Rob Gronkowski missed the majority of the Patriots season, including the team's entire Super Bowl run, with a herniated disk in his back. But fear not, New England fans -- Gronk is back in form.

The Pats' victory parade in Boston on Thursday reportedly drew one million fans, and the happiest guy there seemed to be Gronk, crushing beers and soaking in cheers along the entire parade route.

During his speech, Gronk mumbled something about how he's "gonna be part of the six," referring to an eventual sixth Super Bowl title for the Patriots. 

Devin McCourty eventually says something about "69." The only two possible responses Gronk could have to that number are "nice" or breaking out in a giggle fit. He went with the latter.

But Gronk needed you know something: It's not him that wanted to go crazy. That's on you guys.

Remember when Emmitt Smith tried to play for the Cardinals at the end of his career, then signed an honorary one-day contract with Dallas so he could retire a Cowboy? That's what Gronk should do with every Super Bowl-winner. Just sign a contract the day after the win and steal the show at the parade.

No one will care. Because if Gronk taught us anything this year, it's that you don't have to contribute to the win to contribute to the celebration.