Two weeks ago, we began our First Annual MLB Jersey Bracket, where you could vote on your favorite MLB jerseys. You vote, I buy: I will buy the jersey of whatever team wins and write a piece about why, exactly, the jersey works so well. (By the way, you can buy your own right here at the MLB Shop.)

Well, now the second round is over, and finally, we've gotten rid of some chalk. We had two lower-seed upsets after a Round of 16 where there was only one. We are down to the Elite Eight.

You can check out the updated bracket right here and at the bottom of the polls below.

Remember our parameters:

• We're just talking regular home/road jerseys, the "primary" jerseys. We'll be doing a throwback jersey bracket later, so we want to make sure there is some separation. The home jersey is the one shown, but you're voting on home and road.
• Hats are not accounted for here. We'll be doing a hat bracket later, too.

So, time for the Elite Eight.

Voting is open until next Thursday, when we break it down to the Final Four. Go forth!

No. 1 St. Louis Cardinals vs. No. 8 Oakland A's

No. 2 Philadelphia Phillies vs. No. 10 Kansas City Royals

No. 3 Chicago Cubs vs. No. 6 New York Yankees

No. 5 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. No. 13 Baltimore Orioles


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