There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1. Confederations Cup Final! It's sort of difficult to pin down just how important the Confederations Cup is supposed to be. Confederations Cup Pros: It's the "dress rehearsal" for the World Cup, in the host country. Some of the best players in the world do, in fact, head out for it. It's pretty much the only non-qualifying international soccer worth watching for the next year. Confederations Cup Cons: The results don't really matter. No one will remember one whit of any of it come next summer. It's an international tournament that has New Zealand in it. Anyway, the final is 2 p.m. ET Sunday on FS1 between Chile and Germany. That would be a fun World Cup final itself.

2. Don't forget the Americans! The Gold Cup -- a CONCACAF tournament that helps decided who goes to the Confederations Cup, though in this case, that's the next cycle's Confederations Cup, out in Qatar in four years -- is starting next week, and the USMNT would like to win it so they don't have to hear it from Mexico for another half-decade. (It's still a backup roster, but it's a fun backup roster.) Anyway, the USMNT's only friendly before the Gold Cup begins is at 4:45 p.m. ET Saturday on ESPN against longtime rival Ghana, whom they have played in three different World Cups. The game is in East Hartford, Connecticut, by the way, if you happen to be within a train ride.

3. Your Weekly MLB matchup rankings:
1. Yankees at Astros
2. Rockies at Diamondbacks
3. Twins at Royals
4. Red Sox at Blue Jays
5. Rays at Orioles
6. Indians at Tigers
7. Nationals at Cardinals
8. Dodgers at Padres
9. Cubs at Reds
10. Marlins at Brewers
11. Mariners at Angels
12. Rangers at White Sox
13. Giants at Pirates
14. Braves at A's
15. Phillies at Mets

4. Wild Card rematch! That 2015 AL Wild Card Game between the Yankees and the Astros seems like decades ago, doesn't it? Dallas Keuchel -- the guy shut the Yankees down that night -- is still around, but otherwise, these teams are night-and-day from that season. (Heck, the key out in that game was made by A-Rod.)

Both teams are back on top now, with squads that feel light years removed from that night. Anyway, this could end up being a playoff preview -- not just this season, but for a few seasons to come.

5. More NBA Lunacy. I was going to do an item about the amazing Minnesota Lynx, who are off to terrific start and, remember, were Prince's favorite sports team.

But they played Friday night and not the rest of the weekend. So, instead, let's just wait for the next piece of face-melting NBA free agency news, because you know it's coming. And start preparing for the Hot Dog Eating Contest on Tuesday. You can never be too ready.

* * *
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