Russ Lande

Draft Day Steals

Everyone knows names like Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel, but the best NFL teams know that production can be found in all rounds of the draft. (Here's your obligatory reminder that Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick.) Today, we'll look at five lower-round talents. More»
Marc Normandin

Lost In The Desert

The Diamondbacks are off to the worst start in baseball, and it doesn't look like things are getting better now that slugger Mark Trumbo has injured his foot. Thanks to questionable trades, a thin farm system and an atrocious starting rotation, their season may already be over. More»
Patrick Hruby

A More Perfect Union?

Northwestern University football players are about to vote on unionization, although the fight certainly won't stop there no matter how it goes. What could the latest developments mean for the future of college sports? Glad you asked. More»
Matthew Kory

Sticky Situation

Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda has been suspended 10 games for using pine tar -- something that, as everyone in the game knows, almost every pitcher does. Do baseball's current rules and enforcement need to be changed? More»
Will Leitch

Horsey Name Game

We're far enough away from the Derby that no one knows the horse's names, but close enough that it's not ridiculous to discuss. Allow me to introduce you to the potential horses of the 2014 Kentucky Derby. You'll be amazed how the betting will track with the quality of these names. More»
Mike Tanier

NFL QB Disparagement Schedule Released

The Quarterback Disparagement Schedule, compiled just hours after the NFL's official schedule, assigns predetermined weeks for criticizing and denigrating quarterbacks for their real or perceived failings as athletes and/or a human beings. More»
Howard Megdal

Off to see the Wizard?

Yes, it's to early to compare Andrelton Simmons to Ozzie Smith... and yet, his fielding is so amazing that it's hard not to. It already puts him in a category by himself. So just think: How great a player can he be if his hitting improves? More»
Shaun Powell

The Missing Piece

Whether the Bulls get bounced in the first round or hang on to fight another day -- it's almost certain that Chicago will pursue Carmelo Anthony in the offseason, knowing that if they get him, the impact will be felt throughout the Eastern Conference. More»
Matt Brown

Fork in the Road

Few teams have been as consistently good as Virginia Tech in the last two decades, meaning coach Frank Beamer has secured his place in history. But the direction of the Hokies offense in 2014 may say a lot about how the era eventually ends. More»
Tomas Rios

Someone call an adult

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is expected to easily defeat Glover Teixeira on Saturday. Though Jones is likely to hold onto his title, alleged homophobic trolling and a hackneyed bit of PR by his manager are clouding this weekend's fight. More»
Colin McGowan

The Man, The Legend

We have about two and a half years of distance from the beginning of the Sandusky saga that tarnished Joe Paterno's reputation and sent Penn State into a crisis. Now, a group of Penn State alumni want a new JoePa statue, which wouldn't change anything and is a bad idea. More»
Aaron Gordon

Hot Air

The NFL season never actually ends. At least, this is what ESPN believes. Nothing demonstrates this Bristol tenet better than the network's 2014 NFL schedule announcement show on Wednesday, in which talking heads made grand assumptions based on nothing. More»
Will Leitch

Deprogramming the Cult of the Coach

USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann recently gave a quote about youth soccer that could be applied to American sports in general. In short, managers and coaches should stop micromanaging every little thing and let the players figure it out for themselves. Words to live by? More»
Jack Moore

Joining the Club

Albert Pujols's 500th home run was magical not just as the capstone of a career. Now, after two difficult seasons, the question for the Angels star can shift away from his steep decline and back to the lofty heights he can reach going forward. More»
Shaun Powell

Role Player Power

A third straight NBA title won't happen for the Heat unless LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh make it happen -- for the most part. But Miami has always leaned on role players in desperate moments. This year, who will that be? More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

A Sore Subject

An MRI showed no apparent ligament damage in Chris Sale's elbow, which is good news at face value. But we've seen minor elbow soreness turn into major surgery too often not to worry -- especially since the White Sox lack a solid backup plan. More»
Russ Lande

Prospect Profile: Tom Savage

According to media reports, Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage is rumored to be at the top of the list of draft-board risers. He has the physical tools needed to be a successful starter, but will his inconsistent accuracy hold him back? More»
Michael Pina

Searching for More

Kemba Walker's lack of improvement in his third season may be unsettling, but that doesn't mean the Bobcats should panic. It's important to look at the context surrounding his game, because he can still be a star at point guard. More»
Michael Weinreb

Finding His Place

Just when you thought Chris Petersen would never leave Boise State, he finally made the leap to a power conference at Washington. As his first spring practice there ends, it's hard not to wonder about the perfect partnership he's leaving behind. More»
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Unfazed by Failure

Baseball is a game of constant failure for hitters, and great players are often driven by the fear of too much of it. So after a disappointing 2013 debut with the Braves, is B.J. Upton too passive and too reluctant to face his struggles head-on? More»
Colin McGowan

Rough Draft

Teddy Bridgewater has gone from possible No. 1 overall pick to falling down draft boards in a hurry, depending on what you believe. In the endless NFL draft news cycle, the truth is that it's nearly impossible to determine what's actually fact or fiction. More»
Mike Tanier

A Decade Without A First-Round Pick

Fans today get upset when their team goes even a single year without a first-round pick. Now imagine what would happen if a team did that for 11 consecutive drafts? The Washington Redskins of the 1970s did just that, and it didn't stop them from finding great success. More»
Russ Lande

Aggie vs. Aggie

To say who will be a better NFL tackle between former Texas A&M stars Luke Joeckle and Jake Matthews is like splitting hairs, but there are clear differences between the two. They are both elite prospects with different blocking styles. More»
Mike Tanier

For the Raiders, Rebuilding is Forever

Rebuilding teams are supposed to get younger and more talented. That's one of those "too obvious to mention" statements, unless you're referring to the Oakland Raiders whose offseason moves, yet again, make no sense. More»
Will Leitch

Playing Foul

If you are an adult who catches a line drive with your bare hands or there are no children around you, you deserve the ball. If you are not, give the ball to a kid, preferably the smallest one who isn't acting like a crazy spoiled brat. Look at that Rockies fan from Monday night. More»
Joe DeLessio

Turning Heads

A year ago Nathan MacKinnon was skating in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Now, the 18-year-old is getting his first taste of NHL playoff action as a member of the Colorado Avalanche. So far, he's been as dazzling against the pros as he was against the juniors. More»
Jonathan Bernhardt

Last But Not Least

The Indians may have struggled to start the season, but the American League Central is still wide open. Cleveland only needs a moderately sustained hot streak to get back into the action -- and they have the talent to produce one. More»
Matt Brown

No Turning Back

Paul Johnson has had mixed success with his triple-option offense since taking it to Georgia Tech and the ACC in 2008. He enters 2014 at a crossroads, needing to create a new reality for the Yellow Jackets that trumps the negative perceptions of his system. More»
Howard Megdal

Brains over Brawn

You wouldn't be wrong to think of the development of David Hale, starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, as an equation to solve. After all, Hale did graduate from Princeton with a degree in Economics. Going forward, many people hope his brain can outrun his experience. More»
Leigh Montville

A fitting victory

No one expected this. No one. Meb Keflezighi became the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983 on Monday and it couldn't have come at a better time. Every runner had a cause, but Meb is the name we'll remember. More»
Colin McGowan

The Ideas Man

After 23 seasons as a head coach in the NBA, Rick Adelman is finally retiring. Trying to summarize his illustrious career would be foolish, but he may have peaked in Sacramento, where his teams ran some of the most beautiful offenses the sport has ever seen. More»
Aaron Gordon

Following a Legend

When Sir Alex Ferguson, undisputably the greatest manager in English soccer history, named David Moyes his successor, there was nowhere for United to go but down. But how much of this season was really Moyes' fault? More»
Howard Megdal

Doomed To Fail

Mike Woodson wasn't a great coach, and his Knicks weren't a great team. His decisions -- running Carmelo Anthony into the ground, trying to force the roster to fit his views rather than adapting himself -- certainly didn't help. But really, was anyone winning with this group? More»
Colin McGowan

Being There

The Raptors aren't a great team, and they have already dropped the first game of their playoff series against the Nets. While that sounds disappointing, you won't find many unhappy Raptors fans. After their first winning season in seven years, just being there is a success. More»
Shaun Powell

Room to grow

While it's too early to say Warriors coach Mark Jackson can rest easy, he must feel a little weight off of his shoulders after last Saturday's win. Regardless of the series outcome, what Jackson and the Warriors need is room to grow without so much pressure from ownership. More»

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