By Michael Klopman

As tennis star Genie Bouchard said herself, never bet against Tom Brady. The 22-year-old Montreal native tweeted that she "knew Atlanta would win" during the first half of Super Bowl 51 as the Falcons were building a significant lead over the New England Patriots.

Not long after posting that tweet, a fan named John Goehrke offered Bouchard a wager.

Bouchard agreed, probably thinking there was no way the Falcons were going to collapse. Well, we all know how that ended.

Bouchard lived up to her word and took Goehrke to an NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks at the Barclays Center on Wednesday night. Not only that, but they sat courtside! 

And it looked like they had fun. 

So, just to recap: A random guy asked Bouchard, the 44th ranked women's tennis player in the world who will be featured in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, on a date if the Patriots were to win the Super Bowl. Bouchard agreed, lost the bet, went to a Nets-Bucks game with him, sat courtside and the two even got the TMZ treatment

Another important lesson here, besides never betting against Brady, is that the internet can really do anything. We've seen fans get prom dates with athletes through social media (Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden and Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond). We've seen athelets get set up on a date via the internet (Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood). We've even seen a fan get a prom date with an NFL cheerleader because of the internet. 

Could this latest match-made-via-social-media work out? Bouchard said there would be a second date, so you never know. Love all.


Michael Klopman is an associate producer for Sports on Earth.