There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1. Game 7! Every League Championship Series should go seven games, if just to whet the appetite for the World Series (even if it messes with everybody's travel plans). We haven't had one since 2012, when the Giants beat the Cardinals in a driving San Francisco rain; there hasn't been an ALCS go seven since the Rays beat the Red Sox in 2008. So here we are: Game 7 in the American League at 8 p.m. ET Saturday on FS1. The Yankees will start CC Sabathia and the Astros will start Charlie Morton, but it's all hands on deck: They'll pitch the clubhouse chef if they have to. Game 7! So stressful!

2. The Penn State road gets real. Penn State is the No. 2 team in the country and has a clear path to the College Football Playoff. The Nittany Lions just have to make it through the next three weeks. Sounds simple, right? Well next week, they're at No. 6 Ohio State. The week after that, at No. 18 Michigan State. And the gauntlet begins at 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday on ABC against No. 19 Michigan in Happy Valley. Michigan hasn't exactly set the world on fire so far, but the Wolverines are still 5-1 and have a certain khaki'd head coach who'd love to remind everyone that Michigan's season is far from over. Penn State's re-emergence over the past 13 months is of the biggest stories in the sport. Now we find out if it can take the next step forward.

Also, as we do every week, predictions for the two college football teams I personally follow (No. 3 Georgia is off this week):

Minnesota 31, Illinois 17. The Illini's young defense was once the thing that got you excited about their possibilities. Now they're getting sliced up by Rutgers. Row The Boat is taking a little time to get going in Minneapolis … but the Illini aren't beating anybody right now.

3. Your Week 7 Sunday NFL matchup rankings.

1. Atlanta at New England
2. New Orleans at Green Bay
3. Denver at L.A. Chargers
4. Arizona at L.A. Rams
5. Carolina at Chicago
6. Tampa Bay at Buffalo
7. Seattle at N.Y. Giants
8. Baltimore at Minnesota
9. Dallas at San Francisco
10. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
11. Tennessee at Cleveland
12. Jacksonville at Indianapolis
13. N.Y. Jets at Miami

4. A Super Bowl rematch with two seemingly entirely different teams. Typically speaking, teams take a step back, particularly early on, after losing a Super Bowl, but the Falcons were supposed to be different. Even with Kyle Shanahan off to San Francisco, all the pieces were still here, with the motivation of Super Bowl LI still fresh in their minds. Alas: The Falcons have lost at home to Buffalo and Miami, and the whole foundation looks wobbly. And now they go to New England, who isn't exactly tearing the world up either. The rematch begins at 8:30 p.m. ET Sunday on NBC, and when it's over, one team is going to be actively nervous about what comes next.

5. Goodbye to RFK. All right, so RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., is never going to truly die. After Sunday's final DC United game there, it will be home to various events, which seems to be the eternal fate for RFK: Host to vague, loosely scheduled "events" until the end of time, there when you need it, ignored when you don't. Audi Field in Buzzard Point in D.C. opens next year, so Sunday at 4 p.m. on MLS Live is the last chance to ever see DC United play there. Unless they happen to need a quick fill-in stadium at some point. RFK will still be there, happy to be needed.

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