Matt Brown

SEC On The Defensive

SEC coaches spent all week on the defensive at their annual meetings, fighting back against their slight loss in dominance of college football. It's a good thing, because it means the playing field among the Power Five is a bit more equal. More»
Alex Wong

Thibodeau firing Same old Story

The Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau on Thursday, the result of an apparently fractured relationship between the coach and upper management. Whoever takes his place, there seems to be chronic issues between the front office and the rest of the organization. More»
AJ Cassavell

Perusing MLB's saber leaderboards

Leaderboard watching has long been a hobby for baseball fans, but the numbers we look at are constantly evolving. Here's a rundown of some of those lists currently en vogue, as well as what they mean. Let's get nerdy. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Seattle can't win without Wilson

Russell Wilson has a legitimate excuse for missing OTAs this week, but the unease surrounding his contract situation persists. For the Seahawks, what would the future look like in a world without Wilson? It isn't pretty. More»
Cy Brown

Thibs Firing: Load of Bull?

As has been expected for a while, the Chicago Bulls fired head coach Tom Thibodeau Thursday. What wasn't expected was that they actually gave a reason for why he was fired, although the language was a bit cryptic. So we translated it for you. More»
Cy Brown

Sports Kids Do The Darndest Things

While her dad has been busy charging toward the NBA Finals, Riley Curry has been taking over the world. She dropped in on another press conference after the Warriors clinched the Western Conference Finals. But she's only one of many great sports kids. More»
Cy Brown

Women Included in 'FIFA 16'

The past few days have been bad for FIFA, possibly the world's most corrupt sporting organization, but Thursday was a good day for 'FIFA 16.' The world's best-selling soccer video game series will feature women's national teams for the first time in its history. More»
Will Leitch

ASG Voting: The Fans Get It Right

Every year, we hear the same complaints about how fans shouldn't vote for All-Star Game starters. Every year, that complaint is mostly wrong. With the first results released from the online balloting, here's how the fans are doing so far in 2015. More»
Joe DeLessio

Sweeps Are Lame

As Will Leitch wrote earlier this week, the NBA playoffs are basically a build-up to the Finals. But hockey fans don't look at the Stanley Cup Final that way. The early rounds of the hockey playoffs aren't the buildup to something; they ARE the thing. More»
Erik Malinowski

Golden State of Mind

The Warriors won the West in convincing fashion after a clinching Game 5 victory at home against the Houston Rockets. They will now be a clear favorite against LeBron James and the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers. More»
Alex Wong

Harden and Rockets Face Uncertainty

The playoffs were up and down for both the Houston Rockets and their superstar, James Harden. Rest assured, even though the team made a deep run, general manager Daryl Morey will be back tinkering with the roster this summer. More»
Alex Wong

The Hawks' big summer decisions

Fresh off their Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Cavaliers, the Atlanta Hawks have a number of important offseason questions looming. At the core: How do they build on the most successful season in recent franchise history? More»
Bryan Grosnick

Dewey Evans was captain consistency

If you spend your whole career (minus one year) with a team, put up All-Star numbers for the duration and find a way to stay on the field for the better part of two decades, you're the definition of a Hall of Famer, right? Then there's Dwight "Dewey" Evans. More»
Michael Pina

Tristan Thompson Proves His Value

Tristan Thompson makes rebounding feel more important than anything else, and he's so good at it -- as he's shown everyone this postseason -- that he has become perhaps the second most important player on the NBA Finals-bound Cavaliers. More»
Cy Brown

5 Texans to Watch on 'Hard Knocks'

The Houston Texans will be featured on the 2015 edition of "Hard Knocks," the hit HBO program that follows one NFL team through training camp. Who are some of the more interesting players we'll want to see featured? More»
Joe DeLessio

Rangers Continue to Live on the Edge

In less than four complete postseasons, the Rangers have played in 18 elimination games, with another one set for Friday night at Madison Square Garden. It's amazing how well the team plays under pressure. But elite teams usually don't need to be pushed to the brink. More»
Will Leitch

Arrests Beginning of FIFA's End?

An investigation led by the FBI and the U.S. attorney general targeted 14 FIFA officials, charging them with corruption. Even though few were surprised about Wednesday's arrests, bigger shockwaves could be coming to the world soccer organization. More»
Alex Wong

Cavs Breeze Through East

After finishing off a sweep of the Atlanta Hawks, the Cleveland Cavaliers -- led by LeBron James -- appear to be a confident group heading into the NBA Finals. But their toughest challenge still awaits them. Are they ready for it? More»
Matt Brown

The 2015 College Football Hot Seat

The college football coaching carousel has been very active the last few years as administrators have shown less and less patience. All that change could create a smaller hot seat in 2015. Here are the coaches under the most pressure to win. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The NFL's Potential L.A. Shakeup

If the NFL ends up moving the Raiders and Chargers to Los Angeles, it could have larger realignment repercussions, i.e. one of those teams moving to the NFC and an NFC West team moving to the AFC. How might that affect those teams' strengths of schedule? More»
Terence Moore

Hope For Cleveland Sports Fans

Cleveland sports fans have experienced more than 50 years of misery since their last championship, but now their hopes are re-energized behind LeBron James and the Cavaliers. Jim Brown, the last Cleveland champion, offers his take. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Ready For the Reinforcements

The San Francisco Giants received a considerable boost when Hunter Pence returned from a fractured forearm, and more teams could get similar help. Here are five other teams that could be sparked in the standings by reinforcements. More»
Paul Casella

MLB's Luckiest and Unluckiest Hitters

Luck plays a role in baseball more than any other major sport, as a hard hit ball can be hit right to a fielder, while a blooper can drop in easily. Fortunately, BABIP helps us examine who's been running into good and bad fortune so far this year. More»
Ross Tucker

Stricter penalties for legal trouble

In the wake of the Bears releasing Ray McDonald after he was arrested for domestic abuse yet again, it is time for the NFL to take the next steps to rid the league of players like McDonald as quickly and permanently as possible. More»
Will Leitch

Moving on from the RBI

The fading away of the RBI from important and public consciousness is inevitable and almost certainly correct, at least from an analytical perspective. Here are some takeaways from glancing at the career and season RBI leaderboards. More»
Brian Kenny

Collision Rule Must Be Enforced

When the catcher collision rule was enforced last year, players stopped ramming into each other unnecessarily, reversing a harmful machismo culture. This is why it's worth examining the play where the Rays' Steven Souza barreled into the A's Stephen Vogt on Sunday. More»
Jordan Godwin

Rockets Find Ways to Survive

After an absolutely pitiful Game 3 performance put them in a deep, deep hole, James Harden and the Rockets went back to the basics of what got them so far in the playoffs: Rain threes and shoot free throws to outpace and stifle the opponent. More»
Erik Malinowski

Steph Curry's Scary Moment

While trying to make a play on Trevor Ariza in the second quarter of Game 4 against the Houston Rockets, Steph Curry leaped … and then fell hard to the ground. A nation of hoops fan held its collective breath until, amazingly, Curry returned. More»
Andrew Simon

The best pitcher home runs

Baseball history has seen some great pitchers homer off a Hall of Fame peer, but let's focus on recent history, with its wonderful collection of video evidence, and choose from at-bats in which at least one of the high-profile participants remains active. More»
Matt Brown

College Linebacker Rankings

The Sports on Earth preseason college football position rankings continue at linebacker, where there's a diverse mix of pass rushers, run-stuffers and coverage linebackers, headlined by three stars making plays in the Pac-12's South Division. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Rangers, Indians Are Heating Up

The Rangers and Indians, who are playing in Cleveland this week, are two of the hottest teams in baseball. They've both resuscitated their seasons by swinging hot bats behind quality pitching, and it's far too early to write off either. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Titans The Right Fit For Mariota?

The Titans made Marcus Mariota the new face of their organization by taking him No. 2 overall in the Draft. But Ken Whisenhunt may not be the guru that can take Mariota from Oregon's spread offense runner to a true field-tilting NFL signal caller. More»
Jordan Godwin

Can Anybody Stop Steph Curry?

After a historic demolishing of the Rockets in Game 3, the Warriors have a simple game plan for Game 4: Follow their leader, Stephen Curry, and make Houston quit. Meanwhile, the Rockets have to try to stop what seems to be destiny. More»
Alex Wong

Dellavedova's Dirty Rep

The Hawks had a chance to get back in the series in Game 3. Then the Cavs made unbelievable plays, both good and bad, and escaped with a victory. Among the bad -- Al Horford elbowing Matthew Dellavedova, who is gaining a rep for his instigating actions. More»
Tim Healey

Life without David Wright

The Mets' latest bad news came Saturday when David Wright was diagnosed with a back condition that will keep him out for an undetermined amount of time. However long he's out, the Mets will need a better game plan at third. More»

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