Matt Brown

Don't Panic About The Playoff

The College Football Playoff selection committee is one week away from releasing its first official rankings of the season. As as happened all season, there will surely be much angry debate, especially about the SEC. We're better off being patient. More»
Howard Megdal

Kidd Still Has a Lot to Prove

A little more than a year ago, Jason Kidd was an aging point guard going through a terrible shooting slump for the 2012-13 Knicks. Shortly thereafter, Kidd made a leap to head coach and we still don't what kind of leader the former All-Star is going to be. More»
Cy Brown

This Week's Best UCL Matches

The UEFA Champions League begins to wrap up the first half of group play Tuesday. After this week, all 32 teams will have faced each other team in their group at least once and the potential winners and losers from each group will start to emerge. More»
Jim Callis

Ranking WS Players As Prospects

Not every key participant in the 2014 World Series seemed headed for baseball's biggest stage when they were rising through the minor leagues, but many were. Here's a ranking of how some of the top World Series players were perceived as prospects. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Ten Takeaways From NFL's Week 7

What happened to the Seahawks' pass defense? How much do the Bengals miss A.J. Green? Which new record is DeMarco Murray about to break and why should Cowboys fans be worries? These questions and more answered. More»
Cy Brown

Sammy Watkins' Star Turn

A one-yard pass from Kyle Orton to Sammy Watkins gave the Buffalo Bills a 17-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Now, with major injuries to their two best running backs, Watkins will be looked to as the focal point of the Buffalo offense. More»
Will Leitch

Predicting the World Series MVP

Trying to project the MVP of the 2014 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, which begins Tuesday night, is a fool's game. I am proud to be that fool. Let's narrow things down to 16 candidates. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Thriller at Talladega

There were a lot of drivers, fans, and pundits who were skeptical about NASCAR's new Chase for the Sprint Cup format this year. But after the excitement at Talladega on Sunday -- including a historic run by Danica Patrick -- there shouldn't be any more naysayers. More»
Joe DeLessio

FXFL: Football's New Experiment

The FXFL -- Fall Experimental Football League -- doesn't see itself as a rival of the NFL. Instead, it sees itself as a potential feeder league -- a place where players can stay in shape and try to earn another shot at the big-time. But can it survive? More»
McFadden and Rackley

NFL Week 7: Nothing But Drama

Bryant McFadden and Derek Rackley of 120 Sports answer burning questions from Week 7 of the NFL, from the Seahawks' continuing struggles to the emotional outburst in the Bears locker room, along with thoughts on Peyton Manning's record-breaking night. More»
Matt Brown

The Great Divide

The contrast has never seemed greater: While undefeated Florida State achieved another high-profile win over Notre Dame on Saturday, rival Florida hit another low under Will Muschamp in a disastrous loss to Missouri. Here's what we learned in Week 8. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Ned Yost's Famous Friends

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Royals manager Ned Yost might seem like an odd pairing, but the two have been friends for many years, and the comic believes that the savvy baseball vet has the will to win the World Series. More»
Paul Casella

Ranking True "Franchise Players"

George Brett has been back in the public eye this October, and he is undoubtedly the Royals' all-time franchise player. How does one define a "franchise player?" Well, we used science to figure it out which legends stand out the most when compared to their franchise peers. More»
Adam McCalvy

World Series, Local Connections

If you were to draw a map of World Series rooting interests, northern California would be colored orange for the Giants and the rest of the planet would be Royals blue. But that's no fun at all. So let's further break down that map to find where allegiances should lie. More»
Richard Justice

World Series Dreamers

Bruce Bochy and Ned Yost are more alike than they are different, but they enter the World Series at very different points in their managerial careers -- one surely on his way to the Hall of Fame, one who is yet to make his mark. More»
Matt Brown

Florida State Holds On

It's a shame it had to be decided by a penalty, but a late flag that wiped out a go-ahead Notre Dame score was correct. Led by a big second half from Jameis Winston, Florida State held off Notre Dame in a down-to-the-wire classic to headline Week 8. More»
Cy Brown

Sergio Aguero, Scoring Machine

Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero netted four goals against Tottenham Saturday in the first English Premier League game since the end of the international break. Could the Argentinian push the Citizens toward a title this year? More»
Michael Pina

Future Sixth Man of the Year

Isaiah Thomas was born to play on this edition of the Suns. Better yet, he might as well have been genetically nurtured in a Arizona science lab for this offensive system, roster and specific role. Expect Thomas to be downright diabolical coming off of Phoenix's bench. More»
Matthew Leach

Why I'll Miss Pedro

Pedro Martinez was the breakout star of the 2013 postseason, and he topped himself in 2014, and now we have to do without Pedro on our television screens until 2015. This is a significant loss. Martinez is as good as it gets in the broadcast booth. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Trading Harvin Good for Seattle

Following the Seahawks trade of Percy Harvin to the Jets on Friday, if you're asking yourself "Why would Seattle trade Harvin away right now?" just consider how far expectations have fallen for the receiver over the past year and a half. More»
Cy Brown

Tom Brady needs to improve his flops

Soccer and basketball players aren't the only ones who have a flair for the dramatic. Tom Brady is becoming a flopper now, as well. See which other athletes -- outside of soccer and basketball -- have tried to master the art of the dive. More»
Will Leitch

The Art of Mathenaging

The teams that were successful in the 2014 postseason were managed as if there were no tomorrow: because that's exactly the urgency required. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Mike Matheny seemed the think he had all the time in the world. More»
Mike Bauman

NLCS: Emotional Roller Coaster

The Giants beat the Cardinals in dramatic fashion Thursday night when Travis Ishikawa clinched the pennant with a walkoff homer. For San Francisco, it was a triumph of an imperfect but resilient team. For the Cardinals, regrets there are a few. More»
Alex Goot

The Gospel of Rex

When Rex Ryan is cut loose by the Jets, it seems unlikely that his next job will be in the National Football League's executive offices. It's a shame though, because in so many ways, the NFL's leadership could benefit from Ryan's perspective. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 8

The first half of the college football regular season is over, offering us a chaotic seven weeks. As the second half begins, attention shifts to Florida State and Notre Dame, who headline a day that also features Alabama-Texas A&M and key Big 12 showdowns. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite ACC Stadium?

We are now a full month into our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and we've filled out all but five spots in our final 16 bracket. This week, it's time to vote for your favorite ACC venues. The polls have opened! More»
Richard Justice

Remembering the Quake

During one of the Bay Area's darkest moments -- the Loma Prieta Earthquake -- Oakland and San Francisco residents did themselves proud. The quake was terrifying, sure, but we often forget just how much spirit and resolve its citizens showed during that event. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Browns Find Balance On Offense

By statistical measures, the Cleveland Browns have the most well-rounded offense in football. Cleveland has found success behind an excellent offensive line, a steady rushing attack and one of the best play-action passing games in the NFL. More»
Ross Tucker

Flacco vs. Ryan: Underrated Rivalry

2008's QB class is heavily represented in one game as Joe Flacco takes on Matt Ryan's Falcons. Plus, we'll take a look inside the trenches for the Saints-Lions game and see if Matt Kalil can get his act together for the Vikings. More»
Jim Callis

Andrew Friedman's Good Timing

Andrew Friedman was the architect of a Rays run of success that deserves all the credit it gets. However, their talent pool isn't what it once was, and Friedman is getting out at the right time by taking a job with the Dodgers. More»
Cy Brown

The Rift in American Soccer

There's a debate between US coach Jurgen Klinsmann and MLS commissioner Don Garber about where the USA's best players should play. And while the success of the USMNT and MLS may be linked, their goals are wildly different. More»
Will Leitch

Score One For The Old Guys

It has become trendy for major league teams to hire recently retired players as managers, guys who can be molded to accept front office instruction and new-wave analytics. But as we've seen this postseason, it's the old guard of managers who are pushing all the right buttons. More»
Alyson Footer

The 2004 NLCS: Forgotten Classic

The 2004 NLCS between the Astros and Cardinals is among the most exciting postseason series of all time, but it was overshadowed by the Yankees collapse against the Red Sox in the ALCS. We revisited the NLCS with some of the key participants to bring it back to life. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 7 Picks

This is the time of year when the sports media begins to coronate a "best team in the league," but the hype is way ahead of reality through six weeks. At this point, it's best to look past a team's record and focus on their efficiency on both sides of the ball. More»
Phil Rogers

Ned Yost Has Earned His Moment

The Royals reached the World Series with manager Ned Yost, not in spite of him. There's been no easier target in baseball over the last decade than Yost. But he never crumbled under the relentless criticism that could easily have broken him. More»

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