By Matt Monagan

In case you missed it, Kobe Bryant broke an all-time record against the Grizzlies last night. He passed John Havlicek for the most missed shots in NBA history with the 13,418th of his career:


"There's your record-setting miss" are just the words every basketball player dreams of hearing someday.

Although it's a regrettable record, it's one that can only be achieved by a player with a long, successful career and somebody who's had the opportunity to play that many games/take that many shots. Kobe also ranks fourth on NBA's all-time scoring list and is obviously pretty good at what he does.

If the LA continues to struggle this year, Kobe may also find himself near the top of the NBA's all-time field goal attempts list. (Another Laker legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, is at the top of that one.) After all, who else on that team do you even want taking a shot? 

So, in honor of the Black Mamba being the GOAT at missing shots, we wanted to take a look at some other ignominious records held by sports legends.

Martin Brodeur - Most goals allowed: 2,764, Most losses: 394


Rickey Henderson - Most times caught stealing: 335


Nolan Ryan - Most walks allowed: 2,795, Most wild pitches: 227


Karl Malone - Most turnovers: 4,524


Pete Rose - Most outs made: 10,328


Brett Favre - Most interceptions: 336, Most fumbles: 166, Most times sacked: 525 (Sorry, Brett)



Matt Monagan is a Sports on Earth contributor and writer for's Cut4. You can follow him on Twitter @Mono11.