Recently, Facebook reportedly picked up the rights to a reality series that will follow Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo and of course LaVar Ball. LaVar and Lonzo have been making plenty of headlines the last few months, so a series following their exploits as Lonzo begins his career as a Los Angeles Laker should draw plenty of eyeballs. It got us thinking about other sports reality series concepts. Here are 10:

1. The Tim Duncan Show

First and foremost, we need to debunk the longstanding myth that Duncan is a boring guy. He owns a shirt that says "4 out of 3 people struggle with math," teammates swear by his sense of humor and he was an awesome guest on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye's podcast this year. There's ample evidence that a reality show centered around Duncan in his post-retirement life would work.

We could have segments at his car shop, where I imagine Duncan just puts everyone to work while he plays video games:

Former players could drop by at the shop and get the Tim Duncan interview treatment. If you forgot, watch this interview Duncan did with Gilbert Arenas. He's a natural:

To be honest, I want this concept to happen just for all the Old Navy visits:

2. The Cycling Afterlife of Barry Bonds

Bonds was one of the most surly personalities around as an active player, especially with steroid accusations swirling around him in the latter stages of his career:

In retirement from playing, Bonds has become an avid cyclist. We are blessed to live in a world where there's video footage of Bonds leading a spin class:

Sign me up for a HBO 24/7 series on the post-retirement life of Bonds.

3. Comedy Central Roast of Kevin Durant

The first thing Durant did after winning a championship was go on Twitter to clap back at all the haters in his mentions:

Even though he's dishing it out, we also saw at the ESPY Awards earlier this week that Durant can't really take a joke:

So what better way to put Durant to the test but to put him into a Comedy Central roast. Invite all of the best roasters -- give me Jeff Ross, Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, hell, even invite Russell Westbrook to do two minutes of material. We'll include Draymond Green on the set too since he probably can't resist getting a few barbs in on his teammate. This would be must-watch television.

4. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter Travel The World

I've watched this CNBC interview with Rodriguez and Jeter at least 15 times since it aired in May. The awkwardness gets better with each repeat viewing. Just check out Jeter's awkward laugh at the beginning when the interviewer asks if the two are friends now in retirement, and how uncomfortable A-Rod is jumping straight into a joke about Jeter being the shortstop and him the third baseman.

It only gets better from there, and it's even better when you realize that Jeter was reportedly "beside himself angry" he had to do an interview with A-Rod. So what better idea than for someone to offer these two a ton of money to travel the world together. A-Rod and Jeter touring the world with more underlying tension than a network drama can produce? Sign me up!

5. A Year in the Life of Cavs Dan

LeBron James is back in Cleveland (for now… free agency is a year away) and he is at least on cordial terms with owner Dan Gilbert, although no one can truly forgive the vicious words he spewed on his infamous Comics Sans letter when LeBron left for Miami via The Decision in 2010.

LeBron's producing his own reality series with Bleacher Report's Uninterrupted channel, so it's only fair, with all the rumors swirling of LeBron possibly leaving Cleveland once more after this season, that we get a Cavs Dan reality show, as he stresses once more about how to not screw everything up and lose the prodigal son of Akron, Ohio, for a second time. Not bringing back the general manager that LeBron has publicly declared his adoration for many times? Great start, Cavs Dan!

Don't ever forget the half-hearted thumbs up LeBron gave Gilbert at their championship parade last year. The drama continues:

6. The Steve Bartman Show

Bartman would probably prefer anonymity for the remainder of his life, and if he's happy with that, so are we. But if there's ever a time for him to come back out into the spotlight, it would be now, especially after the Cubs finally ended their 108-year championship drought. What was life like for Bartman in the year after his incident at Wrigley Field in 2003? Where was he watching when the Cubs won the World Series after? Was he even watching? And how has life been in the past decade? So many questions that could all be answered, but only if he wants to.

7. Paul Pierce Poker Hour

Remember the poker boom when every television channel had its own poker show at every single hour at every waking moment? The demand for poker on television has waned, but there's a great way to bring it back: have high-profile athletes join the professional poker circuit in retirement. There are plenty of stars to choose from, but I'll go ahead and nominate Pierce, a notorious trash talker and all-around entertaining guy. He just so happens to be a regular at the World Series of Poker:

We need more Paul Pierce in our lives.

8. Kobe Inc.

What is Kobe up to these days? A lot of things, but not a lot that we know about. He's probably taking a lot of high-level meetings with very famous people in Los Angeles, while figuring out how to turn Kobe Inc. into a multimedia conglomerate. The star power on a Kobe Inc. reality show should be very high, which would make it an instant ratings hit. Also, ever since I found out the decor at the Kobe Inc. office, I've been dying to see more. Please make this happen.

9. The Darko Milicic Show

My entire pitch for this show is a five-minute video of Milicic's kickboxing debut. I don't think I need to make my case for this reality show any further.

10. Richard Sherman Mic'd Up 24/7

Sherman is arguably the best mic'd up athlete in all of sports, so why don't we extend that concept to everything Sherman does in real life. Richard Sherman waiting impatiently at a grocery store. Richard Sherman sitting in traffic. Richard Sherman at a movie theater. Put a mic on Richard Sherman and just let the tape roll 24 hours and seven days a week.