By Tim Healey

Jack Nicklaus has done a lot of impressive things in his 75 years on Earth -- won an all-time best 18 major championships, fathered five children, picked up the awesome nickname of "The Golden Bear," earned the Congressional Gold Medal for his humanitarian work.

This one is definitely up there.

Yes, that's a hole-in-one. Nicklaus watched as the ball rolled and rolled and rolled, right into the cup. The feat came Wednesday during the Masters Par 3 Contest. Money.

Is a single hole-in-one more impressive than those other things? Consider: Nicklaus is 75. Seventy-five. Nicklaus also officially retired in 2005 -- an even 10 years ago -- and had a hip replaced 16 years ago, then back surgery five years after that.

He seems to be in pretty good health for a septuagenarian, but still, a hole-in-one? A lot of us much younger and more able-bodied would feel lucky to match that in mini golf, much less a par-3 course.

Oh, and he called it, too.

* * *
Tim Healey is a contributor to Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @timbhealey.