The Puppy Bowl XII airs Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. ET on Animal Planet and is pretty self-explanatory. It's a football game, but with puppies instead of people. But just because the idea is simplistic doesn't mean it isn't also amazing. A group of 80 uncoordinated bundles of fluff running into and piling on top of each other? Yes, please.

The Animal Planet released the "rosters" for the game and, unsurprisingly, they were full of adorable puppies. On top of being just the cutest things you ever did see, the pups also have amazing names like Bijoux, Boris, Miss Sassy, Timon, Timber and Kevin?

You can watch it live here:

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

The fun doesn't stop at just watching the Puppy Bowl, though. Like in all sports now, fantasy Puppy Bowl is huge, and you can go to Animal Planet's website to draft your fantasy Puppy Bowl squad. You pick three dogs to go up against your friends. There's a scorecard and everything. I went on and drafted my team, and I think I have a strong chance to come out on top in Puppy Bowl fantasy. I mean, just look at this lineup. Bijoux, Wrinkles and Kevin? Talk about a murderer's row.

Pupp Bowl team

But this goes beyond just being able to stare at cute puppies and play fun little fantasy games. Each dog in the Puppy Bowl comes from an animal shelter, as a way to promote pet adoption. So check out the Puppy Bowl and all the wonderful little critters on display. And the next time you're thinking about getting a dog, consider adopting.

Also, watch out for Kevin in the big game. He's coming for that Puppy Bowl MVP.

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