined for years. More»
Mike Tanier

The Ghosts of PFW Past, Present and ... Future?

After decades as a must-have for football die-hards, Pro Football Weekly quietly faded away in 2013, left behind by the instant demands of the internet. Now, the same team has come out with Pro Football Now, hoping to rekindle the magic that PFW once had. More»
Will Leitch

Dangerous Immaturity

When a prominent batter gets hit by a pitch, even when it's abundantly clear that it wasn't intentional, the calls for "retribution" or "revenge" start coming. All too often, it devolves into a war of teams throwing at each other, which is both dangerous and immature. More»
Colin McGowan

The Travails of Billy Cub

Teams and leagues go overboard with litigiousness. There are, however, few instances in which you must sigh and admit you agree with the rich folks. The case of Billy Cub, the unofficial ambassador of the Cubs, is such an instance. More»
Jack Moore

Admiring From Afar

Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, two of baseball's all-time greats, admired throughout America in large towns and small for their outstanding play in the 1990s, will be inducted to the Hall of Fame this week. More»
Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Cool-Kid Stats

With just days until actual hitting and holding out starts, the time for tap-dancing and offseason rankings is nearly over. Get primed for camp with a rundown of 10 statistics and trends you absolutely have to know to be one of the cool kids this NFL season. More»
Peter Richmond

Tidal Change

It was Rory McIlroy's reaction to one of his worst shots in four days at the British Open that hinted at the triumph to come. The 25-year-old sealed the deal hitting into and out of a deep bunker on the final hole, then smiled and modestly pumped his fist. More»
Lars Anderson

Nick Saban And The Process

The Process. It's Saban's pet phrase, the distillation of his core coaching principle. But what does it mean, and where did it come from? The evolution of the Process tells us as much about Alabama's coach as it does about the Tide's winning ways. More»
Jack Etkin

Rocky Return

Before 2012, Colorado Rockies reliever Nick Masset was was a right-handed workhorse in the Cincinnati bullpen, with a combined 3.15 ERA in 2009-2011. But in spring training two years ago his injury woes began and was eventually diagnosed thoracic outlet syndrome. More»
Matt Crossman

The Famous Jameis Show

On ACC media day Jameis Winston was emphatic that he's learned from his past mistakes, and said he wants to avoid further chaos for himself, his teammates and his family. But there was also evidence that he's still not taking the allegations against him seriously. More»
Michael Pina

The Path Of Least Resistance

Andrew Wiggins vs. Kevin Love is one of the most polarizing conversations in the NBA in quite some time. But with Wiggins' incredible potential and affordable contract, the 19-year-old might be a better bet for Cleveland than the All-Star power forward. More»
Wendy Thurm

Safe Distance

Colorado Rockies owner Dick Montfort has had a tough few weeks, thanks mostly to his own comments in emails and interviews, and it doesn't help that his last-place team has more losses than anyone in the National League. It may be time for him to take a step back. More»
John Perrotto

A Family Affair

Mariners' third baseman Kyle Seager, selected to the All-Star Game after a first half in which he hit over .300 with 15 homers, was joined in Minneapolis by his younger brother Corey, playing in the Futures Game -- a mini reunion for the talented family. More»
Sean Highkin

Confidence Renewal

Otto Porter is showing a burst of confidence, making shots and grabbing rebounds in Summer League play after the Wizards' offseason moves, the impact of which looks to be increased minutes for the second-year small forward. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Uggla Ending

The Braves released Dan Uggla on Friday, in a move that costs them money but mostly serves as a sobering reminder that even a front office routinely praised around the league for its savvy can misstep in expensive ways. More»
Michael Pina

Missed Opportunity

While Carmelo Anthony looks good for taking less money than the Knicks offered, he still has a ton of money sitting in front him. But financially speaking, this contract wasn't Anthony's smartest option, and it's not the first time this has happened in his career. More»
Matthew Kory

Lose-Lose Situation

The Astros were hoping for a happy future when they drafted high school pitcher Brady Aiken with the No. 1 overall pick. But after the Astros lowered their offer and Aiken didn't sign before Friday's deadline, everyone involved has lost. More»
Peter Richmond

The Joy Of Restraint

On the face of it, ESPN's blare and golf's gentility seem nothing less than a match made in hell. Instead, from out on the pastoral peninsula shouldering the nearby Irish Sea, the network's muted approach is making this Open feel like a long, seaside walk unspoiled. More»
Howard Megdal

Kind of a Big Deal

Cincinnati Reds reliever Jumbo Diaz has been getting minor leaguers out with filthy stuff since 2002. So why hasn't he had a real major league opportunity until now? The likely culprit is body perception, more than anything else. More»
Mike Tanier

Tale Of The Tape: NFL Draft Venues

The NFL announced this week that the 2015 draft would likely be in Chicago or Los Angeles, rather than its traditional home of New York City. Which of the three really is the best? We give each of them a solid comparison in our latest tale of the tape. More»
Michael Weinreb

Hold The Fireworks

While the debate over fireworks at Michigan football games seems ridiculous, it made sense to vote the proposal down. College football should have a stripped-down vibe, because, in the best stadiums, everything you need is already there. More»
Peter Richmond

Off to a Good Start

The British Open leaderboard is a mix of newbies and household names after an exciting first day in which Tiger Woods rallied from a slow start, Rory McIlroy dominated, and a few contenders melted down. The next three days should be exciting, which is good news for fans and ratings. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Put Me In, Coach

Matt Kemp wants the Dodgers to play him every day or he'd like to be traded. But finding a team to take on a contract with almost $110 million remaining on it over the next five years for a declining centerfielder who can't stay healthy is asking a lot. More»

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