This week, the Lakers announced they are hiring Magic Johnson as a special advisor to co-owner Jeanie Buss. Magic tweeted about his return to the Lakers organization in a formal role in the only way that he could, with zero flair and the personality of an Associated Press game story.

Magic's Twitter feed has often been criticized for being generic. But as a Magic Johnson Twitter account connoisseur, I want to be on the record that I actually very much enjoy Magic's tweets for his sheer consistency.

Seriously, these three tweets are more impressive than Magic leading the Showtime Lakers on a fast break during his prime.

In honor of Magic's new role with the Lakers and his impeccable Twitter account, here are a few educated guesses on what tweets might be on the horizon once Magic settles into his new gig.

Magic settles into his new office space and finds a place to display his five championship rings:

fake magic tweet 1

Magic receives a congratulatory call from Larry Bird on his new role:

fake magic tweet 2

The Lakers make no moves at the trade deadline in February:

fake magic tweet 3

After their ninth straight loss, the Lakers are officially eliminated from the playoffs:

fake magic tweet 4

On a quiet day in his office, Magic live tweets an NBA TV Hardwood Classic replay of the Lakers' Game 7 win over Portland in the 2000 Western Conference Finals:

fake magic tweet 5

D'Angelo Russell scores 52 points in a win over the Clippers at home:

fake magic tweet 6

Near the end of the season, Jim Buss guarantees the Lakers will make the playoffs next season:

fake magic tweet 7

In the summer, rumors swirl that Phil Jackson will re-join the Lakers organization in a front office capacity:

fake magic tweet 8

The Lakers land a free agency meeting with Blake Griffin, who ultimately re-signs with the Clippers:

fake magic tweet 9

In August the Lakers hire Kobe Bryant to be a co-advisor alongside Magic on his birthday:

fake magic tweet 10

On opening night of the 2017-18 season, Magic brims with optimism that this will be the year the Lakers are relevant again:

fake magic tweet 11