At long, long last -- this contest has been going on a long time! -- we have reached the final championship battle. Our Best College Football Stadium poll has reached its championship game.

The Final Four , alas, was not close: The two stadiums that have consistently been the top two vote getters ended up reaching the Finals. The first matchup featured Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium pounding Notre Dame's Notre Dame Stadium 76.1 percent to 23.9 percent.

The second matchup wasn't quite as much of a blowout, but it was close: Georgia's Sanford Stadium crunching SEC rival LSU's Tiger Stadium 71.1 percent to 28.9 percent.  

To remind, here's how that bracket came together:

  • Three stadiums from the SEC.
  • Three stadiums from the Pac-12.
  • Three stadiums from the Big Ten.
  • Two stadiums from the Big 12.
  • Two stadiums from the ACC
  • Two stadiums from the rest of FCS/Division I.
  • One wild-card stadium (the stadium that receives the most votes but falls out of the top two or three.)

In the first week, we did the SEC; second, Pac-12; third, the Big Ten; fourth, the Big 12; fifth, the ACC; sixth, the non-Power Five

Now: The Final Two. Time to vote.

Here goes:

No. 7 Sanford Stadium, Athens, Ga.
Year Opened: 1929
Capacity: 92,746
Football Passport Page:



No. 12 Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, Wis.
Year Opened: 1917
Capacity: 80,321
Football Passport Page:


You've got two full weeks to vote: We'll be back on December 19 to announce the winner. So vote!


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