We learned last year that Kansas City Royals fans represent their city, their team and their culture in a huge way when they nearly commandeered the All-Star voting process. In our annual stadium bracket competition, the Royals' Kauffman Stadium faced off against the Pirates' PNC Park. And Royals fans stepped up again.

The winner of our bracket was, in fact, Kauffman Stadium, with a whopping 70 percent of the vote. Here's the final bracket.


As promised, I will be heading out to Kauffman Stadium later this year -- in August, actually -- to write a full report on the stadium experience, since it has now been voting the best stadium in the game. (Though hopefully I'll get to go to PNC Park too: That place is gorgeous.) I've only been to Kauffman for World Series games: From what I understand, it's getting to where it's that loud all time.

It has been a blast doing this bracket. So much so that next week, we're gonna do another one. Next Friday, we're going to introduce our Jersey Bracket, in which we ask you to vote on which team has the best jersey in the sport. We'll seed all 30 jerseys in a bracket and let you vote. I'll buy a jersey of whoever wins … even if, as a Cardinals fan, it means me having to buy a Cubs jersey. (Gulp.)

Anyway, congratulations to Kauffman Stadium. I'll see you in a few months. And maybe again in October.


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