It's hard to declare anything a certainty this early in a college football season, but in this case we can make an exception: Louisiana Tech made dubious history.

The Bulldogs lost eighty-seven yards on one play, creating a third-and-93 situation in a blowout loss vs. Mississippi State on Saturday.

The official play-by-play of the game describes what happened like this: "TEAM rush for no gain to the MS6, fumble by TEAM recovered by LATECH POWELL, Cee Jay at LATECH7." That, of course, doesn't begin to describe it.

On second-and-goal at the Mississippi State six-yard line, a bad snap got away from Louisiana Tech quarterback J'Mar Smith. Smith tried to fall on the ball at the MSU 28-yard line, but it got pushed backward and kept rolling. Multiple Mississippi State players tried and failed to scoop it up, and the ball just kept getting deflected backward … before Louisiana Tech's Cee Jay Powell finally covered it up at his own seven-yard line.

Second-and-goal at the six-yard line thus turned into third-and-goal at the opposite seven-yard line: or, third-and-93, needing a touchdown to convert. Louisiana Tech gained 21 yards on the next play but was still 72 yards short and punted, all adding insult to injury in a 57-21 loss on its home field in which it allowed 327 rushing yards. The Bulldogs finished with 152 rushing yards, despite having one play that went down as a -87-yard loss for the team.

It was a nice win for Mississippi State against a consistently good Group of Five team. But all the game will ever remembered for is the losing team losing EIGHTY-SEVEN YARDS on one play.

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