Still wondering who to root for Saturday night? In Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s latest heel move (which continues to show his arrogance and lack of self-awareness), he has reportedly banned from MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas a pair of reporters who had covered the boxer's history of abusing women.

You can find lots of reading material on the subject of Mayweather's history with women here.

CNN's Rachel Nichols, as well as ESPN/HBO reporter Michelle Beadle, took to Twitter to break the news about themselves.

MGM Grand is the site of Mayweather's fight with Manny Pacquiao Saturday night, purportedly the richest matchup in the history of the sport. Mayweather has received considerable criticism in the lead up to the fight for his history of domestic violence.

For what it's worth, one of Mayweather's representatives disputed the claims of Nichols and Beadle. It seems unlikely that the two women would simply make up being barred from the fight.

The parties seem to have spent a portion of Saturday working toward a resolution, although Beadle said it was too late.

Mayweather's attempt to control the narrative is a weak one. It is unclear why he apparently banned Nichols and Beadle when his troubling past has been a topic of conversation all week on all sorts of media platforms, including ESPN's Outside the Lines.

The Twitter masses, easily excitable and angered, were especially so Saturday.

Retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya, meanwhile, perhaps best summarized popular opinion on Mayweather and ESPN's Stephen A. Smith with one tweet.


Tim Healey is a contributor to Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @timbhealey.