The best action at Reno casinos these days should be a tribute to the city's collegiately adopted son, Colin Kaepernick. Forget laying odds on whether he will break the record for rushing by a quarterback this season or if this second-round pick will outplay draft aristocrats Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton. 

Let's bet on what really matters. Which part of his personal style will send folks into a spectacular froth next? We don't have to speculate on whether there will be a next time. There will be. Allergic to conventionality, Kaepernick has already been taken to the front line of the tattoo culture wars -- less than a month into his career as the 49ers' starters. In these final barren days before training camp, he has generated a viral tantrum by wearing a Miami Dolphins cap to a Fourth of July party.

Kaepernick followed that up by talking back (and talking sense) to his critics via social media, posting a pic of himself with the cap, a dismissive frown and a tagline that called the controversy ridiculous . Like the tattoos, his choice of accessory and his backtalk drew a distinctly old-school response, loaded with references to the ways of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

So what's the next target? His new Jaguar endorsement? It's fr