On the field, the Super Bowl might not have been the most fast-paced of all time, but at least the ads provided some extra entertainment. Here's a look at the commercials that rose above the rest.

13. Doritos, "Ultrasound"

Super Bowl ads got off to a disturbing start, with a baby who wanted Doritos so badly that it prematurely forced its own birth. It was pretty startling, but it definitely got people talking.

12. Mountain Dew, "PuppyMonkeyBaby"

Speaking of disturbing, meet PuppyMonkeyBaby, a Mountain Dew creation that Gawker describes as, "horror-hallucination of brand awareness." I'd say that's an apt description. The term "nightmare fuel" gets thrown around a bit these days, but I think it was created solely for this ad. Truly chilling.

11. Honda Ridgeline, "A New Truck to Love"

I will admit to being a sucker for commercials with a fantastic soundtrack, and it doesn't get much more fantastic than Queen's "Somebody to Love." The sheep can buzz off for all I care. You had me at Queen.

10. Bud Light, "The Bud Light Party"

It's got Seth Rogen, Amy Schumer and Paul Rudd forming a new political party on the premise of loving beer. At one point they joke, "We've got the biggest caucus in the country." What did you expect?

9. NFL, "Super Bowl Babies Choir"

Seal is awesome, and "Kiss from a Rose" is an amazing song, but do you know what else happens roughly nine months before all those "Super Bowl babies" are born? Valentine's Day. I'm not sure about the merits of the NFL's extrapolation here. Nonetheless, this commercial had lots of cute kids.

8. T-Mobile, Steve Harvey apologizes again

Steve Harvey really messed up the Miss Universe pageant, but he did handle it with a certain amount of grace, or at least as much as you can have under the circumstances. So T-Mobile brought him in to apologize for it. Of course. Might as well make a buck off the humiliation.

7. Buick, "The Big Game meets the Big Day"

What's the only thing more impressive the Odell Beckham Jr.'s famous one-handed snag against the Cowboys? Emily Ratajkowski replicating it with a bouquet.

6. Michael & Son, Mike Tyson's random ad

DC-area home services company Michael & Son bought airtime in some states along the East Coast. What did they air? Just Mike Tyson interfering in a boxing match and knocking some sucker out. Well, it certainly got my attention.

5. Prius, "The Longest Chase"

If you are not a fan of the HBO classic "The Wire," this Prius ad may not have struck your fancy -- but fans will love it. Though it is was never mentioned, three members of the heist team portrayed in the ad are played by Chris Bauer, James Ransone and Pablo Schreiber, who, respectively, played Frank, Ziggy and Nick Sobotka in season two of the show. I.B.S. Local 1514 in the house!

4. Budweiser, "Give A Damn"

I never knew I could love Helen Mirren discussing the dangers of drunk-driving so much. But it was absolutely wonderful. Please make many, many, many, many, many, many more of these, Budweiser.

3. Coca-Cola, "Hulk vs. Ant-Man"

We got a mini (no pun intended) Marvel action scene when the Incredible Hulk and Ant-Man battled for a can of Coke. That can was ill-sized for both, however. Yeah, Ant-Man only needs a little bit, but Hulk is a big dude. It's hard to quench the man's thirst with just 12 ounces -- give him at least a two-liter.

2. T-Mobile, "Restricted Bling"

For a split-second, I was filled with the hope that Drake spent a ton of money to play the "Hotline Bling" video during a commercial break. Unfortunately, I was fooled. Instead, though, we got a funny commercial with Drake ruining the song and admitting that he isn't from Canada. Nice consolation.

1. Audi, "Commander"

This one got to me. Partially it was the use of David Bowie's "Starman" so soon after his death, but there's also a sweetness to the old astronauts' face as he remembers that feeling of going into space. I know that they are trying to toy with my emotions in order to get me to buy an Audi, but damn if it isn't effective.

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