One player you may not have been familiar with before this World Cup is midfielder Tobin Heath. The 27-year-old New Jersey-native has put in yeoman's work for the U.S. Women's National Team. You may remember her from banging into the advertising boards and toppling over opponents when trying to win headers in the semifinal with Germany.

But Heath also has tremendous skill and class, which she's used to stepover and shake numerous defenders on the flank in the Cup.

The pitch isn't the only place she can show off, though. In this video from 2012, Heath takes to the streets for a light stroll and freestyle juggling session.

Heath's dribbling skills are top-notch and she doesn't let the ball touch the ground once (probably with the assistance of some nifty editing). During the video, Heath:

• Juggles while riding an elevator.
• Juggles into a basketball hoop.
• Juggles on a bench beside small children.
• Juggles in a tree.
• Heads the ball back-and-forth with someone random dude.
• Is handed a cup of coffee (or perhaps a snow-cone) ... and, spoiler alert, keeps juggling.
• Juggles across a jungle gym (say that three times fast).

Let's just hope she can juggle all the way through Japan's defense and bring home the Cup.

* * *
Cy Brown writes about soccer for Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @CEPBrown.