Matt Brown

Florida State Escapes

The 2014 college football season kicked into high gear on Saturday night, with a dramatic slate of games headlined by No. 1 Florida State's thrilling overtime win over Clemson without Jameis Winston. We break down the most important results. More»
Matthew Leach

Best of the NL Rookie Class

This year's National League Rookie of the Year candidates make for interesting studies. Two are not surprising, even if the way they've gone about their years has been somewhat unexpected. And one came from out of nowhere. More»
Andrew Garda

Ravens: From Bad to Worse

Right after Roger Goodell's Friday presser, ESPN dropped another bombshell report, claiming that not only did the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL know about the details of the Ray Rice incident in detail, but that they actively tried to cover it up. More»
Will Leitch

Roger Goodell: Sound and Fury

It sure was satisfying to watch to Roger Goodell stew in it at his Friday press conference to address the NFL's disastrous handling of Ray Rice and other cases (and kudos to Rachel Nichols for grilling him). But ultimately it signified nothing. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite SEC Stadium?

Unlike a lot of NFL stadiums, each college football stadium is unique. There's a certain festival-like energy surrounding the best ones. Beginning with the SEC, we'll list the venues for each conference and allow fans to vote on their favorites. What's yours? More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 4

Week 4 in college football could serve as a measuring stick for several top program, with playoff contenders Alabama, Florida State Oklahoma and LSU all facing crucial test. Will they hold serve, or are we in for another chaotic weekend? More»
Sheil Kapadia

There's No Stopping DeMarco Murray

With two NFL weeks in the books, we have an early favorite for worst team in the league, a veteran quarterback playing better than ever and a Super Bowl contender that's digging itself a hole. Here are 10 numbers that could have an impact on Sunday and beyond. More»
Richard Justice

5 Teams With Optimism for 2015

The Chicago Cubs are going to be a solid, entertaining baseball team in 2015, and you know what that means, don't you? You're going to be surrounded by Cubs fans all of a sudden. But Chicago isn't the only club poised for a breakout next season. More»
Ross Tucker

Cam Will Run All Over the Steelers

The Steelers should have their hands full stopping Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart this weekend. Also, we'll take a look at some key matchups in the Lions-Packers and Chargers-Bills games as Week 3 in the NFL gets into gear. More»
Will Leitch

Methods Of Clinching, Ranked

There are seven different ways in which a team can clinch its division, and each comes with a varying level of satisfaction. Will Leitch is here to clear up any confusion and give the definitive ranking of the best way to clinch a first-place finish. More»
Andrew Garda

How the Jets Made the Packers Sweat

How did the Jets hold the Packers to nine points for almost an entire half Sunday and why were the Packers able to come back? That's what we aim to find out by examining game film. There are some positives New York can take into their game against the Bears. More»
Matt Brown

How Kansas State Challenges Auburn

While Auburn faces a brutal SEC schedule in October and November, the game that sets the table is out of conference on Thursday night. In traveling to Kansas State, the Tigers have a chance to prove their readiness as contenders. More»
Phil Rogers

Predicting Angels-Nats World Series

Using a formula drawn from statistical analysis to compare MLB playoff teams -- the kind of analysis that can be done on a legal pad, not with proprietary software -- here's how things may shake out this October. Good news for Angels and Nationals fans. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 3 is one of the more interesting times for NFL prognosticators. Trends like the Patriots and Packers struggling to pass the ball and the Bills and Browns moving down the field efficiently, have caught us by surprise. That's why these early weeks are the most revealing outings all season. More»
Richard Justice

The Return Of The Oriole Way

Four years ago, the Baltimore Orioles were finishing up their 13th consecutive losing season. Now, the Orioles are doing more than just winning. They've run away with the American League East. This turnaround can be attributed to Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette's unique philosophies. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Five Trade Deadline Regrets

It sometimes takes years to truly evaluate a trade, but when you make a deal at the trade deadline you expect to see some results that season. Here are five teams that are already regretting what they did -- or didn't do -- at this year's deadline. More»
Matt Brown

Winston Deserves His Suspension

Florida State suspended Jameis Winston for the first half of Saturday's game against Clemson for shouting an obscene phrase on campus. As an isolated incident, maybe it could be laughed off, but Florida State had to do something, given his past. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Unluckiest MLB Players Of 2014

They say it's better to be lucky than good, but it depends which kind of luck you're talking about. When it comes to the kind of "luck" that you encounter during the course of a baseball season, these five guys haven't caught many breaks in 2014. More»
Will Leitch

The NFL: Where Our Opinion Matters

When some NFL's sponsors spoke out against the way the recent domestic violence scandals have been handled it sent a loud message: The voice of the public matters, and it's about time the NFL listens to it. More»
Jason Hirschhorn

Colts: Roster and Scheme Don't Fit

The Colts aren't 0-2 by accident. But don't blame Andrew Luck for their failures. Indianapolis has a problem fitting in an offensive scheme that doesn't play to its strengths, and a roster that was ill-conceived from the beginning. More»
Michael Pina

Doc Rivers Shouldn't Be In Charge

Doc Rivers has earned respect as admiration as a head coach. But now that he's the last say in all personnel decisions relating to the Los Angeles Clippers, don't expect things to go so smoothly. In fact, it might be an outright disaster. More»
Matt Brown

The Best New CFB Rivalries

Florida State and Clemson meet again on Saturday in what has quickly become the ACC's biggest game. Realignment has frustratingly eliminated many traditional rivalries, but at least a few newer annual matchups have become must-see TV. More»
Ross Tucker

Benefit of the Doubt for Goodell

In this columnist's opinion, Roger Goodell has done an excellent job as commissioner of the NFL. That's why he really hopes Goodell didn't lie about the Ray Rice elevator video. We can't overlook what he's achieved for the league. More»
Andrew Simon

Closer Carousel For Playoff teams

In 2013, half of MLB's playoff teams turned to a different closer in October than the pitcher they carried on Opening Day. This year promises more of the same -- as many as seven closer-changing clubs could be contending in the postseason. More»
Will Leitch

The Angels' Best Chance Is Now

The Angels are having their best season in a long time, but this isn't the start of a long-term dynasty. In fact, they better win the World Series this year, because they aren't going to have another chance like this for a while. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The Biggest Losers Of Week 2

Darren Sproles shined in the Monday night game against the Colts, the second week in a row he's helped the Eagles mount a comeback. Other players in Week 2 didn't distinguish themselves quite as well. Time to sort it all out. More»
Jenifer Langosch

Lynn: The Cardinals' Secret Weapon

To understand how Lance Lynn has emerged a front-line starter without the due attention, you first must accept that he'll offer no air of niceties, no concern as to whether you like him or not. He certainly won't fit into the mold you think he should. More»
Matt Brown

Florida's Moment of Truth

It didn't take long for the positive vibes around the Florida offense to disappear. Now, after edging Kentucky in three overtimes, Florida travels to Alabama with a lot to prove. Can it finally be effectively aggressive and exploit Alabama's weaknesses? More»
Sports on Earth Staff

10 Most Jets Moments in Jets History

Same old Jets. How many times have we heard that phrase uttered, no matter how many new ways New York's long-beleaguered franchise find to shoot themselves in the foot? After this Sunday, we decided to look back at some other #lolJets moments. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Kershaw stacks up with pitcher MVPs

The question is not whether Clayton Kershaw will win the MVP, which is almost inevitable, but how his season ranks among those of the select few pitchers -- 10, to be exact -- who have claimed the honor since 1956, when the Cy Young Award was introduced. More»
Will Leitch

Don't Feel Bad About Watching The NFL

The NFL has come under fire over the last week for the way the league has handled a variety of controversies. And while that should make us angry as fans, that doesn't mean we should feel guilty about watching, as long as we continue to hold the league accountable. More»
McFadden and Mughelli

Washington Better Off Without RGIII

The story of Week 2 was injuries to some key players, including Robert Griffin III and A.J. Green. Former NFL players Bryant McFadden and Ovie Mughelli are here to tell you how these injuries will affect the rest of the season. More»
Richard Justice

Young The Right Man For Rangers

Above everything else, running an MLB team is about managing people. It's much more than that, but this is where it starts. This is also where many managers fail. That's why Michael Young might be a perfect choice to manage the Texas Rangers. More»
Matt Brown

Success is Fleeting

Despite the understandable rush to judgment, especially early in the fall, college football teams are rarely the same from week to week. Just ask Georgia, USC and Virginia Tech, all of which were riding high the first two weeks, then fell back to reality. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Hardy Move: Too Little, Too Late

After months of inaction, the Panthers finally deactivated Greg Hardy, but that's not enough. Since Hardy's domestic violence case is still awaiting a trial by jury, the discipline that he should receive is not clear-cut, but it should be definitive. More»

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