By Craig Robinson

The Championship Series have concluded, and they couldn't have been more different: The Detroit Tigers unceremoniously swept the New York Yankees in four games, and then Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and company had to wait until Monday night to find out who they'd play in the World Series. The San Francisco Giants fought their way back from a daunting 3-1 deficit against the Cardinals to win in a Game 7 blowout, clinching in a rare northern California downpour.

As we get ready for the World Series, instead of taking the usual approach to examine what's happened so far, we're doing it in charts and graphs. Lots and lots of fancy charts and graphs. Topics covered include: 

• An overview of the Championship Series format and how it has been won throughout its history.

• How often the team with the best regular-season record has emerged victorious.

• How close the games really were.

• How far the starting pitchers went.

• Verlander is good at throwing a baseball. Especially this October.

• The visual differences between Fox and TBS broadcasts.

• The various uniforms worn by each team, as we head into a historically orange World Series.



Craig Robinson is the proprietor of, a baseball infographics maven, and can be followed on Twitter @flipflopflying.