Watch enough NHL games featuring NBC's lead broadcast team, and you're bound to notice dozens of repeated sayings, catchphrases and habits.

There's Doc Emrick, the Hall of Fame play-by-play man, with his myriad ways to describe shots, passes, and saves -- not to mention a slew of other unconventional phrasings and delightful word choices. There's Eddie Olczyk, the former player (he was a member of the Rangers' 1994 Stanley Cup team) and coach (he was behind the bench for Sidney Crosby's first NHL season-and-change), who serves as the in-booth analyst, as well as the team's go-to Triple Crown prognosticator.

And then there's Pierre McGuire between the benches, with his penchant for referencing the junior or college teams of the players he's talking about, even if there's no real reason to slip in that particular bit of trivia.

Factor in the commercial breaks during stoppages, which feature a handful of ads that run constantly throughout the playoffs, and there are plenty of repeated elements in these broadcasts. And so it's this phenomenon that prompted us to create the game you see below.

Fans watching Stanley Cup Playoff games involving the trio of Emrick, Olczyk and McGuire can play along at home, marking off the appropriate square on their bingo card as each familiar item airs.

(We've spotted you one of McGuire's favorite sayings -- regularly directed at a player at the conclusion of a pre-game interview -- in the center square.)

You can download additional cards here, here and here, so you can play against friends if your team of choice has already been eliminated. (We'd like to think that fans with a rooting interest in a given game will be a little too focused on the action on the ice to take part.)

Good luck, and have fun out there.


Bingo boards created by Joe DeLessio and Rob Gestone