The presidential race and the baseball season share a certain symmetry of scheduling.

February is not only the time the presidential candidates spend a disproportionate amount of time campaigning in faraway locales in Iowa and New Hampshire, it's also the month clubs begin spending an inordinate amount of time training in faraway locales in Florida and Arizona. And the goal of each campaign, of course, is to accumulate small victories early, surge in the summer and then obtain the ultimate prize in the fall.

With that in mind, let's reimagine each team's 2016 declaration of intent in the form of a political slogan.

Cubs: Wait 'Til This Year
The incessant underdogs are now Vegas favorites, trying to abolish a World Series championship drought that has survived 27 U.S. presidential elections.

Angels: A Trout in Every Lineup, A Simmons on Every Groundball
All right, perhaps not as catchy as Herbert Hoover's promise of a "chicken in every pot," but the Andrelton Simmons acquisition highlights the bid to build a more defensively sound and contact-prone lineup around Mike Trout.

Yankees: Pitching Changes You Can Believe In
Given the durability concerns with their rotation, the Yanks are putting a ton of trust in the loaded back end of their bullpen -- Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances.

Mets: Say Yes to Ces
The unexpected return of Yoenis Cespedes has given Mets fans all the more reason to trust that this club can make it back to the World Series.

Red Sox: Paying The Price For Greatness
After unsuccessfully attempting to piece together an effective rotation on the cheap last year, the Red Sox went all-in on David Price in the hopes of another worst-to-first campaign.

A's: Make America Gray Again
The A's did actually stop themselves from trading Sonny Gray. Perhaps this is the year he lands a Cy Young Award and pitches Oakland back into contention.

Giants: Don't Stop Beli-EVEN
When you win a title literally every other year, you're allowed to take spelling liberties such as this one.

Indians: Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream
This was Abraham Lincoln's mid-Civil War campaign plea, and it applies to an Indians team that did not swap any of its horses -- Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco or Danny Salazar -- for offensive improvement this winter. The Indians are counting on those arms to pitch them to prominence in the deep American League Central.

Rangers: Hamels and Yu and Fielder Too
I suppose you could rework this with Shin-Soo Choo's name in there, but so much of the Rangers' success this season will be dictated by a top of the rotation soon to feature both Cole Hamels and a healthy Yu Darvish, as well as the continued resurgence of Prince Fielder.

Twins: It's Morning Again in Minnesota
Last year's surprise success reawakened a long-slumbering franchise and has established good vibes going into the sophomore seasons of Paul Molitor and Miguel Sano.

Orioles: The Buck Props Here
You simply don't count out a Buck Showalter team. He has the ability to prop up a club and defy projections. But he'll have challenges in a season in which the O's are basically a more expensive version of the .500 team they were in 2015 (and without Wei-Yin Chen in the rotation).

Brewers: What We Were Doing Wasn't Working
Actually just swiped this one straight from a Ryan Braun quote from last week. Braun wisely surmised that the Brewers aren't exactly blowing up a juggernaut in their rebuild.

Blue Jays: Yes We Can(ada)!
After two decades away from October, the Blue Jays won back the affections of a nation last season. And now, with a new regime in the front office, they are under much public pressure to repeat.

White Sox: In Todd We Trust
A miserable year at the plate cratered the Sox's big hopes for 2015. They desperately need the newly acquired Todd Frazier to up the offensive ante in '16.

Nationals: Read Our Lips: No New Fracases
Clubhouse cohesion was not a strength of the Matt Williams era, as evidenced most viscerally by the dugout spat between Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon. Dusty Baker is here to change all that and, hopefully, get this underachieving club further than his predecessors did.

Rockies: The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself. And Also Altitude
It's the usual story in Colorado: The Rox will score a bunch of runs and desperately try to prevent them in a park with 5,280 feet worth of challenges.

D-backs: We Like Greinke
They like Zack Greinke so much they're paying him $206.5 million over six years -- a financial commitment that forced the D-backs to take some trade gambles (for Shelby Miller and Jean Segura) in order to address other needs.

Rays: Eat the Rich
Once again, the Rays will have by far the lowest payroll in the AL East. But they've also got arguably the best rotation and a cost-effective, improved lineup, so don't put it past them to be a pain.

Reds: Better Dead than Dread
It was clear for quite a while that a once-strong Reds team was heading off a cliff, and the bottom did, indeed, drop out in 2015. So the Reds are doing the right thing in ignoring emotion and selling off whatever pieces they can to inject some needed youth into their organization, even if it means they are dead in the water for '16.

Padres: Return to Normalcy
Warren G. Harding's post-World War I promise applies to a Padres team that made some abnormal investments in its 2015 product, to no avail, and is now back to trying to improve with low-cost buys and in-house promise.

Mariners: At Your Servais
It's a new regime with manager Scott Servais and general manager Jerry Dipoto trying to right the ship for a Mariners club that suddenly steered far off course in 2015 after coming agonizingly close to a Wild Card berth in 2014.

Marlins: All the Way with Jose
Alternate: "Feel the Fern(andez)." Whichever you prefer, the Marlins opted to keep their newly recovered ace and are going for it again in '16.

Cardinals: It's the Rotation, Stupid
Despite many calls here and elsewhere for the Cards to improve their power potential, they've prioritized their chief strength from a 100-win season in 2015 by making the rotation their only source of major external investment (in the form of Mike Leake) this offseason.

Tigers: Pizza. Payroll. Pennant
Little Caesar's owner (and Tigers owner) Mike Ilitch showed once -- well, twice -- again that he's not afraid to spend his dough (pun intended) on premier free agents in a bid to bring a title to Motown.

Pirates: Reformers with Results
Despite the Wild Card game results, no team has done more with less over the last three seasons than these Pirates, in large measure because of their unique ability to help pitchers reform their mechanics and resurrect their careers.

Phillies: Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago? We Finally Are!
It was a long time coming, but the rebuild is on in full effect in Philadelphia following last summer's trades of Hamels, Papelbon, Chase Utley and Ben Revere, the ousting of Ruben Amaro Jr. and new GM Matt Klentak's smart trade of Ken Giles.

Astros: They Misunderestimated Us
Bringing back one of the famous pseudowords uttered by former president (and former Houstonian) George W. Bush, because it works so well for an Astros team that rose out of the rubble of a drastic rebuild far sooner than anybody expected and is now a legit AL power.

Dodgers: Good Money Never Made Times Hard
It was William McKinley who successfully used this phrase in 1896, and it actually applies pretty well to a Dodgers team that, yes, is going to spend well north of $200 million again this year but is making a very conscious effort to avoid the contractual conundrums that can bring a big-market team down. Rather than bid for top-of-the-market talent, the Dodgers have invested in depth.

Braves: Building a Bridge to SunTrust Park
Not to be confused with the actual bridge that will run over Interstate 285. Every move the Braves have made the last 16 months has been geared toward a better product in their new facility in 2017.

Royals: PECOTA Can Kiss Our Rings
Maybe it's not the most diplomatic of slogans, but the kings of projection rejection are allowed to gloat a bit right now.

* * *
Anthony Castrovince is a Sports on Earth contributor and an columnist. Follow him on Twitter @Castrovince.

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