LAS VEGAS -- It wouldn't be a title fight without a little controversy.

After Floyd Mayweather Jr. outlasted Manny Pacquiao in 12 rounds Saturday night in their welterweight championship bout at the MGM Grand Arena, there was some confusion surrounding Pacquiao's injured right shoulder. At the final press conference, a pair of conflicting reports were delivered about the injury, in which Pacman was not permitted to receive anti-inflammatory injections on the shoulder.

Pacquaio said he injured the shoulder roughly two weeks ago, and that Freddie Roach, his trainer, said he considered postponing the fight because of it. But after improvements, Team Pacquaio and promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank decided to go through with the bout.

While Arum claimed they'd filed papers with the Nevada Athletic Commission, notifying them of the injury, Francisco Aguilar, Chairman of the Commission, appeared on the dais late in the night to reject Arum's claim.

About ninety minutes before the fight, Aguilar claims that Pacquiao's team wanted to have a new doctor licensed for Pacquaio's corner. Aguilar was suspicious. Asked why, he was told by the team that Pacquaio had a shoulder injury, and that the medicine he was taking was not on a questionnaire his team submitted before the fight.

Aguilar had no idea about the medications, and didn't know anything about them. He had to spell out the drugs: "Lidocaine, Dupivocene, Celestone."

With such little time, Aguilar said he decided to not allow Pacquaio to take the drugs. It's unclear what recourse, if any, Top Rank and Pacquiao will pursue.

Asked about Pacquiao's injury, Mayweather dismissed it.

"We all fight with injuries," he said. "I got injuries in both hands, injuries in both arms. This is part of the sport."