His wild and party-loving persona may not give you the impression that Rob Gronkowski is disciplined with his money, but Gronk would argue otherwise. The Patriots tight end claimed in a recent published memoir -- which he totally wrote all by himself -- that he has yet to touch one dime of his signing bonus or NFL contract money and that everything he has been spending has come from endorsements. That's remarkably smart money management. Just let the annual party ships pay for everything.

So perhaps it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Gronk has paired with Capital One to dispense "common-sense advice for money management" in a promotion called GRONKonomics.

We got a sneak peek at the campaign and here are some of the tips to expect.

• Happy hours are your friend. If the bar has specials on rail drinks, it's just smart to take advantage.

• If you can trademark DEEZ NUTZ, you'll be a wealthy man for the rest of your days.

• Always buy rubbers in bulk.

• Try to save at least 20 percent of each paycheck. And spend no more than 40 percent of it on Zubaz pants.

• When your buddy approaches you to invest in his app that tells users the nearest wet t-shirt contest, politely decline.

• In general, depositing your money in a bank is safer than keeping it in a portable cooler.