There are two things you can count on when a snowstorm hits New York: massive lineups outside Trader Joe's as everyone prepares for the apocalypse and Carmelo Anthony bringing something extraordinary out of his hat collection, which he did on Tuesday:

'Melo's hat collection is unmatched by any in the league:

Here are some of the other great and terrible fashion standouts in the NBA, past and present:

Russell Westbrook's pre-game outfits

He's averaging a triple double on the court, but Westbrook is also making his arena entrances appointment viewing this season. Some of his outfits have included a shoutout to rapper Eminem while wearing overalls:

Arriving for his first game against former teammate Kevin Durant in an official photographer outfit, which as many noted might have been a shot at Durant who worked as a photographer at Super Bowl 50 for The Players' Tribune:

In Durant's first game back at Oklahoma City, Westbrook arrived at the arena in a Willie Beamen jersey, the fictional quarterback played by Jamie Foxx in "Any Given Sunday." For anyone reading into the subtext, Beamen said in the movie, "I ain't trying to disrespect nobody, but winning is the only thing I respect." 

Michael Jordan's attire

If someone told me Michael Jordan has a lifetime bet with friend Charles Oakley that he will always wear the most ridiculous outfits in the world, I would believe you. I also believe that Jordan was such a great basketball player the one gift God wouldn't bless him with was the ability to dress well. The evidence (all photos courtesy of the delightful 'WTF is Mike Wearing' Tumblr):

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

LeBron James' postgame & off-day outfits

LeBron's Instagram is always a delight because of the inspirations he gets for his off the court attire. As a bonus, he has some of the best captions. Recently, he took a picture in homage to the original Rat Pack:

He was happy to share his Halloween party costume last year:

Rommie Rome has spotted a Playa hater in the atmosphere!!

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And get dressed up with his two sons:

Posted with my Young Kings!! #JamesGang #StriveForGreatness

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Wear a throwback BELLY hat while hanging out with Dave Chappelle:

Or give a show with the rest of his teammates after a win:

Great OT road win #squadUP #ontothenext #HELLYEAHHHHimadethepic

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P.J. Tucker's sneakers

Tucker, recently traded from Phoenix to Toronto, is the sneakerhead when it comes to Jordan retros. He recently showed off the new Alternate Jordan 5s and 8s before a Raptors game:

������ #gametime

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This pair of retro 7s, which he wore before a game against New York, will run you about $1,250 on the resell market.

Tucker is a tenacious defender on the court, and just as passionate about his sneakers off of it. 

Andrew Bynum's hair

The arrival of Bynum in Philadelphia via a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers was much hyped in 2012, but he ended up sitting the entire 2012-13 season with a knee injury and never played a game in a 76ers uniform. What he did, though, was dazzle us with his constantly evolving hairstyle that season while on the bench:

Bynum has not played in the NBA since 2014 with the Indiana Pacers but did show up to Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland last year with a blonde look:

And since we're on hair, shouts to Carlos Boozer:

Carlos Boozer

And Drew Gooden's octopus beard:

Drew Gooden

Allen Iverson's pre-dress code routine

Before the NBA instituted their dress code in 2005, Allen Iverson was the king of fashion in the league, and wore anything he wanted, including a Rocawear tee to accept his 2001 Most Valuable Player award:

Allen Iverson

Another iconic Iverson look:

Allen Iverson

Tim Duncan's fundamental attire

We've all riffed on Duncan's outfits for the entirety of his career, and I'm pretty sure the five-time NBA champion could care less, so let's take one more trip down memory lane:

And my favorite shirt of his that he ever wore:

An assorted list of NBA Draft Day regrets

And lastly, Draft Day is a dream come true for all of the athletes who get to go up on the podium and shake the commissioner's hand. It's also a chance for a photo op that will last a lifetime. Some of the best (worst?) draft day outfits:




Drew Gooden