ESPN has cut out a nice little niche by producing alternate broadcasts of the College Football Playoff national championship. You've got the coaches film room channel, the homer channels, Skycam channel, the Bill Walton LSD Happy Hour.

Wait, what?

We're not sure exactly why Bill Walton was dressed as Uncle Sam in the ESPN Voices broadcast, which you could find on The U and on Watch ESPN. The day of the college football national championship is not some sort of patriotic holiday -- it's just the last day that dudes in college play football this season.

But other than Hall of Fame inductions, probably the only occasions for which Walton dresses up are Grateful Dead shows, where this may be perfectly acceptable attire. While the rest of the broadcast crew seemed to get used to Walton's outfit, a few may have been caught off guard by some of his "high-minded" commentary.

Million dollar idea: Let Bill Walton broadcast every game, in every sport.