This Cut's deep.

It was announced Friday that Jay Cutler will be starting an announcing career with FOX as part of a three-man crew alongside Charles Davis and Kevin Burkhardt. Whether this is the definitive end of Cutler's playing career is yet to be determined, since FOX has a history including contract language that allows athletes still able to leave for playing jobs, as they have done with Brady Quinn. But the 34 year-old free agent quarterback hasn't seen a lot of opportunities come his way after a failed stint with the Bears.

Nevertheless it will be interesting to see how Cutler adapts to the broadcasting booth, given his reputation for surliness. His first assignment will be an Aug. 27 preseason game between the Bears and Titans in Nashville.

Obviously there will be some media coaching for Cutty over the next three-plus months, but here's how we see that first call playing out.


BURKHARDT: Solid first drive by Trubisky. He goes 4-for-5 for 40 yards, leads Chicago down the field for a field goal.

DAVIS: Just the kind of thing you want to see out of the rookie. What did you see, Jay?

CUTLER: Eh, fine.

BURKHARDT: I think the encouraging thing is that he found four different receivers, and not always going to his first read. Trubisky scanned the field and found the open man.

DAVIS: Absolutely. I know we're in the preseason, but this looked like a player who is coming along well and is ready to go in 2017. Jay, how soon do you think we'll see Mitch this season?

CUTLER: If I had to guess ... sometime between Week 1 and Week 17.

BURKHARDT: OK, that's, uh, that's a conservative approach. Nothing wrong with that. Again, the preseason can be a little deceptive. Smart not to read too much into it.

DAVIS: Very true. Lots of terrific preseason performances have not translated into regular season success. Remember that the 2008 Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the preseason before going 0-16 in the regular season. Jay, don't you wish you could have joined the Bears one year earlier so you could have rolled off some easy wins over that Lions team?

CUTLER: [clearly taking a drag off a cigarette] Yeah, sure, why not? Is that what you want to hear?

DAVIS: Jay, the booth is actually a non-smoking area. In fact, I'm not sure you can smoke anywhere inside the stadium. You do know you can't smoke in the booth, right?

BURKHARDT: We're gonna have to cut to a quick break. Back in a moment with more preseason action!