Four weeks ago, we put together a 30-stadium bracket to determine the best Major League Baseball stadium. Then you got us down to 16. Then, eight. Last week, four.

Now, there are only two.

The semifinals featured PNC Park in Pittsburgh knocking off No. 1 seed Fenway Park by a 55-45 percent margin. (Again, the seeding was done based on the objective measure of a ballpark's age.)

The Pirates' home stadium advances to play … Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium, which defeated Baltimore's Camden Yards in a blowout -- 59 percent to 41 percent. Those Royals fans do love to get out and vote.

But now we're down to the end.

I'll visit the winning stadium later this year and write up a thorough, This Is What This Place Means review. Your future is in your hands, so don't blow it. Vote with your heart, your head and your soul.

Voting will close on Thursday at noon.

Make your voice heard, and we'll be back with your winner next week.

No. 6 Kauffman Stadium vs. No. 21 PNC Park



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