Anthony Castrovince

Bochy Smart Not To Push Bumgarner

As tempting as it might have been for Giants manager Bruce Bochy to use Madison Bumgarner on short rest in Game 4, he's making the right choice by sticking with Ryan Vogelsong and letting Bumgarner come back on full rest in Game 5. More»
Will Leitch

The Three-Headed Monster

Ned Yost's bullpen strategy can't work forever, but it doesn't have to work forever. It only has to work for two more games. Two more games is all it will take. But if the Giants can break through just one of the Royals' bullpen monsters, a comeback could be in order. More»
Alexander Goot

Spotlight still shines on Gordon

Not too long ago, NASCAR's hopes for national dominance were pinned on Jeff Gordon. Now, the sport's popularity is decreasing and Gordon is no longer its king. This weekend, though, the 43-year-old has a real chance to shine once more at Martinsville. More»
Steven Lebron

Steve Nash's Legacy Is Secure

After the Lakers announced that Steve Nash would miss the 2014-15 season with recurring back issues, it seems certain that we've seen the last of the greatest point guard in history. It's a muted finish to what was a stellar career, as incredible as it was unlikely. More»
Will Leitch

The Six Best Fits For Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon just shocked the baseball world by opting out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays. Now that he's a free agent, where does he fit best? Here are six destinations that make a lot of sense for Maddon. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Step In the Right Direction

The domestic violence PSA that aired during Thursday Night Football may have been represented only slight progress for the NFL, but it was still a powerful statement. Now let's see if the league can actually follow-up words with actions. More»
Cy Brown

Suarez Biting Back

Luis Suarez makes his return to the pitch for Barcelona in this weekend's El Clasico with Real Madrid. The Uruguayan was suspended four months for biting Giorgio Chiellini, but the world will probably forgive him because he's still one of the best there is. More»
Will Leitch

KC Can Make This A Real Fall Classic

For the 2014 World Series to go down in history as one of the best of all time, a couple of things need to happen. It needs to move back to Kansas City for at least one more game, and, more importantly, the Royals need to win. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The Manning Effect

Emmanuel Sanders is having a breakout year with the Bronocs on pace to shatter previous career highs in yardage and touchdowns. It's no accident that he's doing this with Peyton Manning throwing the ball to him. But how much of a factor is it? More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 9

An eventful few weeks in college football give way to what appears to be a lighter slate of games in Week 9. With Florida State off, attention turns to playoff contenders going on the road as the season prepares to enter the November stretch run. More»
Andrew Garda

Smoke and Mirrors in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys have been playing some outstanding football. The question is, when we look back at the Cowboys' 2014 NFL season, will the early record we have now reflect the season? With the brand of football Dallas is playing right now, it could all fall apart. More»
Will Leitch

The Best of The Rest

We are nearly finished with our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and we've filled out all but three spots in our final 16 bracket. This week, it's time to vote for your favorite non Power Five venues. The polls have opened! More»
Ross Tucker

Mack's Sub Is Raiders' Prime Target

The Cleveland Browns had to make some changes in the O-line after Alex Mack went down with a season-ending injury. But sub Paul McQuistan is not picking things up quickly. We'll also take a look at Ryan Tannehill's progress and whether the Saints have a shot at stopping Aaron Rodgers. More»
Steven LeBron

Pressure on Cavs, Not LeBron

The pressure on the Cavaliers to deliver is huge, and will only grow with each year the team remains without a title. But in year one of LeBron James' second run, one thing will be different: If the Cavs fall short this season, the blame will be assigned elsewhere. More»
Cy Brown

Bruce Pearl is Still a Maniac

Auburn's new head basketball coach Bruce Pearl dipped into his old bag of tricks to try and get Auburn's students excited for basketball season. That's a tall order for a coach at any football school with a bad basketball team. More»
Paul Casella

10 Unlikeliest World Series Heroes

Omar Infante's heroics in Game 2 of the 2014 World Series came out of nowhere, but he will have to do a lot more damage in this Fall Classic if he wants to crack the list of the 10 unlikeliest World Series moments. More»
Matt Brown

More Than A Sidekick

Dak Prescott is the unquestioned star and face of Mississippi State's breakout season, which has seen it climb to No. 1. But he's not alone. A unique combination of traits has made Josh Robinson another breakout talent in the Bulldogs' backfield. More»
Will Leitch

Sixth Sense for Royals and Giants

Since the Royals' Wild Card game, "What does Ned Yost do in the sixth to get to his three great relievers?" has been the critical question for Kansas City this postseason. In Game 2 of the World Series, Yost solved this dilemma and equalized the series. More»
Ben Adams

Triangle Won't Save The Knicks

The question at the center of the New York Knicks organization and Carmelo Anthony's reputation is this: Has the Triangle Offense come to save the day? The short answer is no, the Triangle won't solve all of the Knicks' problems but with Phil Jackson at the helm, there's plenty of hope. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 8 Picks

We're now entering the season of overrated and underrated. Although no one denies that wins and losses are ultimately what matter, too many people base their NFL assessments of team strength on record. With only 16 games, this can be misleading. More»
Cy Brown

Arsenal win, but larger issues loom

Arsenal clawed their way back from a goal down in the final minutes to beat Belgian side Anderlecht 2-1 in the Champions League Group Stage. But the victory exposed a lot of problems within this Arsenal squad. More»
Cy Brown

Mass Fraud at UNC

A report released by the University of North Carolina on Wednesday found massive amounts of academic fraud at the school over the last 18 years, involving 3,100 students, 14 percent of whom were athletes. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Giants Starters Own The Fall Classic

Dominant relief pitching has gotten a lot of attention this October, but as Madison Bumgarner and the Giants proved once again in Game 1, good starting pitching will still take you a long way in the World Series. More»
Matt Brown

The Kiffin Bowl

Lane Kiffin became perhaps the most hated coach in college football, so it's not surprising that everything he does elicits strong reactions. But as he prepares to return to Tennessee, it's important to remember that he's only part of Nick Saban's larger machine. More»
Will Leitch

Royals Fans Undaunted by Rout

This was the game Kansas City Royals fan have been looking forward to for so long, with such intensity. This was supposed to be magical. This was the culmination. And not only was it a total flop, it was total flop after about 20 minutes. More»
Michael Pina

20 Lessons from the NBA Preseason

Extracting juicy and/or worthwhile information from any NBA preseason is usually a "needle in the haystack" situation. In most cases it's fruitless. But there's always something to learn if you look closely enough. Here's what we found. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Finding hope for the NFL's stragglers

While it's easy to ignore the NFL's struggling franchises, several will make important steps in the coming months that will ultimately lead to competency and eventually more. How bright is the future for football's one-win or fewer teams? More»
Cy Brown

McConaughey Defends "Redskins"

Matthew McConaughey is on the cover of November's issue of GQ and it turns out he's pretty cool with his favorite NFL team keeping their controversial nickname. Now he's set himself up as the poster boy for the team to keep it. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Watt vs. Luck: Tale of the Tape

If both stay healthy, JJ Watt and Andrew Luck will battle it out on the field at least two times per season over the next 10 years or so. But in the grand scheme of things, who is more valuable to his team? Let's weigh some of the variables. More»
Will Leitch

Representing the Royals

Today, Kansas City is the center of the sporting world, and the fans couldn't be more excited to stand up and cheer for a team they've suffered with for decades. The pain in the past doesn't matter; the spotlight is on them now. More»
Ross Tucker

Ageless Wonders

Watching Antonio Gates and Reggie Wayne make key catches, while Charles Woodson locks down the secondary for the Raiders and Peyton Manning looks like he can throw 500 more TD passes is enough to make a 35 year-old feel bad about himself. More»
Matt Brown

Don't Panic About The Playoff

The College Football Playoff selection committee is one week away from releasing its first official rankings of the season. As as happened all season, there will surely be much angry debate, especially about the SEC. We're better off being patient. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Slowly Making Progress

No longer happy to sit back and wait for whatever scraps they can get, women across the sports industry are banding together to try and change the status quo. Annoyingly slow -- but nonetheless steadily -- progress is being made. More»
Howard Megdal

Kidd Still Has a Lot to Prove

A little more than a year ago, Jason Kidd was an aging point guard going through a terrible shooting slump for the 2012-13 Knicks. Shortly thereafter, Kidd made a leap to head coach and we still don't what kind of leader the former All-Star is going to be. More»
Cy Brown

This Week's Best UCL Matches

The UEFA Champions League begins to wrap up the first half of group play Tuesday. After this week, all 32 teams will have faced each other team in their group at least once and the potential winners and losers from each group will start to emerge. More»
Jim Callis

Ranking WS Players As Prospects

Not every key participant in the 2014 World Series seemed headed for baseball's biggest stage when they were rising through the minor leagues, but many were. Here's a ranking of how some of the top World Series players were perceived as prospects. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Ten Takeaways From NFL's Week 7

What happened to the Seahawks' pass defense? How much do the Bengals miss A.J. Green? Which new record is DeMarco Murray about to break and why should Cowboys fans be worries? These questions and more answered. More»
Cy Brown

Sammy Watkins' Star Turn

A one-yard pass from Kyle Orton to Sammy Watkins gave the Buffalo Bills a 17-16 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Now, with major injuries to their two best running backs, Watkins will be looked to as the focal point of the Buffalo offense. More»
Will Leitch

Predicting the World Series MVP

Trying to project the MVP of the 2014 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, which begins Tuesday night, is a fool's game. I am proud to be that fool. Let's narrow things down to 16 candidates. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

Thriller at Talladega

There were a lot of drivers, fans, and pundits who were skeptical about NASCAR's new Chase for the Sprint Cup format this year. But after the excitement at Talladega on Sunday -- including a historic run by Danica Patrick -- there shouldn't be any more naysayers. More»
Joe DeLessio

FXFL: Football's New Experiment

The FXFL -- Fall Experimental Football League -- doesn't see itself as a rival of the NFL. Instead, it sees itself as a potential feeder league -- a place where players can stay in shape and try to earn another shot at the big-time. But can it survive? More»
McFadden and Rackley

NFL Week 7: Nothing But Drama

Bryant McFadden and Derek Rackley of 120 Sports answer burning questions from Week 7 of the NFL, from the Seahawks' continuing struggles to the emotional outburst in the Bears locker room, along with thoughts on Peyton Manning's record-breaking night. More»
Matt Brown

The Great Divide

The contrast has never seemed greater: While undefeated Florida State achieved another high-profile win over Notre Dame on Saturday, rival Florida hit another low under Will Muschamp in a disastrous loss to Missouri. Here's what we learned in Week 8. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Ned Yost's Famous Friends

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and Royals manager Ned Yost might seem like an odd pairing, but the two have been friends for many years, and the comic believes that the savvy baseball vet has the will to win the World Series. More»
Paul Casella

Ranking True "Franchise Players"

George Brett has been back in the public eye this October, and he is undoubtedly the Royals' all-time franchise player. How does one define a "franchise player?" Well, we used science to figure it out which legends stand out the most when compared to their franchise peers. More»
Adam McCalvy

World Series, Local Connections

If you were to draw a map of World Series rooting interests, northern California would be colored orange for the Giants and the rest of the planet would be Royals blue. But that's no fun at all. So let's further break down that map to find where allegiances should lie. More»
Richard Justice

World Series Dreamers

Bruce Bochy and Ned Yost are more alike than they are different, but they enter the World Series at very different points in their managerial careers -- one surely on his way to the Hall of Fame, one who is yet to make his mark. More»
Matt Brown

Florida State Holds On

It's a shame it had to be decided by a penalty, but a late flag that wiped out a go-ahead Notre Dame score was correct. Led by a big second half from Jameis Winston, Florida State held off Notre Dame in a down-to-the-wire classic to headline Week 8. More»
Cy Brown

Sergio Aguero, Scoring Machine

Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero netted four goals against Tottenham Saturday in the first English Premier League game since the end of the international break. Could the Argentinian push the Citizens toward a title this year? More»
Michael Pina

Future Sixth Man of the Year

Isaiah Thomas was born to play on this edition of the Suns. Better yet, he might as well have been genetically nurtured in a Arizona science lab for this offensive system, roster and specific role. Expect Thomas to be downright diabolical coming off of Phoenix's bench. More»
Matthew Leach

Why I'll Miss Pedro

Pedro Martinez was the breakout star of the 2013 postseason, and he topped himself in 2014, and now we have to do without Pedro on our television screens until 2015. This is a significant loss. Martinez is as good as it gets in the broadcast booth. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Trading Harvin Good for Seattle

Following the Seahawks trade of Percy Harvin to the Jets on Friday, if you're asking yourself "Why would Seattle trade Harvin away right now?" just consider how far expectations have fallen for the receiver over the past year and a half. More»
Cy Brown

Tom Brady needs to improve his flops

Soccer and basketball players aren't the only ones who have a flair for the dramatic. Tom Brady is becoming a flopper now, as well. See which other athletes -- outside of soccer and basketball -- have tried to master the art of the dive. More»
Will Leitch

The Art of Mathenaging

The teams that were successful in the 2014 postseason were managed as if there were no tomorrow: because that's exactly the urgency required. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Mike Matheny seemed the think he had all the time in the world. More»
Mike Bauman

NLCS: Emotional Roller Coaster

The Giants beat the Cardinals in dramatic fashion Thursday night when Travis Ishikawa clinched the pennant with a walkoff homer. For San Francisco, it was a triumph of an imperfect but resilient team. For the Cardinals, regrets there are a few. More»
Alex Goot

The Gospel of Rex

When Rex Ryan is cut loose by the Jets, it seems unlikely that his next job will be in the National Football League's executive offices. It's a shame though, because in so many ways, the NFL's leadership could benefit from Ryan's perspective. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 8

The first half of the college football regular season is over, offering us a chaotic seven weeks. As the second half begins, attention shifts to Florida State and Notre Dame, who headline a day that also features Alabama-Texas A&M and key Big 12 showdowns. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite ACC Stadium?

We are now a full month into our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and we've filled out all but five spots in our final 16 bracket. This week, it's time to vote for your favorite ACC venues. The polls have opened! More»
Richard Justice

Remembering the Quake

During one of the Bay Area's darkest moments -- the Loma Prieta Earthquake -- Oakland and San Francisco residents did themselves proud. The quake was terrifying, sure, but we often forget just how much spirit and resolve its citizens showed during that event. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Browns Find Balance On Offense

By statistical measures, the Cleveland Browns have the most well-rounded offense in football. Cleveland has found success behind an excellent offensive line, a steady rushing attack and one of the best play-action passing games in the NFL. More»
Ross Tucker

Flacco vs. Ryan: Underrated Rivalry

2008's QB class is heavily represented in one game as Joe Flacco takes on Matt Ryan's Falcons. Plus, we'll take a look inside the trenches for the Saints-Lions game and see if Matt Kalil can get his act together for the Vikings. More»
Jim Callis

Andrew Friedman's Good Timing

Andrew Friedman was the architect of a Rays run of success that deserves all the credit it gets. However, their talent pool isn't what it once was, and Friedman is getting out at the right time by taking a job with the Dodgers. More»
Cy Brown

The Rift in American Soccer

There's a debate between US coach Jurgen Klinsmann and MLS commissioner Don Garber about where the USA's best players should play. And while the success of the USMNT and MLS may be linked, their goals are wildly different. More»
Will Leitch

Score One For The Old Guys

It has become trendy for major league teams to hire recently retired players as managers, guys who can be molded to accept front office instruction and new-wave analytics. But as we've seen this postseason, it's the old guard of managers who are pushing all the right buttons. More»
Paul Casella

Unlikeliest World Series Winners

If the Royals end up going all the way, that might be quite a surprise. But are they really among the most unlikely contenders in baseball history? This list includes teams that won a title after having woeful seasons the year before, along with title droughts to overcome. More»
Matt Brown

Erasing Doubt

It's not often that undefeated Florida State and Notre Dame would have something to prove midway through the season, but that's the situation the two face in Tallahassee on Saturday. Who's more likely to continue its run deeper into the season? More»
Alyson Footer

The 2004 NLCS: Forgotten Classic

The 2004 NLCS between the Astros and Cardinals is among the most exciting postseason series of all time, but it was overshadowed by the Yankees collapse against the Red Sox in the ALCS. We revisited the NLCS with some of the key participants to bring it back to life. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 7 Picks

This is the time of year when the sports media begins to coronate a "best team in the league," but the hype is way ahead of reality through six weeks. At this point, it's best to look past a team's record and focus on their efficiency on both sides of the ball. More»
Phil Rogers

Ned Yost Has Earned His Moment

The Royals reached the World Series with manager Ned Yost, not in spite of him. There's been no easier target in baseball over the last decade than Yost. But he never crumbled under the relentless criticism that could easily have broken him. More»
Alyson Footer

2004 NLCS: Garner's Near Gaffe

In 2004, the Astros and Cardinals played one of the most memorable NLCS in history. Of course, one of the key moments that led to to that series happened a few months earlier, when the Astros decided to switch managers. More»
Will Leitch

Royals Look Invincible

We have reached the point where the Royals aren't just one game away from the World Series; we have reached the point when the entire universe is just assuming they're already there. How exactly did that happen? More»
Michael Pina

Five Soon-to-Be NBA All-Stars

Listing the top five entertaining NBA stars would not be hard: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and so on -- they dazzle like no other. Instead we've compiled five non-All-Stars that impress us and who you should keep an eye on this year. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The NFL Power List

Professional football is a game played by some of the best athletes in the world, but only a handful truly dominate the sport. Some of these players have been great for a few years (others not so much), but they're all on top of the league at the moment. More»
Richard Justice

Giants Aren't Lucky, They're Good

The Giants won Game 3 of the NLCS on a throwing error by Cardinals pitcher Randy Choate. And while it's fashionable to say the Giants have benefited from good fortune, that ignores just how good of a team they are. More»
Matt Brown

The Anonymous Star

Through seven weeks of the college football season, the nation's leading rusher might not be who you expect. With a combination of breakaway speed and excellent vision, though, Tevin Coleman gives you a reason to pay attention to Indiana. More»
Will Leitch

Gurley Should Shun College Football

Instead of fighting his suspension to get back on the field, Georgia running back Todd Gurley would be better off forgetting about the college game and start profiting off of his fame right now why his earning power is still on the rise. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFC North: Seismic Shifts

In the NFC North, the forces of change are beginning to alter the landscape, whether it's the Vikings trying to regroup with Teddy Bridgewater or the Lions facing some key personnel decisions. Who stands to benefit the most? More»
Matt Brown

Midseason College Football Awards

Nothing is ever decided after just seven weeks into the college football season, but we are at the halfway point, meaning now is a good time to take stock of the landscape and hand out early awards. From Dak Prescott to Vic Beasley, here are the winners. More»
Cy Brown

Get To Know Jarrod Dyson

Royals outfielder Jarrod Dyson made waves this week, saying if Kansas City wins game three of the ALCS, don't expect this series to go back to Baltimore. That's a big statement coming from a player casual fans might not be familiar with, so here's 10 things to know about Dyson. More»
Phil Rogers

The Royals' Difference Maker

After 35 seasons in minor-league baseball, including 14 as a Triple-A manager, the 55-year-old Mike Jirschele was given his first big-league job this year as the Royals' third base coach. Many point to his presence as a difference-maker in Kansas City's postseason run. More»
Ross Tucker

Cruz and Mack: Silver Linings

There's nothing good about injuries, especially the way Victor Cruz and Alex Mack got hurt on Sunday. But each can take comfort in this: potentially leaving free agent dollars on the table to take guaranteed money was the right call. • By Ross Tucker More»
Cy Brown

Best Sports Proposals of All-Time

Over the weekend, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader got engaged to her boyfriend before the game on Sunday. Sporting events can be a great place to pop the big question, if a little risky. What are the best sports-related marriage proposals in recent memory? More»
Andrew Garda

Eagles-Giants: Opposite Directions

For the past few weeks, doubts have lingered over an Eagles team that had high expectations going into the season. Much of those were squashed on Sunday in the 27-0 drubbing they administered to the Giants, who seem to be reverting back to bad habits. More»
Will Leitch

Cardinals Can Win Without Yadi

After leaving Game 2 of the NLCS with an oblique strain, Yadier Molina will possibly miss the rest of the Giants series and, potentially, a World Series. It's a devastating injury. But the Cardinals have been here before -- and they can recover. More»
Richard Justice

October Just Keeps Getting Better

Dramatic home runs, a player scoring from second on a wild pitch, and an injury to a superstar. Game 2 of the NLCS between the Giants and Cardinals had a little bit of everything, and it epitomized everything we love about October baseball. More»
Michael Pina

Impact of Durant and Beal Injuries

The injury bug bit the NBA hard over the weekend, with Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal both now out for significant amounts of time. Both injuries will reverberate throughout their respective organizations and the effects should be deep. More»
McFadden and Mughelli

Cowboys Are New Sheriffs In Town

DeMarco Murray tied an NFL record, leading the Cowboys to an impressive win over the Seahawks. Plus, a look at the Cardinals' chances of staying a top the standings, why we should start paying attention to the Browns, and more. More»
Matt Brown

Top Defense Propels Ole Miss

If last week proved that Ole Miss and Mississippi State can play with anybody, then this week proved that they're here to stay. While Mississippi State scored a landmark win over Auburn, Ole Miss has developed the best defense in college football. More»
Sports On Earth

Win World Series Tickets!

Sports on Earth wants to send you to the World Series! One lucky winner will be selected to win two tickets and travel to Game 2 or Game 3 of the World Series. All you have to do is fill out the form and cross your fingers! More»
Cy Brown

The Replacements

The SEC quarterback class of 2013 was one of the best to ever come through the league. Now halfway through the 2014 season, how are their replacements faring, and is anyone poised to become the next big thing? More»
Anthony Castrovince

Orioles 'Pen Bends, Breaks

O's fans love their bullpen, but this postseason has been too much to ask of it. It's tough for a bullpen to be effective when starters aren't getting past the sixth inning, and that has been the case for Baltimore thus far in the postseason. More»
Matt Brown

Saturday Statements

Fresh off landmark wins, Mississippi State and Ole Miss are showing no signs of letting up. The Bulldogs and Rebels both notched impressive wins again on Saturday, joining a dramatic Baylor win atop another entertaining week of football. More»
Phil Rogers

Gordon The Perfect Hero For Royals

Nobody embodies the Royals more than Alex Gordon, who showed in Game 1 of the ALCS why he is the team's franchise player. And when all is said and done, he could be one of the greatest Royals of all time. More»
Andrew Garda

Charging Ahead

While we should have seen it coming given their run to the playoffs and the dismantling of the Cincinnati Bengals that followed, somehow the San Diego Chargers snuck up on everyone again. Is this team far better than we realize? It will likely all come down to their Week 8 matchup in Denver. More»
Richard Justice

Consistency A Key Tenet For Giants

If you're looking for a common thread running through these Giants the last five seasons, it's not really complicated: Consistency in the front office and in the way they view winning baseball. This tenet has helped them develop and pull in talent that fits their winning vision. More»
Sheil Kapadia

First-Round Rookie Rankings

It may take three years to properly judge a draft class, but that doesn't mean we can't check in with an early progress report. Based on contributions and expectations, here are how this year's 32 NFL first-round draft picks stack up so far. More»
Will Leitch

How To Choose Between O's And Royals

If you are a fan of the 26 teams not in the LCS, you need a team to root for. And because you probably don't want to see the Cardinals or Giants win again, you'll be looking to the ALCS. Here's how to pick between the Orioles and Royals. More»
Jayme Lamm

Quessenberry's Life In the Trenches

Houston Texans offensive tackle David Quessenberry hasn't taken a snap in the NFL yet, but he's already an emotional leader for the team. After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the man they call DQ is showing what it takes to be a fighter. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Fitzpatrick Holding Texans Back

The Texans didn't necessarily lose on Thursday because of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he certainly didn't help -- a fourth quarter fumble stalled what would have been a rousing Houston comeback. Remember, this is what the team signed up for. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 7

Bizarre, unpredictable weekends are common in college football, but it may take a long, long time to surpass the chaos of Week 6. Still, while last week can't be matched, Saturday has set up plenty of intrigue, headlined by two top-10 matchups. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Five Key Matchups in the ALCS

Independent baseball fans who tune into the American League Championship Series might find it difficult to root against either team. There's no juggernaut playing and no obvious underdog. But the outcome of this Royals-Orioles ALCS will likely be defined by these matchups. More»
Kevin Fixler

Landon Donovan's Lasting Legacy

Whether Landon Donovan is the best player to come out of the U.S. is a debate you can have with your friends, but his overall impact on the sport in the country is difficult to deny. Look no further than the dramatic rise in America's interest in soccer during Donovan's career. More»
Matt Brown

Gurley's Suspension Impact

Georgia running back -- and Heisman candidate -- Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely on Thursday, amid reports that the NCAA is investigating possible profiting off his likeness. Here's how Gurley breaking an absurd rule would affect the rest of the season. More»
Ross Tucker

Lions Still Golden If Megatron's Out

The Lions hope Golden Tate can be the man again for the Lions if Calvin Johnson sits out with an ankle injury, while the Pats look to exploit the Bills' linebackers and the Redskins try to hold off the Cardinals rush in this week's key NFL matchups. More»
Cy Brown

Thursday Night Football Is The Worst

With a 29 point average margin of victory this season, Thursday Night Football is proving to be a poor on-field product. But that hasn't turned any viewers away. In fact, NFL fans are tuning in in droves to watch TNF. More»
Matt Brown

Auburn's Claim To No. 1

In a college football season with no truly dominant team, perfection is difficult to attain. That's especially true for Auburn, which faces one of the nation's most difficult schedules. Even if it loses a game, Auburn's ceiling may be higher than anyone's. More»
Alex Robinson

Royals Superfan Believes In Magic

The Kansas City Royals got to know South Korean fan SungWoo Lee in August right before they went on an incredible run that launched them to the postseason. Now, Lee is back in Korea, still watching his favorite team. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 6 Picks

Five weeks into the NFL season and there aren't many surprises in the top tier of teams. What is surprising, however, is how some of those teams are winning; Seattle's offense is outperforming its defense and the Broncos' attack is playing second fiddle in Denver. More»
Jim Callis

Once zeroes, now playoff heroes

Many of this MLB postseason's stars seemed destined for stardom when they entered pro ball. But not every playoff standout has a fancy prospect pedigree. Let's take a look at some heroes -- like Matt Carpenter and Greg Holland -- with humble backgrounds. More»
AJ Cassavell

10 Biggest Plays Of The Postseason

This year's playoffs have had as many sudden twists and turns as any in recent memory, and we haven't even reached the League Championship Series yet. But which singular plays have had the biggest effect on the postseason so far? We compiled the top 10. More»
Will Leitch

What's your favorite Big 12 Stadium?

We are now three weeks into our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and more than half of our final 16 ballot has been filled out. So far, we've determined the best SEC, Pac-12 and Big Ten stadiums. Now it's the Big 12's turn. More»
Will Leitch

Bright Lights, Big City

Matt Adams is one of those guys who non-baseball fans will see on TV and say, "How is that guy an athlete?" But his home run against the Dodgers in Game 4 of the NLDS to put the Cardinals up for good showed that his klutzy brilliance is here to stay in St. Louis. More»
Matt Brown

The Big 12's X-Factor

Six weeks ago, TCU junior Trevone Boykin remained in an uncertain state, unsure what position he'd actually play. After a win over Oklahoma, suddenly he's become a breakout quarterback leading a surprise midseason Big 12 contender. More»
Joe DeLessio

Eight of the Biggest NHL Storylines

The NHL drops the puck on its 2014-15 season Wednesday night with four games, including the home opener for the defending champion Los Angeles Kings. As always, plot lines abound, so we compiled a list of what you should be following. More»
Richard Justice

Dodgers Can't Escape Their Flaws

The Dodgers are a reminder that even with all the planning, things can still go wrong. Way back on the first day of Spring Training, they seemed to have a pitching staff as good as any in the game. But injury after injury held them back, and ultimately ended their October early. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Showalter and Duquette's Lost Series

Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette are now singularly focused on bringing the Orioles a championship. But this isn't the first time these two have eyed the Fall Classic -- 20 years ago, many predicted they'd face off in a World Series that never came to be. More»
Paul Casella

Surprising Postseason Lineup Moves

Though Yasiel Puig's absence from the Dodgers' starting lineup came as a shock to some, it was far from the first time that a manager made a postseason shuffle in an attempt to spark his club. Here's a look at other intriguing lineup decisions in October. More»
Michael Pina

The Salary Cap Bonanza Is Coming

Every NBA team looks at the new television deal as a good thing. It's a lot of money, and money is good! But which teams stand to benefit the most? Is anyone's future less certain than before? Here's an attempt to answer these questions from what we know now. More»
Cy Brown

Burying the Past

Interim Raiders coach Tony Sparano buried a football to metaphorically put the Raiders' losses in the past, and he's not the first to pull such a stunt. What other theatrics have coaches turned to in attempts to get more from their teams? More»
Kenneth Arthur

2012's QB Draft Class, Revisited

The quarterbacks drafted in 2012 have had a range of fortunes, but overall things are looking pretty impressive for the class, which includes Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Knowing what we know now, what order would they have been drafted in? More»
Will Leitch

John Lackey's Image Reversal

John Lackey proved two things in his Game 3 gem against the Dodgers. First, he has a knack for pitching well in the postseason. But more importantly, if you succeed in a big spot, fans will quickly forget any reasons they may have had for not liking you. More»
Cy Brown

Flag Football: Penalties Stifle Harvin

The Seahawks beat Washington on Monday Night Football no thanks to the refs, who called them for 13 penalties, including three touchdowns by Percy Harvin that were called back. That might have killed your fantasy team... especially if you were Harvin himself. More»
Matt Brown

Hung Out To Dry

Oregon's visit to UCLA on Saturday was supposed to be one of the games of the year nationally, showcasing a pair of coveted NFL draft prospects in Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley. Now, the focus is instead mostly on just keeping them upright. More»
Michael Pina

LeBron's Secret Weapon

Dion Waiters is the Cavaliers' X-Factor. The 22-year-old is the one variable who can transform Cleveland's tidal wave of offense into a relentless waterfall, and could be key to LeBron's next ring. Waiters' brashness, however, could hold him back from fulfilling this role. More»
Ross Tucker

Tom Brady Silences Doubters

Tom Brady -- who hit the 50,000 yard passing mark on Sunday -- has an undeniable will to win. I don't know if I ever played with another guy in my career that possessed his level of determination. It rubs off on his teammates. More»
Mike Bauman

Doug Fister Gets The Job Done

The Nationals kept their October hopes alive on Monday with a 4-1 victory over the Giants on the back of Doug Fister's pitching. Fister's seven shutout innings gave them a chance, an opportunity, a life for a team whose offense has been struggling to perform this postseason. More»
Cy Brown

TV Deals That Changed the Games

The NBA has struck a mega-deal with ESPN and Turner worth $24 billion over nine years, three times as much as the previous one, with wide-ranging effects that will be felt on and off the court. What other major TV deals have shifted the fate of a sport? Here's a sampling. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Tear Down the Saints

While Sunday's comeback may have staved off another debilitating defeat, the New Orleans Saints' playoff prospects, and with them their window for title contention, are fading fast. Here are some of the problems (and one possible solution). More»
Cy Brown

St. Louis Is The Model Playoff Club

What's the best way to build an MLB roster? Thanks to a breakdown of LDS rosters from, we can just how every club was constructed, and it becomes very obvious why the Cardinals have been so good for so long. More»
Will Leitch

An ALCS Unlike Any Other

With the Royals and Orioles both winning their respective Division Series, for the first time in almost 20 years we are going to be treated to an ALCS featuring two teams we haven't seen there for a long, long time. More»
Matt Brown

Starting From Scratch

One of the craziest college football weekends ever is in the books, with five of the AP's top eight teams falling. All the upheaval allows us to get a fresh start in evaluating top contenders, so we reset the playoff picture and break down the weekend. More»
Will Ford

Stephon Marbury, Musical Star

Stephon Marbury has gone from NBA star, to Chinese basketball standout, to the star of a Chinese musical about social identity loosely based on his own career, which forces basketball metaphors and wisdom from Marbury's life at every chance it gets. More»
Bryant McFadden and Ovie Mughelli

Mr. 500 Is Still the Guy to Beat

Peyton Manning reached rarefied air at Mile High on Sunday while dismantling the Arizona Cardinals blitz. Plus, a look at the NFC East, the Bills big comeback and whether Jerry Jones should worry that his team's home-field advantage has been compromised. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Orioles Have The Look Of A Champion

If you thought the Orioles's success was simply the product of surprisingly soft AL East, think again. Their sweep of the Tigers in the ALDS demonstrated why they have the makings of a World Series champion. More»
Mike Bauman

Puzzling Nats Open Door For Giants

The Giants really don't require any help in the area of postseason achievement. Saturday night, they received some from the Nationals, anyway, when Washington manager Matt Williams pulled ace Jordan Zimmermann in the ninth. More»
Matt Brown

Embrace The Chaos

Oregon has company. After the No. 2 Ducks lost on Thursday, Alabama (Ole Miss), Oklahoma (TCU) and Texas A&M (Mississippi State) and UCLA (Utah) all fell on Saturday, throwing early playoff projections out the window. We recap Saturday's most important results. More»
Cy Brown

Did Katy Perry Jinx Oklahoma?

In one of the more surreal scenes in College GameDay history (which is saying a lot), pop sensation Katy Perry joined Chris Fowler and crew to make her FBS picks and wield a corn dog suggestively. But was she the worst celebrity handicapper ever? More»
Cy Brown

Chelsea, Fabregas Face Arsenal

Premier League leaders Chelsea host Arsenal this Sunday, with former Gunner Cesc Fabregas facing playing his old side for the first time since joining the Blues, and Chelsea is more than ready to take on their rivals. More»
Richard Justice

Fight to the Finish

The Cardinals won it 10-9 Friday night at Dodger Stadium, but the outcome was in doubt until the final out. Along the way, with two aces getting knocked around and a HBP that cleared the benches, both teams sent a message about what they expect this series to be: a dogfight. More»
Anthony Castrovince

V-Mart Ready To Cash In

Victor Martinez turns 36 years old this winter, but after his MVP-caliber season, he is likely to be the best hitter who is eligible for free agency this winter. The biggest questions is which team is willing to spend big on a player in his late-30s. More»
Cy Brown

Why Everyone Loves Nori

The Royals beat the Angels in Game 1 of the ALDS thanks to a Mike Moustakas homer, but the eventual winner may not have been possible if it hadn't been for the stellar defensive play of right fielder Nori Aoki. You may have just caught on to him, but Aoki's been at it for years. More»
Will Leitch

What's Your Favorite Big Ten Stadium?

Continuing our quest to find the most beloved college football venue in the nation, we look at all of the Big Ten stadiums this week. From Michigan to Ohio to Penn State, there are some gorgeous views out there. Vote for your favorite. More»
Joe DeLessio

Derek Jeter: Media Maven

On Wednesday, Derek Jeter unveiled his latest post-retirement venture: a website called The Players' Tribune, intended to allow athletes to communicate with fans without the "filter" (his word) of traditional media outlets. It may be foreign to him that those same outlets have the knives out. More»
Will Leitch

Cards Fans: Enjoy It While It Lasts

It's easy to for some fans to hate on the Cardinals because of their recent postseason success. But that kind of run is rare, so don't blame St. Louis fans for enjoying the fun while it lasts, because another playoff drought will surely come soon. More»
Matt Brown

Oregon Loses Its Grip

A ridiculous celebration penalty may have led to Arizona's winning touchdown on Thursday night, but it doesn't get the blame for the downfall of No. 2 Oregon. The Ducks' last two games show that their problems run a bit deeper. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Dodgers Postseason Moments

Since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, they've had plenty of great October memories, including Sandy Koufax shutting down the Yankees, Kirk Gibson pumping his fists and a surprising present day hero. More»
Matt Brown

College Football Pick 'Em: Week 6

After a weak slate of games, the the college football season kicks into high gear with great matchups in the SEC and beyond. October is when the national picture starts taking shape, and Saturday is a perfect time for contenders to separate themselves. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Buck Seizes The Moment

Buck Showalter proved that managing at this level and on this postseason stage is about the moment, not the map during Game 1 of the ALDS. Instead of getting cute when they had leads in the sixth, seventh and eighth, he went with his top closers early to ensure a victory. More»
Will Leitch

Top Five Cards Postseason Moments

The Cardinals have won 11 World Series, second in baseball behind the Yankees, and they've also reached the playoffs five of the last six years and 11 of the last 15. All of this obviously leaves plenty of eternal moments to choose from. Here are five. More»
Ross Tucker

Patriots' Stars Keep Struggling

The Patriots' No. 1 problem right now is the underperformance of their key players. Sure, Tom Brady had a terrible Monday, but Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork struggled almost as badly against the Chiefs. If their stars can't pick themselves up, they might be in for another long night on Sunday. More»
Sheil Kapadia

Cowboys Find Power in O-Line

The Cowboys are running the ball a lot, which has nothing to do with old-school football beliefs that frown upon teams that pass a lot. Instead, it's about Dallas playing to their strengths. And the biggest strength is an offensive line that is one of the best in the NFL. More»
Richard Justice

Mattingly Always True To The Team

Going back to his playing days, Don Mattingly has always put the team first. That mentality has served him well managing a team with a lot of superstars, and it's why Mattingly is well suited to lead the Dodgers to their first World Series title since 1988. More»
Andrew Garda

The Trouble With Shady

Prior to this season, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was claiming he was the best back in the NFL. But he is barely in the Top 50 so far this year. It's not all his fault, though. Here's a close look at what's gone wrong. More»
Will Leitch

Royals Still Playing Like It's 1985

A lot has changed in the way we play (and analyze) baseball since the Royals last won the World Series in 1985. However, they don't seem to realize that, and instead have a created a team that would have fit in well 30 years ago. More»
Richard Justice

One Giants Leap

The San Francisco Giants have won seven straight elimination games over their last two postseason appearances, the last of which came from a dominant nine-inning outing from Madison Bumgarner on Wednesday. This resiliency could push them even further into October. More»
Matt Brown

The Egg Bowl Starts Now

Long overshadowed by their neighbors in the SEC, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are trying to steal the spotlight for themselves. If they pass their tests against Alabama and Texas A&M on Saturday, their rivalry could become bigger than ever. More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Tigers Postseason Moments

Mickey Lolich outpitching Bob Gibson, Kirk Gibson homering in '84, Magglio and Verlander are just some of the transcendent moments Tigers fans have enjoyed in October. Let's take a trip down memory lane More»
Sports on Earth Staff

Top Five Orioles Postseason Moments

The Orioles have a rich playoff tradition, and were a World Series fixture for much of the 1960s and 1970s. They had another run of success in the late 1990s, and have now made the playoffs two times in the last three seasons. Here's a look at their top five postseason moments. More»
Anthony Castrovince

8 players who will decide October

In the MLB postseason, there are the obvious attractions. It goes without saying that Mike Trout is important to the Angels and Clayton Kershaw is important to the Dodgers. But sometimes it's the not-so-obvious players that end up making the difference. More»
Brian Burke

Man vs. Machine: NFL Week 5 Picks

Now that the season is four weeks old, the "Machine" is purely using data from this year. It doesn't know that the Patriots have dominated the AFC East for the past decade; it only knows that they're putting up terrible numbers. With this in mind here are our NFL Week 5 picks. More»
Richard Justice

Back to the Drawing Board

Based on what Billy Beane knew on July 31, Yoenis Cespedes-for-Jon Lester made sense. It was a huge risk because it removed a power bat from a lineup that needed it. But Beane had legitimate concerns about the workload of his starting pitchers. More»
Lindsay Gibbs

"We Need To Talk" Off To Solid Start

The CBS Sports Network all-female sports talk show "We Need to Talk" debuted on Tuesday to much skepticism -- but there's more reason for excitement than eye-rolls. It managed to pack more substance into 44 minutes of studio time than similar shows do in a month. More»
Will Leitch

Oakland's Perennial Pain

There is nothing in baseball more painful than losing a series' decisive game and falling just short -- and the A's have now done that seven times in the last 15 seasons. It's hard not to empathize with their passionate, heartbroken fans. More»