You might recall that the last time I tried to record a Poscast with Michael Schur, there were a handful of slight technical difficulties. For instance, his voice did not record. This slightly hurt the quality of the podcast:

Me: "So what do you think of Tom Brady?"

Michael: (silence)

Me: Ha ha ha.

Michael: (silence)

Me: I can see that.

Michael: (silence).

In other words, I sounded slightly-to-moderately deranged or like one of those people in the movies who talks to dead people nobody else can see or hear. It did spark this idea of new Podcast Series: "Talking to incredibly famous people who do not talk back." I figured my first guest could be President Obama, then Steven Spielberg, then William & Kate, really it wouldn't be too hard to get guests for this series.

Download Episode 5 of the Poscast, With Michael Schur

Instead, though, I tried to rework some technical things. And Michael -- executive producer of Parks & Recreation, former writer of The Office, Saturday Night Live and, most remarkably, Fire Joe Morgan -- came back on, and this time his voice can actually be heard. We go meticulously through the Hall of Fame Ballot (though, regrettably, we do not talk about Fred McGriff … apologies to the Crime Dog and Crime Dog fans everywhere -- and have our typically serious draft.

We also offer another chance for people to win prizes by commenting the code words below. We have consistently offered prizes before, which is nice except we stopped actually giving prizes away like a year ago. My fault. It's been a busy year. But I do have two New Year's Resolutions:

1. To actually give away prizes this year and ...

2. To co-write a book with Michael with the catchy name: "Why Zambonis Rule, Why Convertibles Stink, Passing On Darth Vader, Quarterbacks Who Don't Like What They See, Going Back In Time To Stop Grady Little and the Proper Way to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich." Unfortunately, I have not actually told Michael I plan to co-write this book with him. But if we ever do it, these books would make excellent prizes.