The Mets lost the World Series to the Kansas City Royals, but that was just the capper on an incredible run in 2015. In a season no one saw coming, the Mets won 90 games and the NL East, then set off on a postseason run that featured a National League Division Series win over the Dodgers, a sweep of the young and revitalized Cubs in the NL Championship Series and seven home runs from Daniel Murphy. So, all things considered, 2015 was a fantastic season for the Mets.

But the Mets are from New York and you knew someone in that media market would take a chance to jump on the second best team in baseball. And of course it was the New York Post.

The cover of the New York Post following the Mets' World Series loss. (New York Post)

The NYC tabloid is known for their pun-tastic headlines, but this one seems to fall flat. This year's Mets -- unlike any number of their previous incarnations -- are not a disgrace. And to call them that is a bit ludicrous. Second, is "Amazin' Disgrace" really the best they could come up with? This is the New York Post! These headlines are what they do ... and that's all they can muster?

In general, the Post has been off with its Mets covers this postseason. You can see all the covers from their run here. It's a lot of "Dark Knight" and "Wright" puns. You get the standard "World Class" when the Mets won the NLCS to advance to the World Series. I was particularly disappointed in their covers during the whole Chase Utley hullabaloo.

However, I did enjoy this one, both because of the ridiculous look on Murphy's face and because Dan-amite is a wonderful nickname:

(New York Post)

Murphy's official nickname should be Dan-amite. Let them put that on jerseys and they'll sell out in a day. Dan-amite is the best.

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