There's nothing like a good victory parade. After a long, stressful season, it's a chance for athletes who have worked all year to win a title to celebrate with their fans in the streets. And the parades are always full of some hijinks.

Just a few examples: There's Mark Madsen losing his mind and dancing at the Lakers parade in 2001, LeBron James dropping f-bombs during the Cavs parade last year and Gronk going shirtless and smashing beers like Stone Cold in the Patriots' most recent victory celebration, to name a few.

In keeping with that fine tradition, there were tons of antics and fun during the Warriors' victory parade and rally on Thursday through the streets of Oakland, provided by both fans and players.

We begin at the obvious starting point: Draymond Green trolling the hell out LeBron and the Cavs by sporting a shirt that said "Quickie" in the style of the Quicken Loans logo. (The Cavs play at Quicken Loans Arena.)

Green said he had been waiting since Halloween to wear the shirt to get back at LeBron for wearing an Ultimate Warrior tee in the Cavs' parade last year.

"I'm petty," Green said.

LeBron is obviously just as petty, because he responded with a classic burn of his own.

.... That's what she said, HUH?!?!? ��������.

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Even having beaten James for the title two out of the last three years, the hate for the King is still strong among Golden State fans. Just ask this guy who wore a LeBron jersey to the festivities.

At one point, Green ditched his bus to run into the crowd and do an impromptu interview ... and spent half of it with his back to the camera.

Steph Curry also took his turn to get the crowd pumped up when moving from his bus to the stage.

Zaza Pachulia busted out a handheld camcorder. I didn't even know they made those things anymore.

Many of these Warriors had experienced a victory parade before, but one who hadn't was Finals MVP Kevin Durant. And along with him for the ride was the "Real MVP" herself, his mom.

There were a handful of Bay Area celebrities on hand for the parade. Notably, MC Hammer rode atop a snail that shot flames out of its head. Just because, I guess.

Bay Area baseball was also well-represented, as Rickey Henderson and Barry Bonds hopped onto a float together. (Peep rapper Too Short in the foreground, as well.)

Most importantly, Toaster Guy got a place on a float. The Warriors went 31-2 after Klay Thompson honored this dude's odd request to sign a toaster. It was obviously he who brought victory to the Warriors, and not Durant, Steph, or any of the other really great basketball players on the team.

Fans young, old and unborn were out and about the celebrate their team's triumph.

In the end, lots of fun was had by all, but most of it was had by Draymond.


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