No. 2 seed Duke was upset by No. 7 seed South Carolina in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, 88-81, and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well, at least that's how most of the country probably felt (those who didn't actually go to Duke).

There were plenty of images from the upset to provide enough schadenfreude for Blue Devils haters to last a lifetime. Here are just some.

1. All the sad Duke bros

There are the sad basketball-playing Duke bros ...

And the sad fan Duke bros.


2. Indignant Luke Kennard

Yes, this was a part of the above collage, but let's get a better look at star Duke guard Kennard perfecting the "Do you know who my dad is!?" face.

3. These North Carolina fans cheering on the Gamecocks

For one night only, the Carolinas were united in a mutual hatred of Duke, and some UNC fans were going just as wild as the South Carolina fans when it started to look like the Gamecocks could pull off the upset.

4. South Carolina's locker room celebration

Just watch this and think about how simultaneously miserable everyone in the Duke locker room was at the time.

5. Coach K watching the tournament slip from his grasp

Stare into those eyes and tell me that's not a man who desperately wants to kick a puppy right now.

6. South Carolina toying with Duke in the final minute

The best bits from Sunday came on the court when it became apparent there would be no last-second miracles for Duke. In the final minute, with the Blue Devils pressing, South Carolina lobbed a pass over the entire defense to set up the game-sealing slam.

7. Charles Barkley maniacally laughing at Duke

Like he's done so many times before, Chuck perfectly encapsulated the feelings of most basketball fans when he cackled for a solid 15 seconds about the Blue Devils flaming out of the tourney.

We're all laughing with you, Chuck.

* * *

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