By Joe Sparacio

Ezekiel Elliott finds himself in some hot water on Monday morning.

According to an ESPN report, the star running back for the Cowboys is accused of breaking the nose of a DJ at Clutch Bar in Dallas. Officers were dispatched to the bar to investigate the altercation, but no arrests have been made nor suspects reported. Here is the statement from Dallas Police on the matter:

TMZ has obtained a video of the alleged event in question, which shows the victim moments after he was struck by the assailant, and an eyewitness claims that the man was "involved in a verbal altercation with a woman who was in Ezekiel's party" and that she "saw Ezekiel punch the man."

Elliott has a history of off-the-field trouble. The NFL had already been investigating the star for an incident of domestic violence, after an ex-girlfriend filed a police report claiming to have suffered brusies and abuse at the hands of Elliott. He was also subsequently involved in an incident where he pulled down the shirt of a woman at a St. Patrick's Day parade in March. The NFL was supposedly already nearing a multiple-game suspension prior to news breaking of the nightclub incident this morning.

After this most recent incident, Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant defended Elliott on Twitter -- and sparred with some fans (a bit NSFW) -- before later erasing most of his tweets.

On the field, Elliott had a historic rookie season. He finished with 1,631 yards rushing (a rookie franchise record) and a 15 touchdowns (a rookie NFL record), while adding 363 receiving yards. He also only fell 177 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson's all-time rookie rushing record.

As of Monday afternoon, the Cowboys had yet to release a statement, but an official for the NFL told ESPN that the league is "looking into [the incident] to understand the facts."


Joe Sparacio is an associate producer for Sports on Earth. Follow him on Twitter @joetsparacio.