It's almost launch time.

Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Todd Frazier, Josh Donaldson, Manny Machado, Joc Pederson, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant will participate in the Gillette Home Run Derby presented by Head & Shoulders, which comes with a new format in which eight batters will face off in timed rounds in a single-elimination bracket (UPDATE: the rules will altered a bit on Monday due to inclement weather).

The only question left, then, is who will win? Certainly, anything can happen once the Derby actually starts at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on Monday night. In recent years we've seen Yasiel Puig lay an egg in 2014, non-All-Star Yoenis Cespedes win it in '13 and Josh Hamilton go off for 28 long balls in the first round in '08 ... before eventually losing. The Monday before the Midsummer Classic can be quite unpredictable.

But let's take a shot at assessing how it'll go down. Here's a look at each participant, including his Derby experience, his number of home runs through Tuesday (the cutoff for official seeding) and some highly (un)scientific odds that he wins.

Rangers DH, Prince Fielder
Derby experience: winner in 2009 and 2012, semifinalist in 2011, lost in first round in 2007 and 2013
Home runs through Sunday: 14
Seed: 7
What we think his odds of winning are: 3:1

It's hard to argue with results. Fielder -- whose father, Cecil, participated in three Derbies in the early 1990s -- has already won this thing twice in five tries, and his type of raw, batting-practice power is meant for the Derby. That he's healthy after missing most of 2014 with a neck problem helps. Plus, he's shown he can still do things like this. Fielder should be, along with Pujols, the favorite. Don't discount him because he's seeded seventh.

Angels 1B, Albert Pujols
Derby experience: runner-up in 2003, semifinalist in 2007 and 2009
Home runs through Sunday: 26
Seed: 1
What we think his odds of winning are: 4:1

After a couple of relative down years in Los Angeles, Pujols' power has come back in a big, big way for the Angels this year. His 26 homers lead the American League, and his slugging percentage is as high as it's been since 2010, when he was last an All-Star and still in St. Louis. Plus, he's the grizzled vet of this mostly young Derby field, so you have to think, as will be the case with Fielder, his previous Derby experience will help him pace himself. His combination of lasers and moonshots should be quality entertainment.

Reds 3B, Todd Frazier
Derby experience: runner-up in 2014
Home runs through Sunday: 25
Seed: 2
What we think his odds of winning are: 6:1

Gotta root for the hometown guy, right? Frazier, who you might remember as that guy who met Derek Jeter as a kid, was an All-Star last year and finished second to Cespedes in the Derby. He's having a career year for Cincinnati, already hitting 25 home runs to top all Major League third baseman. Frazier would be an easy player to root for Monday night -- not to mention whatever energy he might inject into the Cincinnati crowd. It's too bad one of Frazier and Fielder will be gone after the first round.

Cubs 1B, Anthony Rizzo
Derby experience: none
Home runs through Sunday: 16
Seed: 6
What we think his odds of winning are: 10:1

In the Cubs' glut of the promising young position players, Rizzo gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. But have no doubt: Rizzo -- listed at 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds -- is one huge, strong dude. Him going off a la Hamilton at Yankee Stadium wouldn't be a huge surprise. He should be able to get into the semis by beating Donaldson.

Cubs 3B, Kris Bryant
Derby experience: none
Home runs through Sunday: 12
Seed: 8
What we think his odds of winning are: 1/10.

Bryant put his power-hitting ability on full display during Spring Training, and since his mid-April callup he's been an extremely effective Major League hitter. Any other year, Bryant might've been a good bet to make a run, but with the new format this time around, he draws Pujols in the opening round. Tough break. (That said, if he can get by Pujols, he'll only need to beat one of Machado and Pederson to move into the finals). Home Run Derby titles could be in Bryant's future, but probably not this year.

Dodgers OF, Joc Pederson
Derby experience: none
Home runs through Sunday: 20
Seed: 4
What we think his odds of winning are: 11:1

Pederson, perhaps the National League Rookie of the Year at the halfway mark, leads all rookies in home runs, and it isn't particularly close. His 35-plus-homer pace is maybe a little more than most were expecting from him this early, but he did hit for power in the Minors and is probably the best all-around athlete in this year's rookie class. If he can top Machado in the first round, the Pujols/Bryant winner awaits, so a trip to the finals seems unlikely. Pederson, though, has a tendency of exceeding expectations.

Blue Jays 3B, Josh Donaldson
Derby experience: lost in first round in 2014
Home runs through Sunday: 21
Seed: 3
Odds of winning: 12:1

Donaldson has been one of the best players in baseball since his breakout 2013 season, but there's little to suggest that'll translate here. If he keeps up this pace for the rest of the season, it'll be the first time in his career he hits more than 30 homers and slugs better than .500. It doesn't help that he draws Rizzo in the first round.

Orioles 3B, Manny Machado
Derby experience: none
Home runs through Sunday: 19
Seed: 5
Odds of winning: 15:1

Machado has been around so long, it's easy to forget he's still only 23 and still filling out. He's never slugged .500 or hit more than 20 homers prior to this season, and right now he's officially 6-foot-3 and just 185 pounds -- a bit of a stick. There is some obvious power there, as we've seen, so give it a few years and Machado could come to own All-Star Monday.

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Tim Healey is a contributor to Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @timbhealey