Mike was the guy who came up with the idea for the draft. Michael Schur, you probably know, is the executive producer of the fabulous "Parks and Recreation" (Thursdays on NBC) and also Ken Tremendous of the much-missed website Fire Joe Morgan. He is also one of the smartest and funniest people I know, and before we did our first podcast together he decided that we probably should have a draft, but not like a REAL draft, you know, just a draft of like, well, something.

So our first draft was of baseball books. Mike had the first pick, and he took "Moneyball," which is a great book, a fabulous book, but I thought it was a reach at No. 1. Then again, realizing that he was clearly targeting the sabermetric books, I jumped in and took "The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract." Mike followed with David Halberstam's "Summer of '49," another good book and another reach, and I took "Boys of Summer." The point is, I absolutely crushed him in that draft, as I would in just about every draft afterward, even if he and every sane person in the world disagree with me.

Our next draft was athletes we'd invite over for dinner, our next was obsolete sports things (I crushed him again by taking bullpen cars AND Atari football, the equivalent of getting Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus in the same draft) and our next was my favorite: "types of balls" (which included my favorite pick in any of our drafts -- The Eight Ball). We've drafted exciting plays (Mike drafted the long snap that flies over the punter's head), sports announcer clichés ("He's like a kid out there!"), the best records in sports, the most heartbreaking sports moments and, alas, my Alamo, "Star Wars" characters. (Mike mangled and humiliated me in the "Star Wars" draft. I'll give him that one. Passing on Vader in the first round led to all sorts of calamity.)

Anyway, the Poscast is back, which means the return of: 

1. The technological wizardry that twice -- TWICE -- forced me to call back guests and ask them to do the thing all over again.

2. Interminable podcasts that are too long for anyone to listen to all the way through.

3. The return of the draft.

iTunes: Episode 1 of The Poscast, with Michael Schur

Of course future Poscasts will feature other guests and surprises and things that we haven't quite figured out yet.

This week's draft is "best individual seasons." In this, Mike and I drafted the best seasons for an individual player, regardless of how their team did (if they were actually on a team … we choose players from individual sports, too). I must admit to having mixed feelings about my performance in this draft. Part of me thinks I won. But another part of me thinks I destroyed Mike, humiliated him, crushed his spirits. I guess it could go either way.*

*As I told Michael, I have the advantage of being able to write again and again how I won the draft, while he's too busy working on, you know, his Peabody Award-winning television show. I must admit, he did not seem concerned.

I will add that if you DO somehow listen all the way through the Poscast, you will hear Michael's true feelings about Steffi Graf and have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes by commenting below. You also can suggest future draft topics. Or you can simply say that it's clear I won the draft again. I'll make sure Michael gets word.

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