Alex Pappas

ICYMI: HOF, Chip, Trout and More

Missed the news of the weekend and Monday morning? We have you covered, from an update on Boston's Olympic bid to Mike Trout being really good at baseball to the latest on NFL air-pressure policies. More»
Karim Zidan

The problem with the UFC boss

Dana White lashed out at fired cutman Jacob "Stitch" Duran last week, the latest in a string of calloused comments made by UFC's head honcho -- far from the diplomatic dialogue expected of the largest MMA organization as it attempts to mitigate a self-inflicted PR nightmare. More»
Will Leitch

Revisiting last year's Trade Deadline

The week leading up to the MLB non-waiver Trade Deadline is usually an exciting one, but it's also almost certainly not going to matter at all. Here's a look at every 2014 Trade Deadline move and see what effect it had on the eventual postseason. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Remaining Trade Deadline Questions

MLB's swapping season got off to a slow start, but with Johnny Cueto, Scott Kazmir, Juan Uribe, Aramis Ramirez and Steve Cishek all moved in recent days, we're off and running. Here are the biggest questions that need answers before Friday's deadline. More»
Cian Fahey

Josh Hill Has Big Shoes to Fill

It'd be hard to argue that Jimmy Graham wasn't the most integral piece of the New Orleans Saints team over the past four seasons. But although Graham is difficult to replace, the Saints appear to be confident in his heir: Josh Hill. More»
Andrea Hangst

Top 4 NFL Free Agents Remaining

It's time for NFL training camps to begin, which means all 32 teams in the league will be putting together their eventual 53-man rosters for the regular season. Here's a look at four of the top free agents remaining as training camps kick off. More»
Matt Brown

UCLA Won't Step Aside For USC

UCLA has won three in a row against rival USC, and that shouldn't be forgotten entering 2015. Even with Brett Hundley gone, a loaded Bruins team stands as perhaps the biggest obstacle to a return to national prominence by the Trojans. More»
Dylan Howlett

Seau Non-Speech Due To 'Policy'

Sydney Seau will not speak at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for her late father, Junior. But the Hall's rationale for censoring Ms. Seau appears flummoxing at best, since until a few years ago, it was the norm for family members to speak at posthumous inductions. More»
Tim Healey

Johnny Cueto not enough for Royals

Johnny Cueto immediately becomes the best starter on the Royals' roster, but the KC rotation is still relatively weak. If Kansas City is serious about going for it this year, it should consider adding another front-line arm. More»
Michael Klopman

Selling Might Be Logical Route For O's

The Baltimore Orioles aren't out of the playoff picture. But should they be buyers (as they have insisted they will be) or sellers at the Trade Deadline? With the number of free agents-to-be on their roster, it might make sense to cut bait. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The Headline The NFL Doesn't Want

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will not let Junior Seau's family speak on his behalf at his induction. By telling Sydney Seau that she can't speak for her late father, the Hall has brought attention to the ceremony that it has always wanted, but for the wrong reasons. More»
Tim Healey

Baseball's other Randy Johnsons

Before Randy "Big Unit" Johnson fashioned a Hall of Fame career, two other Randy Johnsons played Major League Baseball. For a quarter-century now, it's caused confusion for fans, doctors and at least one romantic interest. More»
Ian Frazer

In appreciation of first-base coaches

Among the bases coached, first base is the least sexy. The guy at third base is giving signs, deciding whether to send runners, while the first-base coach is slapping guys on the butt and taking their gloves. But let's take a closer look at what's really going on. More»
Will Leitch

Celebrating the new Hall of Famers

This weekend, four men will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. At the end, all that will be left is a plaque. Let's celebrate the new Hall of Famers with something more visual -- video. Here are three of the top moments from each honoree. More»
Joe DeLessio

Lamoriello and His New Apprentice

The Toronto Maple Leafs shocked the hockey world by hiring Lou Lamoriello as GM after he abruptly left the Devils (an organization he's been with for 28 years). But most intriguing is how he'll mentor Leafs' assistant GM Kyle Dubas, one of the brightest minds in the NHL. More»
Alex Wong

LeBron James goes Hollywood

This week, Warner Bros. Entertainment announced a production deal with LeBron James that will include movies, television and digital content. Popular opinion is that this could eventually lead to Space Jam 2. But what if they re-made other movies instead? More»
Tim Healey

Bucs, Astros bolster rosters for run

Trade Deadline season finally picked up some steam Thursday, with the Astros trading for lefty Scott Kazmir and the Pirates acquiring third baseman Aramis Ramirez. What do the moves mean for those teams and the postseason races they're in? More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFL Teams Poised For Breakthroughs

The tired cliche still rings true: Parity reigns supreme in the NFL. The last five years, the postseason field has averaged nearly 42 percent turnover, or five new teams annually. Which non-playoff teams from a year ago might qualify this season? More»
Matt Brown

Braxton Miller Makes Right Move

Ohio State was already returning the most talented offense in college football, and now it's found a way to ensure that another explosive athlete will get onto the field: Braxton Miller is moving to receiver, a move that will benefit all parties involved. More»
Matt Brown

Oklahoma An Unlikely Sleeper

Last year, Oklahoma was overhyped in the preseason after an impressive bowl win. Now, after a dreadful bowl loss and a coaching shakeup, the opposite is true: The Sooners are being overlooked, when they still have a chance to be contenders. More»
Alexa Pappas

ICYMI: LeBron, Jose, Bode's Horses

LeBron James' hunt for Hollywood stardom continues with his new Warner Bros. deal (rights-holders to "Space Jam 2"). Meanwhile, a certain ace Fish had a good night on the mound and at the plate, the Steelers locked up their coach and (sigh) Deflategate. More»
Michael Pina

Grizzlies Continue To Buck Trends

Every summer, the Memphis Grizzlies rip their shirt off and cannonball into a thick pool of that grit n' grind goodness, opting for toughness and intimidation over finesse and aesthetics. And that's why you gotta love 'em. More»
Will Leitch

Bad USMNT Loss, But Not a Crisis

The shocking 2-1 loss to Jamaica in the Gold Cup semifinal was the worst of U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann's tenure. Some believe his job is in jeopardy. But that would seem to be an overreaction. Let's see how the team recovers before jumping to conclusions. More»
Anthony Castrovince

5 More MLB Trades We Want To See

With the MLB non-waiver Trade Deadline just eight days away, the market is still moving very, very slowly. So here are pitches for five sensible, realistic trades that would improve six contenders -- four of which are small-market clubs. More»
Erik Malinowski

Mark Cuban's Semi-Charmed Life

Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks' self-made billionaire owner turned "Sharknado 3" star, has money to burn, is always in the news and is a constant source of mockery. But would anyone else act differently under the same circumstances? More»
Paul Casella

The Best Homer-Hitting Duos Ever

The Angels' Albert Pujols and Mike Trout have been on a tear lately, so much so they're on pace to hit about 100 home runs combined. They could make a run at Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris as one of the best one-two punches in baseball history. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The Best and Worst NFL Offseasons

Judging a team's offseason is a lot like judging the draft -- it's impossible to do before you see the results. But based on what we know, we can take a pretty good guess. Here are some of the brightest and dimmest moves so far. More»
Ross Tucker

Beyond the Game

The common perception is that a large percentage of NFL players are bad people and that the league is a factory just chewing these guys up and spitting them out when their talent can no longer provide it with value. I believe that perception is wrong. More»
Dylan Howlett

Tiger Chases A Remedy

Whereas we once laughed in awe of Tiger Woods' impossible feats on the golf course, now there's laughter about his continued demise after he missed another cut at a major championship. More struggles will only lead to more armchair psychology. More»
Will Leitch

Simmons and HBO: Perfect Pairing

Bill Simmons is incredibly savvy about navigating the rocky, constantly shifting terrain of the media landscape. That's why HBO is the perfect fit for him. Simmons can just worry about doing great work without all the headaches that come with non-pay TV. More»
Will Leitch

The Best USMNT Experiences

All USMNT games are fun to attend. So for the casual fan, what are the best matches to see in person, in the U.S.? As the Gold Cup continues, we look at the best opportunities to see the USMNT play on American soil. More»
Alex Wong

Hammon On Track For A Top Job

The Spurts beat the Suns to win the summer league title, and they did so while led by assistant coach Becky Hammon. While it won't happen immediately, it's another step toward Hammon becoming the NBA's first female head coach. More»
Terence Moore

Smoltz's Braves Underachieved

The Atlanta Braves teams of the 90s into the early aughts won 14 straight division titles, had three players who were eventually voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (along with a HOF manager), but only won a single World Series. How is that possible? More»
Robert Weintraub

Franchise Four: NFL Edition

Major League Baseball's "Franchise Four" voting raised a great number of questions. First and foremost: Why limit the concept to baseball? Picking each NFL team's Mount Rushmore of players is equally fun, vexing and nostalgic. More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Football Teams Ever

There is no perfect way to try to evaluate nearly 13,000 major teams over nearly 150 years of college football, but a starting point is to do it objectively. Through the Simple Rating System, we present an analysis of the best 100 teams in history. More»
Matthew Trueblood

Buyers or Sellers? Let's Project

PECOTA isn't perfect, but it's projected final MLB standings make for an interesting exercise. Let's assume, for just a moment, that things will play out precisely the way PECOTA says they will, and talk about Trade Deadline and playoff the implications. More»
Tim Healey

Greatest 'throwback' unis in sports

On Tuesday, the Pacers revealed a new set of "Hickory Hoosiers" threads they'll wear occasionally this season, paying homage to the 1986 classic "Hoosiers" movie. With that in mind, what are the greatest throwback unis in sports? More»
Alex Wong

Cavs Have Unfinished Business

LeBron is back. Kevin Love, too. Cleveland also re-signed Iman Shumpert to a four-year deal and added Mo Williams in free agency. So the core group that advanced to the Finals is there, but there are still several key decisions to be made as we near the end of July. More»
Alexa Pappas

ICYMI: Pujols mashes, Caddy Dances

In the afternoon roundup, we catch you up on the latest circus-like NFL and FIFA news, Zach Johnson getting upstaged by his caddy, "typos" in the ACC media guide, Albert Pujols hitting a lot of home runs and Brandon Phillips making a pretty spiffy play. More»
Will Leitch

Has The Tigers' Window Closed?

The Detroit Tigers, who will reportedly be sellers this Trade Deadline season, have seemingly missed their championship window. They came close a few times -- including 2006, plus 2011-13 -- but the future they mortgaged to win has arrived. More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Teams Ever: 25-1

The countdown of the best 100 teams in college football history concludes with the top 25. And nobody proved to be deeper and more powerful against strong opponents than the best teams of the 1940s and '70s, led, of course, by Notre Dame and Army. More»
Andrew Simon

Young Trio Could Make MLB History

Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Manny Machado are among the top five Major League leaders in WAR. How often does baseball have this many players so young and so good at the same time? Let's take a look back. More»
SoE Staff

This Week's Greatest Athlete On Earth: Mick Fanning

Sometimes glory is signified by a trophy or a medal or a ring. But the biggest victory for this week's "Greatest Athlete" honoree was simply keeping all of his limbs. His name is Mick Fanning, but you might know him better as that surfer who escaped a shark attack. More»
Jason Buckland

Micheal Ray's Long Road Home

Micheal Ray Richardson -- also known as "Sugar" -- was a budding NBA star before he was exiled from the league due to a drug habit. His winding path back as a coach in Canada and other far-flung places is a tale filled with frustration, regret ... and determination. More»
Dylan Howlett

Only the beginning for Jordan Spieth

Beneath Spieth's placid exterior burns a smoldering urge to find his very best, to show it to the world, to conquer leaderboards everywhere. The fire revealed itself, in a small but visible measure, at The Open this week. More»
Len Hochberg

Zach Johnson Wins the British Open

After five days of golf and an extra four-hole playoff, 39-year-old Zach Johnson hoisted the Claret Jug at St. Andrews Monday, the 2015 Open champion. He outlasted Louis Oosthuizen and Marc Leishman and Jordan Spieth in regulation. More»
Michael Pina

Lawson trade a coup for Houston

Right now, the Ty-Lawson-to-Houston deal looks great for the Rockets. If Lawson gets his life in order and performs like the borderline All-Star point guard he's been over the past few seasons, it'll make Houston a contender to win it all. More»
Will Leitch

When #LOLMets Isn't Funny Anymore

The Mets are in postseason contention as the Trade Deadline nears for the first time in more than a half-decade. But despite their excellent rotation and playoff standing, the fan base isn't happy. Is there any way to change the mood? More»
Michael Pina

Mudiay Now the Man For the Nuggets

Emmanuel Mudiay, the seventh overall pick in last month's draft, looked natural leading the Nuggets in summer league play, but is still the mystery box of his class. Will he reach All-Star heights? Or will his imperfect shooting keep his ceiling low? More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Teams Ever: 50-26

The countdown of the top 100 teams in college football history continues with the start of the top 50, where the best teams of the modern era show up a little lower than expected, in a system that favors the elite teams of the 1940s and '70s. More»
Andrea Hangst

Green Ready to Make Bank

Wide receiver A.J. Green is in the final year of his rookie contract, and thanks to recent signings of other No. 1 wideouts, his price is going up as the market price rises. What size deal will the typically tight-fisted Bengals be willing to offer him? More»
Anthony Castrovince

Angels Are Hitting Their Stride

Sometimes a midseason managerial change sparks a ballclub. But it's not that simple with these Angels, who have quickly shifted their narrative back to their onfield play, getting hot just as the Astros and Rangers regressed. More»
Dylan Howlett

British Open Down To The Wire

After three rounds at the British Open, there's a still-alive Grand Slam bid; an Irish amateur by way of collegiate golf in Birmingham, Ala., sharing the lead with a past champion at St. Andrews; and a cavalcade of stars past and present stalking close behind. More»
Dylan Howlett

VIDEO: Surfer Fights Off Shark

OK, Mick Fanning -- you're officially a badass. The three-time world tour surfing champion from Australia became a reluctant viral sensation on Sunday when he escaped the jaws of a shark during the World Surf League's J-Bay Open in South Africa's Jeffreys Bay. More»
Will Leitch

Will These Postseason Droughts End?

Even with an expanding postseason field, every playoff game is precious -- you never know when it'll go away and never come back. Here's a look at six teams with the longest active postseason droughts, plus what it would mean to them if they could make it. More»
Dylan Howlett

Tom Watson: Take A Bow

This was Tom Watson's 38th and final British Open, where he says he once grumbled about the capriciousness of links golf. But then he won the Claret Jug five times and the admiration of the crowds, and soon even those hellacious pot bunkers looked quaint. More»
Will Leitch

What Do You Love About Baseball?

Last weekend, Will Leitch caught up with FanFest attendees and spoke with them about the excitement surrounding the All-Star break, along with their passion for the game. More»
Matt Brown

CFB All-Time Top 100: Best and Worst

As we continue our countdown of the 100 best teams in college football history, we pause to pull out other bests and worsts from data collected on nearly 13,000 teams, including offenses, defenses, national champions and the worst team ever. More»
Ryan P. Morrison

Should Hanley or Pablo move to first?

Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval have both been poorly defensively for the Red Sox this season, and Mike Napoli has struggled at the plate. Would it make sense to move one of Ramirez or Sandoval to first base? More»
Len Hochberg

Spieth Chases Johnson (and History)

Before play at the British Open was suspended Friday, Jordan Spieth sat at 5-under, still in the mix for the Claret Jug and his third major title of the year. But he has to be most concerned about the golfer lurking right alongside him: Dustin Johnson. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Brett Favre's 10 best pass catchers

This Saturday, the long-awaited reunion between Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers will finally take place when the quarterback is inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. Here's a ranking of Favre's 10 best receivers from his days with in Green Bay. More»
Alex Wong

The Magic's Future Is Bright

Three years after the Dwight Howard trade, the outlook is much different for the Orlando Magic. They have a young, talented roster -- including six pieces 24 or younger -- and a demanding head coach, Scott Skiles, who can mold it. More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Teams Ever: 75-51

We continue counting down the best 100 teams in history, according to Simple Rating System numbers. Part II features a wide-range of teams, from Yale in the 19th century to the fascinating 1970s to 21st-century superstars like Vince Young and Tim Tebow. More»
Matthew Giles

DeAndre Turner: Against All Odds

Meet DeAndre Turner, a top juco basketball player and Doc and Kris Rivers' adopted son. Considering he has been shot, orphaned and near-homeless, Turner is lucky to be alive. But he has big dreams now and will fight hard to get them. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Manning and Rivers' HOF Cases

Eleven years after they were traded for one another, Philip Rivers and Eli Manning have experienced different types of success -- Rivers more so in the regular season, Eli in the playoffs. If you could only induct one of them into the Hall of Fame, who would it be? More»
AJ Cassavell

Let's move the Trade Deadline

The MLB non-waiver Trade Deadline is two weeks away, but for all the speculation there haven't been any big deals -- in part because so many teams are still in contention. Here's a case for moving the Deadline to Aug. 10 to allow teams more time to decide what to do. More»
Michael Pina

Cauley-Stein: Summer Blockbuster

They say seven-footers don't grow on trees. But how rare are seven-footers who try hard on every single possession, understand their responsibilities and are still only 21 years old? That's what we've seen out of Willie Cauley-Stein so far during the NBA's summer league. More»
Will Leitch

Ultimate College Football Road Trip

In the slowest week on the sports calendar, it's time to start figuring out how to make things exciting in the future. So, quit your job, find a large vehicle and get ready to hit the road all fall to as many college football games as possible, with this as your guide. More»
Matt Brown

Top 100 College Teams Ever: 100-76

College football has evolved greatly in nearly 150 years of play, but there are still ways to measure teams against each other. One is the Simple Rating System, which allows us to take a journey through the top 100 teams in history, starting with Nos. 100-76. More»
Anthony Castrovince

12 Huge second-half X-factors

Timing is everything in life and in sport, and now is a pretty good time for players on contending clubs to find their stride. Here are a dozen guys who aren't vying for MVP or Cy Young Awards but who could be big X-factors in the various races. More»
Tim Healey

Revisiting the Best of the ESPYs

The Wednesday after the All-Star Game means two things: the slowest sports day of the year, and the broadcast of the ESPY Awards. Here are some highlights from the annual awards show, including Jeter, Jenner, Rousey and more. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Done Deals: Who Came Out On Top?

Wednesday's deadline for franchise-tagged players to sign extensions pushed most ongoing contract disputes toward resolution. This year's deadline also revealed how the market has changed for wide receivers and pass-rushing linebackers. More»
Paul Casella

Second-half Division comebacks

While history certainly favors the six division leaders following the All-Star break, these teams serve as reminders that every division is still very much up for grabs. Here's a look at the six largest second-half comebacks during the Wild Card era. More»
SoE Staff

This Week's Greatest Athlete on Earth: Serena Williams

Is there any argument here? The 33-year-old Williams continued her dominant year and career by picking up her sixth Wimbledon title on Saturday, beating Garbine Muguruza of Spain in straight sets. That win gives Williams three-quarters of the 2015 Grand Slam. More»
Tim Healey

Is the AL East really that bad?

The American League East has a bad rap right now. Long gone are the glory days, when it would regularly claim two of the league's four postseason spots. Now, people call it the division nobody wants to win. But how does it really compare to the rest of baseball? More»
Terence Moore

God 'Showed Mercy on the Raiders'

So you think the NFL is out of control? Well, yes, but it's worth contrasting its present with its (much, much) wilder past. Just take it from Lester Hayes, who starred as a cornerback for the Oakland Raiders of the 1970s and 1980s. More»
Matt Brown

Best College Position Groups

Ohio State enters the year with a ridiculous amount of talent at quarterback, but it's not the only position at which the Buckeyes own impressive depth. They have several of the deepest, most talented position groups in college football entering 2015. More»
Will Leitch

We'll Always Need the All-Star Game

The Midsummer Classic just can't help but wiggle its way under your fingernails and into your bloodstream. Even when we're all complaining about it, we keep coming back. That may defy logic, but when you watch it, everything makes perfect sense. More»
Andrew Simon

10 MLB Second-Half Stats to Watch

When play resumes on Friday following the All-Star break, we'll have the Trade Deadline and the playoff races to look forward to as the calendar turns, but there will be many other storylines to follow as well. Here are just a few. More»
Alex Wong

Thunder Back In the Spotlight

Oklahoma City brought back Enes Kanter, completing a quiet and predictable offseason as the team gets set to bring a healthy Kevin Durant back into the fold. But speculation has already started about the possibility of Durant leaving next summer. More»
Ross Tucker

JPP Is Trouble, but the Giants Need Him

Jason Pierre-Paul's recent actions on top of already existing concerns about him should be enough for the New York Giants to rescind his franchise tag tender of $14.8 million, but there is one problem: They can't. He's too important. More»
Tim Healey

The highest-scoring All-Star Games

The MLB All-Star Game has seen a dip in offense of late, with the losing team scoring one or zero runs four of the last five years. But instead of bemoaning the lack of offense in baseball right now, here is a look at the highest-scoring All-Star Games in its history. More»
AJ Cassavell

Top moments in All-Star Game history

The main appeal of the Midsummer Classic goes beyond the boxscore and the numbers. However, it's interesting to look at the top moments in the game's history as determined by Win Probability Added. You may be pleased with which ones made the cut. More»
Michael Pina

Wizards On Path To Durant

While the Washington Wizards' Plan A hasn't exactly happened this offseason, they've turned lemons into lemonade, further modernizing their roster with savvy veteran signings. It all puts them on a solid track toward pursuing Kevin Durant in 2016. More»
Will Leitch

The Home Run Derby Won Me Over

I used to dislike the Home Run Derby. But now I'm a convert. And all it took was a change so obvious in retrospect that it feels silly we didn't have it before: a clock. It also helped that Todd Frazier won the event Monday in thrilling fashion. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Are They Worth Megatron Money?

The contract situations of Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas remain unresolved, and the NFLPA is searching for evidence of collusion between the Cowboys and Broncos. The messy situation raises more questions about how much top receivers should get paid. More»
Cy Brown

Manchester United: Better by the Day

The signings of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Morgan Schneiderlin make Manchester United better, but if the club is going to compete for the title in the upcoming Premier League season, it still needs to make some more moves. More»
Cy Brown

The Perfect All-Star Game Lineup

Managers Ned Yost and Bruce Bochy announced their teams' lineups for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati, but does the batting order have any kind of affect on the outcome of the game? We take a look at some numbers. More»
Alexa Pappas

ICYMI: Stars Align, Kerr Sasses Pop

In the afternoon roundup, we catch you up on baseball goings-on, the start of the week's All-Star excitement, Novak Djokovic winning at Wimbledon, the soap opera that is the NBA offseason and John Oliver pointing out that publicly funded sports stadiums are dumb. More»
Alex Wong

Kings at the Crossroads

Sacramento headed into the offseason with a lottery pick, a rookie general manager in Vlade Divac and an eye toward upgrading the roster via free agency. Instead, drama between the team's head coach and franchise player could derail everything. More»
Will Leitch

A week to celebrate baseball

All-Star Week brings out a specific sort of fan. To use a political term, it turns out baseball's base. These are people who just need baseball, who are hooked. These people are all over Cincinnati this week. It's good to be a part of the base right now. More»
Cy Brown

USMNT Needs Both Rest and a Spark

The USMNT's final group stage match against Panama is a throw-away affair since the Americans have already qualified for the knockout stage. So should the U.S. rest or try to fight out of the slump it was in during the first two matches of this Gold Cup? More»
Brett Taylor

Young Cubs Will Be Derby Delights

With both Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant taking part in this year's Home Run Derby in Cincinnati on Monday, I was curious about the last time the Cubs had an entrant in the showcase. It was more than 10 years ago, but it was a forgettable moment. More»
Matt Brown

What to Watch at Media Days

Over the next three weeks, just about every college football coach in the country -- along with many top players -- will get time to sell their programs and answer questions at conference media days. These select few will be worth paying the most attention to. More»
Tim Healey

Home Run Derby: Picking a Winner

Here's a look at each of the eight participants in Monday's Home Run Derby, who range from prior winners and runners-up (Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols) to rookies (Kris Bryant) and some highly (un)scientific odds that each will win. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Life In The Djokovic Era

On Sunday, Novak Djokovic won his third Wimbledon title, his ninth Slam overall, by defeating a seemingly destiny-bound Roger Federer. He made a highly contested and fantastically suspenseful affair feel routine, even lackluster. More»
Matthew Trueblood

The Value Of Being Aggressive

From Billy Burns to Adam Eaton and more, hitters are seeing surprising levels of success despite an apparent lack of patience at the plate. What is leading to this sudden decline in walks? Are players just looking to do capital-D Damage? More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Serena Williams: Simply the Best

Serena Williams completed a "Serena Slam" Saturday, leading to many conversations about her dominance and greatness. But I want to talk about her humanity. We're not used to seeing anyone rule a sport the way that she has throughout her career. More»
Cy Brown

Top 10 Conor McGregor Quotes

There's one name on the lips of every mixed martial arts fan in the world right now: "The Notorious" Conor McGregor. And he's a world-class trash-talker. Here are 10 of the the Dubliner's best quotes to date. More»
Tim Healey

What to Expect From Montero

With the Mariners in a bad spot, they're calling on (or calling up) Jesus Montero to save them. Montero, the premier Yankees prospect of yesteryear and Mariners bust of today, doesn't have the ceiling he once had, but he might be able to help the Seattle offense. More»
Alex Wong

DeAndre Who? It's About Deron Now

Three years after failing to land point guard Deron Williams, the Mavericks might finally be getting their man. Williams and the Nets are reportedly closing in on a buyout agreement, which would pave the way for him to join his hometown Dallas team. More»
Will Letich

The World Cup's start times lesson

The Women's World Cup final was the highest-rated soccer game in U.S. history, rivaling the College Football Playoff and beating the NBA Finals, World Series and Stanley Cup Final. The lesson here? Start big-time sporting events earlier in the evening. More»
Tim Healey

Getting by without Alex Gordon

Replacing injured Kansas City outfielder Alex Gordon on the American League All-Star roster was easy, with Brett Gardner getting the call. Doing so on the Royals' roster is much harder. Here's how KC can get by while its left fielder is out. More»
Alex Wong

Let's fix the NBA's moratorium period

After the DeAndre Jordan saga, focus has shifted to the NBA's moratorium period, which prevents teams from officially signing players to contracts after they have been verbally agreed upon. What changes should the league consider? More»
Kenneth Arthur

How Marshawn's movie fell apart

The world learned this week that "Family First," the Marshawn Lynch biopic he was involved in creating, is not scheduled to be released to the public after months of anticipation. Here, director Mario Bobino gives the inside story of how it all fell apart. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Remembering Ken Stabler

Relatively new NFL fans might not realize how good Ken Stabler really was. But with Stabler passing away Wednesday, now is a good chance to reflect on the career of the only quarterback John Madden won a Super Bowl with. More»
Alexa Pappas

ICYMI: Serena Wins, Mavs Lose

In the afternoon news roundup, we catch you up on some Wimbledon action, run down what exactly happened in the Twitter-sphere with DeAndre Jordan and wonder whether Jason Pierre-Paul may be in trouble with the Giants. More»
Will Leitch

Wrigley Field Has Gone Electric

Over the past three days, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs have played four games at Wrigley Field. Every single one was fantastic. It also reminded us of the sounds a crowd can make when fans finally get what they've wanted all along. More»
Cy Brown

Biggest Summer Transfers (So Far)

The summer transfer window officially opened on July 1 -- although many clubs were busy securing deals as soon as the season ended in May -- and some of Europe's top clubs have already signed some of the world's best talent. More»
Michael Pina

Yep, the Mavs Are Totally Screwed

The aftermath of the DeAndre Jordan drama is complex, but two distinct outcomes popped out on the other side: The Clippers are contenders and the Mavericks, as currently constructed, are really bad. What should Dallas do now? More»
Paul Casella

The Best non-All-Star team

Even with 68 players being named All-Stars this week, there are still plenty of All-Star-caliber players left over. Here's the best of the rest -- an All-Star team of those who were not selected to the Midsummer Classic. More»
Anthony Castrovince

10 Bold second-half MLB predictions

We've already encountered the mathematical halfway point of baseball season, and many of the playoff races are still bunched up. From Cole Hamels' destination to the Red Sox's playoff fate, here are 10 major things that could happen in the next few months. More»
Alex Wong

Jordan Drama Ends Well For L.A.

DeAndre Jordan's final hours as a free agent unfolded like a Twitter telenovela, from players on the Mavs and Clippers one-upping each other on Twitter with emojis to Blake Griffin posting a photo from inside Jordan's house late Wednesday night. In the end, though, L.A. got its man. More»
Doug Miller

With Rory out, door opens for Spieth

It's a big-time bummer that Rory McIlroy ruptured a ligament and won't compete at the British Open next week. If there's anything to be taken away from this turn of events, it's that the charmed life and career of Jordan Spieth keep getting better. More»
Cy Brown

Jordan Saga in GIFs and Emojis

The Los Angeles Clippers are trying to get DeAndre Jordan to go back on his verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks and re-sign with them. It's a complicated issue, so we decided to use GIFs to tell the tale after an emoji war broke out between the two teams. More»
Cy Brown

Taunting J.J. Watt Is A Bad Idea

J.J. Watt and Zach Mettenberger are talking trash over selfies and lettermen jackets, which is a pretty dumb feud as these things go. They should take a page out of sports history to step things up a notch. More»
Will Leitch

New Forecasts For Every MLB Team

With the second half of the MLB season under way, we take a look at each team and see whether it will finish over or under its projected total. We'll also have some final playoff predictions. The baseball landscape will look far different in early October than it does now. More»
Cy Brown

4 Things U.S. Vs. Honduras Taught Us

The United States men's national team beat Honduras 2-1 in its opening match of the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, but it was ugly. Still, it did provide us a glimpse of what we can expect from the Americans over the next few weeks. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFL Changes: Good and Bad

Coaches and players move every offseason, creating a new dynamics that usually dictate how a player ultimately performs. So which players may see their fortunes change as the result of a new coach in 2015? Here are the candidates. More»
Bryan Grosnick

Fred Lynn Was One of a Kind

More likely, there will never be another Red Sox star like Fred Lynn. He was a dynamic hitter and -- at times -- a dynamic fielder. And even though Lynn didn't stay with the Sox his whole career, fans may still be looking for the next player of his ilk. More»
Terence Moore

You Don't Mess With Popovich

Gregg Popovich may be one of the more misunderstood personalities in the NBA. Well, players understand the 66-year-old coach just fine, thank you, and former Spur Kevin Willis said that has been the case forever. More»
Michael Pina

Time to Start Trusting Phil Jackson

Last week, after striking out on several stars in free agency, the Knicks made a string of sensible decisions typically associated with wiser teams who understand and accept where they stand. All credit should go to the team's much-derided president. More»
Cy Brown

46-0 Soccer Match: How It Happened

This past Sunday, the Micronesian national soccer team lost an Olympic qualifier to Fiji by the absurd score of 38-0. It was the largest loss in international soccer history. That was until Tuesday, when Vanuatu beat Micronesia 46-0. More»
Alexa Pappas

ICYMI: Wimbledon, Money, KG and More

Missed some of the top stories from the morning? We've got you covered with our daily links roundup. The women's semifinal matchups are now set at Wimbledon, an NBA vet made a decision to return and Floyd "Money" Mayweather lost his belt (sorta). More»
SoE Staff

This Week's Greatest Athlete on Earth

Women's World Cup star Carli Lloyd, she of the 13-minute hat trick in the final, is the first winner of This Week's Greatest Athlete on Earth, a new weekly award at Sports on Earth. And, just like the USWNT's victory over Japan, it was a landslide. More»
Will Leitch

MLB's midseason award winners

We're about halfway through baseball season, so before the All-Star hullabaloo takes over next week, it's a good time to take a look back at the first half. Here are picks for the major award contenders in each league. More»
Kenneth Arthur

DeMarco Murray: Run Into the Ground

The track record of players who carried the ball as many as times as DeMarco Murray did last season is poor, and it wouldn't be a surprise if he misses significant time in 2015. Here are three good reasons why Murray could have a very disappointing season. More»
Andrew Simon

Examining the Final Vote candidates

MLB announced the All-Star pitchers and reserves Monday night, meaning now it's time to pick the 34th man for each league via the Final Vote. Tough decisions await, as all 10 candidates are enjoying fine seasons, but here is a look at the merits of each. More»
Cy Brown

USMNT Begins Gold Cup Run

The U.S. men's national soccer team will spend July trying to win the Gold Cup over nations from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Although it doesn't have to win the whole tournament, doing so would certainly make its Confederation Cup case easier. More»
Michael Pina

The Pacers' moves don't add up

The Pacers have revamped the big, old, slow roster that carried them to two Eastern Conference finals in the past three seasons. Considering where the NBA is headed, this was the right call. But that doesn't leave Indiana's front office without fault. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Venus and Serena Always Amaze

There should be a national celebration every time Serena and Venus Williams play each other like they did at Wimbledon on Monday (with Serena winning in straight sets). It's unlikely we'll see anything like this in sports again. More»
Ross Tucker

How Can These Guys Fail a Drug Test?

Sheldon Richardson and Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain were suspended recently under the NFL's substance abuse policy. It seems incomprehensible that they would let things get this far, considering how easy it is to game the system. More»
Cy Brown

What's Next for the USWNT?

With a dominant win 5-2 over Japan and the Women's World Cup trophy in hand, the women of the USWNT have some time to rest and celebrate. But not much time. It has to start getting ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics and beyond. More»
Will Leitch

The USWNT: Just a Team That Wins

There were some wonderful moments from last night's 5-2 win over Japan to clinch the Women's World Cup title for the U.S. But there was no transcendent moment, no Brandi Chastain tearing her shirt off attention grabber. As it turned out, there was no need for one. More»
Anthony Castrovince

What's The Fix For Vulnerable Tigers?

A World Series title for the Tigers once felt inevitable. Backed by one of the sport's great fan bases and most aggressive owners, Detroit has routinely fielded star-laden rosters. But this season has revealed their vulnerabilities. More»
Cy Brown

U.S. Women Dominate World Cup

It only took a little more than five minutes for the United States women's national team to wrap up victory in the 2015 Women's World Cup final, thanks to an all-time great performance by midfielder Carli Lloyd. More»
Michael Pina

Spurs Even Scarier With Aldridge

After four days of toggling between the Raptors, Suns, Lakers and Spurs, LaMarcus Aldridge decided to sign a four-year, $80 million contract with San Antonio, a move that could make the league's most admired franchise prohibitive favorites to win it all in 2016. More»
Tim Healey

MLB Second-half reasons to hope

Even though math and common sense suggests it's unlikely, let's give some almost-out-of-contention teams reason to hold on to optimism. For every club five to 10 games back of a place in the postseason, here's a reason to watch during the second half. More»
Cy Brown

World Cup Final: U.S. Ready to Rumble

The 2015 Women's World Cup was supposed to be the year the rest of the world closed the talent gap on the United States Women's National Team. So why is America still favored to beat Japan and lift the Cup? Here's what to know before you watch. More»
Alex Skillin

The Education of Eduardo Rodriguez

In a season full of frustration, the arrival of Eduardo Rodriguez has been a consolation prize for Red Sox fans. He has the look of a young, cost-controlled pitcher that Boston can rely on for years, but the key is how much Rodriguez can improve his secondary pitches. More»
Michael Pina

Jordan Signing Is Great For Mavs

Even with the new DeAndre Jordan signing, nobody is picking Dallas to win the title next season, but it definitely won't be terrible. And with the pieces the Mavericks have in place (along with roster flexibility), their post-Nowitzki future looks brighter than it's ever been. More»
Cy Brown

A World Cup win won't redeem Solo

Hope Solo's tremendous performance in the World Cup may be seen by some as redemption for her domestic violence arrest last year. But there's been a false equivalency created between "winning" and "redemption" in sports. More»
Will Leitch

U.S.-Japan final: This Is Huge

The United States has a chance to win the Women's World Cup on Sunday, a tournament that is larger in every way than it was the last time we won it. It may not feel as large. But it will be. This is actually as big as it gets. More»
Cy Brown

Abby Wambach On Last Legs

Abby Wambach may be the best American soccer player ever, and she is only one goal away from tying the all-time World Cup scoring record. Should Jill Ellis start Wambach, even though the striker hasn't been at her best in the World Cup? More»
Kenneth Arthur

Antonio Gates: Legacy Tarnished?

Charges tight end Antonio Gates was given a four-game suspension Thursday for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and many of the natural questions followed. Among them: How will this affect his chances of making the Hall of Fame? More»
Matt Brown

College Football All-Breakout Team

With the yearly NFL attrition, every college football season presents a new opportunity for previous backups and rising young talent to step into starring roles. We identify the players at every position who could become difference-makers in bigger roles in 2015. More»
Cy Brown

Top 5 U.S. Women's World Cup Stars

We've seen some new sensations emerge during the Women's World Cup, not to mention a couple of other dependable players taking a step toward superstar status. Here's a look at the top five players for the U.S. women's national team. More»
AJ Cassavell

5 season-altering pitcher comebacks

Aside from making a trade, there's a more boring -- and less expensive -- way to get better midseason: get healthy. Here are the top five pitchers -- who missed the first three months -- who could have the biggest impact on pennant races down the stretch. More»
Will Leitch

June's 10 dumbest sports stories

Continuing our regular feature since January, here's a look at the dumbest things the sports world was obsessed about in June, with "news" about Caitlyn Jenner, Dwyane Wade's dad, LeBron, Royals All-Stars and, of course, Deflategate. More»
Michael Pina

The Lakers just don't get it

The L.A. Lakers are scheduled to have their second sit-down meeting in as many days with free-agent superstar LaMarcus Aldridge. Round one didn't go so well, with Kobe Bryant and the team's general ineptness being big reasons why. More»
Cy Brown

Nadal and Other Big Wimbledon Upsets

Dustin Brown, ranked 102nd in the world, beat Rafael Nadal in the second round at Wimbledon. Of course, this isn't the most surprising early-round exit that we've ever seen at Wimbledon. Here are five more that shocked the world. More»
Brett Koremenos

The Clippers Need Jordan Back

One of the most fascinating subplots one of the few big free agents yet to make his decision: DeAndre Jordan. We look at what will happen to the Clippers if the big man decides to leave Los Angeles. Hint: It isn't pretty. More»
Will Leitch

Biggest All-Star Surprises

One of the many charms of baseball's All-Star Game is the insistence that every team have a representative, which can certainly lead to some unconventional selections. Let's look at some of the most surprising ones in recent memory. More»
Cy Brown

Tobin Heath: Soccer Juggling Machine

Tobin Heath has tremendous skill and class, but the pitch isn't the only place she can show off. In this video from 2012, Heath takes to the streets for a light stroll about town mixed with a freestyle juggling session. Watch in awe. More»
Cy Brown

4 Things to know About the USWNT

Even if the final between the U.S. women's national team and Japan is the only Women's World Cup match you watch, it doesn't have to sound that way. Here's some info that will make it seem as if you've been paying attention all along. More»
Anthony Castrovince

MLB Moves That Would Be Explosive

A good deal of energy has already been used to dissect the more obvious trade candidates, but what about the stunners? The Cespedes-to-Boston sort of move? Here are five examples of guys who probably won't be traded but are worth deeper discussion. More»
Paul Casella

Why June Was MLB's Wildest Month

From no-hitters to near-no-hitters to big-time prospect debuts to one of the generation's best hitters going on a tear, June was a very busy month in the Major Leagues. Here's a look back at 10 of the craziest moments. More»
Michael Pina

NBA free agency rankings, Day One

Day one of NBA free agency saw hundreds of millions of dollars go to stars and role players alike. Most opted for long-term deals instead of waiting for a cap spike in 2016 and/or 2017. Here's a ranking of every contract signed so far, from "worst" to "best." More»
Cy Brown

England's Devastating World Cup Loss

In one of the toughest World Cup losses imaginable, England's Laura Bassett scored an own goal to give Japan a 2-1 win during stoppage time in the second half of the teams' semifinal match. But, afterward, fans showed their support. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFL Preseason: 5 Best Defenses

Besides J.J. Watt, there are few defensive players at any position that have a the effect on their teams as a great quarterback would, so we need to take a close look at each unit as a whole. Here are the top five team defenses for 2015, as things look right now. More»
Cy Brown

Most Awkward Sports Interviews

In one of the most awkward interviews you'll ever hear, ESPN's Colin Cowherd hung up on Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh after becoming frustrated with Harbaugh's brief answers. Harbaugh joins a long list of cringeworthy sports interviews. More»
Will Leitch

Enjoy the USWNT (Don't be 'That Guy')

Despite the USWNT's success in the World Cup, there will always be That Guy who belittles its accomplishments ... even if That Guy is the organizing body of the sport itself. The way to shut That Guy up is to watch and revel in how enjoyable all this is. More»
Joe DeLessio

Catching Up With Andong Song

On Saturday, 18 year-old Andong Song became the first Chinese-born player selected in the NHL Draft when the Islanders took him in the 6th round (172nd overall). Sports on Earth spoke to Song about his whirlwind week. More»
Matt Brown

The Case For LSU

Most news coming out of LSU for the last year and a half has not been good, and the Tigers are still searching for reliable quarterback play. But with a long list of rising young stars and better depth, LSU should be taken seriously as a contender. More»
Bryan Joiner

Buchholz vs. Hamels: Who ya got?

Clay Buchholz and Cole Hamels would make a great one-two punch in any order, but with that seemingly not in the cards this season, we're left with the recreational exercise of merely comparing them. Who has pitched better in 2015? More»
Terence Moore

With Pete Rose, nothing is easy

Pete Rose has lied about betting on baseball for more than 25 years, and now we know he reportedly gambled even as a player. Rose has countered by saying nothing worth mentioning, but we should roll our eyes and put the guy in the Baseball Hall of Fame anyway. More»