There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1. Get excited for some playoffs … wait, what? The dates for the beginning of the NBA Finals (June 1) and the Stanley Cup Finals (May 29) were essentially set either months ago (in the NBA's case) or once we knew the Eastern Conference Finals were going seven games (in the NHL's case), which means this Memorial Day weekend, there are … no NBA or NHL playoff games! Crazy, right? Technically speaking, the Stanley Cup Finals do start on Memorial Day, Monday, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, so if we're counting Memorial Day as part of Memorial Day weekend (and one supposes you should), there is something this weekend. But seriously, come on, how much time do these leagues actually expect us to spend with our families? That's a long time to be cooped up together inside, or trying to come up with new pool games.

2. FA Cup Final. It has been a bummer of a year for Arsenal -- with the top-four streak finally ending and Arsene Wenger under fire for months now -- but they can still wrap up the season with something positive: Their third FA Cup of the last four years. They only have to get through, uh, Chelsea to win it. It's a Saturday, 12:30 p.m. ET on Fox start, and no matter what happens, it might be Wenger's last game as Arsenal coach, and maybe Alexis Sanchez's last game with Arsenal, and man, there's just a lot of things to maybe -- or maybe not! -- say goodbye to, if you're an Arsenal fan. It's an emotional time.

3. Your Weekly MLB matchup rankings (Memorial Day games do not count):

1. Cubs at Dodgers
2. Diamondbacks at Brewers
3. Orioles at Astros
4. Cardinals at Rockies
5. Rangers at Blue Jays
6. Rays at Twins
7. A's at Yankees
8. Padres at Nationals
9. Mariners at Red Sox
10. Royals at Indians
11. Tigers at White Sox
12. Mets at Pirates
13. Angels at Marlins
14. Braves at Giants
15. Reds at Phillies

4. An NLCS Rematch … and Preview? The Dodgers were closer to beating the Cubs in the National League Championship Series last year than most people remember, and the two teams meet again this weekend to reconvene what sort of looks like the next NL postseason rivalry? The Cubs just finally clawed their way back to first place, and the Dodgers are trying to round themselves back into that position while facing considerably tougher opponents in Arizona and Colorado than the Cubs are dealing with in the NL Central. Anyway, you can catch Saturday's game 7:15 ET on Fox and Sunday 4:10 ET on MLB Network. Yes, I'm as stunned as you that this isn't the Sunday night game. (That's Mets-Pirates, oddly.)

5. The Indy 500 is eternal. Sure, NASCAR has severely damaged IndyCar racing, and this is no longer the biggest weekend of the racing year. But come on: How do you not love the Indy 500? Here's my piece from 2013 about all the wonderful goofy little traditions of the Indy 500. It's the best. Pour some milk out, and hey, don't forget to boo Mike Pence while you're there. Anyway, noon ET on Sunday, ABC. Vroom vroom.

* * *
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