There are so many sports events every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside.

1.Your Wild Card weekend NFL matchup rankings.

  1. Falcons at Rams
  2. Panthers at Saints
  3. Bills at Jaguars
  4. Titans at Chiefs

2. It's really all about the Bills, though. The Wild Card weekend usually feels more exciting that it actually is: These teams rarely go to the Super Bowl anymore, and we get just-happy-to-be-here teams like last year's Lions and this year's Titans. But then there are the Bills. And there are their fans:

I have no idea how anyone who isn't already a Jaguars fan wouldn't be cheering for the Bills this weekend. Anyway, the Bills and Jags have the 1:05 p.m. ET Sunday on CBS slot. The Bills are a bad team, but they're our bad team. Go Bills!

3. Isaiah back with the Cavs. Isaiah Thomas made his Cavs debut earlier this week, but he still can't play back-to-backs, which means the best way to see him is when his legs are a little bit more back under him. Thus: Saturday at 7 p.m. ET on NBA League Pass, when the Cavaliers travel to Orlando to play the Magic. You might find yourself cheering for the Cavs this postseason after all.

4. Vegas! You really need to go see a Vegas Golden Knights game sometime, and when I have time to write up a big story I've researched about them, I'll tell you why. (The Georgia Bulldogs are occupying a lot of head space right now.) Until then, you should watch them host the New York Rangers on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Warning: The pregame video board shows a lot of Carrot Top, so beware: He might accidentally sneak onto your screen.

5. Georgia-Alabama! Georgia-Alabama! All right, so maybe more people are paying attention to that big football game on Monday night. But don't sleep on the other Alabama-Georgia matchup this week: It's Dawgs vs. Tide in hoops! The two NCAA tournament hopefuls battle at noon ET Saturday on SEC Network. You can probably expect the football game to pop up once or twice.

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