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Seerat Sohi

LeBron Passes MJ, Debate Rages On

LeBron James, after subjecting himself to scrutiny against a beloved, nostalgia-stuffed American institution, has come out with a reasonable case against Michael Jordan. What man tussles with the gods and lives to tell the tale? More»
Mike Lupica

Hope For Mr. Wright Never Ends

David Wright was going to be the Mets' Derek Jeter, and for a long time -- but then his body started breaking down. Wright still believes he can get back on the field. In the meantime, he watches the Mets' young stars grow up, including phenom Michael Conforto. More»
Joe Posnanski

There's only one MVP: LeBron

The three NBA MVP candidates this year all had great seasons. But come on: You'd take LeBron James to lead your team any day. And you wouldn't even have to think about it. More»
Will Leitch

An MLS Experience Like No Other

Atlanta United will soon be moving to the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but until then they have a few more games left at Bobby Dodd Stadium. There's excitement about the new venue, but Bobby Dodd has proved to be an enthralling experience. More»
Alex Wong

Cavs-Warriors III: Lord of the Rings

The Cavs and Warriors are finally set to meet in the NBA Finals, as many predicted, for the third consecutive year. As far as trilogies go, this matchup's third act won't disappoint. You might even say it's a fantasy epic, with one ring to rule them all. More»
Joe DeLessio

7th Heaven! Pens Write Classic

Overtime playoff hockey is can-barely-look-at-the-TV tense, and the Penguins' double-OT, 3-2 victory against the Senators on Thursday in Game 7 to punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final was almost too much. But we loved every second. More»
Matt Brown

SEC Quarterbacks On The Upswing

Lackluster quarterback play has closed the gap between the SEC and the rest of college football's Power Five conferences, and it has made Alabama's dominance look even easier. Fortunately, a group of enticing QBs could have SEC passing back on the rise. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Ranking the Best NFL Secondaries

An elite quarterback is great, but in some cases, an elite secondary may be just as good (the Super Bowl XLVIII immediately comes to mind). After plenty of offseason movement, let's rank all of the secondaries in the NFL, from best to worst. More»
Cliff Corcoran

Cheering Sections We'd Love to See

The Yankees' Judge's Chambers. The Mariners' King's Court. Baseball has some aptly-named rooting sections for some of the sport's biggest stars. Let's see what other ones that we can come up with. More»
Will Leitch

How Do These Deals Look Now?

Every offseason, MLB teams roll out the red carpet for top free agents. Yet we are starting to learn the the rate of return often isn't as high as what was originally hoped for. Let's check in to see how the 10 biggest free agents this past season are doing. More»
Matt Brown

CFB's Rising Star Coaching Candidates

So many college football head coaching jobs have switched hands in the past few years that the supply of rising potential head coaches is getting scarce. Still, the carousel will inevitably be active again at the end of this season. These are the coaches in line for bigger things. More»
Anthony Castrovince

10 Of MLB's Biggest Team Strengths

We're headed into Memorial Day weekend, and this holiday is often cited as the point in the schedule where MLB teams start to have a good assessment of what they have and what they lack. So, here are 10 team strengths that have stood out thus far in 2017. More»
Mike Lupica

16-0 Run Can Deify the Dubs

Of course, the Warriors will likely have to beat LeBron and the Cavs again to win it all. But what if they manage to sweep the NBA Finals? Would 16-0 in the playoffs be the greatest accomplishment in the history of team sports in this country? More»
Cy Brown

Jose Mourinho Gambled and Won

Jose Mourinho made a bold move this spring when he chose to forsake the Premier League in an attempt to make it back into the Champions League by winning the Europa League. That move paid off on Wednesday when United defeated Ajax in the final. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Kaepernick-Seahawks a great match

Less than three and a half years ago, Colin Kaepernick was still on top of the football world. Now he is arguably on the bottom of it. But signing with the Seahawks would give him a chance to revive his career, and help the team out in the process. More»
Cy Brown

Gronk Stars In Bro-Tastic Music Video

Rob Gronkowski stars in a new music video for Las Vegas DJ 3LAU, in which he gets lathered up at a car wash, gets sushi eaten off his body and has trampoline pillow fight with a bunch of models and pro wrestler Mojo Rawley. It is a very Gronk music video. More»
Will Leitch

The Best Player on Every MLB Team

Wade Miley better than Manny Machado? Alex Avila better than Miguel Cabrera? Mike Leake better than Carlos Martinez? When we take a look at the best players one each team this season, some names may surprise you. More»
Seerat Sohi

Oh My, Ky! Irving Saves Cavs' Skin

On Tuesday, when things were looking bleak for the Cavaliers in Game 4 against Boston at home, Kyrie Irving bailed out his team, scoring a playoff career-high 42 points to lead the Cavs to victory. This should come as no surprise. More»
NHL Playoffs

Sens Mightier Than Pens, Force Game 7

Mike Hoffman scored the tie-breaking goal early in the third period to give the Ottawa Senators a 2-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night and force a decisive Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. More»
Terence Moore

Irish Still Don't Need a Conference

Once again, talk has flared up about Notre Dame becoming a full football member of the ACC. It's not going to happen. The Fighting Irish have always valued their independence, and there's no need for that to change now. More»
Matt Brown

Badgers' Reliability Worthy of Praise

Before Barry Alvarez transformed the program, Wisconsin spent a quarter-century lost as a Big Ten afterthought. For another 25 years now, however, the Badgers have been something entirely different: one of the most reliably good football teams in America. More»
SoE Original

FWIW, Tony Romo Can't Dance

121316_soe_fwiw.00_00_02_09.Still003_2 (1)
What does Tony Romo have in common with your middle aged dad? You don't want them dancing. Meanwhile, Torii Hunter makes a strong case for fans to leave their gloves at home. More»
SoE Staff

Top 5 Athletes On Earth This Week

Each week, the Sports on Earth staff presents the greatest sports performances we can find anywhere in the world. This week, we have the retirement of a legend in San Antonio and possibly the most dominant high school pitcher you'll ever see. More»
Mike Lupica

Pivotal Stretch For Sox, Skipper

Before we get to Memorial Day, people are starting to talk about Red Sox manager, John Farrell, because that is just the way things go, and not just in Boston. An underachieving team can still turn things around, though, to save the manager's job. More»
Joe Sparacio

Top 13 Photos Of The Week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here we count down the best 13 photos from May 17-22. More»
Cy Brown

Sports World Unites For Manchester

Manchester United moment silence
Manchester United, Manchester City and a number of athletes took to Twitter to express their grief and disbelief over a bombing that killed 22 and injured 59 people late Monday night after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. More»
Will Leitch

Playoff Odds Report: May Edition

Every month, we take a look at the MLB playoff picture with the help of Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report. This month, the Mets and Red Sox may be in better shape than the standings say, while there's skepticism about the Orioles and Twins. More»
Joe Sparacio

Yonder Alonso: Earning His A's

Yonder Alonso is returning to the A's lineup soon after a few days off from a sprained knee. That's good news, because thanks to some changes in swing mechanics and better plate discipline, the slugger is quietly one of the biggest breakout stars of the season. More»
Will Leitch

Teams Still Chasing Title Chance

The Nashville Predators finally have the monkey off their back, as they have reached a Stanley Cup Final, but there are 17 other teams which have never even reached the pinnacle of sports, let alone won a championship. More»
NBA Playoffs

Sweep Dreams For Golden State

Steph Curry scored 36 points and the Warriors completed a dominant sweep over the Spurs in the Western Conference Final with a 129-115 victory Monday night, becoming the first team in NBA history to start the playoffs 12-0. More»
Joe DeLessio

Pred of the Class! The West's Best

Certain NHL teams and markets get more visibility and promotional love. But sometimes it's just as important for one of the league's non-preferred members to enjoy the spotlight. Say hello to the Predators, winners of the West. More»
Alex Wong

King's Crown Still Heavy in Cleveland

The Cavs finally lost a game, blowing a 21-point lead on Sunday at home to the Celtics. Most of the talk afterward, though, wasn't about whether Boston still has a chance -- it was about LeBron's poor performance. Incredibly, he still has doubters. More»
Matt Brown

College Linebacker Rankings 2017

Sports on Earth's 2017 college football player rankings series began last week with the best receivers and continues with the top 35 linebackers, headlined by dynamic LSU pass rusher Arden Key and many other rising stars. More»
Cliff Corcoran

Rangers For Real? Behind the Numbers

The Rangers have won 11 of their past 12 games, surging past .500 and into second place in the American League West, significantly out-playing sabermetric expectations. But, looking closely at the numbers, they may not be able to keep it up. More»
Ross Tucker

Reporting Concussions Not So Simple

Concussion reporting is a hot topic after the comments from Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, indicating that Brady has suffered concussions in his career, including one last year. The issue is unfortunately complicated. More»

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