Phil Rogers

Blue October Is Here

In a hard-fought, extra-inning Wild Card thriller against the A's, the Royals won their first postseason game since 1985 thanks to speed, persistence and contributions from guys up and down the roster. And, yes, bunting. Lots and lots of bunting. More»
Matt Brown

Blast From The Past

The past decade has been frustrating for Nebraska, but a bright spot has emerged. Already one of Nebraska's most accomplished runners, Ameer Abdullah is taking his game to new heights in trying to recapture past glory in the Cornhuskers' backfield. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Postseason Urgency Rankings

They all want it. But who needs it? Because the future is so uncertain for everybody, a MLB postseason opportunity is precious. But some futures are more uncertain than others, so let's try to rank the six division winners along those lines. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Five NFL Teams that Need a reboot

In television, starting over is becoming the norm for success, just look at American Horror Story and True Detective. Maybe it's time for some NFL teams to follow suit. The Patriots certainly looked desperate for a change on Sunday. More»
Michael Pina

The Nuggets Need a Plan

Right now the Denver Nuggets are wearily adrift at sea and have no rudder. Judging from their current roster, cap sheet and most recent offseason, Denver's short and long-term plans are a total mystery. This needs to change fast if they want to compete in 2014-15 and beyond. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Giants Postseason Moments

The Giants moved to the Bay Area over 50 years ago, but they haven't tasted World Series glory until recently. Here are some of the highlights, past and present, from San Francisco's most dramatic Octobers. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Pirates Postseason Moments

The Pirates had a 21-year postseason drought, but they are trying to make up for lost time now. But before we look ahead to the 2014 NL Wild Card game, let's revisit the top five postseason moments in Pirates history. More»
Richard Justice

Memories of Fall

In baseball's next month, there'll be more memories, more amazing plays. There'll be stars born, careers validated. Just when you think nothing can top all the things you've seen before, something else does. Here are some of the best moments I've witnessed from postseasons past. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

The Raiders' Mess Isn't Allen's Fault

To pin the Raiders' failings on the recently fired head coach Dennis Allen is to misunderstand the true catalyst behind their futility. Oakland's main issues are rooted in the team's debilitating leadership structure over the past decade from the late Al Davis and his son Mark. More»
Will Leitch

KC's Baseball Writing Royalty

While the Royals were in the midst of their 29-year playoff drought, some of their biggest fans were producing some of the most savvy baseball writing on the Internet. In the process they helped generate a unique secondary following for KC. More»
Matt Brown

The Power of the SEC West

The SEC West might have a problem on its hands: It may be too good for a playoff system that will continue to reward undefeated and one-loss seasons. Fortunately, the usual suspects should rise to the top. Here's how the SEC may shake out. More»
Ross Tucker

The Case For Challenging Everything

The NFL needs to allow head coaches to challenge anything during a game. In light of reports suggesting that the league will likely implement the ability to challenge personal fouls in 2015, we say that is good but not good enough. It's got to be everything. More»
Phil Rogers

Kansas City Is Ready to Rock

The Chiefs grabbed a dominant 41-14 victory over the Patriots on Monday, and the Royals will play in their first postseason game since 1985 on Tuesday. Could life get any better for Kansas City fans? Well, a Wild Card win would certainly be nice. More»
Matthew Leach

2014's top October tacticians

Like many of our jobs in real life, a Major League manager's job isn't just one job but a whole bunch of jobs wrapped up into one. But in October tactics become a top priority, so we decided to take a look at the top game managers in this year's postseason. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five A's Postseason Moments

Reggie Jackson. Dennis Eckersley. And, yes, Coco Crisp. They've all been a part of Postseason magic for the Oakland A's, a franchise that had quite a run in the 70s and 80s, before making their play for October glory in recent years. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Royals Postseason Moments

The Royals haven't had much (or any) Postseason success in the last 29 years, but that doesn't mean there has never been anything to celebrate in October in KC. On the even of KC's first playoff game in 29 years, relive the Royals top five Postseason moments. More»
Will Leitch

Predicting Legendary Farewells

Derek Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium was pretty much the perfect finale for an iconic athlete. How will the next group of all-time legends go out? Here's a best guess for the likes of LeBron James, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant. More»
Richard Justice

Altuve's Star Shines In Houston

Jose Altuve, the 2014 AL batting champ, is the smiling, energetic face of a franchise that hasn't had one since Craig Biggio retired seven years ago. The Astros believe Altuve represents a future that's bright and a corner that's about to be quickly turned. More»
McFadden and Mughelli

How Green Bay Got Its Groove Back

Against a depleted Chicago secondary, Aaron Rodgers finally displayed pinpoint precision with his passes and led the Packers to a convincing win over the Bears on Sunday. Which other slumping teams showed signs of life in Week 4? More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB Postseason Power Rankings

The MLB postseason is finally here. Instead of breaking down all the matchups and trying to predict winners of each series, we are going to stack all of the playoff-bound teams up against each other, and rank them from No. 1 to No. 10. More»
Matt Brown

Time To End the Brady Hoke Era

In a week in which college football's playoff contenders again successfully avoided traps, a stumbling team rose to the forefront of the national conversation for the wrong reasons. Yet again, the Brady Hoke era at Michigan appears to have hit bottom. More»
Matt Brown

Comeback Kids

Saturday's college football schedule was largely supposed to be about avoiding traps, and for the most part tops teams were successful. At the top, Texas A&M and Florida State both stayed unbeaten with impressive comeback efforts. More»
Manny Randhawa

Harrison Seizes His Moment

Josh Harrison can play, and while the rest of us have only recently come to that realization, people who were around him before he seized his big-league moment already knew it, and were depending on the 5-foot-8 utility man whenever the game was on the line. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Active Winning Seasons Streaks

By clinching a winning record, the Yankees have had over-.500 seasons since 1992. Here is how the longest active streaks in the other sports look. Which of these teams will be the first to falter? More»
W.M. Akers

Selling Shea

Today we laugh at the stadiums of the 1960s, but the way they were sold, built and paid for has more in common with the 21st Century than is comfortable to admit. Nowhere was this clearer than with Shea Stadium, when a city bent over backwards to give away every penny it could. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Memorable Sports Farewells

When people remember Derek Jeter's last season, the one moment that should stick in their minds is the walk-off single to win the game Thursday night. But there were other athletes who had memorable final moments as well. Here are nine of them. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite Pac-12 Stadium?

We continue our quest to determine the best stadium in college football with a look at the Pac-12. Vote for your three favorite Pac-12 pigskins shrines as we work our way toward picking the best college football venue in the world. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 5

By now everyone knows what usually happens in college football: Just when a schedule looks painfully weak, chaos tends to break out. With bigger games ahead, Week 5 is all about navigating traps for teams like No. 1 Florida State visiting N.C. State. More»
Richard Justice

Hard Act 2 Follow

As they move to the post-Derek Jeter era, the New York Yankees are a team filled with questions in one of baseball's toughest divisions. Who'll be the new face of the franchise? It could be someone you haven't even heard of yet. More»
Ross Tucker

Bears Rookie In the Spotlight

The Packers wide receivers may have a lot of room to roam now that Charles Tillman is out for the season. Can rookie CB Kyle Fuller stay hot? Also, a look at the Dolphins-Raiders London showdown and a battle in the trenches between the Eagles and Niners. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Bengals Quietly Dominating

Though they're only three games in, the Cincinnati Bengals haven't missed a beat. Paul Guenther's defense has stymied opponents, as Cincinnati has allowed just 11 points per game, tops in the NFL, and their passing attack is the fourth-most efficient in the league. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Predicting MLB's 2014 Awards

The arguments about MLB's award races will continue right up until the winners are announced in November. But this is the last time any of the arguments will matter, because this is the weekend the BBWAA voting members cast their ballots. More»
Will Leitch

Why Bill Simmons Needs ESPN

Bill Simmons made news for his criticism of Roger Goodell, and his bosses at ESPN responded with a three-week suspension. The lesson in all of this? Simmons needs the Worldwide Leader much more than it needs him. More»
Matthew Kory

Dan Snyder's Seven Deadly Sins

To put it succinctly, Dan Snyder has sinned. He's sinned against his fellow owners, he's sinned against his team, he's sinned against the fans, and he's sinned against common decency. In fact, I bet Snyder has each of the Seven Deadly Sins covered. Let's see! More»
Phil Rogers

Virtues of the European Way

The Ryder Cup is a predictable mismatch, as it has become since about the time Eldrick Woods turned pro and left his given name behind. But why have international players become so dominant? Skipping college, at least partially, might be the answer to this question. More»

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