By Cut4 Staff

In a world already overstuffed with National Pancake Day (though pancakes are delicious) and Squirrel Appreciation Day, finally there is a holiday devoted to sports. (And, no, Boxing Day doesn't really count.)

On Tuesday, Mayor Emanuel officially made January 20th, otherwise known as 1/20, as 120 Sports Day.

And, in celebration, the Chicago-based 120 Sports, with their 120 second videos (much more convenient than MTV's classic 120 Minutes), counted down the 40 athletes that matter most to millennials. And chances are if you know how to use the internet and know that it's not called "The Google" you are either a millennial or you are an honorary member.

Here's the list.

Check out the clip below to find out who was number one.

We discovered them using The Google. (Nah, we didn't. 120 Sports is a partner of Sports on Earth.)