Donald Trump has been loath to continue any tradition or policy started by Barack Obama, so it shouldn't be too surprising to hear that the new president won't be adopting Obama's annual ritual of filling out a bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

This year, ESPN approached Trump about doing a bracket, as Obama had done every year since 2009, but Trump declined to participate. White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks noted that the adminstration looks forward to working with ESPN on another project down the line.

On one hand, this means March Madness will largely be devoid of politics. The teams Trump picked to advance would undoubtedly be razzed about it by the media. In a way, it's a bit of relief from the constant talk of Trump.

Conversely, it also means the public will be denied of yet another opportunity for easy late-night talk show Trump jokes. Those are never in short supply.

Still, you never know when inspiration will strike. So let's envision all the ridiculous potential brackets from the prez and his inner circle that will never see the light of day.

Donald Trump

• Picks Indiana over Kansas in the final in honor of supporter Bobby Knight, then is chagrined when Tom Crean's team fails to make the tournament.

Sean Spicer

• Instead of basketball teams, he makes a bracket of SNL cast members he dislikes. Melissa McCarthy isn't technically part of the cast so he has to settle for Tina Fey taking it all. When informed Fey hasn't been on the show in years, he calls on another reporter: "OK, now let's take a question from, calling in via Skype.")


Steve Bannon

• The entire 68-team field is Duke, and only Duke. He doesn't advance any team beyond the first round, as he is unable to see how the grittiness of the Blue Devils could ever be defeated. Basketball media that reports on other outcomes, he says, is the opposition.


Kellyanne Conway

• The Bowling Green Massacre is finally realized when she has the school getting housed by Kentucky in the round of 32. She also submits a perfect bracket after each round, claiming that was her bracket all along.

Mike Pence

• The vice president appears to understand the task better than most in the administration. He fills out the entire bracket, even has a few bold upset picks. Of course, he still picks Duke to win it all. He also submits a bracket on behalf of his wife, and calls it Mother's Bracket.

Stephen Miller

• Given that Miller is actually a Duke alum, it comes as no shock that he also has Duke prevailing at the end of the tourney. Should the Blue Devils falter, Miller will dismiss the results as the result of rampant officiating fraud without offering evidence. He will maintain long after the tournament that Duke legitimately won, and those who say otherwise are fake news.