Roster turnover can mean different things for different teams. Two teams may both lose 10 players, but the players they each get back aren't necessarily going to be of the same value. "Everybody must go" isn't always the best methodology for building a winning squad. It can often mean changes for change's sake.

The same goes for teams without much turnover. That's great if you're already a good team (like the Nationals), but keeping the same players doesn't help a team that may need some improvement (such as teh Rockies).

All that said, we decided to look at which teams had the most and least roster turnover in baseball by looking at how many players currently with each organization now were also on the same team's 2014 Opening Day roster. (Just FYI, the average is 15 players.)

Our methodology for figuring out roster turnover wasn't an exact science. For one thing, some players who are still with the same organization they started last season with were left out of the calculations because of certain technicalities.

For example, the Dodgers' Carl Crawford missed Opening Day last year while he was on paternity leave, thus he isn't factored into the figure you see in the chart below.

However, in general, this should be a good starting point to see how much, in fact, teams flipped their rosters from one year to the next.

Take a look at the chart, then scroll down to view some teams we examined more closely.

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Most Turnover

Atlanta Braves

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 10

2014 W-L: 79-83

Projected 2015 W-L: 73-89

The 2015 Braves will look completely different from the 2014, which isn't an enticing prospect for Braves fans. Since last Opening Day, the Braves have lost Justin Upton, Evan Gattis, Jason Heyward, and Dan Uggla (thank god).

The major changes are the first step in new general manager John Hart's vision of a rebuilt Braves, one they hope is up, humming and competing for division title by the time the Braves move into their new stadium.

The team made some moves that raised eyebrows in the offseason. Nick Markakis was signed to a four-year deal despite coming off of neck surgery. Shelby Miller is the new player to keep an eye on. Acquired in the Jason Heyward trade, if Miller has a strong season, it may the first indication that Hart has some semblance of an idea of what he's doing.

Boston Red Sox

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 11

2014 W-L: 71-91

Projected 2015 W-L: 87-74

The Red Sox had a terrible season last year, and if there's one thing that won't stand in Boston, it's the Red Sox having a poor season. Accordingly, the Sox pulled a roster overhaul.

As opposed to Braves, who redid their roster and will likely be worse for it (at least in the short run), the Red Sox looks like they improved their team vastly with the changes they've made. The rebuilding started last year when they traded for Yoenis Cespedes, who, in turn, they flipped for pitcher Rick Porcello. Plug in the additions of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, and expect the Sox to be in the mix for a division title.

New York Yankees

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 11

2014 W-L: 84-78

Projected 2015 W-L: 80-82

He wasn't the player we all remember from his prime by the time he retired, but losing Derek Jeter should take some emotional toll on the Yankees. No MLB player was as synonymous with his team as Jeter, so you have to wonder if there will be any sort of leadership void in the clubhouse.

On top of that, the Yankees lose pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, who was a stabilizing figure in the rotation. They're looking for a closer with the loss of David Robertson (although one figures Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller will get much of the late-inning work). There are few marquee names on the Yankees at this point. With the Red Sox back on the upswing, don't be surprised if the Yankees continue to flip their roster until they can once again produce a winner.

Texas Rangers

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 11

2014 W-L:67-95

Projected 2015 W-L: 82-80

The first thing to note is that Yu Darvish was not on the Rangers Opening Day roster in 2014. He began the season on the DL, so he's not included in the 11 players still with the organization from that roster. Still, though, even if you include him, the Texas has a lot of turnover to deal with.

The lineup of the Rangers will remain fairly stable. You'll still see familiar faces like Prince Fielder and Adrian Beltre. The real improvement should come in their pitching rotation. They have Darvish, along with Derek Holland, who finished 2014 with a 1.46 ERA. The biggest addition is Yovani Gallardo from the Brewers. The Rangers traded three prospects for Gallardo, and in exchange they've got a No. 3 starter with an All-Star appearance on his resume.

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Least Turnover

San Francisco Giants

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 20

2014 W-L: 88-74

Projected 2015 W-L: 84-78

The San Francisco Giants are practically bringing their entire team back, which is a scary thought for all the other teams, no matter how stacked the NL West may be.

There will be a hole to fill at third base and it will be a big one. Pablo Sandoval signed a huge contract with the Red Sox, so the Giants must find a way to replace his production.

But the key to their success has always been pitching, and that won't change in 2015. The Giants bring back their entire rotation: Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy. Oh yeah, and there's some guy called MadBum: You may have heard of him.

Washington Nationals

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 20

2014 W-L: 96-66

Projected 2015 W-L: 91-71

The Nationals are the most dynamic young team in baseball and they show no signs of slowing down in 2015. The team brings back almost its entire lineup.

The outfield will remain unchanged, with Bryce Harper, Denard Span, and Jayson Werth starting. The infield will still have Ryan Zimmerman, Anthony Rendon, Ian Desmond, and Wilson Ramos, in addition to new acquisition Yunel Escobar at second base. A pitching staff led by Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer and Jordan Zimmermann won't hurt things either.

Colorado Rockies

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 19

2014 W-L: 66-96

Projected 2015 W-L: 71-91

The Rockies are sort of the anti-Giants or Nationals. Their roster has remained nearly as stable as those two, but with a team that wasn't nearly as good.

The main problem the Rockies had last year, and one reason why they were so bad, were injuries to Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, who both missed a large portion of the 2014 season. If those two guys can just stay on the field, expect the Rockies to be at least slightly better.

St. Louis Cardinals

Players from 2014 Opening Day Roster: 18

2014 W-L: 90-72

Projected 2015 W-L: 88-74

One of the best and most steady organizations in MLB will stay just that in 2015.

The biggest loss for Cardinals, both on the field and off, came from the tragic death of right-fielder Oscar Tavares. The Cards replaced him with outfielder Jason Heyward, whom they acquired from the Braves in exchange for Shelby Miller.

Other than that, the team will remain largely the same. Adam Wainwright will pitch lights out, while Yadier Molina, Matt Holliday and Matt Carpenter hold down the lineup. The Cardinals will win a lot of games. It's just kind of what they do.

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