The NFL's Wild Card weekend featured its fair share of one-sided affairs, but this week's slate may have one of the most inequitable affairs in league history. The Patriots, the top seed in the AFC and arguably the best team in the league, have drawn the J.J. Watt-less Texans, a plucky but offensively challenged opponent out of the woeful AFC South. The matchup appears to so heavily favor New England that Las Vegas has placed a 15 1/2-point spread on the game as of Tuesday, one of the largest in postseason history.

Yet, as massive as that figure looks at present (late betting can move the line prior to kickoff), it falls just outside the very largest playoff spreads on record.

With that in mind, which teams faced the longest odds in NFL postseason history? (All spreads come from Pro Football Reference's database.)

T-19. 1997 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Game: Divisional round at Green Bay Packers
Spread: 13.0

Before Jon Gruden arrived to straighten out a talented but often underperforming Buccaneers franchise, the team found occasional success in the late 1990s in the NFC Central division. Unfortunately for Tampa Bay, that division also contained the Packers during Brett Favre's MVP years. Worse, when the two squads met in the playoffs, the temperatures at Lambeau Field fell into the 20-degree range. That proved to be too much for the Florida-based Bucs to handle.

Covered? No (21-7 Packers)

T-19. 1989 Denver Broncos
Game: Super Bowl XXIV vs. San Francisco 49ers
Spread: 13.0

More than any other of John Elway's losses, the Broncos defeat in Super Bowl XXIV cemented his early career reputation as a championship choke artist. While Denver's defense did him no favors against one of Joe Montana's best 49ers squads, Elway threw two interceptions and fumbled twice. His only score came on a late-game scramble, providing fodder for countless pundits and one hilarious Simpsons sketch.

Covered? No (55-10 49ers)

T-12. 2011 Denver Broncos
Game: Divisional round at New England Patriots
Spread: 13.5

While Elway needed two championships in the final years of his career to change his narrative, Tim Tebow's came fully formed courtesy of two collegiate national titles at Florida. During his second year in the pros, the former Gator quarterback led the Broncos to the playoffs and miraculously pulled off an upset over the heavily-favored Steelers in the wild-card round. While some in Denver thought the prodigal son could work his magic a second time against the Patriots, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick turned it into a laugher.

Covered? No (45-10 Patriots)

T-12. 2007 Jacksonville Jaguars
Game: Divisional round at New England Patriots
Spread: 13.5

Probably the best Jacksonville team of the 21st century, the 2007 Jaguars drove versatile running back Maurice Jones-Drew to a wild-card berth and a first-round win over the favored Steelers. Like many Cinderella stories, they ran into a buzz saw in the form of the undefeated Patriots. However, unlike most underdogs facing New England, they made the fight respectable.

Covered? Yes (31-20 Patriots)

T-12. 1998 Miami Dolphins
Game: Divisional round at Denver Broncos
Spread: 13.5

By '98, the Dolphins found themselves running on fumes. Their future Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino, had seen his health deteriorate while the roster around him featured few field-tilting weapons. When they arrived in Denver to face the defending-champion Broncos, most believed Miami couldn't muster an upset. They were right.

Covered? No (38-3 Broncos)

T-12. 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers
Game: Super Bowl XXX vs. Dallas Cowboys
Spread: 13.5

In a vacuum, the Steelers of the mid-1990s looked more than capable of winning a championship. They possessed a fearsome defense and a better-than-remembered offense behind quarterback Neil O'Donnell and running back Bam Morris. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, the NFC produced the triplets-era Cowboys. Still, the Steelers kept it close until Larry Brown's interception and Dallas' subsequent score put the game away for good.

Covered? Yes (27-17 Cowboys)

T-12. 1995 Philadelphia Eagles
Game: Divisional round at Dallas Cowboys
Spread: 13.5

Before the 1995 Cowboys met the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX, they hosted their NFC East-rival Eagles in the divisional round. Philadelphia still had Randall Cunningham under center, though the once physics-breaking signal-caller had lost much of the athleticism that made him a superstar during the late 1980s and early '90s. The Eagles also didn't have defensive stalwarts Reggie White and Jerome Brown anymore. They didn't stand a chance against the eventual champions.

Covered? No (30-11 Cowboys)

T-12. 1993 Green Bay Packers
Game: Divisional round at Dallas Cowboys
Spread: 13.5

Before Favre began his streak of MVP awards, the Packers entered the playoffs in '93 as newcomers with minimal expectations. After all, the franchise hadn't reached the postseason in over a decade at that point. A vastly superior Dallas team built a massive lead by the halftime, but a late push by Green Bay resulted in a backdoor cover.

Covered? Yes (27-17 Cowboys)

T-12. 1967 Oakland Raiders
Game: Super Bowl II vs. Green Bay Packers
Spread: 13.5

In Vince Lombardi's final game as the Packers head coach, his team defended its Super Bowl title against a frisky Raiders squad molding under the watchful eye of general manager Al Davis. While this Green Bay squad had lost some of its edge with age, it still played the hard-nosed style of football Lombardi made famous. The Pack never trailed in Super Bowl II.

Covered? No (33-14 Packers)

T-6. 2007 San Diego Chargers
Game: AFC title game at New England Patriots
Spread: 14.0

In a different world, the '07 Chargers might have become the team to upset the undefeated Patriots, not the Giants. Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates formed one of the league's premier quarterback-tailback-receiver triads, and when healthy, they had the ability to challenge any defense. However, Tomlinson practically didn't play in the AFC title game due to a knee issue while Rivers toughed out a torn knee ligament of his own. Meanwhile, Gates struggled through a dislocated toe. Even so, San Diego kept New England within a possession until the fourth quarter.

Covered? Yes (21-12 Patriots)

T-6. 2001 New England Patriots
Game: Super Bowl XXXVI vs. St. Louis Rams
Spread: 14.0

Before they became the NFL's evil empire, the Pats were plucky upstarts taking on the "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams for a championship. Brady, then a first-year starter, went toe to toe with the league MVP Kurt Warner in one of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history. A clutch kick from Adam Vinatieri in the closing seconds helped New England pull off the unthinkable.

Covered? Yes (20-17 Patriots)

T-6. 1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Game: NFC title game at St. Louis Rams
Spread: 14.0

Prior to the Patriots playing David to the Rams' Goliath, St. Louis became an unlikely powerhouse in 1999. That proved unfortunate for the Buccaneers, who had the second-best record in the conference. Tampa Bay had a championship defense and managed to keep its NFC Championship opponent largely off the scoreboard. Still, the Rams had Warner at the controls while the Buccaneers had the inexperienced and forgettable Shaun King under center.

Covered? Yes (11-6 Rams)

T-6. 1996 New England Patriots
Game: Super Bowl XXXI vs. Green Bay Packers
Spread: 14.0

When the Patriots arrived at Super Bowl XXXI, they came armed with future Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, future Hall of Fame tailback Curtis Martin, and talented young gunslinger Drew Bledsoe. However, the NFC-champion Packers possessed the league's No. 1 offense and defense as well as Favre, its MVP. New England established a brief lead at the end of the first quarter, but the game devolved into a one-sided affair in favor of Green Bay soon thereafter.

Covered: Push (35-21 Packers)

T-6. 1991 Detroit Lions
Game: NFC title game at Washington
Spread: 14.0

The Lions have enjoyed little postseason success during the Super Bowl era, but they reached the conference championship during the 1991 season. Though viewed as massive underdogs, Detroit did have one of the league's true X-factors in running back Barry Sanders. Despite Sanders' individual brilliance, he only managed 59 yards from scrimmage against Washington, which went on to win the Super Bowl two weeks later.

Covered? No (41-10 Washington)

T-6. 1966 Kansas City Chiefs
Game: Super Bowl I vs. Green Bay Packers
Spread: 14.0

In the first annual meeting of the soon-to-be-merged NFL and AFL, Hank Stram's Chiefs drew the Lombardi-era Packers. At the time, conventional wisdom dictated that the AFL had inferior talent and coaching. Though the Jets shattered this belief a few years later, the Kansas City offered little resistance to the team of the 1960s.

Covered? No (35-10 Packers)

5. 1978 Atlanta Falcons
Game: Divisional round at Dallas Cowboys
Spread: 15.0

The Falcons were still a relatively new franchise when they qualified for their first postseason berth in 1978. Led by former No. 1 overall pick Steve Bartkowski, the team narrowly won a Wild Card matchup with the Eagles on Christmas Eve. That performance did little to encourage linemakers about Atlanta's chances against the defending-champion Cowboys. Still, the Falcons nearly pulled off the upset, not yielding the winning score until the fourth quarter.

Covered? Yes (27-20 Cowboys)

4. 1994 Chicago Bears
Game: Divisional round at San Francisco 49ers
Spread: 15.5

The 1990s proved to be a lost decade for the Bears, but they did manage to slip into the postseason as the fourth team out of the NFC Central. Their surprise playoff berth even led to an upset over the division-rival Vikings in the first round. Chicago's luck didn't last much longer, though, ending in a lopsided defeat to the eventual Super Bowl-champion 49ers.

Covered? No (44-15 49ers)

3. 1998 Arizona Cardinals
Game: Divisional round at Minnesota Vikings
Spread: 16.5

Before the 2016 Lions elevated the fourth-quarter comeback to an art form, the 1998 Cardinals gave fans their fair share of cardiac arrests. A single score decided 10 of their regular-season games that season, largely due to the up-and-down performance of quarterback Jake Plummer. Still, the team managed to reach the divisional round to take on the record-setting Vikings. Minnesota's title hopes were eventually derailed, but not before embarrassing visiting Arizona.

Covered? No (41-21 Vikings)

2. 1968 New York Jets
Game: Super Bowl III vs. Baltimore Colts
Spread: 18.0

The first of many guarantees in American sports history, quarterback Joe Namath promised that his AFL-champion Jets would not only put up a fight against the heavily-favored Colts, but they would in fact win the ballgame. After two Super Bowls that resulted in landslide victories for the NFL, Namath's words came across as brash and irreverent. In the end, Broadway Joe proved prescient. New York never trailed at any point during the game.

Covered? Yes (16-7 Jets)

1. 1994 San Diego Chargers
Game: Super Bowl XXIX vs. San Francisco 49ers
Spread: 19.0

In '94, the Chargers appeared to be a team on the rise. Headed by future Hall of Famer Junior Seau on defense and Pro Bowler Natrone Means on offense, they somewhat surprisingly won the AFC. Meanwhile, the 49ers had the burden of expectations weighing them down. Head coach George Seifert and quarterback Steve Young wanted desperately to escape the shadows of predecessors Bill Walsh and Joe Montana respectively. Though Seifert had guided San Francisco to a championship four years earlier, most viewed him as a caretaker for what remained Walsh's team. At the same time, Young had not won a title as the starter. That finally changed in Super Bowl XXIX, with the signal-caller tossing six touchdowns in a one-sided affair.

Covered? No (49-26 49ers)