There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1. Wimbledon! Our own Mike Lupica is out in London filing dispatches like crazy, though, as he noted, from a U.S. tennis fan's perspective, it still just feels like another old tennis tournament without Serena Williams in it. This weekend brings both the men's and women's Round of 32, setting us up for all the finals next weekend. If you turn on ESPN essentially any minute this weekend, Wimbledon's going to be on. Wave to our Mike if you see him.

2. Gold Cup! Another soccer tournament! The Gold Cup has the United States in it, though it is basically a bunch of second-squad teams throughout CONCACAF playing for the right to play for the right to play in the 2021 Confederations Cup in Qatar. OK, so maybe the stakes aren't that high, but the Gold Cup is an excuse to wear red, white and blue soccer kits, scream for the United States and drink in the middle of the day. There's no Christian Pulisic or Clint Dempsey or Michael Bradley in this one, but these are still American players, and if the explosions around my house every night this week are to be believed, you people really love America. The USMNT kicks off Saturday at 4:30 p.m. ET on Fox against Panama, the best team they'll play in the first round. (They get Martinique on Wednesday and Nicaragua on Saturday next week.)

3. Your Weekly MLB matchup rankings:

1. Brewers at Yankees
2. Red Sox at Rays
3. Braves at Nationals
4. Tigers at Indians
5. Royals at Dodgers
6. Pirates at Cubs
7. Astros at Rangers
8. Astros at Blue Jays
9. Reds at Diamondbacks
10. White Sox at Rockies
11. Orioles at Twins
12. Mets at Cardinals
13. A's at Mariners
14. Marlins at Giants
15. Padres at Phillies

4. One last shot for the NL East? OK, so the Nationals are widely assumed to be running away with the National League, and with good reason: They're really good, and the rest of the division isn't. But if you wanted to hold out any hope that this division could be interesting, this would be the weekend to do so, with the second-place Braves traveling to Nationals Park. They came into the four-game set 9 1/2 back, and hey, you never know! (You almost certainly know.) Anyway, you can watch the NL East essentially be clinched on MLB Network at 4:15 p.m. ET on Saturday and at 4:35 p.m. ET on Sunday.

5. The Game from … the Future! The MLB Futures Game is always a blast, a chance to see some of baseball's best prospects, including some you may see in the Majors … oh, in a couple of weeks, actually. How quickly can some of these guys get there? Here are players who were just the 2015 Futures Game, just two years ago: Aaron Judge, Kyle Schwarber, Jose Berrios, Edwin Diaz, Manny Margot, Alex Reyes, Aaron Nola, Trevor Story, Trea Turner, Michael Conforto and Carl Edwards Jr. The whole world is a Futures Game now. Anyway, you can watch the game Sunday at 4 p.m. ET on MLB Network. Below remains my favorite Futures Game moment of all time.


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