By Knox Bardeen

Jim Harbaugh never lost a season opener as quarterback of the Michigan Wolverines in the mid-'80s. His regular season coaching debut at his alma mater didn't go as well.

Michigan lost to Utah 24-17 on Thursday, beating itself in many ways, including three interceptions, with "Khaki Cam" (Fox Sports Go's foray into experimental, Harbaugh-focused camera feeds) going into overdrive.

Michigan's New QB is …

OK, that was just Jim Harbaugh trolling. Iowa transfer Jake Rudock took the snaps for the Wolverines and looked like a ball of nervous energy in the first quarter when he overthrew Jehu Chesson -- who ran a beautiful route to get free along the right sideline -- for a sure touchdown pass.

In the second quarter, Rudock not only missed Chesson again on a long pattern, but threw another pick while aiming toward Grant Perry. The one bright spot was juvenile headline writers' dream tight end Jake Butt, who caught eight passes for 93 yards in the first half, along with a touchdown in the second half to keep things close for the Wolverines.

But(t) Ruddock's insistence on targeting Perry (each of his picks came on attempts the receiver's way) sealed Michigan's fate midway through the fourth quarter when Utah's Justin Thomas jumped a route and took a 55-yard pick back to the house to give the Utes a 14-point lead. Interceptions were rare when Rudock was at Iowa, but he wasn't the safe option that Michigan hoped on Thursday.

Travis Wilson Can Carry the Utes

It only seems like Wilson has been at Utah forever. He hasn't, but wisdom seems to have blossomed in the senior quarterback.

Wilson's adjustments during halftime allowed him to carve up the Michigan defense in the third quarter. When he saw an opening to use his feet -- remember, this guy chugged for 91 yards and three touchdowns on the ground in last year's Las Vegas Bowl -- he showed off an enhanced rushing prowess.

Wilson finished 24 for 33 with 208 yards through the air and had 53 yards on the ground. Utah would not have won so convincingly without the total package he provided.

First impressions of "Khaki Cam"

Being a head coach is kind of a lonely job. Sure, Harbaugh was talking on his headset the entire game, but unless he initiated contact on the field, everyone avoided him. Harbaugh didn't like calling that timeout; he showed visible signs of angst right as he reached for the official. This is why "Khaki Cam" can be great.

Harbaugh's dedicated cam caught another moment, one he might not wanted to have shared. When Kenny Allen missed a third-quarter field goal after an instant replay took away a Wolverines' first down, Harbaugh -- thinking he was talking to himself -- said he should have foregone the kick and attempted to go for it on fourth down.

If the rest of the season goes the same way Thursday did, "Khaki Cam" may become must-stream TV.