For most of this baseball season, we've been running a different baseball poll every Friday. Here's what you ended up voting on and deciding for us:

Best stadium: Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City
Best jersey: Kansas City Royals
Best hat: Baltimore Orioles
Best throwback: Houston Astros

But now it is nearly October, which means it's time to dispense with tomfoolery. It's postseason time, which means we need you to settle the most important question of all: Who's the best World Series champion? We're going all the way back to 1947 as we introduce the Sports On Earth World Series Champion bracket. Like the NCAA Tournament, it's 68 teams. This week, we reached our final two. We're going to have you decide the best.

A few points to start:

• We seeded them all 1-68 based on winning percentage. If two teams had the same winning percentage, the tiebreaker was how many games it took them to win the World Series.

• The only thing that counts is your vote.

• Logos via

(You will also note: No Cubs.)

So, here's the big updated bracket (click on the image to enlarge so you can see all the teams and their records):


Voting is open until next Thursday. Here are our final two teams.

No. 34 1972 Oakland A's vs. No. 44 2015 Kansas City Royals

Those might not have been my particular choices, but considering Royals domination of all these polls … it's fitting. Vote your conscience!


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