There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1. Venus! Venus! Remember when the general consensus was that that Wimbledon would be duller this year without Serena Williams? Well, her sister has taken care of that problem, storming to the finals after one of the most difficult personal experiences of her life. (One that the police screwed up, by the way.) You'll want to get up early Saturday to watch Venus Williams take on Spain's Garbine Muguruza, who is 14 years younger than the 37-year-old Venus, at 9 a.m. ET on NBC. Venus is going for her sixth Wimbledon title, and her first since 2008. (She won one 17 years ago.) You should go to bed early on Friday. It'll be worth it.

2. NBA Summer League … playoffs! Did you realize that the NBA Summer League is, in fact, a big massive tournament? It really is! Take a look at this thing:

That thing is super complicated! Anyway, the quarterfinals are Saturday, with games on NBA TV and ESPN all day, and it's impossible to know who the favorites are, or why. It's informative to see some of the hot young stars, but it really is sort of wild that there is a serious tournament format here. The Bulls won last year's tournament, and you know, it really led to that team doing big things in the regular season.

3. Your Weekly MLB matchup rankings:

1. Yankees at Red Sox
2. Twins at Astros
3. Diamondbacks at Braves
4. Rays at Angels
5. Dodgers at Marlins
6. Nationals at Reds
7. Indians at A's
8. Rockies at Mets
9. Cubs at Orioles
10. Phillies at Brewers
11. Cardinals at Pirates
12. Rangers at Royals
13. Blue Jays at Tigers
15. Mariners at White Sox
15. Giants at Padres

4. Can the most hated rivalry find the hate again? The Red Sox and Yankees should be at each other's throats: They're the Yankees and Red Sox, for cripes sake. They're also fighting it out for first place in the American League East and are both loaded with young talent. Is one of these teams going to have to sign Bryce Harper to get some murderous rancor in here? Anyway, the Yankees have to face Chris Sale at 4:05 p.m. ET on FS1 on Saturday before a day-night doubleheader (1:05 p.m. on TBS and 8:05 p.m. on ESPN) Sunday. Is somebody going to throw at somebody, or are we going to have to set off some firecrackers?

5. Gold Cuppin'! The United States men's national soccer team has been a mess so far in the Gold Cup, drawing with Panama and barely beating lowly Martinique on Wednesday night. They're still going to go on to the next round, but man, they couldn't have played much worse so far. Their last match of the group stage is Saturday at 7 p.m. on FS1 against Nicaragua. It is very possible they move on to play Canada on Wednesday or Thursday in the quarterfinals, but right now, they just need to be better than a team that barely beats freaking Martinique.

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