The task seemed easy enough: Compile a viable starting NFL team out of the remaining free agents now that the NFL offseason is behind us and training camps are roughly a month away.

It was much harder than I thought it'd be.

At some positions, like running back and interior offensive line, there were a number of viable options to choose from. At others, like cornerback, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Still, with the right coach (Bill Cowher maybe?) I think I could cobble a few wins out of this group. Playoff bound we are not, but the "Fighting Tuckheads" could give a few NFL teams a run for their money, especially early in the season, before this aging, injury-prone roster would begin to crumble.

The common factor linking most of these players is very simple: They are older and coming off an injury. That seems to almost be a death knell for NFL careers these days.


QB: Michael Vick. I'm not too keen on having a quarterback that admitted he wasn't prepared to go into a game last year as a backup, but if I give him a starting job he'll know he's going to play. And he's still got enough in his arm and legs to move the ball a bit.

RB: Ray Rice. I'm not worried about the PR hit my team might take. I need to win some games, and I believe Rice still has something left despite his subpar 2013 season.

RB: Knowshon Moreno. Like a lot of these guys, he is coming off of an injury, but he is young enough and was productive enough early last season for me to give him a shot.

WR: Mike Williams. I don't know what happened in Tampa or Buffalo and I don't care. He's the only young, proven playmaker available.

WR: Reggie Wayne. All I need is one more solid year, Reggie. Just one more.

WR: Wes Welker. He's no longer one of the best wide receivers in the NFL anymore, but he's still in the top half of the league among slot guys -- which makes him a star on this team.

TE: Jermaine Gresham. As someone who once had back surgery, I don't love signing a player coming off of that, but my options are limited.

TE: Zach Miller. Older, coming off injury, what else is new for my squad? At least I know he's a good player when healthy.

OT: Jake Long. See above.

OT: Anthony Collins. I'm hoping his humbling season in Tampa Bay will get him back to his 2013 Bengal form.

OG: Evan Mathis. Clearly the most sought after free agent on this list after his recent release from the Eagles, yet like most of the rest of them, the 34 year-old Mathis is an older player coming off of an injury.

OG: Dan Connolly. He's among the best of what's out there, even though a neck injury hindered part of his 2014-15 season with the Patriots.

C: Chris Myers. It is actually pretty remarkable how many Raiola, Goodwin, Garza types are out there. I'll take Myers.


DE: Dwight Freeney. Ideally, he'd be more of a situational rusher for me at this point in his career.

DE: John Abraham. It is scary to me that Abraham (37) is older than I am, but the last time he played with the Cardinals in 2013 he was highly productive. Maybe a year off helped the concussion issues he was having.

DT: Barry Cofield. There's usually a decent amount of run stuffers like Cofield available.

DT: Red Bryant. Signed a big contract with the Jaguars before they released him. Still should have something left in the tank, though.

LB: Jacquian Williams. The fact that this guy is still on the market surprises me. I've always thought of him as an athletic player who was good in pass coverage and on special teams. He might be my diamond in the rough.

LB: Brandon Spikes. The Patriots' loss is my gain.

LB: Lance Briggs. He's going to have to make plays more with his brains than his legs at this stage.

CB: Tarell Brown. Former Niner turned Raider coming off an injury is eager for a job.

CB: Carlos Rogers. Same as Brown, though I'm not sure he is as eager to play.

CB: Ike Taylor. I know he is retired, but I am desperate. That's why Cowher is my coach.

S: George Wilson. There are more safeties available then you might think, especially with teams like the Giants being so desperate for one. Wilson is the consummate professional and will be the leader on the back end.

S: Dawan Landry. The lesser of two evils when it comes to the Landry brothers.