The picks are in, but the drama may just be getting started. The 2017 NBA Draft took place in Brooklyn on Thursday night, with Markelle Fultz going to the 76ers at No. 1, Lonzo Ball to the Lakers at No. 2 and Jayson Tatum to the Celtics at No. 3, setting up what could be the next generation of an L.A.-Boston basketball blood feud. Meanwhile, Jimmy Butler was traded to Minnesota in a deal that could shape the balance of power among many. Let's take a look at how it all shook out.


Philadelphia 76ers

Is there any fan base that deserves a winning season next year more than the 76ers? With the drafting of Fultz, Philadelphia has a scary young core and was able to brand a cool new nickname, courtesy of Joel Embiid:

Also, Philly is already creating a rivalry with the Lakers as it heads toward an inevitable 2020-21 Finals matchup:

The Sixers are young, brash and fun. Now their fans have to hope they're also healthy. If so, the ceiling is high for this team.

Los Angeles Lakers

Ball might not be the next Magic Johnson. Paul George might not save this franchise. Brandon Ingram might never develop into a star. None of that matters, though. The Lakers are interesting again, and regardless of how many games they win next season, there will be plenty of storylines to make them relevant. A playoff team is still far away -- despite LaVar Ball's guarantee his son would lead them to the postseason next year -- but the Lakers are turning a corner this summer, and seem poised to finally build a sustainable contender under Magic and Rob Pelinka. That's a huge step in the right direction.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Acquiring Butler in exchange for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the No. 7 pick has to be considered a success for the Timberwolves. Minnesota gave up significant talent in the deal, but it's also acquiring a player that can push the team into the top-eight in the West. There have been plenty of speculation of a Butler-Tom Thibodeau reunion for several years, and now that it's come to fruition, the T-wolves appear primed to make a huge leap up the standings next season.

Dwyane Wade

With Butler off to Minnesota, the Bulls will likely buy out Rajon Rondo and start giving all of their minutes to their young core. Wade, who turns 36 in January, doesn't fit in with Chicago's plans, but will reportedly take his $23.8 million player option for the 2017-18 season, and he doesn't want to have to explain his decision to you.

LaVar Ball

Lonzo's dad was the only father on NBA Draft night to get his own television interviews, and he didn't disappoint, guaranteeing the Lakers would make the playoffs next season and reiterating the fact that the key to life is to "speak it into existence."

On the first point, head coach Luke Walton is already being cautiously optimistic about any expectations LaVar wants to set on his team.

On the second point, maybe Lonzo to the Lakers might have just been the universe course correcting itself.

Welcome, everyone, to the LaVar Ball era.

LaMelo Ball

Stealing all of the spotlight from his older bro, Lonzo, with his suit game:

Golden State Warriors

We haven't even reached free agency and teams around the league are already scrambling to figure things out. Meanwhile, the Warriors' closest competition in Cleveland let the general manager who led them to three consecutive NBA Finals go and is hoping Chauncey Billups will accept their offer to run the team. Despite the maneuvering by all the other teams on draft night, the Warriors know they're going to re-sign Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant and be heavy favorites to repeat as champions next season.

Well, all of that is true, and the Warriors also paid $3.5 million to the Bulls to acquire the 38th pick.

This is still Golden State's league, but let's all enjoy the craziness of the offseason in the meantime.

To be determined

Boston Celtics

Check the archives, the Celtics have been in the "to be determined" category for three years running on draft night, and that's probably where Danny Ainge wants his team to be. Boston didn't think Fultz was the best player in the draft, so they moved down from the No. 1 pick to No. 3, and took Tatum, who should provide some much needed secondary scoring.

They reportedly came close to pulling off a George trade, didn't meet Minnesota's demands for Jimmy Butle and refused to meet Phil Jackson's demands for Kristaps Porzingis. So the Celtics leave with plenty of draft picks over the next two seasons, another lottery selection and still without that superstar trade everyone is waiting for.


Fultz's Instagram

In a television interview, Fultz revealed he wouldn't be turning his phone back on until tomorrow morning, which seems like a great decision to block out all the distractions on one of the greatest nights of your life, except.


He could have landed in Boston, or perhaps gone to Los Angeles, his preferred destination. Instead, the Pacers left draft night without having found a viable trade for their soon-to-be-departed superstar, and as the time passes, and free agency season arrives, the options for George might dwindle.

Frank Ntilikina

Selected eighth overall by New York on Thursday, 18-year-old guard Ntilikina was plenty excited to talk about joining the Knicks, calling them a storied franchise who knew what it take to win a championship. Which, well …

James Dolan and the New York Knicks

Speaking of the Knicks, it just so happens that owner Dolan and his band JD and the Straight Shot performed at a concert in New York on Thursday evening. A day after Phil Jackson made it clear Porzingis was available in a trade, this happened at Dolan's concert.

Long live the Knicks.