Mike Trout won his second American League Most Valuable Player Award on Thursday night, in a result that was deeply encouraging for those who have long tired of narrative-based reasoning in the MVP vote. Trout was the best player in the AL. Mookie Betts, an emerging star who helped his storied franchise get back into the playoffs, had the best MVP narrative in the AL. Voters still selected Trout. This seems like progress. This is a good sign.

It's always exciting when you have an MVP on your team. Even if you have a lousy team like the Angels, an MVP is nothing but positive. It helps marketing, it gives you something to build around and it gives your team an identity. The only real downside is that when your team is as bad everywhere else as the Angels are, people keep asking you when you're going to trade your MVP. But you can't blame Trout for that.

This is the fourth AL MVP Award in Angels history. It's Trout's second award, following Vladimir Guerrero in 2004 and Don Baylor in 1979. I thought, as a week-ender, we might take a look at each team's MVP history, and see who their next-best candidate will be … if there's any best candidate at all. It's harder to have an MVP than you think. Cherish yours while you have them, Angels and Cubs.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Last MVP: 2016, Trout

All time MVPs: Trout (2014, 2016), Vladimir Guerrero (1994), Don Baylor (1979)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Trout

Now that he's won one with a last place team … what's stopping him from winning the next five?

Chicago Cubs

Last MVP: 2016, Kris Bryant

All time MVPs: Bryant (2016), Sammy Sosa (1998), Andre Dawson (1987), Ryne Sandberg (1984), Ernie Banks (1958, 1959), Hank Sauer (1952), Phil Cavaretta (1945), Gabby Hartnett (1935), Rogers Hornsby (1929), Frank Schulte (1911)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Kris Bryant

Why can't he keep winning them just like Trout can? 

Toronto Blue Jays

Last MVP: 2015, Josh Donaldson

All-time MVPs: Donaldson (2015), George Bell (1987)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Donaldson

He took a tiny step back this season, but only a tiny one. 

Washington Nationals

Last MVP: 2015, Bryce Harper

All-time MVPs: Harper (2015)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Harper

How did no Expo ever win the MVP? It's tempting to put Trea Turner as the next likely MVP, but I'd expect Harper to bounce back in 2017.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Last MVP: 2014, Clayton Kershaw

All-time MVPs: Kershaw (2014), Kirk Gibson (1988), Steve Garvey (1974), Sandy Koufax (1963), Maury Wills (1962), Don Newcombe (1956), Roy Campanella (1951, 1953, 1955), Dolph Camilli (1951), Jackie Robinson (1947), Dazzy Vance (1924), Jake Daubert (1913)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Corey Seager

You could have made a case for Seager this season, to be honest, and either he or Bryant is the favorite heading into 2017.

Detroit Tigers

Last MVP: 2013, Miguel Cabrera

All-time MVPs: Cabrera (2012, 2013), Justin Verlander (2011), Denny McLain (1968), Hal Newhouser (1944, 1945), Hank Greenberg (1940, 1943), Charlie Gehringer (1937), Mickey Cochrane (1934), Ty Cobb (1911)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Cabrera

It seems like a very bad sign for the Tigers that Cabrera is still probably their best future candidate.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Last MVP: 2013, Andrew McCutchen 

All-time MVPs: McCutchen (2013), Barry Bonds (1990, 1992), Willie Stargell (1979), Dave Parker (1978), Roberto Clemente (1966), Dick Groat (1960)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Starling Marte

Lots of young players coming up through the system … so many that maybe McCutchen doesn't hang around?

San Francisco Giants

Last MVP: 2012, Buster Posey

All-time MVPs: Posey (2012), Barry Bonds (1993, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004), Jeff Kent (2000), Kevin Mitchell (1989), Willie McCovey (1969), Willie Mays (1954, 1965), Carl Hubbell (1933, 1936), Larry Doyle (1912)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Posey

Posey is still just 29; he might have one left in him.

Milwaukee Brewers

Last MVP: 2011, Ryan Braun

All-time MVPs: Braun (2011), Robin Yount (1982, 1989), Rollie Fingers (1981)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Lewis Brinson

The Brewers have a ton of prospects, but Brinson might be the best. 

Texas Rangers

Last MVP: 2010, Josh Hamilton

All-time MVPs: Hamilton (2011), Ivan Rodriguez (1999), Alex Rodriguez (2004), Juan Gonzalez (1996, 1998), Jeff Burroughs (1974)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Rougned Odor

For all the young Rangers players, there don't seem to be that many potential breakout superstars, you know?

Cincinnati Reds

Last MVP: 2010, Joey Votto

All-time MVPs: Votto (2010), Barry Larkin (1995), George Foster (1977), Joe Morgan (1972, 1976), Pete Rose (1973), Johnny Bench (1970, 1972), Frank Robinson (1961), Frank McCormick (1940), Bucky Walters (1939), Ernie Lombardi (1939)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Votto

If the Reds could ever get halfway decent again, Votto could make one last run at one of these.

Minnesota Twins

Last MVP: 2009, Joe Mauer

All-time MVPs: Mauer (2009), Justin Morneau (2006), Rod Carew (1977), Harmon Killebrew (1969), Zoilo Versalles (1965)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Byron Buxton

I dunno, maybe Buxton puts it all together at some point?

St. Louis Cardinals

Last MVP: 2009, Albert Pujols

All-time MVPs: Pujols (2005, 2008, 2009), Willie McGee (1985), Keith Hernandez (1979), Joe Torre (1971), Bob Gibson (1968), Orlando Cepeda (1967), Stan Musial (1943, 1946, 1948), Marty Marion (1944), Mort Cooper (1942), Joe Medwick (1937), Dizzy Dean (1934)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Alex Reyes

The Cardinals are lacking in top-shelf superstar talent; Reyes might be the only guy who could reach that level.

Boston Red Sox

Last MVP: 2008, Dustin Pedroia

All-time MVPs: Pedroia (2008), Mo Vaughn (1995), Roger Clemens (1986), Jim Rice (1978), Fred Lynn (1975), Carl Yastrzemski (1967), Ted Williams (1946, 1949), Jimmy Foxx (1938), Tris Speaker (1912)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Betts

In any non-Trout year, Betts would have been your winner

New York Yankees

Last MVP: 2007, Alex Rodriguez

All-time MVPs: Rodriguez (2007, 2005), Don Mattingly (1985), Thurman Munson (1976), Elston Howard (1963), Mickey Mantle (1956, 1957, 1962), Roger Maris (1961), Yogi Berra (1951, 1954, 1955), Phil Rizzuto (1950), Spud Chandler (1943) Joe Gordon (1942), Joe DiMaggio (1939, 1941), Lou Gehrig (1927, 1936), Babe Ruth (1923)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Clint Frazier

Take your pick of all those prospects and young players they have: Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres, Jorge Mateo, whomever.

Philadelphia Phillies 

Last MVP: 2007, Jimmy Rollins

All-time MVPs: Rollins (2007), Ryan Howard (2006), Mike Schmidt (1980, 1981, 1986), Jim Konstanty (1950)

Best Shot at Next MVP: J.P. Crawford

The guy who might have been the best of those Phillies heyday teams, Chase Utley, will end up as the one who didn't get an MVP.

Oakland A's

Last MVP: 2002, Miguel Tejada

All-time MVPs: Tejada (2002), Jason Giambi (2000), Dennis Eckersley (1992), Rickey Henderson (1990), Jose Canseco (1988), Reggie Jackson (1973), Vida Blue (1971), Bobby Shantz (1952), Jimmie Foxx (1932, 1933), Lefty Grove (1931), Mickey Cochrane (1928), Eddie Collins (1914) 

Best Shot at Next MVP: Franklin Barreto

The A's just seem a long way from everything right now, don't they?

Seattle Mariners

Last MVP: 2001, Ichiro Suzuki

All-time MVPs: Suzuki (2001), Ken Griffey Jr. (1997)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Robinson Cano 

Maybe Cano has another monster year left in him? 

Atlanta Braves

Last MVP: 1999, Chipper Jones

All-time MVPs: Jones (1999), Terry Pendleton (1991), Dale Murphy (1982, 1983), Bob Elliott (1947), Johnny Evers (1914)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Dansby Swanson

Swanson looked a lot less lost by the end of the year. If he can add more power …

Colorado Rockies

Last MVP: 1997, Larry Walker

All-time MVPs: Walker (1997)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Nolan Arenado

Arenado seems as good a bet as any in the NL.

San Diego Padres

Last MVP: 1996, Ken Caminiti

All-time MVPs: Caminiti (1996)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Manny Margot

How did Tony Gwynn never win one of these?

Chicago White Sox

Last MVP: 1994, Frank Thomas

All-time MVPs: Thomas (1993, 1994), Dick Allen (1972), Nellie Fox (1959), 

Best Shot at Next MVP: Jose Abreu

Of course the White Sox would win their last MVP in the strike year.

Houston Astros 

Last MVP: 1994, Jeff Bagwell

All-time MVPs: Bagwell (1994)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Jose Altuve

The Astros might be the best team in the AL next year. 

Baltimore Orioles

Last MVP: 1991, Cal Ripken Jr.

All-time MVPs: Ripken Jr. (1983, 1991), Boog Powell (1970), Frank Robinson (1966), Brooks Robinson (1964)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Manny Machado

Is Trout going to keep an AL MVP Award from Machado forever?

Kansas City Royals

Last MVP: 1980, George Brett

All-time MVPs: Brett (1980)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Lorenzo Cain

Actually, Cain's (small) window seems to have closed. 

Cleveland Indians

Last MVP: 1953, Al Rosen

All-time MVPs: Rosen (1953), Lou Boudreau (1948)

Best Shot at Next MVP: Francisco Lindor

Their MVP drought is actually almost as long as their World Series one.

New York Mets

Last MVP: None.

All-time MVPs: None.

Best Shot at Next MVP: Yoenis Cespedes.

Well, if they sign him. Also: Crazy that a Met has never won an NL MVP Award. 

Arizona Diamondbacks

Last MVP: None.

All-time MVPs: None.

Best Shot at Next MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

His time hasn't passed, I don't think.

Miami Marlins

Last MVP: None.

All-time MVPs: None.

Best Shot at Next MVP: Giancarlo Stanton 

Someday, he's going to be healthy all year. It has to happen.

Tampa Bay Rays

Last MVP: None.

All-time MVPs: None.

Best Shot at Next MVP: Evan Longoria.

He never won one, even though he's (by far) the best player in Rays history. Hey, he's only 31.


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