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Ross Tucker

Cool As Ice: Ryan Changes His Story

So much for the "Matt Ryan stinks in the playoffs" narrative. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has seemingly squashed that line after leading his team past Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers into Super Bowl 51. More»
Mike Lupica

Can't-Wait Gate: Pats, Roger, Podium!

No offense to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, but their Super Bowl story may get pushed aside by the ultimate narrative: It's Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and the Patriots against bumbling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. More»
Will Leitch

Brady's Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl for the seventh time of his career. That, combined with the fact that he's 39 years old, makes it that much more remarkable. But somehow, nobody thinks about how old he is. That shows how great he has been. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

5 Super Bowl Storylines, Ranked

Every Super Bowl has its own unique narratives and attractions, and this year's edition between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons should have plenty. Here, we rank the top five storylines for Super Bowl LI. More»
Matt Brown

UK, Bama Create Suspense-Free SEC

The SEC's winter is starting to look a lot like its fall. In football season, Alabama ran away from the pack and cruised to another conference title with ease. After the events of this weekend, it looks like Kentucky basketball is ready to follow a similar path. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Hero Hogan Is Pats' Next Man Up

In the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Chris Hogan caught nine passes for 180 yards and two TDs, as the Patriots advanced to yet another Super Bowl with a 36-17 win over the Steelers. Where did he come from? Lacrosse. More»
Terence Moore

Ring Wings? Fear These Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are heading back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years. And they clinched their spot in style, blowing out the Green Bay Packers and leaving no doubt that they had what it takes to go all the way. More»
Michael Tunison

Steelers' Three B's Belittled By Pats

The Patriots are advancing to a record ninth Super Bowl after beating a sloppy Steelers team for the AFC championship in Foxborough. How did they dismantle Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and the hobbled Le'Veon Bell? Way too easily. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Falcons Defense Is Simply Super

While the offense has been hallmark of the Falcons this season, the defense has stepped it up big time down the stretch and in the postseason. (They shut down Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.) Now, Atlanta has the balance it's been looking for. More»
Anthony Castrovince

10 Most Surprising Offseason Moves

It may not have been an absolutely shocking offseason, but the Hot Stove still had plenty of unexpected moves. From the Adam Eaton trade to Boston's replacement for David Ortiz, here are the 10 biggest surprises. More»
Michael Tunison

Curtains For Capers? Pack DC Scorned

The Green Bay Packers defense got manhandled in the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta, thanks to Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the high-powered Falcons offense. So the calls for defensive coordinator Dom Capers' job have started anew. More»
AFC Championship Game

Tom Terrific, Pats Super Bowl Bound

On Sunday in Foxborough, Tom Brady threw for a franchise playoff-best 384 yards and three touchdowns in a 36-17 New England Patriots rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pats will now move on to play the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. More»
NFC Championship Game

Falcons Fly By Pack, All The Way To Super Bowl 51

The Atlanta Falcons started the NFC title game with a bang and never looked back. Matt Ryan was on fire all game, Julio Jones was unstoppable and Green Bay had no answers as the Falcons easily clinched a spot in Super Bowl 51 with a 44-21 win. More»
Michael Klopman

Ventura, Marte Die In Car Crashes

Major League Baseball was rocked on Sunday with the news that Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura and former Major Leaguer Andy Marte had died in separate car accidents in the Dominican Republic. More»
Andrea Hangst

Score Lords In NFC Title Game

The NFC Championship Game between the Falcons and Packers on Sunday showcases two of the most high-powered offenses in the league, both led by MVP-worthy quarterbacks. Who has the edge? We have to give it to the birds. More»
Michael Tunison

AFR: Only Elite QBs Allowed?

The NFL's final four are led by some of the best quarterbacks in the league. Does that mean it's only possible to advance in the NFL if you have a top passer? Not necessarily, but it's difficult to find too many cases otherwise. More»
Will Leitch

Steelers-Pats Preview: This Is Big

The Steelers have won two Super Bowls with Ben Roethlisberger under center but, as any Pittsburgh fan knows (and any Patriots fan is happy to remind you), they didn't have to go through the Patriots for either of them. Can they prevail this time? More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Call It a Comeback? Best Manziel Fits

Johnny Manziel, the talented but troubled quarterback who washed out of the NFL after two seasons, has begun taking responsibility for his past indiscretions. He says he wants to clean up his act and return to the NFL. But where? More»
SoE Original

Kelce Lately? FWIW, His Show's Old

There was a dinosaur in Florida, while the elephant in the room in Kansas City: Travis Kelce can't dress. Plus, a man chooses to be humiliated on national TV -- not once, but twice -- on the latest edition of "For What It's Worth" with Robert Flores. More»
Mike Lupica

No Way, Jose: Don't Blame Voters

The debate around the Baseball Hall of Fame and whether players suspected of PED use should get in or not can understandably get heated. But lecturing voters, the way Jose Canseco did, does not lead to a healthy discussion. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Belichick Quotes Of The Year Awards

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has always been one of the more interesting interviews in sports for all sorts of reasons. From robot answers to taking down a reporter, we decided to give out trophies for his best bon mots. More»
Will Leitch

What's On The Line For Final 4 QBs?

playoff QBs
There's one thing that all four teams left in the NFL playoffs have in common: They have an elite quarterback. And three of the four have Super Bowl rings. So let's look at their careers and figure out what a championship would mean to them. More»
Michael Klopman

Trumbombs Come Cheap For The O's

The Orioles and Mark Trumbo finally came to an agreement on a multi-year deal. And the O's didn't even have to break the bank to re-sign the reigning Major League leader in home runs. Let's break down what this means for Baltimore. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Super Bowl's Inaugural Connection

It happens every four to eight years: Pundits try to connect the new commander-in-chief to the sports world. So we decided to explore the relationship between the inauguration of a new president to that year's Super Bowl -- there are some odd trends. More»
Alex Wong

The Ultimate NBA 3-on-3 Teams

Did you hear? Ice Cube revealed his plans to create a 3-on-3 basketball league that'll feature a bunch of retired NBA stars like Allen Iverson. That got us thinking. What are some intriguing 3-on-3 teams made up of retired NBA players? More»
Manny Randhawa

HOF Voters Now Know Better, Edgar

Edgar Martinez only received 27 percent of the Hall of Fame vote in 2015. But in 2017, that number shot up to 58.6. Clearly, there's been a shift in the voters' minds. That means we may soon be hearing Martinez give an induction speech in Cooperstown. More»
Matt Brown

Reasons To Love College Hoops 2017

There is no college football on Saturday, and the NFL playoffs are reserved for Sunday. For the first time this season, college basketball has a football-free Saturday. If you haven't been paying close attention yet, here are 10 reasons to be excited. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Conf. Championships: Top 20 Players

If there's one thing we can agree on when it comes to the conference championship games this weekend, it's that there will be plenty of star power. With that said, I decided to rank the best 20 players who will take the field on Sunday. More»
Cy Brown

Super Bowl scenarios ranked, 4 to 1

With championship week now upon us, there are only four potential Super Bowl LI matchups remaining. But not all games are created equal. Which matchup will the viewing public want to see most out of the final four? More»
Will Leitch

GB-ATL Preview: Letting It Fly

If you like a jam-packed scoreboard, then you're going to want to watch the NFC title game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers. There will be plenty of points scored, that's for sure. And it'll be the last game at the Georgia Dome. More»
Mike McCormick

Best Sorta-Sports Movie: Final Four

final four_4
To give sports fans something movie-related to debate between now and the Oscars, here's your chance to vote for the greatest "non-traditional" sports movie on Earth. These are only kind of jock flicks, for sure, but they're all entertaining. More»
Will Leitch

In The Bag: Jeff Officially A Legend

The Houston Astros teams from 1997 to 2005 were fantastic, but they never get the credit they deserve. Maybe that's why it took so long for Jeff Bagwell, the best player on those teams, to make the Hall of Fame. Either way, it's about time. More»
Mike Lupica

Green Bro! Rift That Keeps Giving

The further the Green Bay Packers advance in the NFL playoffs, the more we seem to hear about Aaron Rodgers and his family. That's because nothing is truly private anymore. So we must ask ourselves: How much info is too much? More»
Matt Giles

The Murder of Michael Wright

In November 2015, former Arizona star and New York Knicks draft pick Michael Wright was found dead in his car in Brooklyn. A year later, his longtime mentor and roommate Mark Holdbrooks was arrested for the killing. That's just the beginning of the story. More»
Matt Brown

Zags Far Beyond A Cinderella Story

Gonzaga is often met with skepticism because of its weaker West Coast Conference schedule, but as the Bulldogs continue as the nation's lone remaining unbeaten, it's become clear that the program's first-ever Final Four bid is well within reach. More»
Cliff Corcoran

Hall of Fame Vote: What We Learned

Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez are the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, with Trevor Hoffman, Vladimir Guerrero and Edgar Martinez among those who fell short. Let's look at what we learned from Wednesday's announcement. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Best Hall of Fame Classes In History

Baseball HOF classes like the one announced Wednesday, when three players gained entry, are rare. But this helps make up for lost time. Let's look back and see which BBWAA-inducted Hall hauls had the most star power. More»
Michael Klopman

Baseball HOF '17 Class Announced

The votes are in and the Baseball Hall of Fame is gaining three more members in 2017. Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez are heading to Cooperstown this summer. More»
Cooperstown News

LIVE: The Baseball HOF Announcement

It's Hall of Fame time. Baseball fans will finally find out who will be elected to the HOF class of 2017. Will Tim Raines finally make it? Jeff Bagwell? Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens? You can watch the announcement live on MLB Network and's simulcast! More»
Karim Zidan

Obama's Legacy of Sports Diplomacy

One of the many long-lasting aspects of President Obama's legacy is his impact on the sports world. From his love of basketball to attending a baseball game in Cuba, Obama proved, in his words, that "sports have had the power to bring us together." More»
Andrea Hangst

Steel the One? Ben's Legacy Vs. Pats

When the Steelers go on the road to take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, there will be a lot more on the line for Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger than anyone else. Here's why. More»
College Football

Ducks Suspend Strength Coach After 3 Hospitalized

The University of Oregon and new head coach Willie Taggart suspended football strength and conditioning coach Irele Oderinde one month without pay after three players were hospitalized following a series of intense workouts last week. More»
Terence Moore

Haunted Hawks? Still Missing 'Nique

The Atlanta Hawks have been a strange franchise for a while. It's as simple as this: The Hawks haven't been the same since the day they decided to trade Dominique Wilkins, the "Human Highlight Reel." Hawks fans certainly haven't forgotten. More»
Matt Brown

Early 2017 Top 25 Heisman Candidates

Lamar Jackson will be back at Louisville after taking home the Heisman Trophy in December, but history says he'll have stiff competition in trying to win it again. Here's an early look at those best positioned to challenge Jackson for the Heisman in 2017. More»
Will Leitch

In Defense of Sports' Biggest Villains

Those who are aren't New England Patriots fans will certainly be rooting against the Pats during the AFC Championship Game. They're universally accepted villains, and that's a good thing, because we need villains. More»
NBA Injury Report

CP3 Will Miss 6-8 Weeks For Thumb Surgery

The streaking Clippers (7-0 in 2017) are down another All-Star. With Blake Griffin still recovering from knee surgery, the team announced that Chris Paul will need to undergo surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb and is expected to miss up to two months. More»
SoE Staff

Greatest Athlete On Earth Jan. 11-17

Aaron Rodgers sliced and diced the Dallas defense to perfection, Steelers kicker Chris Boswell set an NFL record and limbo star Shemika Charles showed us the true meaning of "getting down." So who was the Greatest Athlete on Earth this week? More»
Mike Lupica

Not Easy Being Green: Will He Learn?

Nobody is talking about the triple-double Golden State's Draymond Green recorded against the Cavaliers on Monday. That's on him, because Green committed yet another dumb foul when he walloped LeBron James on a fast break. More»
Joe Sparacio

Photos Of The Week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here are the best photos from Jan. 9-15. More»
Ross Tucker

Talk the Line: Bigs Win Playoff Games

The NFL postseason trend that many have pointed out is that the teams with the better quarterback have advanced. But there's another trend that has gone unnoticed. The teams with better offensive lines have been winning. More»
Joe DeLessio

Who's Active On NHL's 100 Best Ever?

The NHL will soon reveal their list of the 100 greatest players in league history. Thirty-three of them have already been announced, and there will reportedly be exactly six active players included. So let's break down just who those six might be. More»
Cliff Corcoran

Braves New World: Wins In Atlanta

The Braves finished the 2016 season with one of the worst records in the Majors. But still, they were 40-36 from July 6th to the end of the season. So they have something going for them. These offseason moves could make them a little better. More»
Will Leitch

Dome Sweet Dome? A Fond Farewell

When Matt Ryan and the Falcons host Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, it will be the last-ever sporting event held in the Georgia Dome. The Falcons can end the era by rewriting their disappointing history, or they can simply continue it. More»
Alex Wong

Cav Not: Warriors' Revenge Is Golden

At 34-6 heading into Monday's contest against the Cavaliers, the Warriors didn't necessarily need a victory on their home floor against the team they have played in the NBA Finals the past two seasons. But a 126-91 blowout didn't hurt. More»
Matt Brown

CFB Winners, Losers At Draft Deadline

The 2017 NFL Draft's early entry deadline passed on Monday, and this year has continued a trend that has seen the number of underclassmen leaving skyrocket in recent years. Here are the college teams that gained and lost the most from the decisions. More»
Terence Moore

Hail to the Cubs! Obama fetes Champs

On Martin Luther King Day, the world champion Cubs visited the White House and met with President Obama, who shared some laughs and memories of Chicago. That brought up some ivy-covered memories of my own. More»
Cy Brown

Man City Needs To Rebuild Right Now

Pep Guardiola conceded that Manchester City is no longer in the English Premier League title hunt after a 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Everton. With so many problems and little left to play for, Guardiola and City should try to rebuild immediately. More»
David Ubben

Clemson Parties Like It's 1981 Again

Last Monday in Tampa, Dabo Swinney and the Clemson football team joined an exclusive club that had previously only included the 1981 Tigers: Clemson national championship teams. Those who were there in '81 are happy to share the spotlight. More»
Mike Lupica

Rodgers Is All Rumble, Not Fumble

Seven years ago, Aaron Rodgers failed to hold onto the ball, and Green Bay's season, against the Cardinals in the playoffs. This time, Rodgers saved the Packers against the Cowboys. And all Green Bay fans will remember both moments. More»
Michael Tunison

Brown Films Tomlin's Profane Speech

Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown recorded a Facebook Live video after the Steelers beat the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round, and it included a profane remark from head coach Mike Tomlin about the Patriots ... and a warning to stay off social media. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Jays & Jose: A Match That Makes Sense

Most of Major League Baseball's teams don't seem to want slugger Jose Bautista. But the Toronto Blue Jays, once again, might be the team that gives Joey Bats an opportunity to prove all of those teams wrong should the two sides strike a deal. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

How Rodgers Cooked Up Big Play

With the clock working against the Packers in the final moments of their divisional round game against the Cowboys, Aaron Rodgers drew up a play in the huddle to attack Dallas deep that worked to perfection. We break it down. More»
Seerat Sohi

Splash Dance: Klay's Quiet Brilliance

Klay Thompson's rise is part and parcel of the changing nature of the shot creation, and as a result, high-scoring performances. The seconds between the catch and the shot are deceptive, but crucial to his success with the Warriors. More»
Kenneth Arthur

NFL's Final Four: Quarterbacks Key

Pardon me while I write about "QB Winz," but we need to discuss the importance of quarterbacks when it comes to playoff victories. Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers. Matt Ryan. Ben Roethlisberger. That's all you need to know. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Zeke & Dak: Dallas Stars Still Bright

They may have lost to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFC divisional round of the playoffs, but with quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys will be back on top again soon. More»

Kick 6! Steelers Boot K.C.

Neither of Pittsburgh's Big Three found the end zone. In fact, the Steelers never even scored a touchdown. But the 18 points they scored via six field goals were just enough to beat the Chiefs on the road to advance to the AFC Championship Game. More»
Michael Tunison

Kick Six! Steelers Boot K.C.

The Steelers couldn't find the end zone against the Chiefs on Sunday, but they still came away with a gritty 18-16 victory at Arrowhead Stadium in the divisional round, thanks to a postseason record six field goals by Chris Boswell. More»
Mike Lupica

A-Rod Almighty! 'Boys Sent Packing

All the Packers had was 35 seconds ... and Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby. Tied at 31, after Rodgers found tight end Jared Cook for a wild catch, Crosby kicked a game-winning field goal from 51 yards out to beat the Cowboys on Sunday. More»

A-Mason' Finish! Pack KOs Cowboys

In what was easily the most exciting game of the NFL playoffs so far, the Green Bay Packers knocked out the Dallas Cowboys in epic fashion. Kicker Mason Crosby kicked two late field goals, including the game-winner from 51 yards out as time expired. More»
Michael Tunison

A-Mason' Finish: Pack KO Cowboys

In a wild divisional round showdown in Dallas on Sundays, the Cowboys rallied all the way back from a 21-3 deficit, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers wouldn't be denied, winning 34-31. Here are the most memorable moments -- and how Twitter reacted. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Wait Continues For Trumbo, Joey Bats

As of now, no team in Major League Baseball has been willing to give up a Draft pick in order to sign sluggers Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo. It would be very unlikely, but is there a chance that they're not signed when the 2017 season starts? More»
Chris Haft

MLK Day and a Sketch From Memory

The approach of Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day awoke a decades-old memory and compelled me to unearth personal archives for a relic -- a note from cartoonist Charles Schulz that recalled the highly flammable powder keg known as race relations. More»
College Football

Cal Aims To Boost Defense, Lands Wilcox

California changed directions with its football program Saturday, hiring longtime college defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox -- most recently at Wisconsin -- as head coach to replace the offensive-minded Sonny Dykes, ending speculation about Chip Kelly. More»
Alex Wong

N.Y. State of Grind: Knicks In Limbo

This year's Knicks team was supposed to be different from recent vintage, with the offseason acquisitions of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee. But New York continues to flounder, and there's no much upside in sight. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Calm B-fore Steelers Storm

Last Sunday, the Steelers were finally able to deliver us the game many of us had been waiting to see for four years: Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown all together for the playoffs. Will that combo prove too much for the Chiefs? More»
Michael Tunison

McHugh Defends Civil Rights Leader

On Saturday, Houston Astros pitcher Collin McHugh called out president-elect Donald Trump for his remarks about civil rights leader John Lewis and the Georgia district Lewis represents in Congress. More»
Terence Moore

Falcons' Air Force Keeps on Flying

The Falcons have a slogan they use to motivate each other: Arrive violently. It doesn't just mean big hits on defense, but also refers to the potency with which they dismantle the opposition on offense, as the Seahawks learned on Saturday. More»
NFL Divisional Round

Pats Pull Away After Hearty Houston Effort

Despite being huge underdogs, the Texans made it interesting at Foxborough on Saturday night against the Patriots ... for three quarters, at least. Eventually, Tom Brady and Dion Lewis took over, and New England prevailed, 34-16. More»
NFL Divisional Round

Bird Up! Falcons Take Down Hawks

Matt Ryan looked very much like an MVP, and the Atlanta Falcons are headed to the NFC championship game. Ryan threw for 338 yards and three TDs, leading the Falcons to a 36-20 home victory over the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round Saturday. More»
Michael Tunison

Pats Regrets? They Have a Few

The Patriots ended up pulling away from the Texans late in their divisional round game, a 34-16 win at home. But New England showed some vulnerabilities that should have them concerned in the AFC Championship game. More»
SoE Staff

Eli Manning May Be Immortal

Eli Manning may have been eliminated from the playoffs, but he still haunts us all. An eagle-eyed Sports on Earth follower spotted a curious-looking book cover at a grocery store -- and the kid on the cover looks awfully familiar. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Call Good? Scouting NFL Broadcasts

Just like handicapping the on-field matchups in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, it helps to break down who's actually calling the action, whether from the booth or the sidelines or the radio or studio. Which teams are on their game? More»
Cliff Corcoran

Best of Seattle's Wheels and Deals

The pair of trades Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto executed on Wednesday brought his total this offseason to 11 (no other team has made more than four). Here are the ones we feel will be most significant as time goes on. More»
Michael Tunison

Chief Concern: The Weather In K.C.

The kickoff of the divisional playoff game between the Steelers and Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Sunday was pushed back to 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC by the NFL due to weather. How will this affect the teams -- and everyone -- involved? More»
Will Leitch

The Chiefs' Moment Has Arrived

The Chiefs are one of the NFL's more formidable, sustainable, signature franchises, but that hasn't translated to postseason success. On Sunday, they host the Steelers in a playoff game that could give Arrowhead Stadium something to celebrate. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

NFL Playoff Quarterback Rankings

Rightly or wrongly, success in the playoffs defines quarterbacks in the NFL. With the divisional round set to kick off this weekend, eight starting signal-callers remain. From Tom Brady to Brock Osweiler, here is how they measure up against each other. More»
SoE Staff

Divisional Round Fantasy Football

The NFL playoffs offer plenty of opportunity to get your fantasy fix in, even as the pool of players narrows and the number of games dwindles down. We decided to make the most of the divisional round weekend by holding a draft. More»
Matt Brown

Early '17 CFB Rankings of Every Team

What are the chances Clemson and Alabama will return to the playoff? While the start of the 2017 college football season is more than eight months away, the offseason will fly ball, meaning it's time for a first look at how every FBS team may stack up. More»

Bolting! Chargers Ditch San Diego For L.A.

San Diego no longer has a football team, and Los Angeles now has two. Chargers chairman Dean Spanos announced on Thursday that the team is moving to L.A. after spending 56 years in San Diego. Needless to say, Chargers fans aren't happy. More»
Michael Tunison

30-Year-Old McVay Is Now Rams HC

The Los Angeles Rams tabbed Sean McVay, the 30-year-old former offensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins, to be their next head coach, replacing Jeff Fisher. He is also now the youngest ever HC in the NFL. More»
Michael Klopman

Mess With Texas? Quick Ranger Fixes

The Texas Rangers lost a few players from their 2016 lineup, and they seem to be parting ways with No. 3 starter Colby Lewis. So what can they do to win the AL West for a third straight year? Here are a few suggestions we'd make. More»
Mike McCormick

Best Sorta-Sports Movie: Elite Eight

To give sports fans something movie-related to debate between now and the Oscars, here's your chance to vote for the greatest "non-traditional" sports movie on Earth. These are only kind of jock flicks, for sure, but they're all entertaining. More»
Will Leitch

The Plight of the Atlanta Sports Fan

Atlanta fans have been through this. Everything is looking good for the Falcons. Matt Ryan is an MVP candidate and QB for a historically good offense. They could really go all the way. But for Atlanta sports fans, they'll believe it when they see it. More»
Alex Wong

The 'Process' Is Speeding Up For Sixers

With only an 11-25 record this season, you'd think that there's no hope for the Philadelphia 76ers. But you'd be wrong. Because the 76ers have big man Joel Embiid. And the 22-year-old has certainly accelerated The Process in Philly. More»
Michael Tunison

AFR: Rookie QBs in the Playoffs

As Dak Prescott prepares for his first postseason start, it's fair to note that history is not on his side. Rookie quarterbacks are 8-15 in the postseason, and the ones who have won have stayed out of the way. Good advice for Dallas on Sunday. More»
Will Leitch

Pitt-K.C. Preview: Steel Certain?

The grind-it-out style of the Kansas City Chiefs can keep any game close. But the Pittsburgh Steelers have that high-powered offense, led by their "Big Three." So however this shakes up, it's going to be an intense playoff game at Arrowhead. More»
Anthony Castrovince

33 Bold Pre-Spring Predictions

We've got 33 days until the first pitcher and catcher report dates in Florida and Arizona, and so here are 33 predictions for the rest of the winter. Some are substantive, some not. All of them intend to make the wait for spring a little more tolerable. More»
Matt Brown

No Reason To Bet Against Bama in '17

Monday was one of the rarest events in college football: an actual Alabama loss, with a championship on the line. But after falling to Clemson, there's still reason to believe that the Crimson Tide will rebound with another run to the playoff in 2017. More»
Will Leitch

GB-DAL Preview: Clash of NFC Titans

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have been red-hot, winning their past seven straight games. But now, they have to go on the road to play the Dallas Cowboys and their high-powered offense. Something's gotta give. More»
Mike Lupica

Dak's Incredible; Aaron's the Best

Aaron Rodgers will be in the spotlight on Sunday in Arlington, Texas, when the Packers pull into AT&T Stadium for their playoff game against the Cowboys. But all eyes will be on the quarterback on the other side, too: Dak Prescott. More»

Report: Bills Tap McDermott As New Head Coach

The Buffalo Bills appear to have wasted little time in replacing their former head coach Rex Ryan. The Associate Press reports that the Bills have agreed to hire former Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott as their new head coach. More»

Vance's Chance: Broncos Hire New Head Coach

John Elway found his new head coach: Vance Joseph. After spending last season as Miami's defensive coordinator, Joseph will get to work with Denver's star linebacker Von Miller and plenty of weapons on the offensive side of the ball as well. More»
SoE Staff

Greatest Athlete On Earth: Jan. 4-10

Aaron Rodgers completed yet another Hail Mary pass, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson had a game for the ages in the CFP national title game, and there was a historic high school dunk. So who was the Greatest Athlete on Earth this week? More»
Kenneth Arthur

Super Bowl Scenarios Ranked, 16 to 1

We're almost there! The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is coming this weekend and eight teams are left -- only two will be going to Houston for Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5. But which teams do we really want to see in the big game? More»
Will Leitch

CFB's Tortured Fan Base Rankings

Now that another college football season is in the books, we must regroup and figure out which college football team is most desperate for a national title. After all, every team wants to win one. But these 25 teams need to win a championship. More»
Ross Tucker

Home Sweet Home? What It Means

All four home teams won their Wild Card games last weekend. But now those teams must go on the road for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. With that in mind, I broke down why having home-field advantage really matters in the NFL. More»
Terence Moore

3 Reasons Why Falcons Can Win It All

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys, are in the playoffs. So are classic franchises like the Steelers, Packers and Patriots. But everyone should remember the Falcons and their historically good offense. Because they could absolutely win the Super Bowl. More»
Joe DeLessio

Starting Lineup Toys Make Comeback

Starting Lineup figures are making a comeback. Thanks to a forward-thinking (and nostalgic) Tampa Bay Buccaneers marketing officer, you'll be seeing those famous figures from your childhood return in the form of team promotions. More»
Will Leitch

Falcons vs. Hawks: Bird's the Word

The Falcons and Seahawks have both been successful over the past decade. But only Seattle has broken through in the postseason. Will the divisional round be Matt Ryan and the Falcons' turn to finally start a deep playoff run? More»
David Ubben

The Best National Title Game Losers

An Alabama win on Monday night would have meant the Crimson Tide could join an exclusive club as one of the best teams in college football history. Instead, they're among the greatest teams in college football history who lost with the national title at stake. More»
Joe Sparacio

Photos Of The Week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here are the best photos from Jan. 2-8. More»
NFL Draft

Heisman Finalist Peppers Will Enter Draft

Jabrill Peppers has decided to enter the NFL draft and skip his senior season at Michigan. The Heisman Trophy finalist announced his plans Tuesday. The versatile Peppers is projected to be a first-round pick in April and may play safety in the NFL. More»
Matt Brown

Clemson Is Here To Stay As A Power

Deshaun Watson has played his final game at Clemson, ending the most memorable three-year run in school history with a national title. For Clemson, though, it's status as a national power is far from finished. Under Dabo Swinney, the Tigers are built to last. More»
Cy Brown

True Confessions of a Dabo doubter

GettyImages-151128905 (1)
This former Clemson diehard wanted Dabo Swinney fired for the first half of his tenure as head coach because he thought he was too goofy to win football games. He's never been so happy to be proved so wrong. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

The Longest NFL Playoff Odds Ever

The New England Patriots will be heavy, heavy favorites when they host the Houston Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs. While it'll be one of the largest point spreads in NFL postseason history, though, it's not the largest. More»
Mike Lupica

Young & The Best: Watson Invincible

In two national title games against two dominant Alabama defenses, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson became a legend. He threw for 405 yards in 2016 and lost. He threw for 420 in 2017 and won, thanks to a last-second TD pass. More»

Rose A No-Show For Knicks

Derrick Rose missed the New York Knicks' loss to New Orleans on Monday night for reasons that remained unclear. The Knicks would not comment on Rose's whereabouts or anything else about his absence, though center Joakim Noah said after the game that he had spoken to Rose, and his longtime Chicago teammate was OK. More»
Running Out the Clock

Title Game Took Its Sweet Time

Clemson's championship victory over Alabama on Monday night wasn't short on excitement. But it sure took a long time. The final of the College Football Playoff lasted 4 hours, 8 minutes, making it the longest title game since the introduction of the Bowl Championship Series in 1998. More»
Matt Brown

Dabo Knows: No Doubting Clemson

Clemson had already arrived long before Monday night's 35-31 comeback win over Alabama. But now its national position is assured: Thanks to the leadership of Dabo Swinney, it is a force to be reckoned with, and at long last a national champion. More»
Bama's Fall

Sark Attack Lacked Killer Instinct

Alabama's Steve Sarkisian dialed up a timely trick play, a pass that worked to perfection and plenty of hand-offs to Bo Scarbrough in Monday's title game vs. Clemson. The combination nearly added up to a triumphant debut for Sarkisian as the Tide's offensive coordinator on college football's biggest stage. Almost. More»
Matt Brown

Renfrow Rises From Walk-On To Hero

Hunter Renfrow caught the national championship-winning touchdown for Clemson against Alabama on Monday night, continuing an odds-defying journey from little-known walk-on to rising star to Tigers football hero. More»
David Ubben

Nit-Pick: Clemson's Last TD Illegal?

It's an age-old question: Was it a pick … or a catch? The only eight people whose opinions matter --the officiating crew -- said THERE WAS NO PICK! That answer is of little solace to Bama fans, who lost to Clemson on a somewhat controversial touchdown. More»
David Ubben

Tigers Roll Tide: Best Title Game Ever?

"Empire Strikes Back." "Godfather II." Monday night was one of those rare moments where you could argue that the sequel was better than the original. But was it the greatest CFB championship ever? Texas-USC may have a say. More»
Matt Brown

Watson's Night, NFL Days Ahead

Clemson won the national championship because of the heroics of Deshaun Watson, the unflappable, unbreakable Clemson QB who got up from big hits, shook off mistakes and delivered the ultimate knockout blow to the Tide. More»
Will Leitch

:01 Second Chance Champ: Clemson!

We thought we knew how this title game was going to go. The Tide kept coming. They were relentless. But this time, it didn't matter. Deshaun Watson and Clemson went on the attack, leading the Tigers to an epic 35-31 victory on a last-second TD. More»
Kenneth Arthur

Texans Send In Clowney, And Smile

Few players can compare to the hype and mythology that belonged to Jadeveon Clowney in 2014 as an NFL Draft prospect. And though his first two seasons in the league were marred by health issues, this is his show now. And we're all entertained. More»
Will Leitch

Pats-Texans Preview: Um ... Yeah

After winning a terrible division and then beating a depleted Raiders team in the wild-card round, the Texans must face the heavily-favored Patriots in Foxborough. Barring some sort of miracle, this one should be smooth sailing for New England. More»
Andrea Hangst

Stardom Shouldn't Erase Hill's Past

While Kansas City Chiefs rookie Tyreek Hill is having a breakout season, his history of domestic violence cannot and should not be forgotten. Hill is getting a second chance and that's fine, but don't forget why he needs one. More»
David Ubben

Yo, Bo! Cousins, Kiffin Dig Bama Back

Alabama's Bo Scarbrough is the real deal. The bruising running back ran all over Clemson's defense in the first half of the national title game for 76 yards on 12 carries and two touchdowns. Then got Twitter shout outs from Kirk Cousins and Lane Kiffin More»
Cy Brown

Call On the Field? This Ref's Ripped!

Most football fans are familiar with Ed Hochuli, the NFL referee with biceps that rival a pro wrestler's. But Hochuli isn't the only ref who defintely lifts, bro. Mike Defee, the Big 12 referee officiated the national championship game and he is seriously jacked. More»
Cy Brown

Walton's Uncle Sam Outfit: Far Out

Bill Walton is Uncle Sam
ESPN has cut out a nice little niche by producing alternate broadcasts of the national championship. You've got the coaches channel, the homer channels, skycam channel, the Bill Walton LSD Happy Hour ... wait, what? More»
Cliff Corcoran

The 5 Best MLB Extension Candidates

Hot Stove season has been a little quiet so far in 2017, but negotiations with arbitration-eligible stars are right around the corner. With that said, these five stars' teams should be working tirelessly to sign them to massive contract extensions. More»
NFL Coaching Carousel

Jags Make Marrone HC, Bring Back Coughlin As Exec

According to reports, the Jacksonville Jaguars have hired Doug Marrone as head coach and brought back Tom Coughlin in an executive role. ESPN first reported the news that Marrone had been chosen to replace Gus Bradley, who was fired in late November after going 14-48 in three-plus seasons. More»
NFL Draft

Trubisky Joins 2017 NFL Draft QB Class

North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky is entering the NFL draft. The junior announced his decision Monday on The Players Tribune. The move is part of a rapid rise for a player who didn't start a college game until this season but is now projected as a potential first-round pick. More»
NFL Blotter

Steelers place Linebackers coach Porter on leave

Former Pro Bowl linebacker and current Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter was charged early Monday with assaulting a doorman at a bar and a police officer who intervened hours after the team's Wild Card win over the Miami Dolphins. The team has put him on leave during a review. More»
Michael Pina

NBA's Starting Point Guards, Ranked

There is no position in the NBA more loaded than point guard right now. And, since every team needs a dependable floor general more than ever, I decided to make the ultimate ranking of all 30 starting point guards in the league. More»
Will Leitch

Abide By The Tide: Bama Will Roll On

At this point, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide have accomplished too much for anyone to doubt them in the CFP title game. And yet, plenty still think they might lose. They forgot that Alabama has already solved this game. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

8 Lessons From Wild Card Weekend

All four Wild Card games on the first weekend of the NFL playoffs featured double-digit margins of victory, with the home favorite prevailing every time. The results might not have come as a shock, but there were some key takeaways. More»
Matt Brown

CFB National Championship Pick 'Em

One year after Alabama survived a phenomenal performance from Deshaun Watson to beat Clemson 45-40 in the national championship game, the Crimson Tide and the Tigers are back for a rematch on Monday. Here's how it may play out. More»
Matt Brown

Williams is Bama's New Nightmare

One year ago, Deshaun Watson tormented Alabama in the national title game without his best weapon. This year, a healthy Mike Williams -- a possibly first-round pick at receiver -- is Clemson's best new weapon in trying to beat the Crimson Tide. More»
Mike Lupica

Scarin' Rodgers: Cowboys, Beware

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers rolled the Giants at Lambeau on Sunday, 38-13. Next, Rodgers will roll into Dallas to take on the Cowboys, with the QB playing as well as anybody in the game right now. Think Jerry Jones is nervous? You bet. More»
Cy Brown

Sail Fail? OBJ Boat Takes Sink Twitter

You knew when you saw the picture of Odell Beckham Jr. and his fellow Giants wide receivers shirtless on a boat that the takes were coming, no matter what. After the Giants were crushed by the Packers in the playoffs, they're most definitely here. More»
NFL Wild Card Round

Packers Leap Over Giants At Lambeau

It was freezing at Lambeau Field on Sunday, but Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers warmed up when it counted. Playing against a solid New York Giants defense, the Packers moved the ball at will in the second half, winning 38-13, to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs. More»
Anthony Castrovince

Which Free-Agent Busts Will Pay Off?

One thing we can all agree on when it comes to the Hot Stove season is that we never know which moves will work. Sometimes, mega-deals turn into busts. We'll look at last year's signings that didn't pan out -- and their outlooks in 2017. More»
Michael Tunison

Rodgers Is The Bomb at Hail Marys

Aaron Rodgers did it again. The Packers quarterback connected on a Hail Mary touchdown just before halftime against the Giants, his third in the last two season. Green Bay went on to win, 38-13. More»
Andrea Hangst

The Steelers D Gets An 'A' Grade

While Pittsburgh's "Big Three" of Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown get most of the attention, the Steelers' defense should not be overlooked. And they showed why in their dominant Wild Card round win over Miami. More»
NFL Wild Card Round

Steel Deal: Stars Shine In Pittsburgh's Win Over Fins

The Steelers got on the board early on Sunday at home against the Dolphins and never looked back. Antonio Brown scored twice in the first quarter, then Le'Veon Bell did the rest, rushing for 167 yards and two TDs as the Steelers cruised into the divisional round. More»
Michael Tunison

Hit Raises Moore Concussion Worry

Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore was hit in the jaw in a crushing blow by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree during Sunday's Wild Card game in Pittsburgh. Moore only missed one play, though, raising more questions about the NFL's concussion protocol. More»
Matt Brown

Cal's Dykes Is Out; Push Chip In?

On Sunday afternoon, Cal announced that it fired head coach Sonny Dykes after four seasons, ending a bumpy marriage. While there's been immediate speculation about Chip Kelly, Cal's main goal will be finding a new coach committed to Cal in the long run. More»
Cy Brown

Top 10 NFL playoff circus grabs

Seattle wide receiver Paul Richardson provided circus catch after circus catch in the Seahawks' Wild Card Round win over the Lions. Let's take a look at some more amazing catches from throughout NFL playoff history. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Seattle Catching On At Right Time?

Thanks to some amazing feats from their receivers, the Seahawks handled the Lions in Seattle, winning 26-6. And, while the running game looked finely tuned, the Hawks will need to get Russell Wilson in better rhythm against the Falcons. More»
Matt Brown

New-Look Tide Still Same Ol' Bama

The Alabama offense will shift to the play-calling of Steve Sarkisian in Monday's national title game. While it's an unprecedented move, the history of Alabama under Nick Saban shows that there are few reasons to be skeptical of the Crimson Tide's chances. More»
Kenneth Arthur

The X-Factor For Each Playoff Team

Every year, each playoff team's fate could come down to one player rising up to a level he hadn't reached in the regular season. Not all may be names you'd guess, but beware of these guys when the postseason begins. More»
NFL Wild Card Round

Rawls Power Helps Hawks Put Lions to Sleep

The Seahawks' formula for success? A healthy dose of Thomas Rawls rumbling on the ground. Timely throws by Russell Wilson helped by some remarkable catches. And a defense that never allowed Detroit a sniff of the end zone in a 26-6 home playoff win. More»
NFL Wild Card Round

Brock 'N' Roll: Texans Cook Raiders

The Texans intercepted Raiders rookie quarterback Connor Cook three times, Brock Osweiler was efficient and Houston beat the injury-riddled Oakland squad, 27-14, at NRG Stadium, advancing to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in four years. More»
Michael Tunison

Reich Stuff Gets Better With Age

Connor Cook was the latest quarterback to start a playoff game without starting one for his team in the regular season. It usually hasn't gone well, except for when it did for the Bills' Frank Reich 24 years ago against the Oilers. More»
SoE Original

What Happens on a Boat With Bieber ...

In the latest edition of "FWIW" with host Robert Flores, we go on a high-seas adventure with the New York Giants, get touchy-feely with a Clemson player and admire an epic dunk that may have actually caused someone to pass out. More»
Matt Brown

History of CFB Postseason Rematches

College football typically doesn't do rematches, making Monday's Alabama-Clemson national title game a rarity. While the sport has never seen a 1 vs. 2 rematch like this, Clemson can derive hope from teams like 1990 national champion Colorado. More»
Michael Klopman

How to Fix the Pittsburgh Pirates

After recording three straight winning seasons, including one in 2015 that resulted in 98 wins, the Pittsburgh Pirates fell back below the .500 mark last year. So how can they be competitive again in 2017? We have some suggestions. More»
David Ubben

Fleck Picked To Fix Golden Gophers

The Minnesota Golden Gophers football program has been going through turmoil recently, culminating in the dismissal of coach Tracy Claeys. But in P.J. Fleck, they think they hired the right man to steer the program in the right direction. More»
Cy Brown

Steve Smith pens epic goodbye letter

After 16 years as one of the best receivers in the NFL, Steve Smith is calling it a career. Not only was he a great player, he talked trash better than just about anyone who ever strapped on a helmet, and that was on full display in his short and simple retirement letter. More»
Lindsay Berra

Knock On Wood: Young Devil Rising

Thanks to a photo that went viral, everyone got to see New Jersey Devils winger meeting his childhood idol, Alex Ovechkin. But Wood he's becoming a star of his own. More»
Joe DeLessio

10 Winter Classics We Need To See

The NHL's Winter Classic used to be a must-see event. And while it may have lost some ratings in recent years, what really draws people in is the unique spectacle. With that in mind, we've taken the liberty of mapping out the next 10. More»
Cliff Corcoran

5 Best Cubs Moves Of The Epstein Era

On Jan. 6, 2012, Theo Epstein brought Anthony Rizzo to the Chicago Cubs via a four-player trade. It was the first major move of Epstein's Cubs regime, but it was only the beginning. More»
Will Leitch

A Fifth Bama Title? Ho Hum For Tide

When your team regularly wins championships, like Alabama will try to do Monday night for the fifth time in eight seasons, the joy you experience is real, but also one that can't help but be diminished. A Clemson win would feel much different. More»
David Ubben

Best Title Rematches of All Time

Alabama and Clemson will face off for the national championship on Monday -- again. While rematches like this one might be new to college football, there have been plenty in other sports. Let's reminisce about some of the greatest. More»
Michael Pina

Three's Company: Korver a Cavs Man

According to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cavaliers and Hawks have agreed to a trade that will send Kyle Korver to the defending champions. Cleveland is even stronger now, while the Hawks realize it's time to start over. More»
Mike McCormick

Vote: Best Not-Quite-A-Sports Movie

To give sports fans something movie-related to debate between now and the Oscars, here's your chance to vote for the greatest "non-traditional" sports movie on Earth. These are only kind of jock flicks, for sure, but they're all entertaining. More»
Matt Brown

5 Bama-Clemson Plays To Remember

Last year, Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 in a memorable national title again. On Monday, they'll meet again with the same stakes. What can we learn from their first meeting? Let's break down five key plays, what they meant and how they're relevant now. More»
Will Leitch

Packers-Giants: Saving Best For Last

The two hottest teams in the NFC will go at it in the last game of the Wild Card round. The Packers are on a six-game winning streak, while the Giants have won three of their past four. Only one of them will advance, but the winner will be very dangerous. More»
Andrea Hangst

NFL Head Coach Desirability Rankings

Six NFL teams are looking to find a new head coach. But not all head coaching vacancies are equal -- for a myriad of reasons. Let's take a close look at which job would be the most desirable for those on the market. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

The Most Inexperienced Playoff QBs

While the NFL playoffs this year include some amazing quarterbacks, there are also some very inexperienced signal-callers involved. So with that in mind, let's look at some other QBs who didn't have many pro snaps before starting in the playoffs. More»
NBA Recap

Freak Out: Giannis Hits Buzzer-Beater

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the NBA's most explosive players, and when he takes his time, he can do special things, too. The "Greek Freak" made a turnaround jumper at the buzzer to give the Bucks a 105-104 victory over the Knicks at the Garden on Wednesday night. More»
Will Leitch

Steel Hurtin': Pitt, Miami Meet Again

The Miami Dolphins contained and battered Ben Roethlisberger back in October, holding the Steelers to just 15 points in a win. But now they meet again in the Wild Card round, and Pittsburgh's high-powered offense could go off. More»
Anthony Castrovince

17 Most Intriguing MLB People For '17

It's a new year. So forget about everything that happened during the 2016 season (sorry, Cubs fans). With a new season comes new compelling storylines. So here are the 17 most intriguing people in Major League Baseball for 2017. More»
Matt Brown

Top 25 National Title Game Players

For the second year in a row, Alabama and Clemson will meet in the College Football Playoff national championship game, and despite the post-title game attrition they faced, it's no surprise that they're both loaded with elite players again this year. More»
College Basketball

Grayson Allen Returns From Suspension In Duke Win

Grayson Allen returned from his suspension and had 15 points and seven assists, and No. 8 Duke routed Georgia Tech 110-57 on Wednesday night in coach Mike Krzyzewski's final game before leaving the team to have back surgery. More»
College Basketball

Villanova Win Streak Ends At 20 Games

Butler ended defending national champion Villanova's winning streak at 20 games -- and perhaps ended the Wildcats' five-week run atop the polls -- with a 66-58 victory that sent students streaming onto the court on Wednesday night. More»
Michael Tunison

After Further Review: Chip's Fall

After a losing season in Philadelphia and one bad year in San Francisco, Chip Kelly is being written off as a failure and a fraud. Could Kelly have righted the ship if he were given more time, as other coaches have? More»
Cy Brown

The blueprint for beating Chelsea

Chelsea was on the verge of a historic winning streak, but it was snapped by a 2-0 loss to Tottenham. Now the race for the English Premier League crown is back on, and Spurs gave the rest of the league a blueprint to beat the near-unbeatable Blues. More»
Howard Megdal

Buzz About Hornets Getting Louder

Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Hornets are dominant on the defensive end. But it's a different story when it comes to the offense. If they improve there, the Hornets might be one of the best complete teams in the NBA. More»
Alex Wong

Jazzed Up: Utah Finally Figuring It Out

The Jazz are on the upswing, thanks to their core of Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors and a much-improved supporting cast. With that said, this has to be the year they figure it out, or they might have to start over, again. More»
Terence Moore

On Vick and What Could've Been

It didn't need to play out the way it did. But that's the way it goes. When it comes to Michael Vick's career, I'll always be asking myself what he could've become. I'll always wish he would have listened to the right people. Unfortunately, he didn't. More»
Manny Randhawa

Sophomore Resolutions: No Flukes

Gary Sanchez and Trevor Story burst onto the scene in 2016, becoming two of the most prolific rookie sensations ever. But now it's 2017, and they probably made the same New Year's resolution: avoid a serious regression next season. More»
SoE Original

Greatest Athlete On Earth: 1st Of 2017

Not even a week into 2017 and we've already seen plenty of amazing performances in sports. There was Olivier Giroud's ridiculous goal, Amanda Nunes' UFC domination and yeah, James Harden. Who was the best of the best? More»
Will Leitch

Lions-Hawks Preview: A Flawed Fight

The Lions limped into the playoffs, losing their last three games while QB Matthew Stafford deals with an injured finger. The Seahawks look vulnerable too, playing with a poor o-line and without Earl Thomas. One of them will advance. More»
Will Leitch

Being Kurt: Warner Belongs In HOF

The NFL announced its 15 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Kurt Warner was named for the third time. And that's ridiculous. Why? Because the former star quarterback should have already made the Hall on the first attempt. More»
Mike Lupica

Code Jed: Why 49ers Have Fallen

The San Francisco 49ers aren't the San Francisco 49ers anymore. The once-golden franchise has turned into a dysfunctional mess under CEO Jed York, who has shown he has no idea how to run a football team. More»
Matt Brown

Best and Worst of CFB Bowl Season

Forty bowl games have come and gone again, leaving the 2016 college football season with one more game: the national championship. As we wait for the title game to kick off, first it's time to look back at what went right and wrong in the postseason. More»
Joe Sparacio

Photos Of The Week

As part of an ongoing series, Sports on Earth is partnering with Getty Images to bring you the best snapshots from around the sports world each week. Here are the best photos from Dec. 26-Jan. 1. More»
College Football

Minnesota Fires Claeys Two Weeks After Boycott

Minnesota fired coach Tracy Claeys on Tuesday, just over two weeks after the football program became embroiled in a standoff with the administration over the suspension of 10 players in connection with allegations of sexual assault. More»
Ross Tucker

Redirect Your NFL Referee Anger

It's going to happen. At some point during the NFL playoffs, everyone is going to flip out over a bad call. But you have to understand how hard a referee's job is. And you need to redirect your anger to the NFL's Competition Committee. More»
Matt Brown

The Rose Bowl's 10 Greatest Games

On Monday night, USC beat Penn State 52-49 in a thrilling game filled with big plays, one that stands up with the greatest of the 103 Rose Bowls. Where it does it rank? Let's take a look back at the 10 best Rose Bowl games ever played. More»
Will Leitch

Texans-Raiders Preview: Win Ugly

It might not be a game you're waiting all week to watch, but the Texans are still hosting a playoff game against the Raiders on Saturday. And it's all set up perfectly for Houston. Can the Texans finally advance in the postseason? More»

Bengals' Pacman Jones Arrested Again

Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested in downtown Cincinnati and jailed early on Tuesday morning. He's facing charges of assault, disorderly conduct and a felony count of harassment with a bodily substance. More»
Dani Wexelman

2017 Winter Classic In Pictures

The ninth annual Winter Classic was a doozy. Despite the gloomy weather, the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks put on a special show for the crowd at Busch Stadium. Check out the scene from St. Louis' 4-1 victory. More»
Will Leitch

NFL Playoffs Rootability Rankings

Only 12 teams out of 32 make the NFL playoffs, so the odds are that your team isn't in. But everyone watching should still have a rooting interest. That's where these rankings come in. Here's your postseason cheering guide. More»
Matt Brown

Sooners Top Auburn, Sweeten Season

If it wasn't for a rough run through nonconference play, Oklahoma would have been a playoff team. But after the disappointment of September, the Sooners rebounded to go 9-0 in the Big 12, then end the season with a dominant 35-19 Sugar Bowl win over Auburn. More»
Cliff Corcoran

Best of the Rest: Top 5 Free Agents

This year's free agent market was thin, but there are still several compelling players remaining on the market. Here's a look at the five most impactful ones and where they could (or should) land before pitchers and catchers report. More»
Matt Brown

USC Comes Up Roses Against PSU

There were no national championship implications, but it did not matter. On Monday night in Pasadena, USC beat Penn State 52-49 in the Rose Bowl with a last-second field goal that capped one of the wildest college football games we've ever seen. More»
David Ubben

Cotton Bowl A Vintage Wisconsin Win

Paul Chryst harped on a consistent message throughout bowl preparation: Do not underestimate Western Michigan. It paid off, as the Badgers beat the Broncos 24-16 in the Cotton Bowl on Monday to cap another impressive 11-win season. More»
College Football

Gators Shut Down Iowa In Outback Bowl

Austin Appleby threw for 222 yards and two TDs to help Florida rout Iowa 30-3 in the Outback Bowl on Monday. Mark Thompson scored on an 85-yard pass in the first half, and the Gators defense held the Hawkeyes to 55 passing yards. More»
Jason B. Hirschhorn

Falcons Flying to New Heights

The Atlanta Falcons' star-studded offense has come into its own this season following multiple lean years and a regime change. No longer one of the weaker links in an otherwise high-scoring NFC South, Atlanta has become a fearsome entity. More»
Mike Lupica

Movers & Shakedowns: They go, We Pay

So now it is supposed to happen to San Diego, the way it just happened to St. Louis, and the way it may happen to Oakland. This has become one of the great civic boondoggles of the past 40 years: The New Stadium hustle. More»
College Basketball

Krzyzewski To Take Leave For Back Surgery

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is stepping away from the team to have lower back surgery. The school announced Monday that the procedure is scheduled for Friday, with an anticipated recovery time of four weeks. Jeff Capell will step in to replace him. More»
Matt Brown

Exit Lane: Kiffin Out Before Title Game

Leave it to Lane Kiffin to become the first assistant coach pushed out in the middle of the College Football Playoff. After calling plays for Alabama in the Peach Bowl, the new Florida Atlantic coach will be replaced by Steve Sarkisian in the title game. More»
Cy Brown

When Fans Get Into The Game

Any time a fan gets in the game, in any capacity, for any amount of time, it's cool as hell to watch. It gives me hope that one day, the coach of my favorite team will look back at the stands, point at me, and say, "Suit up, kid." More»
NFL Recap

Packers Roll Over Lions For NFC North Title

Aaron Rodgers threw three of his four touchdown passes in the second half, lifting the Packers to an NFC North-winning 31-24 victory over the Lions on Sunday night. Green Bay will host the Giants next Sunday in the first-round of the playoffs; Detroit will go to Seattle and play the Seahawks on Saturday night. More»
Barry M. Bloom

Bolting Town? Chargers' Future Dim

If Sunday's game at Qualcomm Stadium was indeed the last ever in San Diego for the Chargers (it was the last for Mike McCoy as head coach of the team), the move to L.A. will have a profound impact on those who grew up in the area. More»