Colin Kaepernick has some questions he's going to need to answer. Again.

That's the primary takeaway from recent reports that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback will no longer kneel for the national anthem moving forward because he feels that "significant progress has been made" on the issues that compelled him to begin his protest in the first place. The questions are obvious:

What exactly is the specific progress that he feels has been made?

Why has he changed his stance now?

At a minimum, the timing of the report that Kaepernick will now stand for the anthem coming out at the same time that he opted out of his contract to become a free agent is a bad look. For all we know, he made this decision a couple of months ago, or even at the end of last season. But if that were the case he would have been much better served to announce it then as opposed to now, when he's on the market looking for a new job.

There will be many that don't really believe that Kaepernick feels as if change has been made -- that the QB is changing his tune because it is in his best interest to do so.

According to a report from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Kaepernick's representatives had been told by multiple teams that they were not interested in signing him unless he had changed his mind and decided to stand for the anthem moving forward.

Whether or not you agree with Kaepernick's decision to kneel for the anthem last season, it's not hard to understand why teams would want to know that before offering him a contract to be a part of their franchise. The NFL is first and foremost an entertainment industry, and the last thing any owner wants to do is alienate any paying customers.

Would they be willing to do that if the player was productive enough? Some might. But unfortunately for Kaepernick, his recent performance on the field is evidently not good enough for some teams to look past the potential that he could turn off some of their fans, per Cole's report.

To his credit, Kaepernick has stood tall and been forthright in answering any and all questions that have come his way since he initially protested some of the things he felt needed to be changed in our country by sitting during the anthem last August in the preseason. He knows that he'll be asked more pointed questions once he signs with a new team.

Whether people believe him, and in any causes he participates in moving forward, could rest in large part on his answers.